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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Stephon Marbury was fined by the New York Knicks for refusing to enter a game in which the Knicks only had eight players dressed. Is anybody surprised it went like that?... the ratings are in, and the Grey Cup was a ratings disaster, if you figure dropping 25% of your audience from the year prior is a bad thing. Of course, the move to TSN - not as readily available as the CBC - is a big factor. I'd wager that the number dwindled as the game went on considering how very boring it was...a couple real interesting English Premier League matchups this weekend, though both go tomorrow. The Manchester derby is always of interest, and if City play the way they did in Thursdays UEFA Cup game, United is in for a serious battle. London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal renew acquaintances. Which Gunners side shows? The one that can beat a top side, or the one that drops points to a lesser team? My money is on United and Chelsea...Forbes magazine has the average MLS team valued at $37 million. Toronto FC is already valued at $44 million...are you looking forward to USC pounding Notre Dame? I am...Lebron James best response to Charles Barkley's criticism of his flirtation with New York was to call Sir Chuck "stupid". One, he's not. Two, he's right...Toronto FC coach John Carver looks like he'll be staying, rather than taking a job with Newcastle United. Amen to that...have a great Saturday.

Not that I'm one for parades, but this clip from the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is well worth a watch...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday, November 28th, 2008

It took longer than anyone expected once he came free, but Brian Burke has finally landed in the Toronto Maple Leafs GM chair. Burke has a six year deal to do what nobody has been able to in forty plus years. Not sure who will be happier about the move, Leafs fans, or the media? Burke is nothing if not a good was romp central in yesterday's NFL action, though the Philadelphia Eagles sure surprised in showing signs of life in hammering the visiting Arizona Cardinals. The Dallas Cowboys are starting to look like they've turned their season around as the offence is moving the ball with ease, though it was Seattle they played. Up next: Pittsburgh, the New York Giants, Baltimore. That'll tell the tale. Oh, and the Detroit Lions are looking every bit like a team that has "0-16" in its sites..Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh is eyeing the MVP award for this year and openly talking about it. The way he's playing, it shows...Toronto FC goalkeeper Greg Sutton thinks the squad can make a run for the playoffs and championship next year. He must know something about pending player moves because the team still lacks scoring punch...Allen Iverson skipped practice. Go ahead, say it to yourself, you know you want to...a pair of Buffalo Bills fans have a petition going to have the Rogers Centre roof open for the Bills game against Miami in a couple weeks. People who start petitions are losers, as are those that sign them...three straight losses for Prime Time Picks after six straight wins. Streaky...the three leading scorers in the NBA: Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh. All free agents in 2010..have a great Friday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

