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Saturday, May 9, 2009


The last five years, only 12 of the 30 teams leading their division on May 8th made the playoffs in Major League Baseball. That's 40% for the mathematically has gotten to the point of evaluating health records for Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikes as things appear on again. Or, as I hope it ends up, they're reviewing the "before" information. For their part, some of Favre's former teammates on the New York Jets aren't impressed with his act...the Philadelphia MLS entry will be known as the "Union", and have a snake on their logo as you can see here. Who would've guessed Duran Duran wielded that kind of influence?...Toronto FC travel to Washington tonight to face DC United at the always rocking RFK. This one sees the hosts - first in the east - trying to keep their spot to the second place TFC. Coverage is 7:30 on Rogers SportsNet...the first pitch Alex Rodriguez saw in his return left Camden Yards for a three run shot. More impressive was CC Sabathia who went the distance in pitches, and retired 17 straight at one point. Now would be a good time to win 5 or 6 straight...Alex Ovechkin nailed Sergei Gonchar - and what is with all the Russian on Russian crime? - with a knee on knee hit that has the Pittsburgh Pens seething. The Pens evened the series with a 5-3 win over the fading Washington Capitals. Game 5 in this all-even series goes today, thanks to the geniuses at the NHL that pander to a TV deal that pays them peanuts south of the border..the Carolina Hurricanes are on the verge of upsetting the Boston Bruins after they took a 3-1 series lead. Coach Paul Maurice is looking pretty good now that he's got some talent around, no?...gotta love the way this Phoenix Coyotes sale is transpiring, especially when they're characterizing the NHL as running things like an "illegal cartel". The Coyotes also referenced the Toronto Maple Leafs in court filings as being an impediment to good business...another night for the Houston Rockets, another loss, and another ejection for Ron Artest. Things are unravelling fast for the Rockets...have a great Saturday.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Manny Ramirez is the first high profile Major Leaguer to be suspended under MLB's drug policy, and he'll be out 50 games as a result. Somewhere, as RMer J.C. notes, Selena Roberts has to be figuring karma dealt her a cruel blow for her less than sound reporting on A-Rod with this story now sure to dominate headlines the week that her book hit the shelves. To that I add this: that book is going to sell less than a Chris Brown record at a battered women's shelter. I'll leave the lame "Roidmerez" moniker's to others..Buster Olney notes this is a chance for baseball to finally get it right and go zero tolerance. Why does it feel like that time is long past? for A-Rod, he returns to the New York Yankees tonight and the way they've been going, not a moment too soon. Wonder if he finally ends up a hero and brings them back from mediocrity? They've gone nowhere without him, that much is certain...Brett Favre is now back in the retired camp, or at least that's the latest word. For now. We think. The more I think about it, the more I'd love to see him come back to play for Minny just to see the hate he'd get from the Green Bay Packers fans when the Vikes visit in Week 8. In a perfect world, his consecutive game streak would end at Lambeau Field, perhaps with a few unnecessary roughness, spearing and other personal fouls called on the Packers defence...while at The Beer Store yesterday, some guy rolls in, about 28 I figure, and asks the cashier when they'll be getting their summer clothes. Seriously. You're 28 and are asking to buy beer gear? Why don't you just grow the mullet and complete the mental is a 2-1 comeback called "remarkable"? Must not be a heap of offence in your sport if that is the word used, no? Well, that's the word used to describe the Chicago Black Hawks 2-1 overtime win over the Hongcouver Canucks. That series sits a 2-2 now...the Detroit Red Wings hammered the Anaheim Ducks 6-3, chasing Jonas Hiller from the Ducks goal and killing the suggestion he was bullet proof. The Wings have won six straight road playoff games when trailing 2-1 in a series...Mariano Rivera is now BJ Ryan with a resume. Yes, that's how sour I am after another blown game last night...back with the PTP later. Have a great Friday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gretzky would pocket $22.5 million if Coyotes sold

