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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Clearly, the sports editor in Tulsa was having some kind of fun in the picture at the left...Toronto Raptor Jose Calderon is to defence what Gilligan is to navigation. His "coverage" of Vince Carter in the dying seconds of overtime was abysmal, and that is putting it mildly. For all the credit he gets heaped on him for his efficient (read: dull, predictable, plodding) running of the offence, he gets no true criticism of just how dreadful he is defensively. The Raptors kept the wrong point guard...not much better in my books than a cold Saturday morning spent catching some English Premier League action and today, there are a couple great matchups. Arsenal visits Manchester City for one, and Manchester United visits Aston Villa for another. Should be great stuff...8 years and $160 million for Mark Teixera is the rumored offer coming from the Anaheim Angels. That is a big, big deal. That said, Tex could well be worth it as arguably the best first base bat and glove this side of Albert Pujols...word is that Brian Burke could be the Maple Leafs GM by tomorrow. Frankly, if that pans out, that took longer than I figured it would...a big night in Montreal tonight as Patrick Roy returns to the Canadiens inner circle for his jersey retirement. Wonder if he'll have any words for Mario Tremblay? Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs will be honoring Wendel Clark's #17. That there tells you all you need to know about those two franchises: one is honoring a Hall of Famer and champion, the other an overrated blue collar fan fav. Who's next, Tie Domi? Ripping off the New York Yankees Jason Giambi promo this year, the Leafs will be giving fans typical enabler fashion, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he owns some of the blame for Adam "Pacman" Jones most recent brush with the law because he hired the bodyguard Pacman mixed it up with. In related news, Jack Daniels has also declared he's partly to blame...have a great Saturday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Line of the day on Tony Romo taking a homeless guy to the movies comes from Jim Rome: "Romo is a tremendous guy! Of course, if he can’t get them out of the first round of the playoffs this year, he’ll be taking Wade Phillips to the movies next." Too true...a strange, strange silence has suddenly descended around the subject of Mats Sundin's return to the NHL. Odd, no? wasn't exactly going out on top, but Mike Mussina is retirning after a 20 year win, his first. With 270 career wins, you'd think he's a borderline Hall of Famer. Mix in that he pitched his entire career in the traditionally tough AL East and he'd get my vote, provided I had one. He's the first pitcher to retire since 1920 winning 20+ in his final year. Interesting Mussina fact: he's buying the giant flag pole from the closing Yankee Stadium and having it shipped to his house in Pennsylvania...RM reader Blake got me thinking: the more I watch Toronto Raptors point guard Jose Calderon play, the more I am reminded of Wince Carter. The guy cannot get breathed on without rolling an ankle. Fittingly, Wince visits Toronto tonight. Who goes down first? Calderon also reminds me of something else: someone who should be entered in Jim Rome's "Rat Family"...another day, another AJ Burnett rumor. Word is the Toronto Blue Jays are ready to go up to five years for Burnett. I still think the best deal you can give Burnett is to overpay him for one year deals. Then watch him pitch like a mad man when motivated...14-7 for Prime Time Picks now. Hope you're along for that ride...have a great Friday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, November 20th - Prime Time Picks

Almost forgot to include a pick for tonight. As much as I hate giving ANYBODY 11 points, that is exactly what I'm going to do tonight in taking Pittsburgh -11. The Steelers - obviously - are the better all round team and I have to figure on a short week, at home, are better equipped for the game than the Bungles who went five quarters to tie last week. So, take the Steelers, and go 14-7 on the year with yours truly. Enjoy the game.

