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Saturday, January 23, 2010

RM returns tomorrow with a mega edition.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jets curse themselves?

If you believe in karma, then the New York Jets could be in a world of trouble having produced and set this ad to the right live on their website.

There are 24 players from the Indianapolis Colts, NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints on the Pro Bowl rosters as they currently stand, so safe to say a nothing game is being devalued more as players from two of those teams will be committed to the Super Bowl which is now after the Pro Bowl. Just kill it, NFL. Out of its misery. After all, Tom Brady pulled out due to injuries for the AFC, the first alternate Ben Roethlesberger declined, and that led to an invite to Phillip Rivers who passed and now Vince Young is starting. Now, young came on strong but I don't think "Pro Bowl" for a guy who had all of 10 TD's and played only 10 games.

Something for those that get too wound up about when guys get into the Hall of Fame, or not getting in the first time they're eligible: Joe DiMaggio finished 8th in voting his first year of eligibility, and was declined. In fact, he didn't get in until his third year. Crazy, but true.

Air Canada lost the Stanley Cup earlier in the week. Lord Stanley's Mug was to travel from New Jersey to Vancouver for a charity event, and instead ended up in Toronto. This marked the first time in 43 years that the Stanley Cup has come to Toronto, when not being returned directly to the Hall of Fame.

John Clayton at takes a peak at the top quarterbacks of all-time. He's got the Old Has Been poised to leap to number four ahead of John Elway if he manages a second Super Bowl win this year. Plainly, no. Sure the Old Has Been has a million records, and his longevity is surely impressive, but he's hardly been a playoff stalwart over the years, not to the extent Elway was. He also has him ranked ahead of Tom Brady (#7) and Peyton Manning (#8), which blows my mind.

Matt Stairs, who some call "Fatt" Stairs, is looking to continue his big league career at age 41, and shed 31 pounds with Nutrisystem and playing senior hockey this winter. Impressive. What, you thought I'd suggest he was on the Pudge Rodriguez diet? grades all 30 NBA squads at the mid point of the season. Surprisingly, the Toronto Raptors check in with a B. I'd have given them a D. You know, to show that they've finally got some "D".

Is there a hockey player who is loving life in Los Angeles more than Jarrett Stoll? After dumping Rachel Hunter practically at the alter, he's now hooked up with Melrose Place hottie Katie Cassidy. Pics here.

Tiana Enhorning, a second year Kinesiology student at Western, made Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week.

Finally today, check out the Top 20 WWE/WWF divas over the year's. Stacey Keibler only at #8? Come on!

Have a great Friday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chan Gailey: Sexually Abused?

Poor Chan Gailey, even the closed caption folks are cracking on him as the new Buffalo Bills hire, as you can see in the picture at right.

In the most horrifying news since the earthquakes in Haiti, there is talk that Venus Williams went "Commando" at the Australian Open. Some scary hints in that direction for your viewing displeasure here.

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is interviewing head coaching candidates even though Tom Cable has yet to be fired. As long as you're staying classy there, Al. Candidates included Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh. Word is Davis laughed at the suggestion he looked into Chan Gailey a few days ago, declaring "like anybody would want him". Some of that is less true than the rest.

Scary fact about Felix Hernandez 5-year $78 million deal with Seattle: when it concludes, he'll only be 28. If he reaches his potential, you've gotta figure he's gonna hit $25-$30 million a year, no?

If you're the superstitious kind, the Indianapolis Colts have choked in even numbered year's at home as big favs before: 2006 vs. Pittsburgh, 2008 vs. San Diego. In both, they were nearly double digit favs.

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is returning to health and the ring after a bout with diverticulitis, a condition that involves the weakening of the colon walls and, in extreme cases, can lead to the actual perforation of the colon. In what may or may not be related information, the Mayo Clinic has a publication on said condition that posits that typically when it afflicts someone younger than 65, it usually involves use of steroids. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. Lesnar took a crack at the Canadian medical system as he was in Canada when his health really turned for the worse. Guess he didn't realize when he went back to the same hospital where he originally was diagnosed with mono he was going back to a place that misdiagnosed him. Well played, Brock.

Dave Perkins at the Toronto Star ran a great piece on how a certain Minnesota Vikings quarterback isn't nearly as universally loved as he is often made out to be by a fawning media. A wave of the proverbial hand to Mr. Perkins, who has to be reading yours truly regularly. Thanks to ROTR for that piece. Wait, ROTR...are you Dave Perkins?

The All-American Basketball Conference is looking to start up this summer with a dozen teams across the U.S. Rules? Players must be (1) U.S. born and (2) white. Coverage on Fox has to be coming, no? This is not a joke or something coming from the Sports Pickle folks. Real deal.

Want to see what happens when you put a box of wine into a microwave? This is amazing.

You too can have your very own Jersey Shore nickname. Mine came up T-Bone and I have to say, I very much approve. The series ends tonight and I don't know what I'm going to do without The Situation, Vinny and Pauly D in my life.

