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Saturday, October 10, 2009

In NCAA football action, they don't get much bigger today than #4 ranked LSU hosting #1 ranked, and defending national champion, Florida. That one goes in Baton Rouge, and yours truly will be among those getting ready for it in the parking lot of LSU, along with Bukkake, as part of his bachelor party weekend in New Orleans and area. Good times, guaranteed. Of course, the RM the next couple days will be pre-written - and that's why it doesn't include commentary on last night - and Monday will be a rare day off from the blogosphere for yours truly.

Toronto FC host the lowly San Jose Earthquakes today, and the goal is pretty clear: win and stay in the playoff picture, lose and assume you're done, and prepare for a full scale fan riot that may rival the videos you've been watching below the last few days. Kickoff is 4pm (Eastern) on CBC.

The rest of the soccer leagues around the world are shut down this weekend for World Cup qualifying. In Europe, Germany is in Russia to largely sort out who will advance directly to South Africa (on Setanta Sports this morning). Group One could get turned upside down with the top four teams all facing each other including the current leaders Denmark hosting second place Sweden and a desperate third place Portugal hosting Hungary. England is at Ukraine and Croatian's worldwide will be praying the English do Croatia a solid and leave with at least a point. England plan on playing their top players the first 45 and - yikes - have David James starting in goal. On this side of the world, Argentina will be getting the most attention as they're currently fifth and not in a direct qualification slot. They've got Peru today, and have Uruguay Wednesday who are just a point back. A huge day, to state the obvious.

You're 6-7-2 in your last 15 heavyweight boxing fights. And 47-years old. Tomato can, right? Nope, good enough to get you a title shot next year if you're Evander Holyfield. Small wonder why many people think boxing is out of touch, and by "out of touch", I mean "a joke". Holyfield will allegedly fight Vitali Klitschko next year.

And finally, completing the series, here is your #1 Scariest Sports Riot...

Friday, October 9, 2009

The two National League results aren't quite what most would have expected yesterday. The Colorado Rockies knocked off the Philadelphia Phillies to draw their series 1-1 heading to Denver - snow bound Denver - for a pair of games. More surprising was the LA Dodgers rallying for a pair in the 9th to come from behind and beat the St. Louis Cardinals to take a 2-0 lead in that series. Was Matt Holliday's error in the 9th karma paying him back for not actually touching home plate a couple years back yet seeing the run scored when he was with the Colorado Rockies a couple years back in a tie-break game?

Okay, we're nicely into the baseball playoffs now. Isn't it about time another steroid user from the famed 2003 List of 104 was revealed? Seems to happen anytime something big is happening.

I'm not sure how great I think Dollhouse is, but Eliza Dushku sure has me thinking about it each week.

A netball team, whatever that is, from Australia has been forced to change its name from "Master Baiters" as it is too risque. In response, thousands of slo-pitch teams with guys rocking #69 in the cleanup spot have hired a lawyer in preparation for a class action lawsuit if such bans start happening on this end of the globe.

It has been two days now since the Cleveland Browns shipped Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets after he slugged one of LeBron James buddies. Are you like me, and amazed that other Browns players aren't tossing punches at random C-Towners hoping one is a pal of LeBron's so they too can get off that disaster of a squad?

Back on April 10th, ESPN The Magazine's Rick Reilly made the mistake of saying he'd tongue bathe the Capital dome in Denver if the Colorado Rockies made the playoffs. Well, they did, and so he did.

Check out this great edit job that drops Roman Polanski on To Catch A Predator. If there was ever a doubt, let there be no more: the internet rules.

Below is your #2 Scariest Sports Riot. Not sure what I found more annoying, the commentator calling it the "U E F A" championship (calling out each letter) instead of the correct "you-eh-fa" pronunciation, or calling these Manchester fans when it was Glasgow Rangers and Zenit St. Petersburgh fans in to see their teams play. Do some research, Dramatic Voice Guy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Three of the four Divisional Series got started yesterday, and it was a good day for former Cleveland Indians starters. Cliff Lee went the distance for the Philadelphia Phillies in a 5-1 win over Colorado. CC Sabathia struck out a personal best 8 over 6 2/3 and some guy who wear's #13 knocked in a couple runs as the Yankees cruised to a 7-2 win over the Minnesota Twins. In the late game, the LA Dodgers had a great night hitting the St. Louis Cardinals Chris Carpenter, and took the series opener 5-3.

