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Saturday, September 4, 2010

$6.666666666666666 million is not the number of the beast

The Ilya Kovalchuk saga is finally over, and he know has an approved 15 year, $100 million deal with the New Jersey Devils, which is oh so fitting because that averages out to $6.666666666666666 million a year.  Of course, that continues to infinity, but thought one decimal place per year was fitting.  That deal, and deal like it, led to a quick change to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

One baseball man who goes back year's with Cliff Lee says he has no doubt he'll be pitching for the New York Yankees next year.  Me likes.   But speaking of Yankee pitchers, AJ Burnett is a career 22-21 with the Yankees (his great playoff run last year not included).  Over the last 15 years, that's the lowest win percentage among Yankee starters with 50+ starts.  Second lowest?  Javier Vazquez.  They're going to need one of them to show up - at least - come playoff time if they're to win championship #28.

Is the MLS rule that requires a certain number of Canadian players to be on the rosters of Toronto FC, and soon Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact, about to be eliminated in favor of a "North American player" quota?  It sure seems that way based on what TFC GM Mo Johnston is saying, and that only makes sense for a North American league.  Speaking of TFC, they'll be in tough tonight in Dallas what with it (1) being a road game and (2) three key players staying at BMO Field to suit up for Canada as they face Peru in a friendly.

Since August 15th, Derek Jeter is hitting .157, with more K's (12) than hits (11). Not what one would like in a contract year. Michael Kay, voice of the Yankees, said in his radio show that Hal Steinbrenner will make a fair contract offer to Jeter but he won't exceed it or go into A-Rod money or long years and is pragmatic enough that he'd let him walk. Especially given this year, that's a wise play to hold the line.  So if Jeter walks from 3 years and $60 million, is there anyone that offers much more than half that?  Boston?  Doubt they'd even do it.

There are over 50 NCAA football games on tap today. I got in early on LSU at -6. The line has since moved to -9 after word of North Carolina being down a dozen - yes, a dozen - players, almost all defensive starters, through a last minute suspension after some agent dealings. Inside info?  No, but I'll take luck like that. 

Since losing Justin Morneau, who was an MVP candidate until he got his bell rung against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Minnesota Twins have gone 33-18.

Most of the Euro 2012 qualifying went as expected, unless you're France, 1-0 losers at home to lowly Belarus.  But hey, at least the players knew the words to the anthem, a focal point ahead of the game for Les Bleus.  Then there was Portugal.  Good: scoring four goals.  Bad: Giving up four.  Worse: to Cyprus.  Worse still: at home.

Manny Ramirez has apologized - in English, even - for his behavior in his closing run as a Boston Red Sock Love how he praises himself for being such a stand up guy in apologizing.  Guess he forgets that the apology has been due for a couple years now, and that the only thing worse than people thinking you're a quitter is admitting you are.

Here's a look at the eight (alleged) "Code" violations by Washington National Nyjer Morgan in the past week or so.

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl.  Good enough for me!

Finally a pair of videos to close things out, from the NCAA.

Another girls cat fight in NCAA soccer.  Sometimes the ladies are more vicious than the guys...

Awesome trick play in the Presbyterian vs. Wake Forest game a couple days back.  How do three guys lose the ability to hear the whistle at the same time?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Money May goes off...

Pittsburgh Steeler legend Terry Bradshaw isn't exactly taking up for his old team in suggesting that Ben Roethlesberger's suspension should be the full six games, and no less, for how he has behaved.  I don't always agree with Bradshaw, but you have to respect he's willing to go out there with an opinion that will ruffle feathers.  In response, the NFL has cut the suspension to four games.

NFL attendance is expected to fall this year, for the third straight year, to its lowest levels since 1998.  Guess the threat of no football in 2012 isn't exactly creating an urge to get to the games.  That, or people are realizing that the sport is a lot better on TV than it is at the game itself.

What to do if you're an NHL team struggling to sell seats?  Put advertising over said seats and make a few bucks that way.  Must make Gary Bettman so proud that his U.S. vision is panning out so swimmingly.

