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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Old Rivals Renew Hostilities

The dream hockey match-up - Canada vs. Russia - will be a quarter-final affair instead of the much hoped final on Sunday. Canada downed Germany 8-2 last night and while it was good to see the offence show up, can't take big comfort in Roberto Luongo flopping about in giving up a pair. Word from Damien Cox of the Toronto Star (via Twitter) is that not some players were not impressed that Mike Babcock passed over Rick Nash to let Sidney Crosby take the penalty shot after Nash was hauled down.

The puck drops at 7:30 and the roads around Canada will be mostly deserted at what should be another record viewing audience. Prediction? Russia has hardly brought the offensive lumber they were projected to and have struggled to score the last two games, and have been getting some shaky goaltending, all of which should sound familiar. I'm going to say Canada wins a thriller 5-3.

Alex Ovechkin will surely get plenty of attention tonight. S.L. Price - and who the hell goes by S.L.? - at says Ovechkin haunts Canada's gold dreams.

Champions League action continues today and the matchup's don't get any juicier than Chelsea visiting Inter Milan in what should be a fantastic game. I'm sure former Chelsea manager Jose Morinho has more than a few quotes at the ready for post-game. That one kicks off at 2:45 on CITY-TV.

PTI host Tony Kornheiser has been suspended from work for two weeks for commenting on his radio show that Hannah Storm was sporting a less than flattering outfit. Didn't know you could be suspended for stating your opinion on someone's outfit. Way to go, ESPN, how very freedom of speech of you.

Best line of the spring so far: Chicago White Sock Andrew Jones showed up in great shape and about 25 pounds lighter than last year. And he proclaimed to all who'd listen "I am the best centre fielder you guys have in camp." To which Joey Cora replied, "You should be. Only pitchers and catchers have reported." That's the hardest hit of Cora's career.

Check out the 20 Funniest Figure Skating Faces. Awesome stuff.

There is a school of thought that exists that because the NHL didn't get coverage on NBC of the U.S. vs. Canada on Sunday, they may jump ship on future Olympic involvement. Now, if Gary Bettman's logic is that lack of support means you ought to change plans, then he should be looking to move a few teams out of markets that clearly don't care.

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