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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday, July 12th, 2008 - Desperately Seeking Bills Ticket Sales

Got an email from the Buffalo Bills in Toronto that talked of more tickets available as a "result of sponsor and NFL reallocations". That is code for "we ain't close to sold out but no sense admitting we overestimated the markets willingness to pay that much to get fisted". What's next, are they going to pretend they added seats?...guessing not too much coverage will be going to the Jose Canseco vs. Vai Sikahema fight tonight. Sikahema is a former NFLer, if you didn't know...the Tampa Bay Lightning are doing wonders to shed their image as a backward organization. They've made a few nice deals this offseason, and now are talking of firing GM Jay Feaster, who presumably engineered the moves...Toronto FC travel to face the Chicago Fire tonight. Coverage on Rogers SportsNet. TFC and the Fire have identical records, but the Fire has more firepower, and being at home, get the edge in this one. I hate to say that...I love that the Calgary Flames are playing up that Jarome Iginla wanted Todd Bertuzzi in Calgary Flames colours. Let's not forget that Vince Carturd once wanted Hakeem Olajuwan in Raptors gear, and we know how that turned out...if you took the over on Day 4 for a Tour de France drug test failure, you lost. Seems Spain's Manuel Beltran failed a test on Day Brett Favre has asked for his unconditional release from the Green Bay Packers which ought to confirm for all what a selfish prick he has always been, but I'm sure his apologists are still fighting that perception hard...there's a heavyweight title fight in boxing between two guys nobody cares about...a cemetery for fans of the Chicago Cubs only? Surely a sign of the pending apocalypse. Wonder if Steve Bartman would get a free pass?...if you see chaos in section 113B today at the Rogmajal, with a couple guys in Yankee top hats and Giambi mustaches, that would be me and the crew celebrating my birthday. Limo, suds, tunes, Yankees vs. Jays, with a kegger to follow on return. Good times, other than the dreadful pitching matchup...what can you say about Roy Halladay that hasn't been said before? The man is a machine...of course, all my Tampa Bay Rays talk is accomplishing exactly what I was after: they've now lost five straight...have a great Saturday. Back tomorrow, with a blistering hangover no doubt.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday, July 11th, 2008 - Argonautgoodatall

Going to be quite the treat at the Rogmajhal tonight, as the Yankees Joba Chamberlain takes the bump with Roy Halladay countering for the Jays. Prediction: this game will be under two hours twenty minutes...interesting comparison: Barry Bonds, he of much rumor but little actual evidence, is out of baseball. Todd Bertuzzi, he of clear guilt and bringing his sport into disrepute, keeps getting jobs...Bertuzzi is, for the record, on his third go-round with Mike Keenan...Jacksonville Jags wideout Matt Jones was busted for carving coke with a credit card in his car. Bye bye, career...David Beckham will be playing in Toronto for the MLS All-Star Game game on July 24th...the always hilarious Raging Redhead, Cam Stewart, of Hardcore Sports Radio's "Drive This" has dubbed CC Sabathia as "Carbs and Calories"...only in the CFL can a guy be on waivers, as the Toronto Argos Michael Bishop is, but be on the sidelines for his side and actually get in the game. The Argos got annihilated by the Edmonton Eskimos...despite at least 30 votes from yours truly, Jason Giambi didn't get the final spot for the AL in the All-Star Game. Evan Longoria rode the confused Desperate Housewives fans vote to the spot...AJ Burnett could be heading to the Philadelphia Phillies. Get ready to see him suffer a severe neck injury from the severe whiplash of all the homers that fly out of the home park...Brett Favre could find the Baltimore Ravens are interested. That sounds about as good as Emmitt Smith finishing in's Jayson Stark has some ideas to improve baseball's All-Star Game. He missed the obvious one: ditch fan and player voting. If this game "counts", have the best minds in baseball - General Managers and Managers - do the player selections. And while you're at it, lose the lame "every team gets represented" idea. There are too many deserving players left out in favor of guys that are the best of a bad lot...have a great Friday.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 - Gillette Curse!