Manchester United's Gary Neville clearly didn't like former teammate Carlos Tevez scoring against United in Carling Cup play a couple days ago. When Tevez mimicked a talking hand to celebrate his goal, hinting he was letting his game do the talking, Neville, warming up on the sidelines, flipped him the bird. Neville could be in trouble and face suspension and if the powers that be are looking to do United any favors, it will be permanent. Retire, you bumb!

If you are looking to catch any of ESPN's 30 for 30 episodes, they're all available here, starting with "The U" on the University of Miami.

There aren't enough Rex Ryan's in the coaching world, at least not on this side of the pond. This is great stuff.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chan's The Man

The Buffalo Bills made it official and announced Chan Gailey as their next coach. Needless to say, Bills Fan is not impressed. Gailey may end up proving everyone wrong but after a few uninspired choices in the past, you'd think the Bills might try a different approach. And how do they not interview Brian Billick when he was practically advertising his interest in a sea of guys who didn't have interest? What, his resumé including a Super Bowl was too good for them? More likely, he wouldn't work for peanuts. Marty Schottenheimer also badly wanted the job, and while not a playoff commodity, he has repeatedly turned team's around, but Wilson nixed that idea. Mike Florio tells Bills Fan they could've done a lot worse than Gailey.

From the Lunch Bag Letdown Dept.: an article in yesterday's Toronto Star on Ana Ivanovic winning at the Aussie Open, coupled with a picture of Justine Henin.

Peter King at says it'll be an "upset" if there isn't a work stoppage in the 2011 NFL season and ProFootballTalk says a deal in the short term would give the owners what they want - a claw back on salaries and make up for what they've given up in the current deal - as the players would have to cave. Can't imagine that an 11th hour deal is much better, though surely the owners don't want to lose a season. I can't see Jerry Jones in Dallas risking hosting a Super Bowl that year, can you? Jones is one of the power brokers for the "have" side of ownership.

The same guy that told me how great he thinks fighting in hockey is with bare hands also told me he thinks MMA is essentially barbaric. Uh-huh.

After seven weeks with the public spotlight glaring down on him, Tiger Woods should be thanking NBC for the current Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien fiasco for pushing him into the background. For the record, Jay Leno is not funny, and if you like him, you're a loser.

The Seattle Mariners continued a productive off-season by inking King Felix Hernandez to a five-year $78 million deal. Hey, aren't they a "small" market team?

MacGruber, the movie. Enough said.

I find it hard to imagine that people take All-Star games seriously, especially when you see that in the NBA, Allen Iverson and worse, Tracy McGrady, are about to be voted in as starters. Pathetic. Fan voting sucks.

We are barely into 2010 and is already giving us the Top 99 Most Desirable Women for 2010. Definitely hard (that's what she said!) pressed to pick anyone over the #1 they've got in place.

Check out the dumbest, funniest quotes in sports. Or at least one take on that. Awesome stuff. Suppose none of these should surprise in the mental wasteland that is sports.

Get ready to buy some new gear, Liverpool fans. The Reds are moving from Carlsberg to Standard Chartered Bank, giving them the largest income from any shirt sponsor in the English Premier League at 4 years and £80m.

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

39 shots?

Says Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun via Twitter: "The NBA, MLB and NFL all gave 1 mill to Haiti. The NHL only gave 100,000. The reason - they already donated to the disaster in Phoenix." Awesome stuff. Love Simmons.

In ESPN The Magazine, an article on the NHL's concussion issue says that hockey players are five times more likely to suffer a concussion than an NFLer. What is the NHL's policy on returning to a game after a head injury again? Oh, nevermind.

For all the big names mentioned as potential head coaches of the Buffalo Bills, that the rumor is they're going to hire Chan Gailey is pretty underwhelming, to say the least. Most won't remember Gailey, but he was the in-over-his-head coach that once had the Dallas Cowboys job. Decent offensive co-ordinator, but hardly a guy that will inspire the best and brightest to head to Western New York. Typical Bills. Go for the cheap hire rather than the powerhouse hire. This ought to sell almost no tickets.

A producer at the CBC was suspended for criticizing Don Cherry on his Twitter account. Absolutely ridiculous that they'll take up for a xenophobe - among other "phobes" - and dinosaur who is living on the public teet.

Golden State Warrior Monta Ellis took 39 shots in the Warriors 114-97 win over the Chicago Bulls yesterday. Guess when Ellis was hitting shots like these last week in New York in practice, he's going to feel pretty good about his stroke. Seriously, be sure to check the video out.

15 hotties in NFL jersey's, some which will be familiar to you. Kendra Wilkinson first? Don't think so.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig is of the opinion that the steroid era is dead and buried at this point thanks to several revelations of guys who used, and some testing that has nailed guys at the highest levels and profiles. Except for one thing, as pointed out by Roy Johnson at Selig hasn't come clean with the owners knowledge of the use of performance enhancing drugs. Helluva point, Roy.

