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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Women shouldn't drive, says Arshavin

It is funny hearing boxing guys like Bob Arum or Larry Merchant trash MMA as "two guys humping" when it goes to ground, but two boxers hugging and dancing about is somehow about your odd stat. Serena Williams has won the Aussie Open in every odd numbered year since 2003...Toronto Raptors play by play voice Matt Devlin and Rod Black sound so alike it is scary, til you listen to what they say. Devlin is light years preferable...that your boy here despises all things All-Star game almost universally is well established, but it just got worse in hearing that not only is the NBA including a game of HORSE, but that it won't actually be called HORSE. It'll be called GEICO. That's right, they sold the rights to a sponsor...the talk that Derek Jeter should be moved to centre is gaining steam in the media with plenty of statistical analysis as to why it would improve the Yankees. ESPN's Rob Neyer takes it a step further and says that Jeter should stay at short until this deal is done, and then be cut loose because he's not worth re-signing. Neyer best be careful venturing into the new Yankee Stadium, sacred cow steaks are not on the menu even though more than likely, he's right. If there's one thing I really respect in the Boston Red Sox, it is that GM Theo Epstein doesn't let the past outweigh the present or future. If Jeter was a Sock, you could bet he'd get moved to a spot where his defence didn't hurt the team, and he'd re-sign only at a lower on the heels of UFC 94, UFC gives a free card on SpikeTV tonight as Joe Lauzon faces Jeremy Stephens in the main event with a juicy side of Mac Danzig taking on Josh Neer. Is there any organization that does more right to give fans what they want than UFC? That starts at 9pm on Spike...Shaquille O'Neal is talking about going back to the LA Lakers, saying the previous feuding with Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson was all about marketing. Really?'s an incredible number when it comes to pitchers in baseball called the "3400 Club", which ranks the pitchers who have thrown more than 3400 pitches the season prior. Why? It predicts durability the following season. Don't believe it? Check out the 2007 list and you'll notice a heap of guys that had off years in 2008. So looking at the 2008 list, this Yankee fan is sweating bullets!...three straight Prime Time Pick winners for you now, and feeling like I'm in a groove. Hope you've been on board, that is 11-6 since the poll question on whether to continue or not went up. Playing Aston Villa on the road this morning (10am start so get in!). The Villans have won six straight on the road and seven straight overall in EPL play and are more than staking their claim for a Champions League spot next year. The Rovers are very much a middling team at home who concede plenty of goals, and at a pick, hard not to love Aston Villa. Also played AC Milan today at -1.5 -125 in what will be easy stuff against Reggina at home, and will likely add an NBA play or two later...GBVH passed on a fantastic piece on new Arsenal signing Andrei Arshavin where he describes his ideal woman, despite being married for all intents and purposes, and better still, says women shouldn't be allowed to drive. Awesome...looks like Sean Avery's time in exile is about done, and the New York Rangers seem the likely landing spot. In case Avery was watching his two former teams last night, the Dallas Stars dropped a 10-2 fisting on the Rangers...that's it for today, have I given you enough to talk about?

Bonus pick: Won't be counting this one given the whole "one game per day" nature of the PTP, but here's a winner for you: hammer Atlanta -7.5 over the visiting LA Clippers.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Excorcising the demons in Boston

Free agent pitcher Ben Sheets is debating having surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon in his pitching elbow. The recovery time for that is 9-10 months. Now, if you're a free agent, and know you've got an issue - there's a reason a guy with his numbers remains unsigned, and that is it - why not do the surgery last October or November and be that much closer to a return? Only Scott Boras has been giving worse advice this offseason...Memo to news anchor: when you're discussing one topic, make sure your production staff has the right video lined up, unless you're looking to produce something hilarious like this. Thanks to RM regular TS for this one...Lawrence Taylor and Stevie Wonder are being mentioned as possible contestants on Dancing With The Stars. I can think of dozens of great possibilities for this already...the San Antonio Spurs play one game at home in the next month, so expect them to be more likely to slip in the standings than to overtake the LA Lakers...the latest issue of Sports Illustrated has LeBron James as the runaway winner of the player poll for best all-round athlete in the NBA with 66% of the vote. If you witness LeBron play at all, you're bound to wonder where the other 34%'ll be seeing a lot more stories like this one in the coming months that suggest that Derek Jeter should not be the Yankees shortstop because of his sliding-into-the-abyss defence at that spot, and that he'd do his team a favor by moving to centre field...staying with the Yankees, Andruw Jones has declined an invite to the Yanks spring training as a non-roster invitee, claiming he's got other offers that would see him on rosters. Sure, and there's a huge field vying for ManRam...Baltimore Ravens free agent linebacker Ray Lewis will not be taking a hometown discount because "if you don't play less, you don't take less." How awesome is that explanation? He's also not opposed to looking elsewhere, and seems interested in the New York Jets...U.S. Swimming has suspended Michael Phelps three months from competition for his marijuana use, not that anybody will notice as it is in odd numbered, non-Olympic awesome was that LA Lakers overtime win over the Boston Celtics last night? Even better if you were on board with the Prime Time Pick last night!...have a great Friday, back with your PTP by 5pm Eastern.

