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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday, August 9th, 2008 - I-N-T-S!

UFC 87 goes tonight, and nobody has more at stake than Brock Lesnar, who is looking at an 0-2 record should he lose tonight. Have a feeling he bests Heath Herring tonight, though. George St. Pierre defends his title against Jon Fitch in the main event in what should be better than most assume. That said, my bet is Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian have the fight of the night, and I'm picking Huerta there...I'm feeling very Olympian today, or at least, checking out the ten hottest Olympians...the Yankees and Angels are the only two teams above .500 on the road in the American League...was following a dump truck yesterday. The graphic on the back: "Everybody loves a good dump". Classic...looks like Toronto doesn't have a lock on screwing Buffalo fans alone. $20 tickets in the 300 level at the HSBC Arena go for $78 when the Maple Leafs are in town...Brett Favre on FieldTurf for home games behind a line he's not familiar with? I predict injury by the end of October, and not because of the turf, but because he's not quick enough to move out on the fast surface. Said one caller to the Jim Rome Show of Favre's move: "I-N-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!"...Kobe Bryant says he'd play in Italy for $50 million a year. Not happening...the Olympics are off to a roaring start. One American citizen killed by a knife wielding attacker...San Diego Padre Brian Giles blocked a trade to go to the Boston Red Sox, even though it would've meant an automatic $2 million bonus for being dealt. Giles is one different cat...noodle armed Chad Pennington is off to the Miami Dolphins and will be starting. I'm sure Dolphins Fan thinks they're now playoff contenders...the Yankees are the first team in MLB history to have seven players with 200+ career more week til the English Premier League kicks off. Saturday morning's are about to get great again...Toronto FC travel to Colorado today to face the Rapids, the last team they beat back on June 14th. Striker Danny Dichio has made the trip and should play some, which bodes well for a squad that is missing at least four starters from injuries and suspension. Kickoff is 4pm on Rogers SportsNet...have a great Saturday.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday, August 8th, 2008 - 8/8/8

Opening day of the Olympics. Be ready for a steady diet of pollution stories, coverage of media censorship, and no doubt a steady stream of Chinese and American athletes heading to the podium, and Canadians achieving "personal bests"...the last time old man Favre played the Pats he was 5 for 15 for 73 yards and was knocked out of the game. Expect ugliness on September Adam Jones can play in pre-season games for the Dallas Cowboys, but isn't cleared for regular season yet? How exactly does that make sense?...only in Leafland can Pavel Kubina go from being a daily trade rumor and a guy they openly wanted out of town to being in the running for captain if Mats Sundin doesn't return...Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson are expecting a kid. I'm sure that kid will be real well adjusted with mom arguably the most famous porn star ever. UFC boss Dana White told "Drive This" that "Ortiz is the biggest moron walking the face of the earth". Good luck, kid!...this is going to be an uncomfortable topic for some, but isn't the whole way the Brett Favre thing has played out just been a little out of line with what would've happened if he were, say, black? The things he's pulled are far worse than anything Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson have done. Neither of them never were in the NFL's substance program. Neither ran down teammates, management, coaches and everyone and demanded they get all their demands met - just some. Neither held their team hostage for three consecutive years. But Favre gets off despite being on the wrong side of all those measures. What else could it be? Even in this example, the Packers are vilified. Wouldn't you have handled it the same way Green Bay did? All Favre has done is look for attention like a teenaged schoolgirl before prom night. He's leaked private conversations and tried to force his way into a situation he wants. I hope he fails miserably and regrets not walking off into the sunset in March. If he limps, even better...Derek Jeter is ranked in the 40's of the 62 MLB short-stops defensively, says one NL scout in Peter Gammons latest. The Blue Jays John McDonald ranked tops...the Miami Dolphins gave Quincy Carter a look. Seriously...I can see it, but I can't believe it: Mike Mussina. 15-7. 3.27 ERA...Cito Gaston will return to the Jays as manager in 2009. Question: will Paul Godfrey and JP Ricciardi be in place? And if not, how can you announce the manager?...have a great Friday.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, August 7th, 2008 - Run Me Out of Town