Cleveland Brown Braylon Edwards cracked one of LeBron James buddies in the head on Sunday night, and a couple days later, he's out of town. Such is the power of Bron Bron. Edwards is now a New York Jet, and as the always funny Sports Pickle tweets, "is Braylon Edwards aware that going to New York only delays Lebron from beating him down by about 9 months?" On multiple levels...ouch.

Phil Kessel better get in and start scoring boatloads of goals soon for the Toronto Maple Leafs or that first rounder that went to Boston in the next draft, and one after, is going to be awfully good for the Bruins.

So the Old Has Been is now the first quarterback to beat all 32 NFL teams. I'm sure if there is expansion teams 30 years down the road, he'll be back to try to maintain his perfect record because after all, it is all about him. Oh, and a player poll voted him most overrated in the NFL at Sports Illustrated. Surely Tony Romo was second, then.

Oh, in case you didn't know, the WNBA final is going to a fifth and deciding game. The anticipation is killing somebody, presumably.

Why are the Montreal Canadiens opening with five straight road games? Seems odd that the most storied squad in the NHL is likely the last to open at home.

And finally, your #3 installment of Scariest Sports Riots...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twin Killing

If the Minnesota Twins 12 inning, 6-5 win over the Detroit Tigers is a sign of things to come for the baseball playoffs, it is going to be the best playoff month ever for MLB. Dramatic, thrilling stuff. Frankly, it is hard not to like the Twins for how they play the game but with a pitching staff that has to be torched and lacks a true stud, and surely a bullpen worn out, tough to like them facing the New York Yankees. I pray the Twins start Carl Pavano in The Bronx. The Twinkies are 3-23 against the Yankees under manager Ron Gardenhire, and 0-7 this season. Not good. Clearly, the Yanks have to be overwhelming favs, and while I'd be stunned if they didn't make quick work of this one, the five gamer is always a dicey proposition. Also like the Anaheim Angels to run wild on Boston every time they get on the base paths, and take that series in five. Over the in the NL, I like the St. Louis Cardinals to down the LA Dodgers in four, and I could see an upset coming in the Philadelphia and Colorado series, which of course means the Rockies win. Who ya got?

Speaking of the Yankees, as we do here occasionally, catcher Jorge Posada is unimpressed that he's not going to be catching AJ Burnett as the two haven't been on the same page for good stretches of the year. Hard to argue these numbers though: Burnett has struck out 79 of 434 batters while pitching to Posada this season and opponents are hitting .270 with a .775 OPS when Posada is his catcher. When Jose Molina catches, Burnett has struck out 77 of 288 batters while throwing to Molina. Opposing hitters have a .221 batting average and a .658 OPS against Burnett when he's working with Molina. I'll say it right now: if Burnett has a strong October, the Yankees will win the World Series.

The Atlanta Thrashers are said to be a team that may end up moving to Winnipeg. Seriously, Winnipeg? Isn't that arena too small and let's be serious, we're not talking a giant market here. Given how Gary Bettman has handled the Phoenix sale, would it shock anybody if he simply rubber stamped this one and let them move, no argument? Word is that there are as many as 10 teams up for sale at the moment, so would it shock anyone if Jim Balsillie was dragged back into the fray?

Gabe Morency at Hardcore Sports Radio and co-host of "Morency" says that Tony Romo may be the most overrated athlete in all of sports. Frankly, it is looking like it could well be. He went on to add that there is a reason he wasn't drafted. The Dallas Morning News Bill Nicholls looks at the Cowboys offensive shortcomings in general. Also, good to see Romo wasn't clear on which down it was on the last play of the game. For sale: Romo Thanksgiving jersey. Size 50. $5.

Check out this awesome vid post-game on Monday Night in which a Minnesota Vikings fan gets his feelings on Green Bay across real nice like.