The world is filled with bad people and bad actions, but I didn't realize a guy simply chanting "J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!" was arrest worthy like it was Sunday in San Diego. Pathetic.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Pretty obvious why I went with that as the picture of the day, no? If not, check out #74's name and the title above.

What a beatdown in Minnesota yesterday. The Dallas offensive line was as stout as Haitian architecture and it is a wonder Tony Romo is able to walk after that pounding. After three solid but ultimately wasted drives for the Cowboys to open the game, it was all Vikes the rest of the way and a 34-3 final. Personal hell for this hater of #4. Here's hoping the New Orleans Saints save the day next weekend.

Jim Nantzzzzz, Phil Simmszzzzz, Mark Sanchezzzzz and Phillip Riverszzzzz conspired for a very dull game in San Diego for the most part, though the end result that saw the New York Jets win 17-14 is sure a stunner, until you remember that it is the San Diego Chargers and playoff flameouts are synonymous with them. Pretty sure that LaDanian Tomlinson's days as a Bolt are done and he'll have to take his Electric Glide elsewhere.

Norv Turner and Wade Phillips, as losers of the games yesterday, will go on to coach the Pro Bowl on January 31st. What are the odds both are unemployed by then? Pretty fair chance, no?

Both championship games next weekend will be played in domes. Lame.

The AHL all-star "Classic" goes the next two nights on TSN. Two? As if all-star games weren't joke enough, two nights for a minor league all-star game? What's the MVP get, best seat on the bus for his team the rest of the year?

If you haven't seen this goal from the East Coast Hockey League, prepare to see the best goal you'll see this year, if not ever. Pure artistry on the ice.

I don't "believe" that the "Believe" Olympic ads are overexposed, I know it. Enough already. And how many people do you figure blew by the front page of the Toronto Star's Sports section this morning with figure skating and snow boarding getting the entire page?

Did I read right, a 22-point win for the Toronto Raptors over the Dallas Mavericks? Can't be true, can it? Bad day for Dallas in multiple sports.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Light up the Old Has Been!

Ignoring that Dallas historically owns Old Has Been (9-2 against him in his career), and that the Old Has Been typically fades come playoff time, I still think Dallas has too much for the Vikes to handle. D-Ware and the rest ought to hammer a soft protection on the Old Has Been and drive his immobile self into the turf at will. Best stat though? Dallas hasn't given up 100 yards rushing to anyone this year, and if they can keep that pace, and the corners keep locking down like they have, then they'll have a field day here. Cowboys, and big. I suspect it comes in right around 46 with a 30-17 score, which could set into motion a permanent retirement by the Old Has Been.

Love the Bolts. I think the Jets had a good dose of luck to make the playoffs, and then rode a great matchup to a Wild Card win, despite their great D and rushing game. The Bolts are playing as well as anyone right now, both sides of the ball, and if they can force Sanchez to have to make a play or three, they'll capitalize on his mistake prone ways. Rivers and his receivers will need to have a good day, but they've had a lot of good days the last two months and change. I think the Jets have exceeded their expectations. 2 road games in a row is tough and this is not a good match-up for their rookie QB. If the Chargers get out front early, this one will get ugly. Chargers 36-14.

The New Orleans Saints put to rest the idea that they were flatlining in a total beatdown of the Arizona Cardinals. Reggie Bush had perhaps his best game as a pro, and Drew Brees was his typically impressive self. How awesome was that hit on Kurt Warner? In the end, a 45-14 win for the Saints, who will host the NFC Championship game next Sunday against the Dallas/Minnesota winner.

The Indianapolis Colts took care of the bumbling Baltimore Ravens with ease yesterday, and had a little help from the referee's who would make a call for Indy but not call the same thing for Baltimore. That interception by Ed Reed called off for roughing the passer when Peyton Manning was barely touched, and certainly not excessively late, was a joke. It was a 20-3 Colts win.

The Sports Pickle has a great piece on how the WWE is going to investigate the long-term effect of concussions on its referee's, a move applauded by referee Mike Chioda who was knocked out 450 times last year alone. Sports Pickle rules.

If the NFL saw fit to keep anything that could be remotely controversial off the Super Bowl after the Janet Jackson nipple shield a few year's back, what are they going to do if it ends up being an Indianapolis and Minnesota final? Seriously, is there anyone that could stomach the verbal felatio of both teams QB's?

What do the three worst teams in the NHL have in common? All are coached by either a current or a former Toronto Maple Leafs coach. No, seriously. Paul Maurice has coached the Carolina Hurricanes to 35 points, Edmonton has 37 points under Pat Quinn, and the Leafs sit at 41 under Ron Wilson.

If someone like Terrell Owens went mental on a teammate the way Peyton Manning does on Jeff Saturday here in this video, he'd be crucified. But St. Peyton gets a pass because He's Just Such A Competitor.

Another day of Premier League action saw Chelsea hammer Sunderland 7-2 while Manchester United kept pace with a 3-0 win over Burnley. Up at 11am today on The Score are lowly Bolton taking on Arsenal. Should get ugly for the Wanderers.