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Sunday, December 20, 2009

With his Cleveland Browns at 2-11, talk of Mike Holmgren coming in to take over, and already a reputation for overworking his players and having ridiculous rules, you'd think Mike Mangini might look to get off the gas some and see if that changes his results - the definition of insanity being doing the same thing and expecting different results, after all. So what does Manginious do? Puts the squad through a 3.5 hour practice. In pads. If they weren't playing the weak Kansas City Chiefs, I'd wager heavily on the Browns to get slaughtered as they'll likely lay down rather than play for a coach they hate. May well happen anyways.

Minnesota Vikes QB The Old Has Been is musing how he'd pack it in if the Vikes win the Super Bowl. Two things: They're not winning the Super Bowl, and he's going to tease us with retirement again, because he thinks the world should care.

Add the FIFA Club World Cup to Barelona's impressive 2009. They beat Estudiantes, the South American champion, 2-1 to claim the trophy yesterday. That's Barca's sixth trophy for the season.

Chad Ochocino plans to wear Chris Henry's #15 tomorrow in honour of his late teammate. Of course, the NFL would likely fine him big time for such a move, and the NFL Players Union has vowed to pay the fine if they do. I'd say there's no way the league does, but they got on players for honouring Pat Tillman in the past, and he's a freaking war hero.

What is more stunning? Liverpool losing 2-0 on the road to last place Portsmouth, or Manchester United losing 3-0 at Craven Cottage to Fulham? Literally at a loss. United's in a world of trouble with seven defenders off with injuries, and have had to resort to midfielders playing in the back. Clearly, that isn't working.

Manchester City boss Mark Hughes was fired yesterday despite having a league low two losses in 17 games on the year. Problem is he only guided City to 7 wins over that time, and 2 in the last 11. Still seems an odd move.


Browntown said...

Check that, Eric Mangini.

TB said...

No clue why the drummer of Extreme was on my brain when I wrote that.