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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going into yesterday, the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays had been tied in first in the AL East for eight straight days, a record in MLB.  A Rays curb stomping at the hands of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Yankees beating of the Oakland A's resolved that, at least for a day.  The Yankees have had a share of first since June 22nd, but it is hardly a commanding lead, especially with a tough September ahead.

There have been 24 one-hitters thrown in baseball this year, if you were wondering.  Half of them against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Admittedly, part of that isn't true.

It is almost like we knew something yesterday in speculating that Matt Leinart might be a target for the Buffalo Bills.  Might have something to do with having three quarterbacks, which usually means you have none.  Come to find out the Bills, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants have all placed calls with the Arizona Cardinals to see if they're interested in dealing.

I haven't touched much, if at all, on the baseball money topic that has been bubbling the last week, but will tomorrow.  If you thought Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria - ex of the Montreal Expos - was slime before, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Just too big to cram in right now.

Continuing on yesterday's "booze is good for you" subject, got this pieces from KD that are simply amazing: what booze looks like under a microscope.  And what's more, you can buy these fine pieces as artwork.

The ever forward thinking UEFA - soccer's governing body in Europe - has issued a vuvuzela ban for Champion's League and Euro 2012 games.  They can't figure out how to know for sure if a goal is in or not, but this is pressing.

There are merely 59 NCAA football games kicking off on Saturday.  For fans of the college game, here are the Top 9 places to tailgate.  No argument with LSU.  Went there last year for Bukakke's stag and the scenery was spectacular.  The overflowing Johnny-On-The-Spots, not so much. I hate that our archaic booze laws in Canada don't allow this festival of fun to happen.  That, along with crazy ticket prices, are key reasons why the "Bills in Toronto" series has been such a bust.  Why pay to be fenced in and served way overpriced beer to the strains of Nickelback and the like when you can roll down the QEW to Buffalo and go wild?

Only two words needed to describe this one: Hipster Hitler.    Be sure to check out HH from "First Page" on.  So good.Maybe the best thing I've seen on the internet since Miranda Kerr in 3D.

Check out the Babes of the U.S Open, with extensive galleries of each.

And then there is this: Road Rage Cards.

Those crazy Icelanders are at it again.  Really need to grab me a jersey of this fine squad.

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gbvh said...

Great tennis collection.
Too bad the Bondarenko gallery isn't one.
After her win yesterday they went to do the on-court interview and the U.S. coverage just cut out to show the bracket instead. Bastards.