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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Jason Giambi dropped some Just For Men in his 'stache and the results are spectacular, as you can see. The Giambino looks like he should be a motorcycle cop or something...the gravy train is about to be shut down for NFL rookies, if these warning signs by Commissioner Roger Goodell mean anything. Goodell thinks - rightly - that rookies are paid far out of line with what they should be, and pay should be for performance...the three most hit batters in MLB over the last ten years? Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi...nice night for the Argos Mike Vanderjagt, going 2 of 5. And he's giving interviews wondering why he was booted from the NFL...the Philadelphia Flyers locked up another of their bevy of young talent in Jeff Carter. They are what the Leafs want to be - young, players under control with reasonable contracts going forward. That said, still not sure about those seven year plus deals...Toronto FC will get a real tough test in the form of the New England Revolution tonight. Not sure I'm liking their chances. Coverage is 7:30 on SportsNet...after trading Richard Jefferson, it is clear the Nets are preparing to make a monster offer for Lebron James when his pact expires. Of course, Lebron is tight with Jay-Z, an owner of the Nets, and would no doubt love to be there when the Nets move to their billion dollar arena in Brooklyn. Strangely, the Nets had the chance to trade Wince Carturd and passed up on it...Toronto Raptors fans, say goodbye to Carlos Delfino, and a big welcome to Croatian Roko Ukic...get your fist pump ready: Ana Ivanovic and her tired act are out of up on Dancing With The Stars: Warren Sapp. Dear God, please make that Michael Strahan spends half his career blasting the media, particularly belittling any female reporter he could find, and now comes out as part of the Fox crew. Shocked? Me neither...have a great Satuday.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday June 27th, 2008 - Olé!

Spain dominated Russia virtually start to finish, and found another gear in the second half to cruise to a 3-0 win. Fernando Torres played his best game of the tourney and Cesc Fabregas came on early for David Villa and was the difference, really. Spain wins Sunday. Bank on it. They're better than Germany in every way - goal, defence, midfield, attack, and impressive week for the Maple Leafs. First, Darcy Tucker, Kyle Welwood and Andrew Raycrap are cleaned out in one fell swoop, but that left the real cancer: Bryan McCabe. And then today comes word that he too has played his last game in Leafs colours. Sure they may not have much in the way of cap room, but they've needed to get worse before they can get better and for the first time - dare I say it? -it seems there is a credible plan being executed...tough day for the beautiful people at Wimbledon: Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick, out...Shawn Chacon is a Houston Astro no more after attacking his GM...Scott Niedermayer is coming back for one more year with the Anaheim Ducks. Could he have an eye toward the Olympics?...a whole lot of movements at the NBA Draft last night, hilited by an 8 player deal between Memphis and Raptors Jermaine O'Neal lauded how much his new team plays defence. Not sure what team he's been watching, but the Raptors certainly don't play defence, and even less so with Jose Calderon tabbed to get major minutes...lively debate in yesterday's blog comments on American Football. Check it out if you've got a moment...speaking of American Football, the Canadian Football League kicked off last night. I'd comment but I haven't gotten that deep into the sports section with all these great articles on more important things like Euro 2008, the NBA Draft etc. You know, things the entire world cares about...would be a great day to be in New York today as the Yankees and Mets do a home and home double header. First game goes 2pm at Shea and then they'll pack up their gear and move to Yankee Stadium for the second game at 8...have a great Friday.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday, June 27th, 2008

