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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Border War

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal tweeted on why NBC is showing ice dancing ahead of the Canada vs. U.S. hockey game today. Regardless of that number, I have a hard time believing the U.S. public would prefer ice dancing to hockey, but then again, there is that whole American Idol thing to rationalize away. The two teams will get it on at 7:30 tonight with a whole lot at stake in the form of a higher seeding come the knockout rounds, and there's a tonne of pressure on Canada after a less than impressive second game against Switzerland.

Cain Velazquez knocked Minotauro Noguiera half way back to the U.S. at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia in what some call a sizeable upset. Velazquez moves to a perfect 8-0 and has injected himself into the title picture to face Brock Lesnar down the road. Fantastic card overall, with none of the fights broadcast going the distance.

Everton continue to play the part of giant killers, with recent wins over Chelsea and yesterday, over Manchester United to their credit. American Landon Donovan continues to play real well during his loan period from the LA Galaxy.

The latest in the comedy of errors that is Vancouver 2010: a security guard with leprosy. And here I thought that stuff went out when the Bible was written.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman took the time to announce that the NHL is not opting out of future Olympic involvement. Guess he figures nobody will notice he didn't exactly say they were opting in, either.

Thanks to this past Thursday's deadline deal that brought the New York Knicks Tracy McGrady, the Knicks will now have $32 million to spend this summer when the big free agents - LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh - hit the market. That is ample money to get two of those three, and it wouldn't shock me if they get LeBron and say "tell us who you want" of the others. If Knicks GM Donnie Walsh can pull that off, he'll have earned his money.

30 Hot Female Tennis Players. Why not?

The great free agent soap opera of the baseball off-season is over, as Johnny Damon signed with the Detroit Tigers. I'm sure he'll be glad to sign for one year and $8 million after his agent Scott Boras told the New York Yankees, the team Damon desperately wanted to stay with, he wouldn't take a paycut from the $13 million he made last year and demanded a two year deal. That'll be worth chipping off 5% to him. At least the real estate in Detoilet is cheap.

So about that "Own the Podium" thing...nevermind.

In case you missed Mike Milbury's latest crack at Alexander Ovechkin, check it out here. Good to see Jeremy Roenick tune him like a harp on this debate. Hilarious to hear Milbury go on about what it takes to have a leader or put together a winning team. Wasn't he the guy who put the New York Islanders into the toilet?

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