UPDATE: Your PTP for the night is up, continuing to ride NBA plays as per the last week and more aside from the Super Bowl. That may change tomorrow with a morning EPL play, so be sure to check in early Saturday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Your Prime Time Pick is now posted. Not a lot to love on a short NBA board, and I'm avoiding the NHL like the plague these days, so making a small play on the LA Lakers tonight at +7. How can you not take 7 points for one of the best, who are looking to make up for last year's embarrassing close out game? Also like the 76ers Under 216 (more than the Lakers pick, to be frank) but wouldn't be fair to give you four minutes to get the wager in.

Good luck!

LeBron ups the ante

After a visit to the eye doctor's yesterday, I was able to confirm my Lasik sugery of 11 years ago remains perfect. It just seemed like I was seeing a disgusting blur ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday in the form of the Montreal Canadiens throw ups, err, throw back jerseys...speaking of the Super Bowl, Sunday's game pulled the second highest rating in the game's history, topped only by last year's game...what remains unsaid in the David Beckham discussions that could and likely will see him leave the LA Galaxy: what about all the season ticket holders of the Galaxy that bought tickets assuming they'd be seeing DB23?...good to see the Toronto Raptors show some heart last night, even if they ended up dropping a 115-107 decision to the LA Lakers. Missing was Jose Calderon for the duration, and Chris Bosh went out in the fourth with a sprained knee. Talk amongst yourselves if the effort was a coincidence. What is certain: if you sit out a game for anything only referred to as "sore", you're a idea that makes too much sense: ditch the World Baseball Classic, and send the pros to the Winter Olympics. Largely the same timing, less frequent, and you can bet the U.S. players would take a greater interest than they do now...the NHL trade deadline is a month away, but that didn't stop TSN from airing "Countdown to Tradecentre '09"...after Kobe Bryant dropped 61 at Madison Square Garden, LeBron James dropped in and scored 52 as part of the first 50+ point triple double since 1975...separated at birth: Philadelphia Flyer Jeff Carter and tennis star Andy Roddick...Derek Jeter says he and the New York Yankees support Alex Rodriguez. Yawn...did you think the NFL dropped the tradition of the Super Bowl MVP getting a Cadillac? Nope, just the fine folks at GM wanting to keep it low-key when they're receiving billions in bailout money which just goes to prove the cover up is always worse than the crime...

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon go off on Sally Jenkins over her excusing Michael Phelps actions, and hit on Barry Bonds/Roger Clemens and more.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday PTP

A little late, but tonight's play is Orlando at -13 over LA Clippers. Hammer time! Get in.

Craptors at it again

I've heard some suggestions for improving the NFL's overtime format but here is a new one that is said to be gaining steam: first team to score six points wins. That's fantastic and eliminates a lot of the current method of winning the toss, picking up a couple first down and kicking a winning field goal, while not getting to the lame college method of starting at the opposing team's 35 with both getting equal chances to win. This idea is most like the actual game. Make it happen, Roger Goodell...the Dallas Stars are 15-6-3 since ditching Sean Avery. GM Brett Hull may have screwed up signing him, but he deserves credit for changing course when most GM's would stubbornly stick to their initial instinct...Stephen A. Smith has not backed off one bit from his statement that Chris Bosh will leave the Toronto Raptors when his contract expires after next season. And the more Bosh tries to play it as made up while not saying he wants to stay, you have to give it some credence...Bosh and the Raptors were killed in Cleveland last night, and tonight get Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers at home. Fortunately, this one is on TSN2 so most won't see the senseless slaughter of the Raps. I'd contemplate betting the Lakers even at poll question at the right. Get your vote in...not sure which Jim Rome take on Michael Phelps is funnier. That his bong rips explain the 10,000 calories he packs in a day, or that with his lung capacity, he must have crushed all the weed in that house in one shot...202 WWE Diva pics. Why? Because 201 would not be enough...if you're ever contemplating plastic surgery, here are 30 reasons why it is a bad idea...when you think your job sucks, consider that there is someone that was getting paid to rub hot liniment oil all over Roger Clemens for a time, including on his beanbag. Seriously. That comes from the new Joe Torre/Tom Verducci book "The Yankee Years". Added bonus from the book, according to Sports Illustrated's Alex Belth? It reminds us how great Alex Rodriguez really is...if you heard about the PETA ad that was banned as being "too hot" for Super Bowl Sunday but haven't seen it, here's your chance. Whatever your opinion, it probably wasn't as steamy as the porn that was shown for a time on an Arizona station. Here are the rest of the ads, if you care...back later with the PTP. Still sour over last night's fourth quarter deluge to push the game over...hope NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn't read the Toronto Sun, because this piece on the state of the NHL from Bill Lankhof would likely ruin his day. Illuminating stuff for those with their heads in the sand about the health of the NHL...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Groin pains