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Average lifespan of an offensive lineman? 52. That is scary...remember that block the Pittsburgh Steelers' Hines Ward dropped on Cincinnati Bengal Keith Rivers that broke his jaw? Be on the lookout tonight for the Bengals to even the score...a couple interesting "name" stories in the soccer world. Manchester United's Gary Neville's father's name? Neville. And in Germany, there was once a coach named Wolfgang Wolf. And guess what team he coached? Who else but Wolfsburg.....UFC President Dana White vows that Ontario and the rest of Canada will soon be open for business for live UFC events. Right now, Quebec is the only province where MMA is sanctioned. Good for white, and shame on the Ontario Athletic Commission for pandering to boxing by not allowing MMA to go live here...two years and $24 million for Jason Giambi to be a Toronto Blue Jay? That's the prediction of one...either Pacman Jones has made a real impressive turnaround in rehab, or Roger Goodell is mellowing out some. Pacman has been reinstated and will be eligible to play December 7th when the Dallas Cowboys face Pittsburgh, which will start a murderous December schedule...Lew Wolff, owner of the Oakland A's, thinks the first round of the MLB playoffs should be a single game knockout. That's a great idea, if you think that a team that wins 98 games should be at risk of a knockout to a team that won 83. Lame idea, Lew, don't be making any plans for that one to about the Top 20 Victoria's Secret models of all time? All I know is I've got no beef with #1..."American Idle" Carl Pavano is open to returning to the Florida Marlins, and called his four years with the Yankees "exhausting". Right, those 26 starts over four years were a real grind...I've got two words for you: Bacon Hitler...of course, Brett Favre went Brett Favre - no, he didn't throw an INT, the other part of his personality - and brought up retirement...earlier this year, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo stopped to help an elderly couple change a tire in the pouring rain. His latest act of kindness? He ran into some homeless guy on the street and took him to a movie. Seriously. Love that guy. Also, because he rocks out with Mr. Belding of Saved By The Bell fame and Metal Skool on the Sunset Strip. Minus a hat!...the Boston Red Sox are in the AJ Burnett hunt, which can only mean his price is rising and fast...former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel has been linked to the Oakland Raiders and Toronto Argos coaching jobs in the same week. Not sure what is a less desireable place to work...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

The New York Yankees are about to offer AJ Burnett a five year deal worth $80 million. Seems a lot of money to offer a guy whose best year would be in 2014 but then again, when he's sliding into Andy Pettitte's salary slot, tough to argue against it too much. Mix in that possible deal, talk of $140 million to CC Sabathia for six years and $30 million to Derek Lowe for two years and you've got $250 million for three arms. Mix in Chien Ming Wang and Joba Chamberlain and that there is a playoff lock, and leaves plenty of time to develop Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, or move them as necessary... Didier Drogba picked up a three game suspension for firing a coin into the stands. Seems more than a little light, no? was a fairly weak field overall in the American League's MVP voting, but I think Boston Red Sock Dustin Pedroia was the right choice for 2008. That said, I'd also bet - a lot - he never wins again...a mere 40 point night for Toronto Raptors all-world star Chris Bosh, albeit in a losing effort. More and more, I think the odds of him staying beyond his current contract are decreasing, and how does that franchise survive losing that guy if it ends up that way?...the Toronto Maple Leafs are now going where everyone assumed they would be in chasing Brian Burke. One question, how do the Leafs spin it if they don't get Burke? It'll take one hell of a name to not sour people on whomever ends up getting the gig...tie-breakers 7 through 11 in the NFL all are impacted negatively for the Pittsburgh Steelers by Sunday's non-touchdown call. One Vegas sportsbook operator even says the NFL should get it right and call the score that Mark Cuban has had charges pressed against him, he ought to be front of the line for NHL franchise ownership...Lebron James was booed at home a couple nights ago because rather than jacking up a shot to break 100 points - which would give everyone a free Taco Bell Chalupa - he ran the clock out in a Cleveland Cavalier win. For his part, James was none too impressed and said he'd have no problem signing with the New York Knicks when his contract runs out. Okay, I'm making up the part about the Knicks, but he did say ""I can't believe people who buy season tickets get worked up over a goddamn $1 (expletive) taco"....Ryan Dempster nailed down the first big contract of the baseball free agent season, $52 million over four years to stay with the Chicago Cubs...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