The bad blood is starting to flow in the Houston/LA Lakers series, one evened up by the Lakers yesterday. The Tru Warrior got into it with Kobe Bryant after The Rapist flicked an elbow at Artest's mellon, leading to the rather unfortunate haircut at right, and Artest's took until the dying minutes of injury time for Barcelona to generate their first real chance of the game, one which they trailed 1-0, but Andres Iniesta dropped a dagger into Chelsea's hearts with a killer shot from the top of the box to even the score, and put Barcelona into the Champions League final against Manchester United. And really, could there be a more appealing final? Those two have been the best all year, with United also doubling as the defending champion. Develop a cold on May 27th, this is gonna be a great one...on the heels of Arsenal bowing out of the Champions League on Tuesday, one fan figured that was enough, and decided to hang himself, wearing his jersey no less. Good thing he's not taking things too seriously...Derek Jeter isn't even looking to pull an employee discount in renting a private box for the season at Yankee Stadium. The cost? A mere $850,000. Word is the box is even equipped to not show replays of balls going past him to his left side...shame for Manchester United that Chelsea flamed out. After all, with the Blues having Michael Ballack in their side, it would have guaranteed a win for United with the perennial bridesmaid on the other side...Charles Barkley has the Denver Nuggets to win the NBA's ugly trophy. If that happens, can you think of a more important trade in any sports history than the Nuggets acquisition of Chauncey Billups?...Memo to New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman: go get Huston Street or somebody that can work out of the bullpen other than Mariano Rivera or Brian Bruney. Then purchase a gun and shoot Phil Coke...the nicer the weather gets, the less I care about the NHL playoffs, but for what it is worth, Pittsburgh won to get to within a game of their series with Washington, and Carolina surprisingly leads Boston after a 3-2 win...think Wayne Gretzky wants the Phoenix Coyotes sale to Jim Balsillie to happen? He stands to pocket $22.5 million if it does...Toronto FC won the opening game of the Canadian Championship, 1-0 over the Vancouver Whitecaps...back with the PTP later.

Alone, the terms "Pittsburgh Steelers fan", "gynecologist" and "The Price is Right" aren't that funny, but when you put them all together and the guy doesn't go with the traditional $1 bid when he thinks the rest have overbid, well, that is worth a look.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arsenal outgunned