Get a giant tube of Proactiv and smear it all over Germany, they are seriously a flawed side going into the Euro final. Turkey deserved to win that matchup almost as much as Croatia deserved to beat them the game prior - more chances, more creativity, and just as much Michael Ballack as Germany had (is he invisible?). Germany has a terrible defence, and perhaps the worst goalie in the tourney really in Jens Lehmann, who looks shakier than Michael J. Fox on a case of Red Bull...wonder why Russia is looking fresh where Holland, for example, looked gassed? The Russian league is only half way through its season while the majority of players have played full seasons of domestic and European competition. That said, I think that with the mental hurdle of Italy now behind them, Spain (+114) will play a free flowing game and down them again, albeit closer than the 4-1 score of earlier in the tourney. Apologies to new poster "Russian"! Best line from TSN's Vic Rauter, on the fact that Russia has no official state bird: "they may choose the 'Guus'"...the Pinnacle ledger sits at 14-15 (-$43) for the tourney...good of Novak Djokovic to talk of how vulnerable Roger Federer was going into Wimbledon. Federer survived round two. Nola? Not so looks like long-time Indiana Pacer Jermaine O'Neal is going to the Toronto Raptors for T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the #17 pick in tonights draft. Who wins the deal? Everybody, says ESPN...if the talk of Anthony Parker and Carlos Delfino moving is true, that could be five Raptors rotation players gone in one off season. Says much of how Bryan Colangelo assessed the past season...if you're interested in seeing Pachua (Mexico) or Independiente (Argentina) when they come to face Toronto FC in the coming weeks, be sure to post - may have a trio of tickets available in section 114 (aka "The Bunker" or south end)...Vinny Lacavalier is a fantastic hockey player. Top 5 or 10. But a 9 year contract for $77 million by the Tampa Bay Bolts is moronic on their part...Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain was throwing 97mph change ups last night and hit 100 on the fastball en route to his first win as a starter. Seems the conversion is suggestion on how Joe Torre might get his LA Dodgers back in the NL West race: have Andruw Jones eat the competition...have a great Thursday, enjoy the semi-final.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 - Germany Will Punish Turkey Today

Couldn't find a solid sports related picture for today, so went with the SunShine Girl. Hope you dig...I've watched a lot of sporting events in my time and had some feelings on who might win a game here or there. But never, EVER have I been more sure of the conclusion of a game than today's first Euro 2008 semi-final. Germany wins (-221), and there's not even a doubt in my mind of it. Turkey is depleted with injuries and cards to the extent their third string keeper could take to the field if needed because of further injury. They're in trouble. Cinderella's time is up, starting at 2:45 Eastern. The record stands at 13-15 (-$88). Drop your caish at Pinnacle, and enjoy. For the record, Croatia would've beat Germany today and that kills me still thinking about it...Real Madrid are feeling confident they'll pick up Cristiano Ronaldo on July 7th. Clever. 7/7 for #7. I can see the t-shirt already. It's so thin it is transparent...the New York Post says three squads are in the hunt for Toronto Raptor T.J. Ford. The Knicks (Eddy Curry or Zach Randolph), Pacers (Jermaine O'Neal) and Suns (Boris Diaw) have had some conversation with the more symbol of the Toronto Maple Leafs mismanagement - Darcy Tucker - will disappear, thanks to a buyout. Kyle Welwood and Andrew Raycrap are on the outs too. Now they need to fix that Bryan McCabe problem. Predition? Last place for the Leafs this year. And that's a good thing, albeit months too late. Had they cleaned house at the trade deadline, they might have set themselves up for a bevy of draft picks in this past weekends draft...the CHL player of the year - Justin Azevedo of the Kitchener Rangers - was finally drafted. The LA Kings took him 153rd, in the 6th round...could Anthony Parker and Carlo Delfino of the Raptors be Europe bound? Somehow, I can't see it happening...have to believe if there are going to be some NBA troop movements, they ought to heat up today with the draft coming tomorrow...loved Motley Crue on David Letterman last night, placing a bunch of strippers on stage just sitting there on monitors, drum risers and so Daily Burn from Jim Rome today, so we'll throw in a little Headlines from PTI instead...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 - Another Dinosaur Named Don That Needs To Die

I remain blown away by how much coverage soccer has on this side of the pond. Its now normal to hear SportsCentre types just refer to "Chelsea" without any context, such is how common it has become. I love it...Kansas City has the NFL bottom feeding Chiefs, baseball's perennial loser Royals, the last place Wizards in Major League Soccer, and in the Arena Football League, the last place Brigade led by one Quincy Carter. Tough times in K.C....Mike Mussina's won at least 10 games for 17 years, an AL record...former Oilers owner Peter Pocklington auctioned off his five Stanley Cup rings for $300,000. And I thought selling Gretz was bad. Word is current owner Daryl Katz bought them. Good for'd think Don Imus, just back on radio after his ill-advised "nappy headed" comment on the Rutgers women's hoops team, might stay away from race, but nope, once a fool always a fool. Told that Adam Jones is black - as if he didn't know - he responded "there you go, now we know"...Shaquille O'Neal laid out Kobe Bryant in a rap while at a New York club, blaming Kobe for his divorce, and cracking on him for not winning a ring against the Celtics. Catch it below..Russia punked Spain at Euro Basket last year - in Spain - who's to say their soccer team can't punch the Spanish side in the mouth? Me, for one. You don't lose 4-1 a couple weeks back and recover that well...word is the Leafs will pick up a 1st round pick in 2009 if Mats Sundin signs with Montreal by July 1st. Doesn't sound like Sundin will do the Leafs any favours and in that regard, that is most fitting for all the Leafs did for him over the years…the CFL season kicks off this week. My predictions? Some quarterbacks will have changed teams, at least a couple squads will be in financial peril, the single point rule will remain lame, and the Argos will continue to suck. If only Pinnacle offered lines on these items other than the last one, which of course, you can hammer weekly...have a great Tuesday. A trio of vids worth checking out below.

