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Saturday, November 20, 2010

UFC 123 goes in Detroit tonight, with a main event of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson facing Lyoto Machida.  The alleged co-main event is Matt Hughes taking on BJ Penn, though I'd guess not too many care about seeing that one again with Hughes past it.  Rest of the card here.

With Reebok losing the NFL contract for next year, here is a look at what Nike has in store - allegedly.  Some real curious ideas in there.  Very "The U" look in Miami, some old looks coming back in Denver, Buffalo and Tampa Bay, and a bad, bad look in New England.  And I really hope Cinci is kidding with this look. Same for you, Arizona.

40 great signs at sporting events.  Well worth your time.

Terrell Owens says his critics "can go pound sand".  Never understood that one.

The New York Yankees are said to have made a 3-year, $45 million offer to Derek Jeter.  Can't wait to hear what creative way he comes up with to turn down something so generous after a poor, poor 2010.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst delivers the third installment of FIFA Goal of the Year candidates.  Love this strike.

Friday, November 19, 2010


After a 16-0 win at Miami, would you believe that there is no NFL team with more wins - albeit with an extra game played - than the Chicago Bears?

Have to say, I'm surprised that Felix Hernandez won the AL Cy Young award with so few wins, particularly when a player vote had him third.

Spread out over two parts (100-50 here, 49-1 here), check out the list of the 100 worse players in NFL history.  I'm sure JaMarcus Russell is thrilled to come in at #12 after being the first overall pick a few years back.  At least one player - CC Brown - isn't too happy to crack the list.

Been some time since we visited Straight Cash Homey, a look at odd jersey's in odd spots in the sporting world.  Well worth another look.

Joel Sherman at the NY Post says that the Texas Rangers hopes of holding on to Cliff Lee are fading fast and that even they seem to know it.

For those that are into that kind of stuff, the 19 best backsides in women's sports.

The second nominee for the FIFA Goal of the Year comes from Kumi Yokoyama of Japan's Under 17 women's side at the World Championships against North Korea.  Talk about taking a defence apart.

You resign Dwayne Wade, add LeBron James and bring in Chris Bosh.  Your media coverage couldn't possibly be higher.  But, if you're the Miami Heat, you still need to have a campaign to urge fans to show up to games on time.  Can't wait til their campaign in the playoffs to get LBJ and CB to show up.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Where's he gonna go, Cincinnati?"

Another Thursday night NFL game goes tonight with the Chicago Bears visiting the Miami Dolphins.  Hope you've been following the Prime Time Picks this year, hitting at a healthy 75%.  I'm playing the Fish at -1.5. 

Word out of the MLB meetings in Orlando is that St. Louis Cardinal and Hall of Fame lock Albert Pujols wants an A-Rod type contract in the 10-year, $300 million range.  Can't imagine it happening.  Think we're a long ways off from ever seeing that kind of deal again, particularly from a market like St. Louis.  That, and Pujols has had a lot more injuries up to age 32 - the same time A-Rod signed his extension - for a deal of that length to make sense.

The date may have changed, but the song remains the same: Portland Trail Blazer Greg Oden has an injury that has knocked him out for the year. He'll need microfracture surgery on his knee. 

The Detroit Tigers could be big players this off-season, with $52 million coming off their books from the 2010 payroll.

ProFootballTalk looks at the dilemma the Philadelphia Eagles have on their hands with Michael Vick, who is 4-0 in games he starts this year and lighting up the stat sheet.  The answer may lie in franchising him, but players are never happy with those deals, especially, I'd guess, a guy who already lost millions thanks to a jail stint and no doubt would want more years and guaranteed dollars.

Tiger Woods is now on Twitter.  What a perfect environment for a guy to speak like a robot in 140 characters.  What's next, Derek Jeter?  And what is it with these say-nothing Nike guys?

For some reason, the Arizona Diamondbacks are contemplating dealing super talent Justin Upton, and the New York Yankees are among the interested. DBacks GM Kevin Towers will know the Yankees young talent well, given he worked for GM Brian Cashman this past year.  Interesting.

The Calgary Flames traded Brett Sutter - who recently, and drunkenly, beat up a cab driver - and Ian White - who drove drunk while with Toronto - to Carolina for Babchuk and Kostoplous.  That kind of behavior will play far better among the 'necks.

Derek Jeter is said to be after a four-year deal from the New York Yankees. A little more realistic than the initial talk of wanting a sex-year pact, but still a year or two long by my estimation.  There is also word from the Yankees side of things that at least one executive is saying the team should play hardball with Jeter, because "where's he gonna go, Cincinnati?"  This is gonna get more and more interesting unless Jeter sees himself for what he is: a player on the decline.

In a bit of a surprise, it seems that MLB will indeed expand its playoffs for 2012.  Finally, they get it right.  And to those dreaming of a salary cap, I'll repeat: it will never, ever happen.

There's no shortage of Chris Bosh beatdowns lately, but this is hands down the best.  Including a definition: "Like A Bosh" [idiom, ~2010]: When someone or something desires the limelight only to wilt under the newfound pressure.

First up for the FIFA goal of the year nominees,  South Africa’s Siphiwe Tshabalala’s opening goal of the World Cup v Mexico.  As mentioned yesterday, I'll be including one of these daily.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The first significant move of the MLB off-season went down yesterday, with the Florida Marlins Dan Uggla dealing 2B - sorry Toronto Blue Jays Fan, he's not coming to T.O. - for a surprisingly small package of Omar Infante and Mike Dunn, considering it was an intra division deal with the Atlanta Braves, whose offence looks decidedly better today for the cost of a utility man and a reliever.  As for the Marlins, they've added four solid relief options in the last week to a pen that struggled badly last year.  Things should pick up with the first batch of GM meetings on the go in Orlando.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, never short on opinion, is openly delighting in the Miami Heat's early season struggles.  While most are no doubt enjoying it, the key here is it is early.  Don't be writing them off just yet.