It is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A. and that means a trio of NFL games go today, with the night game of Arizona visiting Philadelphia having the most intrigue far and away. That said, when you've got lines available, every game is interesting. For tonights Prime Time Pick (14-9), we're going to ride the Cardinals, despite them being now a 2 point fav on the road. Also love the Tennessee Titans (-10.5) to crush the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys (-13) to anihilate the Seattle Seahawks. As always, get your plastic out and get to Pinnacle to get your wagers down...Notre Dame faces USC on Saturday and is a 32 point dog, the biggest they've been a dog since 1975. Really looking forward to the Trojans violating the Irish...of the first 9 NHL games completed last night - the time at which this was written - only 3 saw 6 goals or more...been almost a week sans some kind of wrestling talk here. How about the 20 hottest women in wrestling?...the fine folks behind the Whizzinator are facing jail terms for “conspiring to defraud the federal agency that administers federal workplace drug testing programs,” presumably by creating said device...not sure what is more shocking, Inter Milan losing to Panathanaikos, who came in a 10-1 underdog, or Inter coach Jose Morinho (1) not making any excuses and (2) crediting the other team...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Last year, Lebron James wore a pair of pinstriped shoes in New York for his beloved Yankees when the Cleveland Cavs visited. Last night, he wore another pair of shoes paying tribute to New York. There hasn't been such an overt display of desire since Michael Jackson last went for a ride on the merry-go-round...sounds like turmoil isn't merely restricted to one team in Dallas. Said Boston Bruins Marc Savard to Mike Modano during the chippy game a few weeks back on the subject of Steve Ott and Sean Avery: "too bad you'll be retiring after having to play with these clowns." Said Modano: "I know."...I love coaches - regardless of what level - going beyond the cliche when it comes to media dealings. And here's the latest: South Florida football coach Jim Leavitt. This is a beauty. Warning: you may detect sarcasm from Mr. Leavitt...the Donovan McNabb to the Chicago Bears rumors have started already. If you're the Bears, why do you want McNabb? He's been on a downward spiral for years, incapable of staying healthy, and, well, doesn't know the rules as we saw last week...the Pittsburgh Pirates have signed a pair of pitchers that haven't thrown baseballs before the last year and were discovered after winning a javelin throwing contest. In India. Yeah, that'll reverse years of futility...lost in the shuffle yesterday was another day of Champions League action that saw Manchester United and Real Madrid, among others, advance to the round of 16 when things start to get a lot more serious. Up today is another round of matches. Check out TSN, TSN2 and Setanta at 2:45 for a bevy of games...add the Globe & Mail to the list of Toronto media outlets that is questioning whether Sam Mitchell is long for the Toronto Raptors coaching job. I'll say this much: a loss tonight to the Charlotte Bobcats and it'll be a surprise if Mitchell makes it through the week...double digit underdogs in the NFL this year are 20-5 against the predicted last week, fading the Carolina Panthers was a good play because those that played the Detroit Lions the week prior were 0-10 against the spread heading into last week. Make that 0-11. Tampa Bay? You're on the clock for 0-12 this week...Bill Romanowski either has some insight, or has been hitting the pharmaceuticals a little too hard: he told Hardcore Sports Radio's "Drive This" that the New England Patriots will trade Tom Brady this off-season and keep Matt Cassell...interesting to learn that the Anaheim Ducks have all of five players signed for next year. While that may mean loads of cap room, it also means that a certain former General Manager of theirs may have some easy pickings for his future team...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

It took a few days, but finally found a solid picture of Ricky Hatton post-fight on Saturday with a couple fellow Mancunians who he had carry his belts in. Awesome...while General Motors and the others in the Big Three automakers are busy fighting for a U.S. government bailout - and they showed up in Washington in private jets to underscore how desperate they are - they announced they will not be renewing their endorsement deal with Tiger Woods. I'm sure Tiger is thrilled he'll no longer have to maintain the charade he's a Buick fan and he can now move on to the BMW's of the world...the Arizona Cardinals are complaining because the New York Giants listed Brandon Jacobs as probable and he didn't play? They do know that Jacobs is good, right?...the Pro Bowl looks like it'll move to the week before the Super Bowl which will only make it slightly more relevant...After Tom Brady's first 11 starts in the NFL, his completion percentage was 66.3%. Matt Cassel's over the same time frame? 66.3%...a bad idea: the Philadelphia Eagles, circling the toilet bowl, and a Thursday night Thanksgiving Day game. Expect ugliness...Michael Vick is eyeing an early release once his last charge is resolved, and will be out July 20th, 2009 or sooner it appears. It'll be interesting to see how Roger Goodell handles his status following that...Doug Flutie is being mentioned as a possible Toronto Argos coach. Maybe they can look to see if he still feels at all like playing. With their inability to get a solid QB of late, it couldn't hurt...while completing today's entry, Drew Brees passed for another 300 yards. Wonder if San Diego would like a do-over on that deal that saw them favor Phillip Rivers?...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Toronto Raptors Fan Loyalty For Rent it on eBay.

