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Friday, February 26, 2010


If the Canadian Men's hockey team loses to Slovakia, I will think the end of the world is near. Frankly, I'll be shocked if they don't win by five, and then go on to throttle Finland or the U.S. in the gold medal game.

The Canadian Women's hockey team won the Olympic gold for the third straight time with a 2-0 shutout of the U.S. Worst part of the story? Hearing the IOC is sour that the ladies celebrated on the ice, in an empty arena, with some beers, champagne and cigars. How very IOC of them. That said, I could see the IOC chastising them for drinking that Molson Canadian swill.

Joannie Rochette = Man. And I don't say that at all to be insulting.

First Chelsea lost left back Ashley Cole to a broken ankle for three months, and now will be minus starting goalie Petr Cech for a month after he tore a calf muscle. The English Premier League race is about to get even a little more interesting I suspect.

Why is it "women's" hockey but "ladies" figure skating? 'Splain!

How awesome is that Roger's "Mix" channel (396) for seeing what is where on the Olympic coverage?

Cassie Campbell thinks the men's hockey team's failures in 2006 stem from them not taking a group picture with the women's team like they did in previous years or since. At least she's not taking herself too seriously.

The idea that the John Terry Affair won't be affecting the English national team can officially be put to bed now that Wayne Bridge, whose baby mama Terry tapped, has declined a call up to the English team for a friendly with Egypt and openly said he doesn't think his inclusion would be anything but a distraction. Translation: he couldn't see himself not pounding Terry in his smug face.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Okalhoma City Thunder Kevin Durant's streak of 25+ point games ended on Wednesday night after 29 games.

Some Tony Kornheiser gems to keep you busy while he continues serving that ridiculous suspension by ESPN.

The NFL has decided not to punish Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable for smacking around an assistant coach last season and breaking his jaw. Well, at least they weren't waffling on the subject and got around to a decision quickly. Cable would be happy, if not for the fact that said assistant is now suing him for millions.

Have a great Friday. It'll be a late edition tomorrow with a night out in Toronto tonight for the big game. Enjoy. Go Canada!
RM returns at 2pm today.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You two won't be needing a shower after this one

Canada completely overwhelmed Russia last night in racing out to a 6-1 lead early in the second en route to a no-doubter 7-3 curbstomping of Russia. Not sure what was more shocking, that result or that Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin were mostly invisible all night. Hey, at least I had the side and the part about Russia getting three goals right in an easy -1 +143 wager winner on Canada. Next up are Slovakia, surprise winners over defending champion Sweden. The other semi-final will see the U.S. facing Finland. I'm going to go out on a very sturdy branch and guarantee a Canadian win Friday, and even more confidently guarantee that bars are going to be very, very happy Friday night.

Just wondering, is there anyone out there that is actually looking forward to the NHL returning after the quality of this tournament? If so, you're lying.

Going into tonight's gold medal game in women's hockey, the U.S. and Canada have combined to outscore their opponents 86-4. Yeah, quality competition, this. The Canadian women have wom seven of ten meetings against the U.S. this season. Not sure what is meant by "season" exactly, but there you have it.

Chicago White Sox manager and resident powder keg Ozzie Guillen has climbed aboard the Twitterverse, and GM Kenny Williams is less than impressed.

Pitchers and catchers have reported now, and for some teams position players as well. But to save checking out a collection of Derek Jeter's best work, we're going to look at the WAGs of pitchers and catchers. Have to say, Ashley Papelbon looks about how I figured the wife of that D-Bag Jonathan would look.

Author Roland Lazenby has a new book coming out on LA Lakers legend Jerry West (aka "The Logo") in which he debunks the story that Wilt Chamberlain was as successful with the ladies as he claimed to be. The Stilt, you may recall, once said he'd slept with 20,000 women over the years. While we're on the topic, I'm gonna call B.S. on KISS bassist Gene Simmons claims he's north of 5,000 while we're at it, mostly because I'd prefer to think ladies have some kind of taste, or pride. Hate that twat. Literally.

Don't look now, but Canada is tied for the lead in gold medals at the Olympics. Maybe it isn't quite "Disown The Podium" after all?

Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Old Rivals Renew Hostilities

The dream hockey match-up - Canada vs. Russia - will be a quarter-final affair instead of the much hoped final on Sunday. Canada downed Germany 8-2 last night and while it was good to see the offence show up, can't take big comfort in Roberto Luongo flopping about in giving up a pair. Word from Damien Cox of the Toronto Star (via Twitter) is that not some players were not impressed that Mike Babcock passed over Rick Nash to let Sidney Crosby take the penalty shot after Nash was hauled down.

The puck drops at 7:30 and the roads around Canada will be mostly deserted at what should be another record viewing audience. Prediction? Russia has hardly brought the offensive lumber they were projected to and have struggled to score the last two games, and have been getting some shaky goaltending, all of which should sound familiar. I'm going to say Canada wins a thriller 5-3.

Alex Ovechkin will surely get plenty of attention tonight. S.L. Price - and who the hell goes by S.L.? - at says Ovechkin haunts Canada's gold dreams.

Champions League action continues today and the matchup's don't get any juicier than Chelsea visiting Inter Milan in what should be a fantastic game. I'm sure former Chelsea manager Jose Morinho has more than a few quotes at the ready for post-game. That one kicks off at 2:45 on CITY-TV.

PTI host Tony Kornheiser has been suspended from work for two weeks for commenting on his radio show that Hannah Storm was sporting a less than flattering outfit. Didn't know you could be suspended for stating your opinion on someone's outfit. Way to go, ESPN, how very freedom of speech of you.

Best line of the spring so far: Chicago White Sock Andrew Jones showed up in great shape and about 25 pounds lighter than last year. And he proclaimed to all who'd listen "I am the best centre fielder you guys have in camp." To which Joey Cora replied, "You should be. Only pitchers and catchers have reported." That's the hardest hit of Cora's career.

Check out the 20 Funniest Figure Skating Faces. Awesome stuff.

There is a school of thought that exists that because the NHL didn't get coverage on NBC of the U.S. vs. Canada on Sunday, they may jump ship on future Olympic involvement. Now, if Gary Bettman's logic is that lack of support means you ought to change plans, then he should be looking to move a few teams out of markets that clearly don't care.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sh!t on Jaromir Jagr?

Nice work at the right by ESPN in their caption of Alexander Ovechkin's hit on Jaromir Jagr on Sunday.

Heard something about a hockey game tonight. Details?

Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett is living up to his rep as one of baseball's bad seeds. Entering the final year of his deal with the Sox, his contract demands are pretty straightforward: he is insisting he be the highest paid player on the team, nevermind he didn't perform nearly to that level at times. That said, he's been a playoff stud his entire career, and the Sox are going to have to back up the Brinks truck for him, or he's gonzo.

Nice of Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers to predict this will be his last season with the Dodgers and Randy Moss to predict this will be his last year with the New England Patriots. Wouldn't it be great if their teams came out and said "yep, dead right!"?

When asked if Roberto Luongo would be the goalie for the remainder of the Olympic tourney, Canadian coach Mike Babcock replied "that's the plan" which also marks the first indication he's got a plan. Best crack on Babcock to date: "what does Babcock know about coaching Canadian players?"

Check out these absolutely amazing pictures from the Olympics so far. Wish I had a camera that could take shots like these.

Not sure about you, but I find it real annoying hearing Cassie Campbell call a play "sick" or talking about her time as a player. The Canadian women's team earned a gold medal shot Thursday against the U.S. with an easy 5-0 win over Finland. The U.S. pounded Sweden 9-1. The women's tourney has been the polar opposite of the men's: predictable, dull, non-competitive.

The San Diego Chargers took the "LT" out of "Bolts" yesterday in releasing LaDanian Tomlinson. ProFootballTalk figures he could land in Minnesota or Indianapolis.

Finally today, Hitler reacts to the Canadian loss on Sunday to the U.S. Incredible finishing line on Dany Heatley. Wow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Get off the ledge, Canada...

