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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Manchester United travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea this morning at 9am (The Score). This game almost borders on must win - or at least, can't lose - for United. Tough sledding though. Am thinking draw...I believe Chelsea manager Luis Scolari once chose John Terry as the FIFA Player of the Year about as much as I believe in the Easter Bunny...Western was a 61.5 point favorite against York, with the over/under at 68. Final score? 71-0 Western...the U.S. leads the Ryder Cup entering the final day of play 9-7. A bit of a surprise given the lack of Eldrick Woods...try this again. Megan Fox pics. Good stuff...entering the week at 3-3 on Prime Time Picks (+$3). Going back to the well tonight and taking the Cowboys at -3 as they travel to Lambeau to face Green Bay. I am dreading how much Brett Favre love we are going to hear from John Madden lamenting the departure of his man crush. Also today, like Jacksonville (+4.5) and Washington (-3). Get your wagers in at Pinnacle...if there is a soccer god, Tyrone Marshall will never put on Toronto FC colours again. He looked like a total hack in costing TFC two goals in a 2-0 loss that all but closes the door on the playoffs. You suck, Tyrone...Charlie Weis, head coach of Notre Dame, contends that the laptop in the coaching area - illegal by NCAA rules - wasn't there for any purpose. Right, and his previous employer just happened to catch opposing teams signals on hidden camera...the 20 best ESPN GameDay signs...Oasis main man Noel Gallagher has never been one to shy away from stating his opinion, and stating he wouldn't write a song for Amy Winhouse because he figures she'd be dead before he finished is top drawer stuff...I'm still laughing over episode two of Entourage, freaking amazing show...last home game at Yankee Stadium goes tonight. If all goes well, Andy Pettitte gets the win, Mariano Rivera the save, Derek Jeter goes 3 for 4, and A-Rod goes yard...have a great Sunday.

Saturday, September 20th, 2008 - Hefty not wimpy, or garbage

Hefty Mickelson, of all people, led the way for the U.S. in day one of the Ryder Cup. If he's leading, then the losing streak must be coming to an end...Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt has had all of one player - Johnny Damon - try to steal on him all year. Damon was busted...from the Department of Lame: Pearl Jam's Eddie Veddar has written a song for the playoff-bound Chicago Cubs...staff on MLB teams are now being drug tested. Umm, why?...a split schedule in the English Premier League today, with half the games going today, half tomorrow, including the big one with Manchester United facing Chelsea. Liking Fulham to continue their solid start, and Arsenal will blow out there anything that doesn't make it to YouTube? Here's baseball Hall of Famer George Brett, talking about soiling himself in spring training this year, and that he manages that feat twice a year. Awesome....Toronto FC are at Kansas City tonight to face my fav frosted tipped goalkeeper, Kevin Hartman. TFC must win tonight to make a playoff run and while I've repeatedly pronounced them dead in the water, they remain mathematically alive. A win, which they'll get, helps that. Kickoff is 8pm on SportsNet...Megan Fox pics. Why not?...JP Ricciardi's 2009 season is off to a roaring start. Now he's got Shawn Marcum's looming Tommy John surgery to pin an excuse on...why is Emmitt Smith continually destroying all my great memories of him? As a sportscaster, he's looking like he might make Don Cherry seem cogent...if you thought baseball players had the market cornered on ridiculous injuries, St. Louis Blues defenceman Erik Johnson might change your mind. He hurt his knee at a team golf outing. By getting his foot stuck between the gas and brake on the golf cart...have a great Saturday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 19th, 2008 - Boys Will Be Boys

In a new book that looks at the Dallas Cowboys of the 90's entitled Boys Will be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty, author Jeff Pearlman dishes the dirt on a variety of topics, none more disturbing than Charles Haley. Not sure which is scarier: (1) that Haley liked to rub one out in team meatings; (2) once responded to a coach telling him to sit on a chair properly by leaving the room, wiping his rear with toilet paper and coming back and throwing it at the coach or (3) called on a teammate to turn around only to have his erect crank sitting on the desk in a meeting. Of course, this can only mean one thing: I ordered the book at Bryant told Jim Rome that winning the Olympic gold is bigger and better than winning the NBA Championship. Good for him...missed in yesterday's technical issue: another record in this Yankee season gone wrong. A-Rod has hit 35 or more homers in 12 years now, tying a record by some guy named "Babe". Also impressive is that Ichiro has had 200+ hits 8 years in a row now...the CFL lost a legend yesterday, as Ron Lancaster passed away after a battle with cancer...Curt Schilling teed off on Manny Ramirez, calling his behavior while with Boston disrespectful to teammates and manager Tito Francona. You know what else is disrespectful, Schilling? Speaking for other people when they haven't asked you to. You're done. Walk away, and write your book. I think he's rapidly ascending to my list of Athletes I Hate which, in no order, includes Brett Favre, Vince Carter, and Deco...not sure what the cowbells are about in the stands at the Trop in Tampa, but can see that trend getting real annoying to visiting players...figure this. In the first two weeks of this season, with both games played in great weather, the New York Jets have run the ball 49.5% of the time. So with Favre, they're 50-50 run-pass, essentially, and with Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens over a full season last year, they were 56-44 pass...only two teams in the salary cap era have made the NFL playoffs after 0-3 starts, so a big weekend for the likes of San Diego, Jacksonville and Minnesota, who were all highly hyped coming in. 8 teams made it last year after starting 1-1...the 2009 baseball schedule is out and if the World Series goes to seven games, it'll be played November 5th. Not a good idea...Julian de Guzman as Toronto FC's designated player under the "David Beckham" Rule? Me likes!...another Ryder Cup gets off today and as usual, the U.S. should be out of it by about noon...and hey, whatever happened to Ted Arcidi?...have a great Friday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 -

