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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gamblers everyone apoplectic over horrendous 4th down penalty on Eagles. Cole was swiping at football, got some of Manning's head, 15 yds??

(Bills getting 3.) Bills + Bears both score 3 touchdowns with zero FG's or safeties. Bears win by 3. (I hate gambling.)

Video of Austin Collie getting knocked out. Warning: Pretty difficult to stomach. Will update as news/videos happen

Cox: Bills still winless, but building Toronto momentum

Michigan QB Tate Forcier Tries To Kill Reporter Moments Before Post-Game Interview

The best trick play pulled off by a middle school football team you'll see before they hit 9th grade [Cool]:    ...

FEATURE Shockings, stockings, short sleeves & David Coleman - the Premier League in cartoons #fb

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