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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008 - Super Saturday of Sports's Buster Olney figures the Blue Jays will finish with 86-90 wins, and could've been higher had they (1) had a DH produce the first couple months (2) not lost Aaron Hill for four months (3) had a different GM. Okay, I added the third part. Olney also spoke of the the Blue Jays promise for next year, even with A.J. Burnett out...speaking of Burnett, he's now the majors leader in pitches thrown this year. Check this out for an interesting look at the 2007 leaders. You'll note that most have had injuries this year. That doesn't bode well for the traditionally China Doll Burnett. Roy Halladay is also on the Top 10 for this year...Manchester United travels to Liverpool in the marquee matchup in the English Premier League today. Kickoff is 7:45am Eastern and if Wayne Rooney is on like he was Wednesday against Croatia, Liverpool is in for a hurting. Suspect Rooney plays just behind Carlos Tevez and Dimitar Berbatov in a dangerous attack...Affliction's second event, set for October, has been called off. Might be something to do with 700 tickets sold out of 19,000. Looking like Dana White's prediction that it'll collapse by Christmas is right on schedule...Toronto FC welcome back a host of players today when they host Columbus Crew at BMO Field. It is the return of yours truly to BMO after nearly three months in the wilderness. Incidentally, the June 14th game I attended was the last game TFC won. I will guarantee they win today...Beanie Wells is out for Ohio State today for the big showdown with USC at the Rose Bowl. Not liking the Buckeyes chances with that difference maker out...Vince Young talked suicide to his therapist? This is not going to end well...Wince Carturd - easily my most hated athlete ever - is said to be ready to ask for a trade. Seriously, does anybody want that guy? I think I'd take a guy who sleeps with teammates wives and holds out of a playoff game before that's a solid list: The 25 Hottest Female Sportscasters. What, no Kathryn Humphries? can call Carlos Delgado a lot of things, but this year's MVP is not one of them. The National League would be better off not awarding the title than giving it to a guy who was clearly tanking it in the first couple months of the year to get his manager turfed...speaking of MVP's, the St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols needs to get his elbow cut on, but is hitting .360? That guy is a freak...have a great Saturday.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday, September 12th, 2008 - Offside?

Of course, somebody is out there looking to capitalize on Tom Brady's injury. I know the righteous will rail on about how bad it is to make light of an injury, but let's be serious, the shirt at the right is no more offensive than any number of shirts you can buy in any NFL stadium lot on a given Sunday, and this one you could at least wear into the stadium. Bad taste? Sure. But not like Brady redesigned websites go, I think the Toronto Sun sports section looks like garbage. Shame, it remains the best print sports section anywhere...if you believe in karma, the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo just netted himself some. An old couple was on the road Sunday night with a flat and after dozens of cars drive by, who stops to help? Some guy with a cut chin and a 1-0 record under his belt from that very afternoon. The funniest part? The old man told Romo not to tell him the score as he was going to watch it on tape delay. And here I thought me and my brother GBVH were the only two sickos who went that's what one site called The Most Memorable Athlete Meltdowns. I'm a little suspect of that group as they didn't mention Oliver McCall's nervous breakdown in the boxing ring against Lennox Lewis...Usain Bolt is going to train with Real Madrid. Make of this what you will...with the Cowboys playing the Philly Eagles Monday, of course the Terrell Owens press machine is firing on all cylinders, as Original 81 said Donovan F. McNabb made him a better wideout (true). He also said he made McNabb a better quarterback (also true). He finished with saying that he wasn't at all to blame for the mess in how he left (not true, as much as I love 81)...maybe it is just me, but of all the sports I follow, which includes most things outside of NECKCAR, I find the NBA offseason the least compelling by a wide margin. Whether it is the trades that don't get announced for a month after everybody knows, or the lots of smoke but little fire on the trade front, it is generally dullsville...Mats Sundin, Ottawa Senator? Sure, why not?...what is with football players having their mothers piping off? Two days ago, it was Vince Young's mom. Yesterday, Larry Johnson's. I'm sure McNabb's mom - never one to shy away from a mic - is getting warmed up along with some soup...the new Giants/Jets stadium may sell its naming rights to German company Allianz, who were once tied to the Nazi's. I'm sure a stadium tied to that name for teams from the city with the highest population of Jews outside of Israel will be thrilled...have a great Friday.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday, September 11th, 2008 - Upset Central