Euro 2012 qualifying gets into full swing with a pile of games today.  Spain, not surprisingly, are the early betting favs to win the tourney, with Germany just behind.  I've got a sprinkle on Croatia today at Latvia.  Should be a comfortable win.

Ever heard of "bubbling"?  It is the creation of a mormon who isn't allowed to look at porn.  Great stuff.

Cheryl Tweedy - aka the wife of Chelsea defender Ashley Cole - has a 2011 calendar.  If this is 2011, it is gonna be a very good year.

Nevermind the rest, but Jersey Shore's The Situation needs his own TV show.  That guy is freaking awesome.  Maybe we'll allow Paulie D to ride shot gun, with cameos by Vinny.  The rest can leave.  Not sure what was funnier, Sitch unwittingly hitting on a dude, or picking up a girl, taking her home and then leaving her waiting in the room while he went and had a bite and a smoke, and then when finishing with her telling her that he had called her a cab and it was time to go.

Nice to see Floyd Mayweather get racial with it in referring to fighting the "midget" Manny Pacquiao, saying he will force Pacquiao to "make some sushi rolls and cook some rice." He also said "we're going to cook him with some cats and dogs."  Have to laugh at his "what the fuck you gettin' a tattoo for if you scared of needles?" bit.
RM returns this afternoon...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mega 90210 entry...

Here's the Florida Marlins situation, in short (as possible).  For years, the Marlins have cried poor - bad stadium, bad part of town, bad lease agreement that saw them get no parking revenue for example.  They claimed to be a money losing operation and kept squeezing Miami for a new stadium, a squeeze that ultimately worked and a new stadium is being built.  Recently, financial documents leaked that show they're not only nicely profitable and pocketing revenue sharing dollars rather than spending them to improve the team, but they've also collected millions in parking.  Buster Olney (ESPN Insider required) says the government should investigate.  And where is Bud Selig in all this?  He had to have known about this deception.  Guess he's and the feds are more worried about  PED investigations for guys out of the game that used in a time where there was no rule against it than protecting the people who support the team and are taxpayers.  Slimy, real slimy stuff, especially when your read the Marlins are among the most profitable teams in baseball.

For a purported "world championship", the World Basketball Championships sure doesn't have a big feel to it, does it?  Little coverage on TV and in papers, and no buzz at all. I'd wager if you asked 10 general sports fans, 3 max would know where the tourney is (Turkey, by the way).   Of all the team sports, only soccer gets it right on its own. The rest have their biggest stages at the Olympics.

Not sure why SportsNet stays with New York Yankee broadcasts through "God Bless America" in the 7th inning. Less sure why that and anthems remain part of domestic sports.

The European transfer window for its soccer clubs that just closed saw teams spend a combined £325,000, or $526,000,000 (Cdn). Crazy money.

I don't think the NFL going to 18 games will ultimately prove to be backbreaking for players bodies.  If anything, the lack of rest they get in the off season and with two-a-day camps has to do as much damage as anything.  But to hear Jerry Jones talk of how there are provisions in the CBA to go all the way to 22 games seems excessive.  Word is the move to 18 games will see each team play at least a game in a non-NFL market - think London, Barcelona, etc. - and add a second bye week.  The Super Bowl would push to mid-February and coincide with Ontario's Family Day weekend, which I'm all for.  What says "family" more than "daddy's hungover"?

Trademark looks in the NFL.  Yes, of course Wade Phillips blank stare when something goes afoul made the mix.  Not sure how "The Manning Look" didn't make it.  You know that one, the utterly stunned look when something goes wrong.

Almost a quarter of Toronto Raptors games this year will appear on SportsNet One, which isn't available to about half of Ontario homes right now, and more than half of Canadian homes.  This is what is known as providing a public service.  For me, SportsNet One has resulted in Yankee games on TV almost nightly, so am pretty happy with its arrival.

Cliff Lee has an ERA of 8.35 his last five starts for the Texas Rangers.  This is only slightly above his career average ERA pitching in Arlington, Texas.  For those thinking he'd resign in Texas: no chance.