That Donovan McNabb didn't know it was possible to tie in the NFL is absolutely mindblowing. A quarterback, of all positions, should know the rule book inside out. Tends to help you with, you know, knowing the game and all...each team that has beaten the Detroit Lions this year has failed to cover the spread the next week. Early Week 12 play: Atlanta to cover against Carolina. Remember gamblers, streaks only end once...Mark Cuban has been accused of insider trading. If they made an example of Martha Stewart for doing same, betting they'll treat him even more much money was lost by people who had bet the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover on Sunday? A mere $66 million...true stat: the New England Patriots are 6-0 in games they win the coin toss in, 0-4 in games they don't...Buffalo Bills fans might have had enough of Monday Night games after the past two years. Last year, if you recall, they lost at home after a frantic Dallas Cowboys comeback and last second Nick Folk field goal. Last night, they lost when Rian Lindell went wide right. The loss dropped the Prime Time Picks to 13-7..I haven't a clue why Lance Armstrong says he fears for his safety at the Tour de France. Everybody knows that when encountered with any form of aggression, the French turn tail...Citigroup will be laying off 53,000 world wide, many in New York. But fear not, the New York Mets will still get their $20 million for naming rights to the new stadium - per year...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Detroit Red Wing Johan Franzen has 36 goals in his last 43 games yet somehow flies under the radar...the Department of Lame is at it again: if you want tickets to the World Baseball Classic, you have to purchase tickets to each game at that venue. Guess baseball hasn't learned from the Buffalo Bills that that kind of selling doesn't fly in Toronto, where Canada will host the U.S. I predict they'll have similar success...the New York Red Bull will face Columbus Crew in the MLS Cup next Sunday. Prediction? Red Bull win, and ratings that the NHL could only dream of...with the economic crisis where it is, you've gotta think that if the NBA is concerned about its impact, it has to be ready to euthanize the is a time honored tradition that Toronto Raptors fans point out that the back-up point guard is undefeated as a starter, which Will Solomon is after a 107-96 win over Miami. And what was with Jose Calderon doing his "six fingers" to indicate a three pointer thing for other guys buckets? Glory hound...usually a big fan of the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons, but when he says he misses Chuck Swirsky on Raptors broadcasts, I'm less a fan of Simmons. Matt Devlin is a night and day a prison somewhere yesterday at around 7:00pm, Tim Donaghy watched the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Diego Chargers finish and thought the fix was Liverpool players have had their houses robbed in the last year while they were playing...the most popular ingredient on pizza in Costa Rica is coconut. Seriously...Marion Barber looked like a rejuvenated man coming off the bye week. His impact in the Dallas Cowboys win over Washington was far greater than Tony Romo's. There is still a pulse in that team...banner day for Vegas and gambling houses everywhere yesterday. When a tie in the NFL happens like it did with Philadelphia and Cincinnati, you've got money line losers across the board. That was the first tie since November 10th, 2002...most impressive win of the day? That has to be the New York Giants shredding the Baltimore Ravens 30-10, who came in real hot and playing airtight defence...Yankee fan Lebron James, good friends with CC Sabathia, says "we're gonna get him, absolutely." Good enough for me...13-6 on Prime Time Picks. Heady times, indeed. Tonight, going to make it 14-6 by riding the Buffalo Bills at home (-4.5) who will take the Cleveland Browns down with a double digit win in what should be a frigid, snowy Buffalo. Do yourself a favor and pick up some free Christmas shopping money at Pinnacle..have a great Monday.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Anybody think it is a little suspicious that three Montreal Canadiens are flattening the field in All Star Game voting? Hell, Sidney Crosby has fewer than half the votes of Alex Tanguay. I find it incredible that anyone thinks fan voting is worthwhile...the Tampa Bay Lightning fired Barry Melrose and replaced him with Rick Tocchet? Bet that ends badly. Pun does six years and $140 million sound, CC Sabathia? Of course, that could just be the opening bid by the New York Yankees, who also intend to pursue AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe...since wrestling is always an entertaining topic here, how about 20 wrestling moves that sound like sexual acts? What, no "sidewalk slam", "sweet chin music" or "the gore"?...Clarence Seedorf, who isn't afraid to give his opinion whether asked or not, speculates that David Beckham might not even get into game action for AC Milan. Clearly, Seedorf doesn't know how huge Beckham remains globally, and his ability to move shirts still counts for something. What's with Beckham wearing #75 though? if you needed any further proof that Lawrence Taylor isn't normal, check out this video from The Best Damn Sports Show Period...the Grey Cup is set, and it'll be Calgary facing Montreal for all the marbles next Sunday. In honour of that, how about a few cheerleaders, CFL style? day after a Jake Peavy trade to Atlanta was all but done, the Braves have backed off, citing the asking price as being too high...the red-hot Prime Time Picks are back (12-6, +635), and tonight, am picking the Dallas Cowboys (-1) to turn the tide. They really have to have this one if they're to have any playoff hopes, and Washington being minus Clinton Portis certainly helps. As always, get your bets down at Pinnacle Sports. Also like Atlanta today (-6) took just over three minutes of the second round for Brock Lesnar to floor Randy Couture and win the UFC Heavyweight Championship. It's tough to say anyone looks like they'll stay on top for a time in MMA, but Lesnar is just so big and fast he could be the one to do so, provided Lesnar doesn't get bored and decide he wants to try another sport. If Frank Mir wins his next fight, it'll set up a rematch with Lesnar..the Toronto Raptors game today will air only on TSN2, shutting out two million homes in Ontario that are Rogers subscribers, who are not offering it. I suspect an all-time low rating will be coming in...have a great Sunday.