Manchester United's title sponsor - insurance giant AIG - is now being run by the U.S. government who bailed them out with a mere $85 billion. Wonder if they put the U.S. flag on the jersey now? This comes hot on the heels of an English travel company - XL - going under. Last weekend, West Ham United had to get a seamstress to sew patches over the sponsorship because they have ZERO jersey's without the sponsor name on it. How does The Score still have Zoom Airlines Football Fantasy? It is a rapidly changing world in these economically turbulent times...the Detroit Lions have trailed 21-0 in both games this year. It wouldn't shock anyone if it went to three..answering the question of "does a fool ever learn?", as Reggie Bush ran a punt back 55 yards to put New Orleans up 24-15 over Washington at the end of the third quarter, he pointed at Redskins defenders and taunted them. Reggie clearly didn't you learn from taunting the Bears during the 2006 NFC Championship Game, where the Saints promptly collapsed. Of course, following Sunday's taunt, the Saints promptly collapsed, and the Skins came back to win 29-24...why am I still talking about last week's NFL action? Because the machine never stops. Always something to talk about there...looking for a jersey of your fav player? Have a friend that can get you a jersey - all legit, fully stitched numbers and lettering - for $75-80. May cost you a few bucks more if you don't live in this end of the 519 to ship it. Let me know if you're interested. Most players of any reputation are available. He's also got access to soccer and hockey jersey's too...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Derek Jeter set the all-time hits record at Yankee Stadium, passing Lou Gehrig in the final week of The a bit of surprising news, Wayne Gretzky will not be returning to his familiar role as Executive Director of Canada's 2010 Olympic entry. Could he be in line for the coaching role?'s Jon Heyman says that CC Sabathia might have his heart set on moving back to California, and specifically says he might not be interested in taking the bundle of cash the Yankees are ear-marking for him...more Champions League action today at 2:45. Cristiano Ronaldo is back for Manchester United in a return that should settle Man United's choppy of August 18th, the top two selling NFL jerseys were Brett Favre's Jets jersey and Brett Favre's Packers jersey. People are predicted back in July, the Tampa Bay Rays schedule would catch up to them in September. Here's another thought: they won't win the division, and will make a quick exit as they'd be facing Anaheim as the Wild Card...Steven Gerrard scored maybe the finest goal of the year as Liverpool downed Marseille in Champions League play...just over a week until The Office returns. I'm pumped for that. "That's what she said". All of them...looking at the NFL lines this week, I'm shocked how many over/unders are in the 35-37 range...until the Denver Broncos did it Sunday, the two-point conversion for a win had only been done twice before. It may have worked, but it was about as smart as putting four bullets in a revolver, rolling the barrel and pulling the trigger by your head. 65% of the time, you're dead. Speaking of the Broncos, afte two games, they're on pace to break the points record set by the New England Patriots last year...last weekend in the English Premier League saw every game but one go over the posted totals...if you're at all a fan of the MMA game, then the Ultimate Fighter series that starts again tonight on Spike will have your attention. Always entertaining stuff...USC has not lost to a Big 10 opponent in over a decade now. Things you wish you knew before the game...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 - A Whole Lotta "O" in Big D

