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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Your faithful blogger is in Montreal today to take in the Canadiens hosting the San Jose Sharks. No rooting interest in this one really, and even pulling for guys I have in my franchise pool like Carey Price, Joe Thornton or Ryan Clowe is against the point with my team out of the running and being in full "operation shutdown" mode to try to finish in the basement to nab John Tavares. Prediction? Heavy intoxication...following up on last week's tennis story, in which an Israeli player was not permitted into the United Arab Emirates because they were Israeli, Andy Roddick pulled out of the men's tourney in protest. Well done, Roddick. No word if Novak Djokovic is pulling out, but that is his thing, after all, so it could be for a variety of reasons...with WrestleMania a little over a month away, how about a look at the 1980's where it all started? Here's the golden age of's a look at the Top 10 Most Embarrassing Sports Records. This list starts strong, and stays that way...MMA-er Gina Carano is in the latest issue of Maxim. How can you be in the fight game, as well as American Gladiators as "Crush", and still look this damn good?...your PTP for today goes this morning in the EPL. Playing Liverpool at -131 today. Yes, a little more juice than we're used to giving but Liverpool must win, but Boro isn't much of a tall task for a team that has to win to retain hope of taking the EPL crown. Good luck, have a great Saturday.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Follow the Leader

Tiger Woods didn't advance in his first tourney in nearly a year. The world will move on...NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell clearly understands the public relations game better than most. With the economic struggles, and a potential labour battle in the offing, he's taken a 20% pay cut. Tough for a union to declare all is well when the man at the top is taking a voluntary chop...hard as it may be to believe, but three CFL teams - Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Hamilton - are looking to build new stadia along with a potential fourth in Ottawa...Baseball Prospectus has A-Rod playing through the 2019 season and falling short of Barry Bonds home run record of 763 with 730. That said, he's currently on pace to break the record some time in 2013, fitting given his jersey number. ESPN's Peter Keating says he's going to make it...the internet never ceases to amaze me. Take this, for example: a fine place to go when you need another word for "vagina"...AskMen is back with the Top 10 MMA submission moves...former NBA super agent David Falk - Michael Jordan's agent for a time - told Drive This, and was quoted in the New York Times, saying that unless the NBA players union is prepared to give up some serious concessions when the new labour deal goes into place when the current deal expires in 2011, the NBA could be looking at a two or three year period of no games. He says NBA Commissioner David Stern will push for a hard salary cap, shorter contracts, a higher age limit on incoming players, elimination of the mid-level cap exception and an overall reduction in the players' percentage of revenue. Not only that, Falk predicts he'll achieve it. And, Falk said, Stern will probably get what he wants. Of course, if the economy turns around by then - which it should and then some - that could have a way of calming the hardline that Stern will be pushing. Or, this period could just serve to remind them how many holes there are in their current deal...the internet never ceases to amaze me. Somebody took the time to put every swear word in the history of The Sopranos in chronological order in one video. This is mesmerizing...malapropism's are awesome. After A-Rod dropped the "I made my bed, I'm going to have to sit in it," here's a list of others that have come from the sports world...and after getting into a vehicle with the very same cousin he used performance enhancing drugs with, A-Rod has been told by the New York Yankees that said cousin is not welcome around the team. Look, he can hang around anyone he wants, but when he brings a guy whose association with him has brought a cloud over the player and therefore team, that's just not smart...It is amazing he needed to be told that...the Georges St. Pierre/BJ Penn spat over the vaseline allegedly on GSP's back at their fight last month has yet to subside. GSP's camp finally responded publicly and it is a gem, as they said the complaints are "nothing more than Mr. Penn's desperate attempt to protect his reputation and commercial value after being totally dominated by a superior athlete"...12:01am today was the start of NFL free agency. Sounds like run stuff Albert Haynesworth may be going to the place where talent goes to die. Namely, the Washington Redskins. After dumping Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn - no country music jokes, please - the Tampa Bay Bucs are over $50 million under the for the PTP, bet the New York Knicks tonight -2.5 -110 as they host the Philadelphia 76ers...have a great day, back later with your PTP.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Real Stunned

With Steven Gerrard out and Fernando Torres on the bench for the second half due to injury, you'd think that Liverpool wouldn't win at Real Madrid? Win they did, hard as it may be to believe. Also winners were Chelsea against a surprisingly flat Juventus squad, and Bayern Munich who flattened Sporting Lisbon 5-0 on the road. Villareal and Panathanaikos week until NHL Trade Deadline day. Expect far more discussion than actual activity of consequence. The Ottawa Senators are going to look to move any unrestricted free agents, including Filip Kuba and Chris Neil, and it ought to be an interesting week as Brian Burke looks to move virtually everyone from the Toronto Maple only took two at-bats, the first a walk, for A-Rod to go yard in the New York Yankees first Grapefruit League game. There will be no referencing wins and losses in Spring Training as that is entirely irrelevant...John Tortorella has a rule about not stepping on the team logo for his New York Rangers. Scott Gomez hasn't stepped across the logo on the ice at Madison Square Garden or elsewhere all season...Jerry Jones is musing on a Super Bowl at his new stadium with 125,000 fans in attendance, and talking of how he can get to that number by removing the arm rests in parts of the stadium to get more people in. After all, when you think of paying ridiculous ticket prices for the Super Bowl, why would you assume you've got the luxury of arm rests?...The LA Lakers are 29-2 when Kobe Bryant scores 29 or less, 18-8 when he goes north of that number...Scott Clemenssen carried the New Jersey Devils in goal with Martin Brodeur out, but is now back to the AHL with Brodeur coming back. Life is not always fair, clearly. How is he not dangled at the deadline?...a nice and easy under last night in the Boston Celtics/LA Clippers game. Here's hoping the ship has been righted...have a great Thursday, back with your PTP later today.