A couple people of former New York Yankees - unnamed - say Derek Jeter's pride will make him insist he get A-Rod money in his next contract with the Yankees.  I know it is only money, and the Yankees could probably triple their payroll comfortably, but that's a mistake waiting to happen.  Jeter's defence his slipping, and so is his offence.  You want pride, DJ?  Sign for two more years, get your 3,000th hit sometime next year, maybe win another ring or two, retire.

Pitch F/X, which among other things, tracks pitchers speeds and locations, only has data dating back to the 2008 for regular season. But, Cincinnati Red Aroldis Chapman's 103.9mph fastball in his debut on Tuesday night was the fastest regular season pitch ever recorded. 103.9? Wow.

Audrina Patridge on Dancing With The Stars?  Interesting.

A whole heap of video here today, and all good stuff.

Up first, check out what Arizona Diamondback Adam LaRoche had played for teammate Kelly Johnson for his first two at-bats.  That's what you do when your team sucks, I guess.  Funny stuff.

A real baseball brawl last night.  Check this out.  Washington National Nyjer Morgan charges the mound, misses with a punch, and gets on the wrong end of a beautiful clothesline.

Another angle here, and Nyjer Morgan F-bombing the fans (not seen) and pounding his chest after getting tossed during a brawl.  Classy.  That said, throwing at the guy for doing something perfectly legal and not dirty is bush.

Oh I like the sounds of this!

In case you missed Roger Federer's "tweener" a couple days back, check it out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going into yesterday, the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays had been tied in first in the AL East for eight straight days, a record in MLB.  A Rays curb stomping at the hands of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Yankees beating of the Oakland A's resolved that, at least for a day.  The Yankees have had a share of first since June 22nd, but it is hardly a commanding lead, especially with a tough September ahead.

There have been 24 one-hitters thrown in baseball this year, if you were wondering.  Half of them against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Admittedly, part of that isn't true.

It is almost like we knew something yesterday in speculating that Matt Leinart might be a target for the Buffalo Bills.  Might have something to do with having three quarterbacks, which usually means you have none.  Come to find out the Bills, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants have all placed calls with the Arizona Cardinals to see if they're interested in dealing.

I haven't touched much, if at all, on the baseball money topic that has been bubbling the last week, but will tomorrow.  If you thought Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria - ex of the Montreal Expos - was slime before, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Just too big to cram in right now.

Continuing on yesterday's "booze is good for you" subject, got this pieces from KD that are simply amazing: what booze looks like under a microscope.  And what's more, you can buy these fine pieces as artwork.

The ever forward thinking UEFA - soccer's governing body in Europe - has issued a vuvuzela ban for Champion's League and Euro 2012 games.  They can't figure out how to know for sure if a goal is in or not, but this is pressing.

There are merely 59 NCAA football games kicking off on Saturday.  For fans of the college game, here are the Top 9 places to tailgate.  No argument with LSU.  Went there last year for Bukakke's stag and the scenery was spectacular.  The overflowing Johnny-On-The-Spots, not so much. I hate that our archaic booze laws in Canada don't allow this festival of fun to happen.  That, along with crazy ticket prices, are key reasons why the "Bills in Toronto" series has been such a bust.  Why pay to be fenced in and served way overpriced beer to the strains of Nickelback and the like when you can roll down the QEW to Buffalo and go wild?

Only two words needed to describe this one: Hipster Hitler.    Be sure to check out HH from "First Page" on.  So good.Maybe the best thing I've seen on the internet since Miranda Kerr in 3D.

Check out the Babes of the U.S Open, with extensive galleries of each.

And then there is this: Road Rage Cards.

Those crazy Icelanders are at it again.  Really need to grab me a jersey of this fine squad.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

900 posts!

Yep, you read correctly in the subject.  900 blog entries completed.  Not sure if that is worth anything, other than needing my head examined, but here's to at least another 100 more.

Check out these attendance figures for last night in baseball action: 11,000, 18,000, 14,000.  Bottom end teams?  Nope, the playoff bound Tampa Bay Rays hosting Toronto, the NL East leading Atlanta Braves hosting the New York Mets, and the NL Central leading Cincinnati Reds hosting Milwaukee.