What do you figure a ManRam jersey is going for in L.A. these days? How about $300? Wonder if it comes as large as the tent Manny wears onto the field, maybe that explains the cost because of all that fabric...a complete history of JP Ricciardi's trade record over here. Does he have a calling plan to Oakland?...the city of Toronto is a world leader in recycling, at least when it comes to sports. The Maple Leafs started the trend in bringing back Cliff Fletcher. The Blue Jays followed with Cito Gaston. And now the Argonautanygood's brought back Don Matthews. Matthews had left coaching after a serious bout with anxiety. How is coaching the brutal Argos going to help with that?...oddly, Roy Halladay has never won the U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox...wonder how watching the Anaheim Angels celebrate clinching tasted for perennial playoff guy Derek Jeter?...44 reason why Entourage is a great TV show...Curt Schilling is spouting off again about New Yorkers, blasting them for enjoying Tom Brady's injury. Memo to Schilling: there are a lot more Pats haters than just in New York, where, by the way, Brady lives. Memo to Schilling #2: you're way more hated than Brady ever will be. To borrow a page from Noel Gallagher, I hope you get AIDS and die...remember that big national championship game a couple years back where USC and Texas staged a great game? Look at the busts that have come out of that game in the pros: Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Lendale White...managed to catch Lebron James at the Browns/Cowboys game Sunday, again rocking a Yankees hat. What wasn't shown on TV was that he went to the Dallas sideline and had hugs for Pacman Jones and Terrell Owens. If Clevelanders can't see he's already got one foot out the door come 2010, they're not paying attention...Jessica Simpson and Pacman Jones are talking big game for the Cowboys Monday Nighter against Philly. When Pacman was asked about the Eagles Week 1 performance, he responded with a brilliant "they played the Rams, dude"...a day of upsets in World Cup qualifying yesterday, as Finland drew Germany 3-3, Croatia lost to England 4-1, and Portugal lost a last minute heartbreaker to Denmark. England played a simple game yesterday, and punished Croatia when they picked up a harsh red card. Going to be a tough haul to take the group for the red and white, but if history has shown anything, it is that England is fully capable of soiling the bed along the qualifying road...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 - Big Mac...Comeback?

I thought yesterday's news of a Lance Armstrong comeback was not a great idea. But here's a ridiculous one: Mark McGwire is talking comeback. didn't take long, but A-Rod has as many homers in a Yankee uniform (205) as Derek Jeter, and 16 more than he hit for Seattle. He sits 11th on the Yankees all-time list tied with Jeter and Dave Winfield, that seagull terrorist...another gem of an outing from A.J. Burnett before passing the batton to sweep a double header over the ChiSox, giving the Jays 10 straight (meaningless) wins. A few weeks back, when they played the Yankees and Burnett pitched a gem, I spotted A-Rod at first chatting with Lyle Overpay. The cameras were in tight and I could see A-Rod say "he does? I'd love to have him," as he nodded toward the mound. Me suspects the conversation was very much around Burnett's future club. For the record, I rewound the PVR to confirm that's what it appeared, and that's what it stood as...Tie Domi is hooked up with Kelly Carlson of Nip/Tuck fame? Wow. It ain't his looks, it can't be his bank as his ex-wife is taking a good cut of that, it couldn't be his personality, and after hearing Nick Kypreos get on him in a bathroom in a dive bar in Waterloo a few years back as the Leafs held camp about his little pecker when Domi accused a guy of peaking, it can't be that either. I'm at a loss. By the way, Kypreos last NHL game came that next night when Ryan Vandenbussche caved in his face. That one is always worth a view Vince Young is going a little wacky and has friends, teammates and family concerned to the point they called police to track him down. Wonder-lic if anyone saw him as not the sharpest knife?...Shawne Merriman's gamble on a shredded knee got him through all of one game. He's now done for the year, at least...another day of World Cup qualifying and the marquee matchup for this guy is Croatia hosting England, whom they've fisted repeatedly in recent qualifiers for Euro 2008. Jermaine Dafoe says a draw would be good for England. And wasn't it Michelle Owen who last November said not one Croatian player would be good enough to suit up for England? And where is he for the return bout? Nowhere. Looks good on you, Owen. Croatia takes this one, because, well, they never lose at home and rarely even draw and because they're flat out better than England, who remind me of the U.S. hoops team before the last few years: too reliant on stars and ego driven, not enough parts that mesh together...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 - Fed Express

A mere 18 of 22 for 178 yards with no Favre's - err- INT's for Aaron Rodgers against a strong Vikings D. Suspect a few of the meathead Packers fans are eating a whole lot of crow right now. The Packers won 24-19 ...Alex Rodriguez on the Jays current streak: "A lot of people should be happy they're not in the playoff race because they would be the scariest team." Word is some in New York were upset by this quote because the Yankees were trailing the Jays at the time, so he effectively said the Yankees were out too. Well, duh, what would you rather he say? Go Derek Jeter and pretend they're still in it?...a straight set beatdown of Andy Murray netted Roger Federer his 13th Grand Slam, and fifth straight U.S. Open...the Mets Billy Wagner went from being out for a couple weeks, to being out all of 2009. With their pen in the state it is in now, they may make the playoffs, but they've got no chance of going the distance...somehow, the LA Dodgers have managed to crawl into first in the NL West, and have a schedule where they won't play a single team the rest of the way within 10 games of .500...Randy Moss thinks the hit on Tom Brady was dirty? Randy Moss is wrong...not sure why he'd bother, but Lance Armstrong is planning on returning to the Tour de France in 2009. Why mess with your legacy and reputation that way? That said, he'll probably win. The guy is a freak...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, September 8th - Prime Time Picks

Who do you believe more in, a somewhat hurting Tarvaris Jackson, or Aaron Rodgers in his first start with all eyes on him to see if he wilts under the pressure? Me, I'm taking the Packers to win this one and cover the -3 points. Mostly because the world is convinced Rodgers will crack and the Vikes are being hyped as a contender.