Maybe it is the benefit of being fresh in the memory, or maybe it is my Cowboy fandom, but have you ever seen a Monday Night Football game as great as last night's 41-37 win for the Cowboys over the Eagles? Crazy, crazy game...Blue Jays pitching coach Brad Arnsberg believes AJ Burnett will stay in Toronto. Unless the Jays are going to extend him another few years at $15 million plus per season, I really can't see it happening...Pittsburgh Steelers rookie running back Rashard Mendenhall's nickname is "Heim". Put it in the middle...Champions League action gets under way in earnest today. Kinda crazy how much the top players play. Here's Wayne Rooney's schedule: two Saturday's ago in Barcelona as England faced Andorra. This past Wednesday in Zagreb as England faced Croatia. Sunday for Manchester United on the road as they faced Liverpool, and tomorrow at home to face Spanish side Villareal. That's too many games, plain and simple...NHL camps are on the verge of opening. Wake me when the playoffs start...a soccer game in the Congo saw 13 die when there was suspected witchcraft at play. At least there was a good reason...Washington Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley was working a picture into his blog when he didn't notice that the picture he was taking of his playbook also included his little red skin. Of course, the Deadspins of the world hopped on it before he could take it down. Not a smart play, Cooley...the Milwaukee Brewers GM Doug Melvin went Lou Lamoriello and axed manager Ned Yost but two weeks before the playoffs as the Brewers stumble to the finish...Bloomberg Radio reported that Fred Wilpon and the New York Mets are looking to buy an MLS team. I'm hoping not to play at Citibank Field, new home of the Mets. The MLS has done well going into soccer only buildings, and a 50,000 seat baseball venue is not the way to go...Jake "The Snake" Roberts rehab has paid huge dividends. If by "dividends" you mean "drunker than ever"...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, September 15th, 2008 - Cowboys/Eagles - As Good As It Gets

No, Adidas isn't a sponsor of the Houston Texans - those missing pannels in the lid at right are why their game against Baltimore tonight is off...I've seen some good football games in my time, but yesterday's San Diego/Denver game had it all - huge offence, big plays, controversial calls, and a wild finish. Down one with 30 seconds on the clock after a non-fumble call, Denver went for two instead of taking the single and sending the game to overtime. Heard one suggestion this morning on Fan590 that knowing they should've lost, Denver went for the deuce to give San Diego a chance at the win. No chance that is true. Kneeling the ball instead would've assured the right result if that was the intent...yesterday's Jets loss to New England was vintage Brett Favre. INT's at the worst possible times that went back for points. Poor New Jersey, having to suffer the two guys I hate most in sports in Brett Favre and Wince Carter. That's the price you pay for living next to New York City...when a team's training staff comes out to check on a pitcher's health, it usually draws concern from the fans over the chucker's health. When that pitcher is Carl Pavano, the hometown fans break out the venom and boo. Lots. Pavano walked off in the 6th with an injury...there will be few Monday Night Football matchups as attractive as tonight's Eagles vs. Cowboys clash. Had to laugh at the NFL Countdown crew for chiding Terrell Owens for talking about his time with the Eagles in an interview they staged and asked him about. Here's an idea: if you don't ask him, he won't talk. And since when did any media outlet prefer "no comment" as a response? Here's guessing when they interview Favre every other segment, they don't hold him to such a standard...looks like Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambramo is just fine, as he tossed a no-hitter yesterday...3-2 (+103) on the PrimeTime Picks now thanks to Pittsburgh not kicking a chip shot field goal. Love when that happens. Or not. Tonight, I'm going with an admittedly homer pick and taking the Cowboys -7. As Pacman said, "(Philly) did only play the Rams". That said, Marion Barber's sore ribs give me pause. Place your bets at Pinnacle...if you're a fan of the Detroit Lions or St. Louis Rams, don't worry about making plans for the playoffs. Not happening...have a great Monday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

The Oklahoma City Thunder sold out all their season tickets in five days time. This is impressive, til you remember it is Oklahoma City, and it isn't like there are a tonne of entertainment options...Billy Wagner is out for 2009 for the Mets. Wonder if J.P. Ricciardi is thinking what I'm thinking?...Toronto FC couldn't get it done on a wet day at BMO Field. Is it me, or does Carlos Ruiz look really uninterested out there? A 1-1 draw with Columbus all but finishes their playoff hopes...3-1 on the Prime Time Picks today and up +206. Tonight, we've got the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the 6 points at Cleveland. That's right, I've got the Browns - the only team opening with two straight at home - going down two straight. Get your wagers in a Pinnacle. Really like New Orleans and New England in other action. Yep, roadies all..and why not like the Patriots today? Troy Aikman does...a 35-3 win for USC over Ohio State really firms the Trojans up as the #1 in the NCAA. Maybe the pollsters give Ohio State another chance when Beanie Wells returns, but hard to imagine him being that kind of difference maker. The Buckeyes got crushed...Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy promotion has handed Affliction a lifeline and will be co-promoting four events in 2009 that will include both boxing and MMA fights. Interesting idea...Bugs and Cranks has put together an interesting schedule of events for Derek Jeter, now that October baseball is all but out of the question. The campaigning bit is awesome, and certainly speaks to Jeter's middle of the road, fence riding tendencies...Wayne Gretzky thinks it is just a matter of time before an NHL squad is in Hamilton or Kitchener. If you happened to catch SportsCentre on Friday, a 10-year old boy wearing a Leafs jersey asked a question of Gretzky on what it took to be a successful professional athlete. Gretzky's response? "First of all, you have to lose that jersey." No, I'm not making that is never, ever, a bad time for a compilation of the funniest Mike Tyson moments...have a great Sunday.