The LA Dodgers are now a perfect - and MLB record - 12-0 at home to open the year. They're going to destroy that division and have it wrapped up by mid-August, if not sooner...Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony gives the fourth most to charity in the U.S. Not just among athletes, anyone. That's damn impressive for a guy with a less than stellar reputation among most observers. Good for Melo...Bill Simmons ("The Sports Guy") asks if people really think that General Motors would have been worse off if it were run by Gary Bettman and Isaiah Thomas. Ouch...somebody get Jason Bay off of the New York Yankees. He pwns them, with three homers and 10RBI in five games this season, all Sox wins...see the video of Britney Spears where a fan jumped on stage and scared the life out of her? Watch her reaction at 2:15 and note the lack of change in audio...RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie is at it again, with an offer of $212.5 million in to buy the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes. Would be nice to have the former Winnipeg Jets back in Canada, but given Bill Simmons question above as it pertains to Gary Bettman, you're as likely to see them land in Mexico. Now would be a great time for the Player's Union to recognize that their pay is based on revenues, and pushing for another team in Toronto/Ontario can only help them, not hurt them. A fight with Bettman should be a given...I've solved the New York Yankees problems by dropping a 140 kilotonne nuke on Boston. Very therapeutic website didn't take long for Manchester United to essentially finish their semi-final with Arsenal. Two goals in the first 11 minutes will do that kind of thing, and they cruised to a 3-1 win. United defender Patrice Evra said it was 11 men playing against 11 boys, which is notable in that it is the first time a Frenchman is smack talking anyone as being weak. Three weeks from today, they'll meet the winner of the Chelsea/Barcelona semi-final, which goes today at 2:45 on TSN...New York Yankee outfielder, and former Red Sock, Johnny Damon on the difference between the two clubs and how the Sox treated captain Jason Varitek this off season: "I couldn’t believe that they were letting him walk and try to find a team. That’s the difference between New York and Boston...If you’re a part of New York, they’re going to keep you there: Posada, Jeter, Mariano, it’s the first time in history guys have been on the same team for 15 years. It goes to show you something about how the Yankees think, and how many Yankees players have been exclusive with one team. They keep them forever. (The Red Sox) were ready to let (Varitek) go." Not sure if Damon has paid much attention, but moving in younger, cheaper talent has served the Sox well, and Varitek didn't deserve a dime more than he got after a horrific 2008. The Yankees keeping Derek Jeter at short when he's as much a statue as those in monument park, or keeping a catcher past his mid-30's (Posada) has done what, exactly, other than weaken the defence and waste payroll? But good of Damon to back a guy who shares Scott Boras as an agent...Selena Roberts, the author of "A-Rod", was also the author who burried the Duke lacrosse players well in advance of them being 100% cleared of any wrongdoing - something she never retracted or apologized following, notes Jason Whitlock, who takes her to task for flimsy deductions and rushing to judgment...Toronto FC host the Vancouver Whitecaps tonight in the first game of the Canadian Championship. Kickoff is 8 bells on SportsNet...for tonight, play the Yankees/Rays over 10. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Whatever happened to Geddy Lee at Toronto Blue Jay games? Maybe he's one of the average of 6,428 fewer fans attending Jays games on average this season, the third biggest decline in baseball...and what about the voice of Geddy Lee, how did it get so high? I wonder if he speaks like an ordinary guy?...a pair of hat-tricks from Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin in a series that so far is living up to the hype. The Caps managed another goal, however, and held serve at home to lead the series 2-0. Hilites below. Those lit UPS ads on the the rinks boards in Washington and elsewhere have to go...anybody figure the KC Royals would be first in the AL Central in May? Granted, hardly the best division but still. Zach Greinke is now 6-0 with another complete game shutout registered...Buster Olney, maybe the most informed voice in baseball in my opinion, was on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike Show yesterday and called most of the evidence in Selena Roberts book "A-Rod" "circumstantial" at best, and notes he knows plenty of guys who gain 25lbs in a year in high school, as I'm sure most do. Doug Mientkiewicz, a high school teammate of A-Rod's, said there it was "99.9% impossible" he used then without D.M. being aware of it. Olney said there is absolutely no smoking gun telling us any more than what we've already had confirmed. He called the book "wanting, badly" and lacking in attribution of even the simplest details. On pitch tipping, Olney said what was presented was a hypothetical and that when his former teammate and second baseman Michael Young says the allegation is "ridiculous", you have to believe that. His manager at the time - Buck Showalter - also said there was no way he tipped pitches, and if he had, it would have been addressed immediately in the dugout. Showalter is a hardass, if you didn't know. But at least Roberts had named sources for the notion he only tips 15% at Hooters, which puts him about 15% ahead of Tiger Woods and Scottie "No Tippin'" Pippen. Ought to get interesting this weekend when A-Rod returns. He'll get booed, sure, but he'll resume slamming the ball off walls and out of the yard, same as always...Megan Fox video. Enough said. I swear to you it is the real deal or may my Yankees never win another's Jon Heyman looks at the contenders and pretenders among the early season surprises. Jays fans - don't expect to be impressed...New York Yankee pitcher AJ Burnett must be some kind of movie buff. How else do you explain this swank theatre in his home? Scroll down for more pics here at the right of the page. Burnett's Yankees have got a load of pressure on them tonight as they try not to get swept in a two-game series at home that would leave them 0-5 against Boston on the year after last night's 6-4 loss...hands up, who had the LA Lakers losing Game 1 at home to Houston and the Boston Celtics losing at home to Orlando?...the latest on RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie is he's looking to bring an NHL team to Burlington. Burlington?...Arsenal hosts Manchester United today in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final. United won their home leg 1-0 last week, and can advance with a win or tie of any score. A 1-0 loss and the game head's to overtime. My bet is United advance whatever the case, they simply won't be shut out today and with Rio Ferdinand healthy, their defence will be strong. Can't wait for this one...RMer J.C. asks what's the most shocking Tampa Bay Ray stat: Carl Crawford has 18 steals, Evan Longoria has 31 RBI, Carlos Pena has 11 HR, or that Tampa is 11-16?...back with your PTP later.