In case you were wondering, the three NFL squads that fired their offensive coordinators in the pre-season - Tampa Bay, Kansas City and Buffalo - are a combined 1-11 going into Week 5.

Longtime RM reader B. Kennedy passed me word that Toronto Raptors rookie DeMar DeRozan tweeted that he was about to get on the bus for a long trip to London. Two things. First, he apparently thought the Raps game was in London, England and didn't realize there was a London, Ontario two hours from Toronto. Two, he apparently thought he could get to London, bus. Stay in school, kids. Guess at least it isn't as bad as Miami Dolphin Channing Crowder wondering if people spoke English in England last year when the Dolphins ventured across the pond for a game a couple years back. That remains one of my all-time fav stories.

And here's the #4 Scariest Sports Riot entry. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera had a little domestic dispute with his wife on at 6AM Sunday morning (or Saturday night, if you prefer), and returned to play Sunday without comment, but a scratch on his face. Oh, and he merely blew a .26 blood alcohol content. Good to see Miggy so focused with the Tigers season on the line. Here's audio of the 911 call, and the fine folks at The Big Lead wonder how the Tigers can possibly not suspend him, even with a knockout game tonight.

Turns out there are six separate covers for ESPN Body issue. Here's hoping Gina Carano (right) lands in my mailbox, and not Dwight Howard, Serena Willams, or an amputee. That said, I am a little sour with Gina. She said that picture was our moment.

The Green Bay Packers made about as many mistakes as a team can make in a game and still kept the game to within a touchdown. I wouldn't be getting too excited there, Old Has Been. And how funny was his act? For a guy who downplayed it as just another game, he sure seemed like he was out to stab a blood rival in the heart. But then again, honesty is not that guys strong suit.

So that's two straight games without a touchdown for Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, a first. This happens when your number one end zone target and producer the past couple years is deemed expendable for not pandering to your fragile ego.

Only one major leaguer played all 162 games this season. Hint: he's an alleged vegetarian, despite his hefty appearance. Yep, Prince Fielder was the lone game in and out guy. Look out, Cal Ripken Jr.!

And in Week 4, Jon Gruden officially can go. Merely the latest BF blowboy, with grammar from the school of John Madden.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star looks at four ways the Toronto Blue Jays could improve their fortunes. Had a good laugh that the team had t-shirts made saying "Turn the Page Tuesday's" mocking the franchises constant milking of the early 90's World Series wins, a line dropped by AJ Burnett while a Jay.

The Battle of Ontario resumes tonight as the Ottawa Senators visit the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both sides are winless at this early juncture, though the Sens aren't leaving a goal every five shots like the Leafs are.

The first of a Top 5 series of crazy Sporting Riots starting today, starting with #5, of course.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The Prime Time Picks are off to a horror show of a start. And with Green Bay travelling to face He Who I Hate, there's only one sensible thing to do: yep, I'm playing the Minnesota Vikings. This is what is called a "can't lose" proposition. The Vikes are -3.5, -105. Madden!

Bukkake provided today's picture, at right. In case you weren't aware, the Green Bay Packers are playing Old Has Been Brent and his Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. The only way the coverage for this one could get more nauseating is if John Madden returned to the booth to provide colour commentary.

The AL Central race will indeed go to a playoff game with the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins deadlocked after 162. That goes at on Tuesday night in Minny, with the winner getting the Yankees on Wednesday or Thursday. The Boston Red Sox will face the Anaheim Angels. In the Senior Circuit, the Philadelphia Phillies will face the hot Colorado Rockies, and the LA Dodgers will start in St. Louis against the Cardinals, both series starting on Wednesday.

I'm so soured on Tony Romo right now as Dallas Cowboys QB and Wade Phillips as coach that I'm not sure Drew Bledsoe and Chan Gailey could be worse. The Cowpokes had their game in Denver there for the taking with a dominant first half, and let the Broncos hang around and win it in the end, 17-10. Infuriating. And Roy Williams? Perhaps the worst trade in the NFL since the Cowboys swindled the Vikings in the Hershel Walker years ago.