Had it nor aired on Monday Night Football, I'd swear this video of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid in the punt, pass and kick competition was doctored.  Let's just say that Reid was a little bit bigger than the rest of the 13-year olds.

How very progressive of the President of the Croatian national soccer federation to declare that homosexual players will not be allowed to play for the national team and that "luckily, only normal people play football".  Am sure he thinks there's a test for that, too.

The most surprising thing about talk of an expanded playoffs in baseball is that MLB has had to say it seems unlikely to happen for next year.  That the question exists is an improvement.

Speaking of structural change, the NFL Players Union has offered its take on the proposed move to an 18-game schedule.  They want a dramatic cut in off-season workouts, two in-season bye weeks, and an increase in rosters from 53 to 56 or 57, a reduction in games needed to qualify for medical benefits and  pension.  Oh, and more money, of course.  All seems pretty reasonable to me.

Pitcher Brad Penny is engaged to Karina Smirnoff, WAG extraordinaire.  Nice work, BP.  You wrapped up a solid free agent, now to get yourself a job.

Here's a look at a bunch of sports conspiracy theories, and how believable they are, including the "Michael Jordan was suspended by the NBA for gambling when he went to play baseball."

If you're a Twitter fan, here's a list of MLBers confirmed as legit accounts on Twitter.  Not surprisingly, Vernon Wells is as electric on Twitter as he is in regular TV interviews, which is to say, he's not.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be including video of the FIFA Goal of the Year nominees each day until the entire short list is covered.  Some real gems in the mix.

Carmelo Anthony took a swipe at Chris Bosh - which is turning into its own sport of late - in saying he wouldn't leave the Denver Nuggets hanging when it came to his free agency.

Courtesy of GBVH, a fantastic little ditty called "F**k You, Hipsters".  Great stuff, though I'm all in favor or Hipster Hitler, as you know.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hope you didn't file that contract with the league, Redskins.

In retrospect, perhaps I've been far too hard on the Dallas Cowboys this year as there has been a longer running joke of a franchise that continues to circle the toilet bowl with a particularly foul stench.  Who might that be?  The Washington Redskins, of course.  Just a few weeks after yanking Donovan McNabb down the stretch of a close game, they go and reward him with a $78 million extension ($40 million guaranteed).  Ridiculous.  But not as ridiculous as doing it on the same day that they then go out and get annihilated 59-28 against Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Could've been a whole lot worse as the Eagles basically - wait for it! - called off the dogs midway through the third quarter.  Vick has to love the news of McNabb's deal, what with his own free agency coming up.  Also, it didn't take long for Terrell Owens to tweet out a dig at McNabb with last night's performance.

England manager Fabio Capello is urging his players to shun alcohol because of the effects it has on performance and shortening careers.  He knows these guys are English, right?  And that having a pint after work is all but a national requirement?

After the big collapse against Utah last week, LeBron James complained that maybe he, among others, were seeing too much playing time and it hurt their ability to close out games.  Of course, James is now arguing his comments seem to always get "turned out of character" - whatever that means.  My question is this: do you think Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant would ever complain about playing time and too much of it?

Tough run for yours truly in LV the last six days. Met UFCers Wanderlei Silva and Gray Maynard, sandwiched around rocker Sammy Hagar, and then bumped into Audrina Patridge, Lenny Kravitz and Norman Jewison at my hotel (the Wynn) before seeing Taylor Hawkins of my beloved Foo Fighters Sunday. Tough times these were not.

Manny Pacquiao pitched a shutout in Dallas on Saturday night when he caved in Antonio Margarito's face over 12 rounds, winning each. Margarito's face was a mess, and he suffered a broken orbital bone and was allowed to continue fighting.  Smart move, boxing.  The win gives Pacquiao one more win at Texas Stadium than the Dallas Cowboys in this calendar year.

The Dallas Cowboys just can't get it right. With the season all but certainly over and a high draft pick preferable to 5-11 and a lower one, they go out and smoke the New York Giants 33-20 to give new head coach Jason Garrett his first win in as many tries.  That said, if they pull anyone as good as Dez Bryant anywhere in the first round, they'll be happy. Bryant is a man among kids. 

The Miami Dolphins started Chad Pennington at quarterback when they beat the Tennessee Titans.  Might that have something to with Chad Henne throwing nine Favre's in the last five games?  Safe bet.

The Philadelphia Flyers are the latest team to throw out a ridiculous contract extension, signing Jeff Carter to an 11-year, $58 million deal.  Is there a fan anywhere that thinks these deals are a great idea?  So how can the GM's offering them?

Check out New York Giants fans brawling during their beating on Sunday.  The guy in the L.T. jersey (#56) is leaking badly. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gamblers everyone apoplectic over horrendous 4th down penalty on Eagles. Cole was swiping at football, got some of Manning's head, 15 yds??

(Bills getting 3.) Bills + Bears both score 3 touchdowns with zero FG's or safeties. Bears win by 3. (I hate gambling.)

Video of Austin Collie getting knocked out. Warning: Pretty difficult to stomach. Will update as news/videos happen

Cox: Bills still winless, but building Toronto momentum

Michigan QB Tate Forcier Tries To Kill Reporter Moments Before Post-Game Interview

The best trick play pulled off by a middle school football team you'll see before they hit 9th grade [Cool]:    ...

FEATURE Shockings, stockings, short sleeves & David Coleman - the Premier League in cartoons #fb

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prime Time Picks

Playing New England +5 tonight at Pittsburgh (sorry GS!). Should be a great one.