A caller to Hardcore Sports Radio's "Drive This" might be onto something: the Gillette Curse. Tiger Woods - injured and out for the year. Roger Federer - dropping from the top. Thierry Henry - downward spiral to irrelevancy...RM reader "Rat" gives us this interesting baseball stat: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California USA North America Planet Earth's Francisco Rodriguez is on pace to smash the single season saves record held by then Chicago White Sox (Sock?) Bobby Thigpen of 57 in 1990. K-Rod is at 35 and on pace for 63...the Spanish couldn't leave well enough alone. Hot on the heels of a Euro 2008 win and Rafael Nadal's Wimbledon win, they still went on with the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Not surprisingly, two people got gored...Rampage Jackson's trainer is filing a protest over the result Saturday vs. Forrest Griffin. Shame. Just sign the rematch and get on with it. That said, there is also talk of a Griffin vs. Chuck Lidell fight. Lidell could be seen practically cheering for Griffin, but after the beating Rampage dropped on him, I could see why...the American Mustache Institute is endorsing Jason Giambi for the All-Star Game. Good enough for me! The Yankees also had a mustache giveaway for yesterday's game. Fake ones, obviously...Ray Emery is going to Russia after no NHL squads expressed interest. Emery in Russia. I cannot see this ending well...ESPN The Magazine's Rick Reilly - still sounds odd to not say "Sport's Illustrated's" - has a great piece on the closing of Yankee Stadium in which several players are openly bragging about stealing things from The House Ruth mentioned some time ago, FIFA is indeed looking at alternative sites for the 2010 World Cup, which President Sepp Blatter admitted. Blatter also said Manchester United should sell Cristiano Ronaldo if he wants out, because to not do so is subjecting him to "slavery". If pulling his paycheque is slavery, sign me up...a 2-2 draw for Toronto FC against Vancouver Whitecaps last night in a game they led 2-1 late in is a shame. Maurice Edu looks terrible this year...have a great Thursday.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 - CC De Mil

Jay Mohr was filling in for Jim Rome on Monday and told a story of how a friend of his worked at the Paramount Hotel in New York and said that when the WWF/WWE talent would stay there, Andre the Giant would have two rooms. One to sleep and eat in. The other? For him to use the tub as his toilet. I feel sorry for the guy that had to clean the tub after Andre checked out...another benefit of the CC Sabathia's deal for Milwaukee: the meat industry is back in business after Prince Fielder went vegetarian. By the way, Sabathia asked that the periods be removed from CC now...the Colorado Rockies have a minor league affiliate in Casper, Wyoming. Team handle? Ghosts, of view of the Top 10 Worst Sports Logos ever. Honorary mentions from RandoMango: the original Toronto Raptors logo, any logo ever used by the Vancouver Canucks, the Buffalo Sabres last two logos - the new slug or the ugly buffalo head - and the New Jersey Nets. Mostly because I hate Wince Carturd...if JP Ricciardi showed up for work singing the praises of Bell Sympatico on a Telus cell phone and showing naked pictures of Paul Godfrey's wife, do you think that'd be enough to get him fired?...Arsenal need to sell of $24 million (GBP) annually just to service the debt on their stadium. I didn't think any of the EPL squads ran their business like a CFL squad...Rich Harden is a Chicago Cub after a six player swap between the Cubs and Oakland A's. Scratch AJ Burnett as a possible Cub. I'm sure everyone's heart bleeds that AJ isn't going to get what he wants. Think the NL Central is going to be interesting with the Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers going at it?...Toronto FC travel to Vancouver to face the Whitecaps in the return leg of the CONCACAF Champions League Canadian edition. Randy Savage provides the TFC rallying cry here at 1:25. Kickoff goes at 10pm on GOL TV, which is likely as widely subscribed to as Leafs or Raptors TV..have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 - Mo Rivera...starter?