Nice knowing you, Chad Pennington...the Toronto Raptors schedule is out, and they've got 18 games on the road in November and December. Expect a less than pretty start for the name I've heard for the Oakland A's: Oakland Triple A's. Seriously, how do they get away with dealing anybody with a shred of talent? Hell, it's not even like they're Florida where they've cashed a World Series or two by rebuilding and then tearing know what I love? Seeing those Fast and Furious stunt double cars out there with thumping stereos that are inevitably playing garbage tunes. What I love most about it: those songs never, ever last in the musical pantheon. They're shit, just like the clowns listening to them while spraying Drakkar Noir on themselves at a light. I love pulling up beside them and playing them some good stuff. You know, something with a guitar in it...The Redeem Team? Or the Supreme Cream Team? Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade had their pictures snapped walking out of a massage parlour in Hong Kong. This wasn't your ordinary massage - happy endings were on the menu. A "rub and tug". Nice work gents. Because nobody in Asia would notice three enormous black dudes walking out and have a camera of some kind handy, much less those three. Shame Bukkake is on vacation as he'd surely be asking if there was some bukkake...yesterday was a banner day in RM history since going this route: 300+ views. A heated NFL debate stoked that fire...reason to really like the "under" in NCAA football this year: they've now got a 40-second play clock, and aside from the final two minutes in the half, the game clock will not stop if you run out of bounds...I once bought a Charles Oakley jersey. He packed it in the next year. I bought an Antonio Davis jersey. He soon demanded a trade. Last weekend, my boy TS hooks me up with a sweet Joba Chamberlain jersey and on Monday, he gets hurt. Next up: I'm buying a Brett Favre Jets jersey with this kind of success...finally, the Cristiano Ronaldo saga is over and he's staying at Manchester United, at least for now. This is a good thing...have a great Thursday.

Brett Favre a Jet is reporting that Brett Favre is going to the New York Jets. A couple dates with New England. This should end badly. Oh, and I recall his last trip to Buffalo (mostly because I was there) in which he tossed four INT's. This could get REAL ugly. But hey, he can beat Miami...perhaps.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 - Favre Saga Done...Almost

Jason Bay is off to a great start in Beantown, but Big Papi is missing ManRam in a big way so far. That, and his problem wrist is acting up again...I find it funny how everyone automatically says Brett Favre is better than Rodgers. Really? Even when they've installed a new offence that presumably will play to Rodgers strengths, and that he's worked with for months? I think Favre's one injury on another squad from getting moved. If you're Favre, what do you say to the rest of your team when you walk in? How is what he did any better than Ricky Williams when he walked a few years back and guys called him a quitter and said they'd never trust him again? This circus is just getting started. It ends with just one ring for Favre, and that is not saying one more than he's already got. Looks like the story ends today with Favre likely off to Tampa Bay...NCAA football fans will be happy to hear that The Score is broadcasting a game each Thursday night...RM reader Bukkake is like me, and loves it when things go wrong at Notre Dame. Check out QB Jimmy Clausen here playing beer pong in a nice get-up. Love the writers comment about Clausen wearing something from The Ultimate Warrior's clothing line...the words "seeing Dr. James Andrews" are not what I wanted to hear linked to Joba Chamberlain. The Yankees may as well go see him too, they're in a world of trouble minus J.C...I've been to a couple dozen NFL games in my time, and am pretty sure that I've violated most of these rules more than once in the NFL's new Code of Fan Conduct. Lame, but just in time for Toronto, where fun is frowned upon...the talk of Thierry Henry going to the MLS is back on, with New York Red Bull the rumored destination. This Gillette curse is ridiculous!...former UFCer Tito Ortiz, who hasn't won a fight in two years since he pounded an over the hill Ken Shamrock, is set to sign a record deal with Donald Trump's Affliction loop. Guess that run on The Apprentice worked out pretty well for the Huntington Beach Bad Boy...don't let the Opening Ceremonies Friday fool you, the Olympics got under way today and Canada's women's soccer team were 2-1 winners over Argentina...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 - Halladay is sick