3:22pm UPDATE: Going off the beaten path with a limited NBA board, and not happy with how the NHL has gone of late and playing an NCAA hoops pick. Play Louisiana Tech -2.5 tonight. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Cobra Kai open Grapefruit League play today

There's nothing like baseball injuries, as I've often said. Check out the latest in the picture at the right. Nice work, Tatis. Insert your joke in the commentary section as you will...
Manchester United is now unbeaten in a record 20 Champion's League games after their draw at Inter Milan yesterday, a game they thoroughly dominated. Inter manager Jose Mourinho is unbeaten in home games since February 2002, a streak extending across stints with FC Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan. Mourinho didn't stick around to shake hands after the game, but picked up a $600 bottle of wine to share with Man U manager Sir Alex Ferguson after the second leg in a couple weeks..ESPN's Bill Simmons called the New York Yankees the "Cobra Kai" of baseball. That is far more clever than Evil Empire. If you aren't picking up the reference, check this out...the Detroit Pistons were 4-0 when they made the deal for Allen Iverson. Since, they are 23-28, the first time they've gone sub-.500 over a 50 game stretch since 2000-'01. Now, it is hardly all Iverson's doing, but no doubt losing Chauncey Billups has hurt that teams mojo. Bet heavily on Iverson not being re-signed this summer. Wonder if A.I.'s new haircut is to soften his image for free agency?...Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware isn't worried about gag orders: he says Ray Lewis told him his dream is to play for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones best be listening with those pinned back ears of his...Chelsea host Juventus and Liverpool travel to face Real Madrid in today's headline matchups. Really like Real Madrid to knock off Liverpool. Speaking of the 'pool, you can no longer place wagers on whether manager Rafa Benitez will leave through quitting or firing after this season when huge wagers came in on the "he's gone" side that took the odds from 20-1 to even money. Translation: he's gone...was very interesting to see Toronto Raptors coach berating point guard Josee Calderon to pick up the pace and get the ball across centre quicker. Caleron is to flow and speed what snow shoes are to surfing...shame on me for missing that those coach killers the Toronto Maple Leafs cost another opposing coach his job. First it was the Pittsburgh Penguins Michel Terrien a few weeks back, and on Monday, it was the New York Rangers Tom Renney. That's the price of losing to a team almost entirely lacking talent...Toronto FC added a stud defender, and a Canadian no less. Adrian Serioux is going to be a fan fav at BMO Field for sure. He's the guy who famously drilled David Beckham early in his stint at MLS and when Beckham protested, coldly replied "welcome to the MLS". TFC is going to the playoffs this year, I guarantee it...back with your PTP later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Your pick tonight is the Phoenix Suns -7 -105. Good luck.

Champions League Dream Matchups

If the New York Rangers were comfortable under coach Tom Renney, that is about to change dramatically now that Renney is out and been replaced by John Tortorella, who ought to be a hit in New York. How has Pat Quinn been overlooked again? Makes no sense, when the Rangers are scoring a league low 2.33 goals a game and Quinn is an offense-first, offense-second coach...spring must be around the corner if Vernon Wells is battling injury again. Jon Heyman at Sports Illustrated notes V-Dub became a lot less durable after signing for $126 comes word that the Jerry Jones issued gag order doesn't just apply to the coaching staff, but also the players. In response, Tony Romo issued a final press release saying "I don't see what the big deal is, I've been gagging since December, and every December."...if you're ever going to "develop a fever", today at about 2pm is a good time, especially if you can have it carry you through tomorrow. The next two days you'll see some of the best Champions League action of the year with such high profile matchups today as Manchester United at Inter Milan and Arsenal at AS Roma. Man U is minus stud defender Nemanja Vidic - best in the world in my book - through suspension. Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho is hilarious - even when he loses, he claims to have been responsible for the other team rising up. His latest claim is his success at Chelsea caused United to step their game up. More and more, he's my fav quote in sports, up there with Charles Barkley. There's nothing he won't say...I haven't a clue what to make of this Randy Johnson tale - whether it is real or fake, but the story and the voice telling it are sure do you define "fantasmagoric"? This save by the Dallas Stars Marty Turco, apparently...I've never understood why newspapers print spring training schedules or keep standings, but guess it is baseball, and data is never in short supply. Jacked for games to get started...the Toronto Maple Leafs are a team in the gutter, GM Brian Burke is talking openly about how they'll likely be there for at least another season, and payroll is down. How then do you explain hiking ticket prices 3.5% for next season?...this PTP thing is starting to wear on me again. Seemed so easy earlier in the month. I shall return! And return later today, I shall...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Sorry for the lateness but still plenty of time to get your play in. Tonight's play is New Jersey Under 192.5 -105. Good luck!
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Shut it, Sid