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I heard a rumor that the Dallas Cowboys traded for and gave a huge contract to wideout Roy Williams. Anybody able to confirm? Haven't seen fine gentleman was ejected at Friday's Toronto Raptors game for riding coach Sam Mitchell a little too hard from the blue blood seats behind the Raps bench. The same guy was back yesterday and leading a very audible "Jeff Van Gun-dy" chant from the same seat. Not sure about you, but I'm loving this guy. Would also love to see Balki take over for SMitch...New England QB Matt Cassel is going to earn some huge cash as a free agent this off-season. No way he stays with the Pats. Meanwhile, the two guys he watched for four years at USC - Carson Palmer and Matt Leinhart - both hold clipboards. Cassel and the Patriots crushed the Miami Dolphins...the Tennessee Titans are unbeaten no more after a dismal performance against the New York Jets. I still don't believe in the Jets. When you lose to the Oakland Raiders, that tends to happen. As for the Titans dropping their first, somehow I don't figure the Patriots of 2007 are popping champagne corks like those grumpy old men from the 1972 Miami Dolphins...why PVR's rule: I watched the entire Dallas Cowboys win over San Francisco in just over 90 minutes. Watch a play, skip forward 30 seconds. Next play starts...good NBA teams do not open 2-5 at home. Ergo, the Toronto Raptors are not a good team. The Raps looked like boys to the Boston Celtics men in a 118-103 loss. Oh, and if you had "November" for when Jermaine O'Neal became an injury concern, you win. That's two straight now that slO'Neal started a game but didn't finish...the MLS Cup final, won by Columbus Crew 3-1 - and it said in these parts that was easy pickins' - was as good a one game final as you'll see in any sport as both sides went all out to win, and entertain. Who says a team from Columbus can't win a title? the last four games, the St. Louis Rams have been outscored in the first half 123-13...they might not be able to keep Ben Roethlesberger healthy but the Pittsburgh Steelers have managed to keep all 11 teams they've faced under 300 total yards. That there is an AFC side not getting nearly enough love in the championship discussion...the "Grey Cup is thrilling" thing seems more legend than reality of late, no? The Calgary Stampeders won 22-14 over the Montreal Als, who could only manage a point in the entire second half. An easy under! more mistake - including missing a meeting - and Adam "Pacman" Jones is in line for a lifetime ban. Talk about operating without a net. Does it even seem possible that he can stay out of trouble for the next two months, nevermind for years? writer extraordinaire Buster Olney at ESPN says he can see a reunion in New York of two guys who got their pro starts in Cleveland: CC Sabathia and Lebron James...14-8 now on Prime Time Picks thanks to a late drive by the Indianapolis Colts to down the San Diego Chargers. Bolts coach Norv Turner had best get the resume polished up. Tonight, liking Green Bay +3 at New Orleans. As usual, get your wagers down at Pinnacle, enjoy the ride...have a great Monday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Another NBA team - the New York Knicks - is making deals to clear cap room for the prized 2010 free agents of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade...funny that the Toronto Star mentions that Toronto Raptor Anthony Parker was beat by Wince Carter to send Friday's game to overtime, but when it came time to describe the dunk that finished the game, no mention was made of Jose Calderon going pylon...the Grey Cup goes today and as much as Calgary has been the class of the CFL all year, tough to go against Montreal when they're playing at home and it is a pick 'em. Love the under at 57. That game goes at 6pm on TSN...the MLS Cup goes on ABC today at 3:30 and represents the easiest wager of the day for yours truly. I'm tipping the Columbus Crew to down the New York Red Bull...the Prime Time Picks are a rocking 14-7 heading into tonight, and we're riding the San Diego Chargers at -3 to down the Indianapolis can CBC not run a ticker of other scores during Hockey Night in Canada? Hell, they don't even do it between periods...incredibly, the top four in the English Premier League yesterday were all scoreless...I would never dare to call myself the biggest follower of NCAA football, but I do follow it enough to take great pleasure in any loss by Notre Dame. At home. To Syracuse. Yeah, good thing they've got Charlie Weis inked to coach well into the next decade...Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy hits stores today, I'm off to Best Buy to get me mine. Have a great Sunday.