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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fortress BMO?

Tough times at once proud Red Star Belgrade, where players don't have money for food or rent and are getting'll be a different looking Toronto FC as they host FC Dallas today at BMO Field, which will be under decidedly better weather. And by "different", it appears that pylon named Kevin Harmse is out of the addition to today's Man United pick, I'm playing the Chicago Cubs for PTP purposes to get us back to one-a-day for the year. They're -1.5 +126 on the run line. Also liking CC Sabathia to bounce back and taking the New York Yankees on the run line -1.5 -118 at Kansas City. The Royals have scored 7 runs this year in four games...hands up, who had Chad Campbell and Kenny Perry leading half way through The Masters?...where else but Philadelphia would there be fights during a team's ring ceremony, like there was on Tuesday night when the Phillies collected their rings?...set aside some time on Tuesday, the NFL schedule is out that day which means instant analysis for fans everywhere of key games, and how many your squad will win...have a great Saturday. May the winners be ours!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

T.O. Shows

Remember the coverage in the media when Terrell Owens didn't show up for voluntary camp with the Buffalo Bills, and how little coverage there was that he was away partly from habit, and partly because he was getting an award for his charity work? Be sure to note how short the coverage will be now that he's in camp. When the Buffalo Bills play Indianapolis in Toronto this year - I'm told the third Sunday in November - ESPN The Magazine says they're changing the name of the city for the day to T.O.ronT.O. Seriously...the best nickname I've heard in sports in some time goes to Kansas City Royals closer Joaqim Soria: "The Mexicutioner". Yes, he's from Mexico...Quebec Premier Jean Charest vows the for-sale Montreal Canadiens will not be moving. That's some kind of statement. What's he going to say next? The sun will rise in the east? If Charest was really concerned about doing the right thing, he'd find a way to forbid Celine Dion from buying the took 654 games, but the Columbus Blue Jackets know they will finally play one of the playoff variety. Ken Hitchcock will have a dangerous team ready to shut down whomever they draw. Also punching their tickets are the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens - the playoffs are better whenever those two are in..hope you enjoyed yesterdays PTP winner. At least for his first start, AJ Burnett earned his keep. Love me some baseball sad as it was to hear about Anaheim Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart meeting his untimely demise in a car crash, it is hard to call it an accident when the loser that hit him was driving under the influence...six national team players on the Czech Republic soccer team - plus the coach - were dropped after they lost to Slovakia 2-1, not because of the loss, but because they were photographed with prostitutes. Well played, fellas...for today's PTP, play the Philadelphia Phillies and Cole Hamels at -1.5 +125. Tough to pass up that value, even if the half run will occasionally cost us a push. Also loving the Tampa Bay Rays at -1.5 +133. Enjoy...have a great Good Friday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ovechkin nearly decapitated

It should almost be expected that the day The Masters "tuna mint" starts that there is good weather worldwide. The media is all about Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Padraig Harrington right now, which usually means somebody other than those three rises. Except when Tiger is lurking. You'd be crazy to bet against that guy in any major, especially when it comes to The Masters...ESPN's Ric Bucher says most NBA teams have red flagged Ricky Rubio heading to the draft. Word is he's going to have a very tough time getting out of his deal with DKV Joventut Badalona...Liverpool's Rafa Benitez spent the days leading up to yesterday's Champions League tilt against Chelsea spouting off about Manchester United being afraid of Liverpool. Not sure if that is true, but if so, they'd be more afraid of Chelsea after they curb stomped Liverpool 3-1 in Liverpool to all but seal that quarterfinal. Speaking of seal, Barcelona hammered Bayern Munich 4-0 to all but assure a very interesting semi-final between those two. Liverpool will be lucky if they get a sniff of the English Premier Championship. Looks good on you, Rafa..the New York Yankees are 0-2 with a stagnant offence. And somewhere, there's people that think they don't need A-Rod. Speaking of, Bill Simmons ("The Sports Guy") has a great piece here on the galvanizing force that is A-Rod. Not bad, for a Boston Red Sox honk...NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is suspending Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch three games for off-field transgressions. In response, Terrell Owens said "don't worry about it, you don't need a running back anyways." Only the former is true...playing AJ Burnett and the New York Yankees again today at -1.5 -114, doubling up even. 0-3 to the Orioles? Could well happen, but it shouldn't. Good luck...

Washington Capital Alexander Ovechkin clearly has a death wish. Watch this. Amazing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

May the winners be ours!