A great vid from the late George Carlin on baseball vs. football, Shaq cracks on Kobe, and in what will likely be a daily addition, Jim Rome's Daily Burn...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, June 23rd, 2008 - Spanish Fly

It wasn't pretty, it was only mildly entertaining, but Spain were a deserving winner in the last quarter-final at Euro 2008, advancing to face Russia on Thursday while Germany will take on Turkey on Wednesday. If it is anything but a Germany-Spain final, I'll be shocked...check out Pat Venditte's - the "switch-pitcher" - glove here...Sports Illustrated's Dr. Z is picking the Minnesota Vikings to win the Super Bowl this year...expect baseball's trade season to fire up soon. Talk of Rich Harden or C.C. Sabathia to the Cubs, and Bronson Arroyo to the Yankees has already begun...of course, now that he's in Boston, Peter Gammons is calling Kevin Garnett one of the 15 best players ever. Is anybody surprised he thinks that now? Me neither. And is there anything more hilarious than Garnett butchering the "Impossible is Nothing" for Adidas by yelling "Anything is possible!" after the Celtics won? What's next, him yelling "I'm going to Dis...where?"...Adam Jones would prefer that he no longer be referred to as "Pacman". Memo to Pacman: that nickname should be the least of the things in your past you are tied to you're worried about. Maybe he was just "being rebellion" again. How weird is it that his mom gave him that nickname?...if my memories of my childhood are accurate, summer is here this week. It always rolls around when Wimbledon starts. Roger Federer has won 59 straight matches at Wimbledon to win the title five straight years, something he's immortalized on his shoes..a nine-year old kid at the Celtics parade held up a sign that said "9 Years Old. 6 Parades". I hate that kid...have a great Monday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 - Dutch To The Ditch

There must be a lot of people losing money on Euro wagering. For the third straight day, the fav went out to the dog and this time, it was Holland losing 3-1 in extra time to Russia. For a team that rested most of their players last game, Holland looked entirely spent while the Russians looked entirely fresh. A stunner, to say the least. Today, Italy aims to be the fourth dog to win, but I'm saying Spain (+155) takes it (Record: 12-15, -$246). I haven't seen them all, but this has to have been the best tournament ever of the big two...JP Ricciardi apologized for his comments about Adam Dunn. Here's hoping Dunn doesn't take his comments back where he called Ricciardi a clown...Toronto FC Manager John Carver would be wise to ditch his policy of keeping the same starting lineup as long as the team wins the game prior. With five players returning from international duty, starting the game yesterday minus Amado Guevara, Jim Brennan and Maurice Edu, among others, could well have cost them a win. Sure, a tie isn't the end of the world, but a win and they're in second place and very much a playoff team. On the plus side, Carver pointedly told CBC post game that "everyone can see" the squad needs a striker...Nick Kypreos, who I generally think is entirely lacking in credibility, says Mats Sundin won't enjoy being boxed in like this with Montreal, and is more likely to go to the New York Rangers. That would give the Big Apple my two fav #13's...things go from bad to worse for the Blue Jays. Shaun Marcum is now on the DL. In other Jays news, former first bag coach Ernie Whitt is not impressed over his dismissal. And seriously, what do you do to get fired as a first base coach? Not take a guys shin pad fast enough? Whitt did a great job laying out JP Ricciardi or as one of the Rando readers glossed him: JP Rittardi. I get that Whitt is sour, but I still haven't forgiven him for Mother's Pizza going under...last nights Ultimate Finale was better than most of the recent UFC pay-per-views, and was free on spike. Diego Sanchez continues to be one of the most exciting fighters anywhere and scored a wild knockout of Luigi Fioravanti, and Amir Sadollah was the Ultimate Fighter 7 champion making quick work of CB Dollaway. Sadollah could be a huge star with his great personality...23 Turks were hurt in celebrations Friday night after their win over Croatia. The cause? "Stray bullets"...have a great Sunday.