I'm going to go against the grain here, partly because I prefer to in many instances, and suggest everybody dial the national angst down and relax. Yes, Canada lost 5-3 to a hungrier U.S. side but save for a ridiculous goaltending performance from Ryan Miller, Canada wins that game easy. Sure, you can think that Martin Brodeur was at fault, though I don't know how Sidney Crosby deflecting pucks into his own net is Brodeur's doing, but you'd be ignoring the series of saves Brodeur made to keep the Canucks in the game the further on it went. Sure, the road is a little tougher with an extra game in there now but it is Germany and last I checked, we're not playing soccer, we're playing hockey and they'll always be inferior. That would see Canada face the Russians next who are having trouble scoring, and are getting shaky goaltending. Sound familiar? If Canada can't get up for that, at home, then they deserve the beating they'll take in the media and public over the next months and years, but they will. That'll likely mean a date with Sweden, the defending champion, Friday night in the semis. Impossible to beat? Hardly. Point is they're very much in this thing still and don't be surprised if they're in the gold medal game Sunday. I know I won't be. That said, for the love of all that is logical, keep Chris Pronger far far away from any important minutes, and as I said last week, coach Mike Babcock needs to settle on lime combination and live or die with them. The constant tinkering has gotten him nowhere thus far.

Canadian hockey fans cheer for a hit the way English soccer fans cheer a cross field pass that doesn't advance the ball. Sure, it is part of the game, but hardly the objective, unless, of course, you go like Alexander Ovechkin did yesterday with a crushing mid-ice hit on Jaromir Jagr that nearly dislodged his mullet and led to what would be the winning Russian goal.

Good friend of RM Bronx Bomber, who has his own blog cryptically entitled "Gambling and Hatred For Everything That Isn't Me" writes this piece on last night's hockey game and why the loss is pretty satisfying in a way. He makes good points that are sure to infuriate some.

The New York Mets hit 73 fewer homers than the major league average last year, so are cutting the size of the walls at Citi Field in half to 8'. They might want to move them in some, too.

Are mullets standard issue with Czech hockey helmets?

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie is off to a hell of a start for his career at the tender age of 25. He's got 7 kids with 6 baby mamas in 5 states. Are 'domes not available in his world?

The MLS is assuring fans it will not lock players out and will play the 2010 season under the just expired rules. Problem is the players haven't said they won't strike, though it seems hard to imagine they would.

Wondering if The Lord told Deion Sanders to wager $100 on his son's football game, a game contested by seven and eight year old's? But hey, at least he won.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Border War

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal tweeted on why NBC is showing ice dancing ahead of the Canada vs. U.S. hockey game today. Regardless of that number, I have a hard time believing the U.S. public would prefer ice dancing to hockey, but then again, there is that whole American Idol thing to rationalize away. The two teams will get it on at 7:30 tonight with a whole lot at stake in the form of a higher seeding come the knockout rounds, and there's a tonne of pressure on Canada after a less than impressive second game against Switzerland.

Cain Velazquez knocked Minotauro Noguiera half way back to the U.S. at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia in what some call a sizeable upset. Velazquez moves to a perfect 8-0 and has injected himself into the title picture to face Brock Lesnar down the road. Fantastic card overall, with none of the fights broadcast going the distance.

Everton continue to play the part of giant killers, with recent wins over Chelsea and yesterday, over Manchester United to their credit. American Landon Donovan continues to play real well during his loan period from the LA Galaxy.

The latest in the comedy of errors that is Vancouver 2010: a security guard with leprosy. And here I thought that stuff went out when the Bible was written.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman took the time to announce that the NHL is not opting out of future Olympic involvement. Guess he figures nobody will notice he didn't exactly say they were opting in, either.

Thanks to this past Thursday's deadline deal that brought the New York Knicks Tracy McGrady, the Knicks will now have $32 million to spend this summer when the big free agents - LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh - hit the market. That is ample money to get two of those three, and it wouldn't shock me if they get LeBron and say "tell us who you want" of the others. If Knicks GM Donnie Walsh can pull that off, he'll have earned his money.

30 Hot Female Tennis Players. Why not?

The great free agent soap opera of the baseball off-season is over, as Johnny Damon signed with the Detroit Tigers. I'm sure he'll be glad to sign for one year and $8 million after his agent Scott Boras told the New York Yankees, the team Damon desperately wanted to stay with, he wouldn't take a paycut from the $13 million he made last year and demanded a two year deal. That'll be worth chipping off 5% to him. At least the real estate in Detoilet is cheap.

So about that "Own the Podium" thing...nevermind.

In case you missed Mike Milbury's latest crack at Alexander Ovechkin, check it out here. Good to see Jeremy Roenick tune him like a harp on this debate. Hilarious to hear Milbury go on about what it takes to have a leader or put together a winning team. Wasn't he the guy who put the New York Islanders into the toilet?