Jerry Jones once again is saying the information about Terrell Owens being released is "misinformed". Nice touch dropping a gag order on your coaching staff too, Double J. That'll do wonders for the perception Wade Phillips is merely your puppet...the Toronto Raptors must be wondering how it is possible Shawn Marion grabs 15 boards in a game. For most of them lightweights, that's a good week's worth of games...are the Oscar's done yet? After Saturday's Spirit Awards, even if Mickey Rourke won the Oscar for best actor, my bet is they changed it after seeing this incredible speech. Honestly, if award shows were like this, they'd be worth seeing. Not for young ears!...PGA ticket sales and TV ratings have been down significantly since Tiger Woods went out. Guessing the PGA and the sponsors will be glad to have Eldrick back this week...Marvin Harrison is said to be ready to ask the Indianapolis Colts for his release. This is what is commonly referred to as a "face saving measure" when you're about to be cut...the Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby feud took a great step up yesterday as a chirping Crosby received a nice wave goodbye from Ovechkin in a 5-2 Caps win. The talk continued post-game where Ovechkin, like most of the NHL it seems, cracked Crosby for his constant whining, and Crosby said he didn't like Ovechkin's style. What Alexander The Great failed to mention was that the Pittsburgh Penguins might be the first team to have the top two in scoring players on the defending conference champions to not make the playoffs the year following. That would've been real good. Shut your mouth, Sid...the off-the-record talk in Montreal says there is rampant drug use and prostitute use in the Montreal Canadiens camp, says Gabe Morency at Drive This, a guy with deep ties in is pretty funny that all this talk of how certain Habs - Chris Higgins and Carey Price most notably - are partying a bit much comes around when the team is struggling. One thing for certain: they are partying no more or less than they were than earlier in the year when they were tearing the league up but it becomes an issue when the team is losing and some stop turning a blind eye and look to stir the pot...still minus internet service thanks to those D-Bags at Rogers who are showing their ineptness extends beyond baseball. Fortunately, have access at the office...back later with a crucial PTP...wanna hear what senility sounds like? Check out Don Cherry on Saturday night. Interesting comment at 6:39, too...have a great Monday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Damn you, Rogers!

Thanks to the fine folks at Rogers who took "I'm moving on March 13th" to mean "disconnect my stuff now", I'm internetless for the time being so a bare bones RandoMango it is today...the NCAA is looking at a rule change in football that would see taunting after a touchdown cost the team that scored that very touchdown. That might be the mose ridiculous rule idea I've ever heard in sport. I want to crack that Florida, Miami and USC would never score again but am more stunned that they're even contemplating it...the Oklahoma City Thunder are going to get good in a hurry. They've got a young stud in Kevin Durant to build around, and in the next two years, have five first round draft hot as the PTP was, it is cold this week. Almost following the weather patterns. 0-5 going against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Weird...couldn't have scripted it better for the meathead Leafs fans who have gone with the lame "Mats Sundin isn't a leader" garbage or questioning his talent over the years to see the Leafs lose in a shootout with the former captain delivering the death blow on the final shot. Beautiful. More impressive was the ovation Sundin received in the first frame...UFC95 had some fantastic finishes, Nate Marquardt's in particular in which he hit Wilson Gouviea from a half dozen angles in a few seconds. Diego Sanchez was a worthy winner over Joe Stevenson in the main event...the Toronto Raptors? You're dead to me...GBVH made an eye-popping comment last night: Toronto FC is but a month from opening the season at Kansas City. That has to mean it is going to get warmer fast, right?...when an Israeli born player is barred from competing in the United Arab Emirates like was the case this week with Shahar Peer, what is Serena Williams, frequent speaker on racism, doing at the tourney?...finally the Toronto media is asking the question. Says Steve Simmons at the Toronto Sun: "Shawn Marion must appreciate what he doesn't have in Steve Nash every time he looks for a pass and Jose Calderon isn't moving the ball to the open forward. And we wonder: is Calderon the guard to play the up-tempo style Colangelo desires?" No, plainly and truthfully...wonder how smart JP Ricciardi feels now inking Vernon Wells to his contract when producers of equal value like Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu are pulling in fractions of his salary? Looked good at the time though, no?...with an inspired return yesterday, Alexei Kovalev got back in the good graces of Habs faithful, if not his coach and GM. He also became unofficially the first player to say he had a "hankering" to play...quick, get down on Liverpool -1 +109 for your PTP...have a great Sunday.