Seems real hard to believe that the Tennessee Titans were 13-3 last year with a dominating defence. They're now 0-4 with a porous defence. Albert Haynesworth could be arguing for an MVP award after the fact.

Seems crazy to say after 8 games of a 38 game season, but it seems safe to say you can count Liverpool out of this year's English Premier League race. They're now 5-3-0 after yesterday's 2-0 loss to Chelsea, who bounced back in fine form after last week's upset loss to Wigan. Chelsea now sits atop the table alone. Arsenal went wild again, winning 6-2 over Blackburn.

A funny thing happened when Mark Sanchez went on the road to face a team firing on all cylinders: the rookie looked like a rookie and the Jets tasted defeat, losing 24-10 to the New Orleans Saints.

GBV pointed out that until they scored yesterday, the Cleveland Browns had one offensive touchdown in nine games. That's incredible, you'd think they even fluked a couple in that time.

After A-Rod hit two homers and seven RBI in an inning yesterday for the Yankees, that gave him a record 13th straight year of 30 or more homers and 100 or more RBI. The seven RBI in an inning is also an AL record.

The NFL had many players, coaches and officials with pink gear yesterday in support of breast cancer research. The fine folks at Sportspickle tweeted yesterday: "no pink anywhere on Bill Belichick. Therefore, Bill Belichick is pro-cancer."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tonight, playing the San Diego Chargers at +6 (-105).

Oh, and Wade Phillips? I hate you. Literally. And Romo? You're not far behind.

One To Play

Some real juicy match-up's on the NFL schedule for today, led by Baltimore (3-0) at New England (2-1), the New York Jets (3-0) at New Orleans (3-0), and unless you've been living under a rock, a rather interesting story-line game between Green Bay (2-1) at Minnesota (3-0). For the first time ever, I'm pulling for the Packers.

Great question posed by sports handicapper Randall The Handle on fighting in the NHL: "if fighting is a part of hockey, why are there exactly zero goons in the NHL Hall of Fame?" In response, Bob Probert and Tie Domi declared themselves available for the next induction.

If today is, as some are speculating, Chipper Jones last game as a big leaguer, he will not only have spend his entire career with the Atlanta Braves, but also with one manager in the form of Bobby Cox.

Toronto Blue Jays fans can finally have something to look forward to, as days from completing year nine of his five year plan, the Jays tied a can to well-past-expiry-date JP Ricciardi. Sure, you can't blame all the Jays shortcomings in recent years on JP, but surely the GM has to be the ultimate fall guy for bad contracts, poor handling of Roy Halladay's pending move, and embarrassing the franchise as he did in situations like Adam Dunn's senseless calling out. Something tells me that Ricciardi, who went to the Gary Bettman School of Smug, will still have a few parting shots on his way out the door. The Jays would be wise to look to just fired San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers.

The LA Dodgers almost blew a 6 game lead with seven to play, but beat Colorado last night to wrap up the NL West. I would've loved to mix in the 3-0 lead that Joe Torre blew against Boston in 2004 when he was the New York Yankees manager and add this as a second giant blemish on his resume. More than ever, I'm convinced the Yanks made the right move tying a can to Torre when they did, especially for how he tends to chew up his bullpen to the point nothing is left at the end of the season.

The Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers are dead even in the AL Central race. A win by both today, or loss by both today, will set up a one game playoff on Tuesday with the winner facing the Yankees Wednesday, who have to be licking their chops at the prospect of both teams in a pull-out-all-the-stops situation. With the Tigers using Justin Verlander today, that takes the best pitcher out of both teams from being used twice in the divisional series.

Would not have pegged Tottenham to draw 2-2 at Bolton, in a game where Spurs rode goals from two of their Croatian's in Niko Kranjcar and Vedran Corluka, and even less likely, Manchester United to need a last gasp own goal to escape with a 2-2 draw with Sunderland, who seem to give them trouble at least once a season.

So, about that Toronto Maple Leafs defence as pillar of the team. Nevermind. The Leafs gave up 6 in a 6-4 loss to the Washington Capitals. Their goaltending looks suspect, the defence looks lost, and one more loss like these and reality will set upon a fan base way too high over a solid pre-season.

Have a great Sunday.