Gotta give much respect to the Boston Red Sox this year, as much as it pains me to say it.  They've been absolutely decimated by injuries all year to position players and pitchers alike, but have somehow managed to stay in the race the entire year and in third place, though they're looking about done trailing by seven games entering the final month.  If they get healthy for next year, the AL East is going to be real interesting again, with maybe even the Blue Jays a possibility to make some noise.  And no, 13 games out this year does not qualify as making noise.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the OHB heavily regrets coming back for one year.  In addition to be overweight and losing one of his fav targets in Sidney Rice for at least half the season, he's already taking injections in his wonky ankle.

Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is pushing for a return of the World Cup, which in itself is comical.  If this is a legit tourney, shouldn't it be regularly on the calendar like, oh, every other World Cup?  With it sounding like NHL participation in the Olympics in 2014 is not happening, now is as good a time as any.  Burke is suggesting every two years and to replace the IIHF "World Championships", though every two years seems excessive.  Then again, isn't like there are qualifiers to play really, what with the dozens handfuls of nations that play hockey in the world.

Last week's hockey summit in Toronto included discussion of a women's NHL.  Right, because that would ever fly.

Come to find out that heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers.  So crack yourself a beer or dozen.  Repeat.

Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart - yes, he's still in the league - is a little bent that, well, the starting job isn't just being handed to him, I guess.  Very classy going to the media to ask the questions, though.  Am sure that is scoring points with his coaching staff and teammates alike.  If he's not careful, he'll soon be trying to sling the ball around Buffalo, which would be fun to watch in the wind.

Speaking of Buffalo, the over/under on Bills wins for the year is a mere 5.5, and you have to give extra to bet the under.  Ouch.  "And with the first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select..."

A trio of videos to close things out for today, starting with the Top 5 goals in Italy's Serie A this weekend.  Slim pickings, however, what with the lack of them.

Check out this high school football vid.  Love how the running back goes about 35 yards in the wrong direction before deciding that treating the ball like a live grenade is the best way to dispose of it.

The Cleveland Cavs lost LeBron, the Indians stink, and if this is any indication, the Browns are in for a brutal year.  Check out Detroit Lions rookie Ndamukong Suh - one of the best names in sports, by the way - try to decapitate QB Jake Delhomme on Sunday night and the response of the Browns is, well, see below.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend wrap

The Tampa Bay Rays, tied for the best record in the bigs, hosted the Boston Red Sox last night.  Big game, no?  You wouldn't know it by the empty seats in the pic at right.  Sad.

The Manny Ramirez deal to the Chicago White Sox is now done.  Manny, ever classy, had his last at bat as a Dodger yesterday and was thrown out for arguing balls and strikes with the bases loaded.  The strike?  Merely strike one.  Way to keep your eye on the prize, ManRam.

Frankie Edgar pounded out a five-round shutout of BJ Penn on Saturday night at UFC 118.  Not sure Penn is done, but a fast, scrambling guy like Edgar is a big match-up problem for him.  In the sideshow of the night, James Toney couldn't even come close to backing up all the junk he was talking as Randy Couture finished him barely three minutes into the first round.

Ahh, Toronto FC.  One game you have me believing you can go all the way if you can just get into the playoffs, a couple games later I've got a fork out for you.  As good as Real Salt Lake is, home draws will not do at this time of the year.

Been a while since we ran a Top 10 list, so here's a Top 10 Athletes Attacking Fans.

On a bit more of a serious note here, interesting project at CNN where they've got pictures taken of New Orleans five years ago after Hurricane Katrina hit and what the same spots look like today.  In many cases, not much has changed.  Pretty sad. The Lower Garden District picture (#21) is hilarious.

One game into the Spanish La Liga season and the talk is already of Jose Mourinho leaving Real Madrid to take over for Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United when he retires. Wesley Sneijder, who used to play for Mourinho, says the thought of returning to England "turns [Mourinho] on".  Weird.
Loving Fox Soccer's weekly EPL roundup.  Check this out, especially Dimitar Berbatov's beauty for Manchester United.
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