It never dawned on me that the AL will be using the Yankee clubhouse at the All-Star Game next week. So, the Red Sox will be in the Yankee clubhouse. Just doesn't seem right...what would be right about the All-Star Game would be starting the Yankees legendary closer Mariano Rivera…from September 2nd-17th, the Tampa Bay Rays play only Boston (6 times), New York (6) and Toronto (3) with only a single day off. That's when the AL East will get decided…in a story that would be as horrifying to me as if Brett Favre was rumored to be going to Dallas, there is talk from Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports that the Yankees might make a play for AJ Burnett. What have I done to deserve this?...Favre, has, according to Peter King, told the Packers he definitely wants to play, confirming previous theories he's a self-absorbed douche bag. If I were Aaron Rodgers, I'd throat punch him...Edmonton Oilers GM Kevin Lowe got off another blast, asking "who would want to live in Detroit?". Not sure if this came before or after he and Brian Burke were told to cool it by that troll Gary Bettman...looks like Wrigley Field in Chicago will host the NHL's Winter Classic on New Year's Day 2009, with the Detroit Red Wings in as opposition...what a shock that a team coached by Mike Keenan would recycle Todd Bertuzzi...finally caught the Rampage Jackson and Forrest Griffin fight last night, and Griffin definitely won in my book, but it was real close. The second round was the difference. I'll happily pay to see a rematch between those week until the MLS transfer window opens. Here's hoping that Toronto FC is spending on a striker that could put them into contender status...pretty pumped to see that Joba Chamberlain will be on the bump for my visit to the Rogmajhal this Saturday...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008 - Rafa Wins

It took nearly five hours, and if you watched any of it, you had to be blown away by the show Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer put on in the Wimbledon final. Nadal won, and so did tennis. John McEnroe called it the best match he's ever seen and I can't disagree. Solid week for Spain...C.C. Sabathia has been traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Just what the big man needed - a move to a state known for beer and cheese..."Emotional abandonment"? That's grounds for divorce, says the soon to be former Mrs. A-Rod. A-Rod hit a bomb last night to tie Mickey Mantle for 13th on the all-time homer list...Cristiano Ronaldo is having ankle surgery that will knock him out of the start of the season for Manchester United, or Real Madrid...sounds like Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard are off to Italy to join their former coach Jose Morinho at Inter did the Tampa Bay Lightning get Dan Boyle to waive his no-trade clause? Word is by telling him that if he refused, he'd be waived and end up in Atlanta. Perhaps the Leafs should do the same with Bryan McCabe...the normal stride length for a pitcher is 77-87% of his height. San Francisco Giant Tim Lincecum's stride? 129% of his height, nearly 7.5 feet. That's freakish...the Tour de France is heading into Day 3 today. The over/under on how long before someone gets busted for drugs is Day 4...if A-Rod did indeed tap Madonna, bet the Yankees to win the World Series. Seriously. Her track record is that impressive. Jose Canseco in 1989. The Oakland A's win the World Series. Mark Messier in 1994. The New York Rangers hoist the Stanley Cup. Dennis Rodman in 1996. Chicago Bulls win the NBA Championship. Thanks for that, TS...have a great Monday.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday, July 6th, 2008 - Forrest wins!

Good of Toronto FC to sell the tickets to their friendly against Mexico's Pachua for hugely inflated prices - a seat that normally goes for $20 went for $70 - and then not play their best side. Fortunately for season ticket holders, they were included. TFC lost in clue why the CFL wouldn't spread out its games more. Loading up on Thursday and Friday doesn't make a lot of sense for a league with only four games a week...the Philadelphia Phillies have entered the race to trade for C.C. Sabathia, though Milwaukee seems to be the front looks like Stephon Marbury's days in New York are numbered. Somehow, he'll end up getting a job somewhere else...Venus Williams took the women's Wimbledon title. Must've been her "turn"...the maple bats issue has been a big one in baseball, and finally somebody got hurt by a shattered bat. The Colorado Rockies Troy Tulowitzki slammed his into the ground in frustration and it shattered and cut him...Forrest Griffin, a big longshot, won a five round war over Rampage Jackson...Kevin Lowe and Brian Burke are at it again, with Lowe now calling Burke a "moron"...have a great Sunday.