Mark Teixera wants a 10-year deal when this season is up. Memo to Brian Cashman: do it...Jelena Jankovic will be the new #1 on the women's tennis loop. Interesting factoid: she's never won a tournament. Shows what those computer rankings are worth...the Carolina Panthers are 0-3 the last two years when Steve Smith doesn't play, so suspending him for a pair of games after a camp fight with Ken Lucas seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Why not just fine him? Wonder what happens if he played hockey?'re about as likely to see Cristiano Ronaldo suiting up for Toronto FC as you are to see Lebron James playing for Olympiakos of is actually possible that all the teams in New York, L.A. and Chicago have their MLB teams make the playoffs...GBVH says Freddie Prinze Jr. has been hired as part of the creative team for the WWE...lost in yesterday's RM: Krazy Kyle Farnsworthless may not be a Yankee anymore, but he cost them a game in the standings Sunday when he blew a late lead for the Detroit Tigers when they were beating Tampa Bay...also missed, Roger Clemens 46th birthday yesterday. I misremembered there...speaking of Ronaldo, Real Madrid is said to have an August 15th date set to present him as their new signing. Going to be an interesting week to be does JBL get prime TV time on Monday Night Raw? That guy sucks...Prince Fielder went after pitcher and teammate Manny Parra in the dugout. So much for vegetarians being kind to anything that has flesh. The Brew Crew have lost 7 of 9 since holding a share of first on July 26th...ManRam's numbers vs. the Yankees in the last 39 games he faced them: 60 of 132 (.455) with 25 extra-base hits, 30 walks and 40 RBI...Maxim presents the five dumbest people in baseball (this week)...what comes first, a Mats Sundin decision, or Toronto FC actually signing a striker as has been discussed almost daily the entire season?...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, August 4th, 2008 - Incandescent with Rage

Is it me, or does Brett Favre look a little, well, "challenged", in that picture? Favre is back in Green Bay, and word is, in competition for the starting QB job. If I'm Aaron Rodgers, I'm incandescent with rage (always love when the English Premier League broadcasters drop the "incandescent with rage" line)...speaking of rage, Toronto FC had the screws put to them by a terrible referree who called a penalty shot for Dallas, then dished a red card to Amado Guevara. End result? TFC lost their first MLS home game since last September, 2-0. Danny Dichio remained out with post-concussion syndrome, and what is it with TFC and key players getting nasty concussions? Last year, Greg Sutton, this year, Dichio...the early reviews for Beijing's facilities, and now the weather too, are far, far better than what you would've believed. Christine Sinclair of the Canadian women's team called Beijing unrecognizable from previous visits...the NHL is going to trim goalie equipment. Nice of them to take the suggestions everybody had five years ago and implement them. At this pace, there will be new Canadian teams in about 20 years...Joe Torre asked ManRam to cut his hair. It'll be interesting to see if he does. My guess is he goes extreme and shaves it all off...the Blue Jays dropped 11.5 off the pace in the AL East. In other news, JP Ricciardi wishes he traded AJ Burnett. I'm making up the last part, but he should've. It's over...have a great Monday.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

NFL Commish Roger Goodell will have a ruling on the Brett Favre situation tomorrow, allegedly. Question: why does the commissioner need to get involved in such things anyways?...Team USA ripped Russia 89-68 for their fourth straight easy win. Dwayne Wade is shooting a mere 80% from behind the three-point line, and wisely, hasn't had to resort to holding up six fingers to indicate three point success...Toronto FC are back at BMO Field today to host FC Dallas. Kickoff is 4pm on CBC. Here's hoping the recently acquired Chad Barrett makes a difference in the attack...only ManRam would get the trade he wanted, then go back to the Red Sox an hour later and ask that it be called off and pledged good behavior...Patrick "The Predator" Cote says he'll beat Anderson Silva in their fight coming this October. I'd file that under "no chance", myself, but stranger things have happened...this article discusses how unimpressed Scotty Bowman was with the Maple Leafs front office and commitment to doing the right things to be a winner. Nice stuff, Leafs...Brett Favre wants to face Green Bay at some point this year if he does indeed play. If I'm Green Bay, I want that too. The guy is more smoke and mirrors than when the carnies roll into town, and Green Bay's D would be too good for him to face successfully, and that as much as anything would kill those who still pine for his return...Chelsea downed AC Milan 5-0 in a friendly today. Nicolas Anelka scored four goals...have a great Sunday.