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Monday, February 22, 2010

Get off the ledge, Canada...

I'm going to go against the grain here, partly because I prefer to in many instances, and suggest everybody dial the national angst down and relax. Yes, Canada lost 5-3 to a hungrier U.S. side but save for a ridiculous goaltending performance from Ryan Miller, Canada wins that game easy. Sure, you can think that Martin Brodeur was at fault, though I don't know how Sidney Crosby deflecting pucks into his own net is Brodeur's doing, but you'd be ignoring the series of saves Brodeur made to keep the Canucks in the game the further on it went. Sure, the road is a little tougher with an extra game in there now but it is Germany and last I checked, we're not playing soccer, we're playing hockey and they'll always be inferior. That would see Canada face the Russians next who are having trouble scoring, and are getting shaky goaltending. Sound familiar? If Canada can't get up for that, at home, then they deserve the beating they'll take in the media and public over the next months and years, but they will. That'll likely mean a date with Sweden, the defending champion, Friday night in the semis. Impossible to beat? Hardly. Point is they're very much in this thing still and don't be surprised if they're in the gold medal game Sunday. I know I won't be. That said, for the love of all that is logical, keep Chris Pronger far far away from any important minutes, and as I said last week, coach Mike Babcock needs to settle on lime combination and live or die with them. The constant tinkering has gotten him nowhere thus far.

Canadian hockey fans cheer for a hit the way English soccer fans cheer a cross field pass that doesn't advance the ball. Sure, it is part of the game, but hardly the objective, unless, of course, you go like Alexander Ovechkin did yesterday with a crushing mid-ice hit on Jaromir Jagr that nearly dislodged his mullet and led to what would be the winning Russian goal.

Good friend of RM Bronx Bomber, who has his own blog cryptically entitled "Gambling and Hatred For Everything That Isn't Me" writes this piece on last night's hockey game and why the loss is pretty satisfying in a way. He makes good points that are sure to infuriate some.

The New York Mets hit 73 fewer homers than the major league average last year, so are cutting the size of the walls at Citi Field in half to 8'. They might want to move them in some, too.

Are mullets standard issue with Czech hockey helmets?

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie is off to a hell of a start for his career at the tender age of 25. He's got 7 kids with 6 baby mamas in 5 states. Are 'domes not available in his world?

The MLS is assuring fans it will not lock players out and will play the 2010 season under the just expired rules. Problem is the players haven't said they won't strike, though it seems hard to imagine they would.

Wondering if The Lord told Deion Sanders to wager $100 on his son's football game, a game contested by seven and eight year old's? But hey, at least he won.

Have a great Monday.


hi said...

Park Chanho signs with the Yankees. I might be seen at the Rogers Centre many times the upcoming season.

TB said...

Great pickup for that price, that's for sure. Especially if he pitches as well as he did in the World Series last year.

Brian Bruney asked for $1.5 in arb from the Yanks and they dealt him to Washington, so they now upgrade for $300k less. Me likes!

BronxBomber said...

Thanks for the plug.

Not sure if anyone caught this but during the game I was flicking and ended up on Sportsnet. There were 2 "Hillbillies dancing" in the full attire and all from Scotland. How the hell is that an Olympic sport.

ts said...

Bronx I thought your blog piece was weak on Canadian hockey. Alot of shock value with minimal facts. Scrolled down to read if the rest was the same and was pleased to see some of your other stuff was solid. I probably would not even have said anything here if I thought all of your blog was crap.

I agree you got those parents out there but you only get a few on each team, even at a high level. If anything you have more kids on your team that have pipe dreams and keep living it well into their 20's. But that story is not as exciting as the parent story, more pathetic then anything.

I am sure you could find the same breed of parents in Trinidad for some national love? Ala football parents in Texas and short track parents in S Korea. HAHA