Caps vs. Pens hilites...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Leroy ain't moving...unless...

It took triple overtime, but the Anaheim Ducks managed to even their series with the Detroit Red Wings. I would not be shocked at all if the Ducks finish off the Wings. How much has Ryan Getzlaf's profile grown with his playoff performance? Call him a Team Canada lock for the 2010 Olympics...Cam Ward made 36 saves for the shutout as the Carolina Hurricanes evened their series with the Boston Bruins, the B's first loss in this playoff...the subject of trading Roy Halladay came up again, and while Toronto Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi didn't call him untouchable, he did say it would take a "boatload" to move Leroy...after Saturday's devestating knockout, Ricky Hatton's trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. and others are thinking it is time the Hitman pack it in. Somehow, you have to figure boxing doesn't really want a guy who brings people from across the pond into Vegas for fights to shut it down quite yet, and can't imagine Hatton wants to go out that way either...seems yesterday's "Rick Roll" wasn't a hit with some RMers. Guess the title wasn't clue enough...hard to believe that a club like Newcastle United are in the relegation zone. The Magpies were pounded 3-0 by Liverpool yesterday, and word is it could've been triple that...speaking of Liverpool, their manager Rafa Benitez is talking smack again, saying Manchester United will slip up in the final handful of games. Somebody needs to explain to Rafa that United can afford to slip up a lot more than Liverpool, what with a three point lead and a game in hand...I really don't understand the logic behind having the second round of the NBA playoffs start while some are still playing the first, but that's what we saw yesterday as the Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavs tipped off their series - with the Nuggets an easy winner while the Miami Heat were going down meekly to the Atlanta Hawks in Game 7 of their first round series. If you're David Stern, you'd think you want to sports world focused on a Game 7, no?...the CFL Draft went this weekend, still awaiting confirmation that no dead people were drafted...your PTP today is the Blue Jays/Indians over 10. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ricky be rolling...

Ricky Hatton suffered one of the scariest knockouts you're likely ever to see at the hands of Manny Pacquiao. Three times he hit the canvas in under two rounds, the last looking like he might be dead quite honestly. Pacquiao is incredible, particularly the speed with which he delivers his punches, and when Hatton started round two looking to brawl and flailing wildly, you had to figure it was only a matter of time before he hit the canvas for a final time...if you believe in omens - good or bad - then this one falls under the latter. In the middle of a storm, the Dallas Cowboys practice bubble collapsed and injured twelve at a rookie camp. No matter really, none of their picks were first rounders as it was...the Minnesota Vikings are seriously considering bringing in Brett Favre. Right, because that'll put them over the top. Can't wait to see the venom that would flow his way going back to Green Bay with a divisional rival...the Washington Capitals held serve in Game 1 of their series, downing the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2. Heard at least a dozen people bitch about the start time of 1pm yesterday...suddenly, Don Cherry is taking up for Sidney Crosby, calling him the best player in the NHL...WWE star Batista was in Pacquiao's corner last night. Guess that explains the tat on his shoulder...a funny thing happened on the way to a comfortable 2-0 series lead for the Vancouver Canucks. With the 'nucks up 2-0 early, the Black Hawks rallied for five unanswered to take the game and even the series...the Boston Celtics did what champions do last night and defended their turf and finished off the Chicago Bulls at home...after a 1-1 draw in Toronto, the Columbus Crew 0-4-3 on the season, the worst ever record to open a season for a defending MLS email of the week to the Jim Rome Show comes after Rome interviewed Carolina Hurricane Ray Whitney, who had one of his kids crying in the background. The email read: "Dear Jim, why is Ray Whitney doing his interview from Sidney Crosby's house?"...Real Madrid were smashed 6-2 at home by Barcelona, effectively giving Barca the Spanish championship. Nice showing, Real...finally today, Bukkake gives you a great link to a sports site worth seeing...have a great Sunday.