In the late one, as much as I think the Oakland Raiders will be an improved team this year, they won't have enough this early to beat the Denver Broncos, who will cover the -3. I'm thinking Broncos by a TD.

Bet wisely, bet at Pinnacle.

Record - 1-1 ($0)

Oh, and Tom Brady? Done for the year.

Monday, September 8th, 2008 - Down Goes Brady

A little late today thanks to a wonky computer at work that is still off, so no boldface unless it goes through the email as such. What better place to have computer issues than at the office on a Monday morning?...who else could I have taken in my fantasy pool but Tom Brady, who word is tore an ACL and is out for the year…pretty much everything you read listed New England, Indy, Jacksonville and San Diego as the cream of the crop in the AFC. Of those, one franchise QB out for the year, and the other three lost to open including two at home. Welcome to the NFL in 2008…I would say that U.S. Open runner-up Jelena Jokovic has a head like a foot, but feet might be insulted by that…the men's final goes today and a funny thing happened along the way. Seems #1 Rafael Nadal and #3 Novak Djokovic were derailed, and "has been" Roger Federer will take on Andy Murray (the hockey coach?) at 5pm today on CBS…the San Diego Chargers might want to check security video to see if Tatum Bell was anywhere near their stadium yesterday when the Carolina Panthers stole a win in the last second…don't want to get too high after one win, but man did the Dallas Cowboys look great on both ends of the ball. I know the Cleveland Browns will never be mistaken for the 1986 Bears D, but the Cowboys moved the ball at will all day. Next up is a very intriguing Monday Night dance with the Philadelphia Eagles…the last 12 years, at least five teams that didn't make the playoffs the year prior in the NFL made it the next season. I'm going to suggest that the Buffalo Bills will be one of those teams this season. I'm also going to suggest the Detroit Lions will not be…the life of Blue Jay Fan, another September showing when it doesn't matter which will only serve to keep J.P. Ricciardi employed and allow them to sell faint hope for 2009…saw a bit of the great movie Old School and the competition scenes got me thinking. Remember the scene where Will Farrrell (Frank the Tank) is in a debate with the "Ragin' Cajun" James Carville and he suddenly channels something or someone and rattles off a performance you'd never expect to win? That's what I think of Eli Manning. He's channelled his something or someone, and will come back to earth this year…back later with tonight's Prime Time Picks…have a great Monday.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Prime Time Picks

Almost forgot that I've got this whole "prime time" deal going for games this year. Going to play Chicago at +10. Yikes!

Sunday, August 7th, 2008 - Good luck, Chuck

Chuck Lidell lost for the third time in four fights, which should put an end to any notion he's an immediate contender for the heavyweight crown. Rashard Evans took the advice in this space yesterday and brought a gun, in the form of a right to the chin that sent Lidell to the canvas. Not sure about you, but I'm glad Lidell lost - UFC's overt promotion of him at the expense of others who may be more talented was rather annoying...Roger Federer took care of Novak Djokovic in one men's semi-final at the U.S. Open. If the rain holds off today and Rafael Nadal takes care of his end of the bargain, here's hoping they can conjure up something remotely as compelling as the Wimbledon final in June. Personally, I'm hoping Federer wins it to shut up all the doubters who have left him for dead after a great year by anybody but Federer's is like Christmas day as a child. The real opening of the NFL season. There's nothing like it...the Chicago media is so desperate to make something of "Cowboy" Kyle Orton that they've got a collage of pictures of guys he looks like, including Brad Pitt, George Clooney and my man, Dave Grohl...met Toronto Star scribe Cathal Kelly last night and had a great chat about Toronto FC, and more interestingly, the criticism he takes from the Red Patch Boys. Mr. Kelly is a big fan of "Mango Kid" and "GBV" at the Red Patch Boys website for bringing some sense to the debates over there, particularly around Kelly's articles. Great guy, and knows his stuff, that's a fact...Toronto FC had three players in the lineup yesterday who weren't even on the team until Friday, and had to get special permission from MLS to have them play in a 2-1 loss to Chivas USA. How is that for the integrity of the competition? Plainly, yesterday's game should have been moved when that many players are on international duty. Sure, TV contracts matter, but what about the 20,000 who paid to watch?...the less said about Canada's joke of a men's national soccer team, the better...have a great Sunday.