Another day, another PTP winner, and a hefty +146 at that. How fun was it watching the St. Louis Cardinals race out to an early and big lead and cruise? For me, it was +146 fun. Hope you're enjoying the news that makes it all but official, the Montreal Canadiens are for sale. I'm sure it'll eat at Canadians coast to coast that the most famed and winningest franchise is being ditched so George Gillett can maintain a soccer team, but Gillette knows where the real fame and fortune are, and owning a truly global brand like Liverpool blows owning the Habs away...Sir Alex Ferguson is sour with his Manchester United squad after another uninspired start yesterday that ultimately cost them a home Champions League win against FC Porto, who scored to tie in the dying minutes. The rematch goes next Wednesday and United will have to win at Porto, something no English squad has done...suddenly Troy Aikman has an opinion, though I can't disagree with it. He says the cutting of Terrell Owens is an okay move, if Roy Williams steps up, but if he doesn't, thinks the trade for Williams "would be one of the biggest busts in the history of the league." No pressure, Roy and Tony Romo...saw a sign on the way into work for a salon. Name? Hairway to Heaven. Awesome...on the Jim Rome Show, noted rabble rouser AJ Pierzinsky worked in a comment about "working in a bunt to save your average Derek Jeter style." That's multiple stabs at Jeter in the last week from people in and around the game, a first in DJ's 15-year career...Tank Johnson has agreed to a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals, who apparentely require "run ins with the law" on a players resume before they become interested...back with your PTP shortly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If 10 Major League Baseball teams dropped payrolls by $10 million or more this off-season, what do you figure that means for NHL teams going into this off-season?...the Seattle Sounders have sold more season tickets than the Mariners. Who would've guessed that?...Cleveland Indians pitcher and last year's Cy Young winner Cliff Lee never gave up more than 6 runs in a start last year. Yesterday? A converted touchdown and Cinderella's chariot turned into a pumpkin...the Champion's League quarter finals start this week with two games each of the next two days. Today, Villareal host Arsenal and Manchester United host Porto, where they'll annihilate a team in over their heads...wonder if the Toronto Blue Jays fans at the Rogers Centre throwing things on the field will be front page news the way Toronto FC was last week in Columbus? Somehow I doubt it. Always easier to pick on soccer, after all. Barely got a mention in this morning's Toronto Star despite the Tigers walking off the field for 9 minutes...Jose Canseco has a theory that the reason Manny Ramirez received a one year offer is because he must be one of the 104 failed drug tests from 2003 and owners are trying to insulate themselves from a bad deal made worse if the list is made public. That, or he killed his image by tanking on the Boston Red Sox, is 36, has Scott Boras for an agent, and with the BoSox and Yankees out of the mix the market was greatly limited...there's a movie out called "Fanboys"? I had no idea there was a film even in the works covering Jose Calderon's fans...not much to say about last nights NCAA final, other than it was a total stomping from the opening whistle. Not sure if UNC was that much better than everyone else, or if they just really raised their game last night and have Michigan State's number. Somehow I found the tourney less compelling than prior years...the new and as-yet unnamed Dallas Cowboys stadium has the world's biggest screen, and it cost more than the original stadium cost to build...not a great start for CC Sabathia in Yankee colours, shelled and nary a strikeout. That said, if he starts as cold this year as last but finishes how he did last year, nothing to fear...your PTP for today is already up. A rare occasion where I think playing the home team on the run line - remember, they get one less at bat if they're up after 8 and a half - but liking the Cards to stomp the Pirates. Enjoy another + dollar value winnner!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boom, outta here...

Pretty cool of the Philadelphia Phillies walking through the stands and a gauntlet of fans onto the field. Their starter last night Brett Myers may have quit drinking beer except for when watching football - a move that helped him drop 30 pounds this off season - but he pitched like the first half Myers of 2008, giving up three bombs as the reigning champs fell to the gonna-be-good Atlanta Braves. Expect a lot of Myers "boom, outta here" on The Jim Rome Show today. If you haven't heard the clip before, it is embedded below. The Bravos were a nice +121 winner if you had it...optimism may abound on baseball's Opening Day, but cold reality is going to hit in Toronto for games two and three where so far, fewer than 10,000 tickets have been sold...the NCAA final goes tonight in Detroit. Not sure about you, but I'm riding UNC to win it...the Toronto Raptors had a .220 winning percentage against teams better than .500. And somehow, GM Bryan Colangelo likes this team...the latest edition of People I Hate struck me on the way to the office this morning. People Who Don't Clean Their Car Off After A Snowfall. Turning on your windshield wipers is not cleaning your car off, you ignorant fools. I've contemplated starting a campaign where I buy a box of cheap brushes that I fire at cars who don't bother. If drinking and driving is sheer idiocy - and it is - this isn't far behind. If you can't see out of 3/4 of your cars windows, you're an accident waiting to happen...speaking of accidents, did you see WrestleMania? The Undertaker is lucky he can walk today after botching a dive out of the ring and going head first into the floor. Looked very, very bad. Overall, a great card and the final match - Triple H vs. Randy Orton - was pretty much the lone dud. I love Free To Air!...Manchester United looks like they'll be selling Cristiano Ronaldo this summer if the stories of them inking Franck Ribery from Bayern Munich are true. As great as Ronaldo can be, and he sure was yesterday, like this move. Ribery comes cheaper, and is a fantastic young player with a lot less drama...the New York Giants will likely trade for Braylon Edwards on draft day if the Cleveland Browns can manage to draft a top of the line receiver to replace him. You heard it here first...if you like stats going into your wagering decisions, Yankees starter CC Sabathia is 5-0, 2.38 against Baltimore in his career, 3-0, 2.60 in four starts at Camden about the 10 Girliest Sports Fights?...back with your PTP later.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play ball!

Not sure what blew more yesterday: the wind at BMO Field or the performance of the home Toronto FC, who looked like the expansion side in a thoroughly deserved 2-0 loss to the Seattle Sounders. Very disappointing...and then there are the Toronto Raptors, winners of six straight essentially meaningless games. Can't say I've watched a minute of Raptors ball in the last month, likely the first such stretch since their inception...the Major League Baseball season starts tonight with the Philadelphia Phillies hosting the Atlanta Braves. Freaking love baseball..the Toronto Sun's trio of baseball writers all have the hometown Blue Jays pegged to finish under .500 in year eight of GM JP Ricciardi's vaunted five year plan...I believe it was GBV who yesterday predicted Mickey Rooney as "Randy The Ram" comes in to beat Chris Jericho at WresleMania tonight. That'd be something to mark out for. Me, I'm looking forward to the Diva Battle Royal which will bring back some of the stars of yesteryear like Sunny...Michigan State and North Carolina will play for the NCAA championship tomorrow. UNC crushed the Spartans by 35 in December, for what it is worth...why the New York Yankees will make the playoffs this year: they won't have 40% of their starts being made by Darrell Rasner and Sidney Ponson...and on this day, the 15th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, here's one look at the top ten Nirvana songs...for today's PTP, playing the Atlanta Braves at +121. Enjoy!