New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul left the Hornets game last night with a groin injury. The Hornets were outscored 42-17 by the Portland Trail Blazers the rest of the way to lose 97-89...heard one NHL rumor floated that had the Montreal Canadiens trading Alexei Kovalev, Andrei Markov and Jaroslav Halak to the Florida Panthers for Jay Bouwmeester and Nathan Horton. No chance the Habs make that deal even if they had a deal to extend Bouwmeester, who is a free agent after this season...separated at birth: The Score's Adnan Virk and the New York Yankees Andy is almost becoming a weekly installment: wrestling talk. Here's a look at the 20 Worst Mask Gimmicks...two weeks until baseball camps open and there are piles of big name free agents still available. Word is Adam Dunn, regular 40 home run man, could be had for a year and a mere $5.5 million. Guessing Toronto isn't a possibility after JP Ricciardi cracked Dunn last year...speaking of free agents, the latest on Manny Ramirez is he turned down a one year deal for $25 million from the LA Dodgers. No chance he gets an offer for that much elsewhere...when you think top five paid men in baseball for 2008, you likely don't figure Bud Selig checks in third at $18 million. That's a serious ticket...there's a giant fuss made in New York everytime LeBron James rolls into town so of course Kobe Bryant made sure the basketball public remembers who the man is in dropping a Madison Square Garden record 61 points on the Knicks last night...BJ Penn has filed a protest over vaseline that was on Georges St. Pierre's shoulders during Saturday's fight - a no-no. I think he should be more upset about the glue GSP must've had on him too as Penn couldn't seem to get GSP off him for the last three rounds...AC Milan management say that David Beckham wants to stay in Italy beyond the scheduled March return to the LA Galaxy. Gee, play for a top team in a top league or play for one of the worst teams in a lesser league? Hardly a tough decision...managed to catch Sunday's The Office on the PVR last night. As great as it was, not sure there have been a funnier five minutes in the history of television than that opening sequence...back with a PTP winner later today. Have a great Tuesday.

PTP: As you can see to the right, the Prime Time Pick for the day is up. Loving these "totals" of late, and tonight is no different.

Monday, February 2, 2009


You can now call them the Sixburgh Steelers as the Super Bowl champs now have six of the trophies to top the rest of the league. It was a fantastic game virtually start to finish and particularly the fourth quarter. Maybe the best one yet? Ben Roethlesberger completed 70% of his passes and was money when needed most in the final drive. Is it me, or does every play Santonio Holmes makes seem huge? Not sure anyone would think the Steelers win a game in which they gave up 407 yards, but win they did...another season of the NFL come and gone in a flash. The beauty of the NFL is in its intensity - 5 months of meaningful games. By comparison, the NHL started a month later and is barely half way through its regular season. You simply cannot sustain attention for that long...destined to be the hottest selling jersey in the CFL: Saskatchewan Roughriders running back Justin'd think that Michael Phelps would know enough to not let a picture be taken while he's hitting a bong, no?...the Detroit Tigers are looking at trading a starting pitcher or two. I'd imagine you would, when they're virtually all garbage...wanna know what 1474 megapixels looks like? Check out this incredible picture of Barack Obama's inauguration, and zoom to any point in the picture. Crazy stuff...Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colanagelo is denying a report from Stephen A. Smith - and we know what the "A" is for - that says Chris Bosh has told the team he will not be staying after his contract expires after next season. My guess is that Smith will end up being right, but doesn't have any actual information of substance. He's likely just playing the guessing game so he can end up saying "told you!" when Bosh leaves, which I think he will...Craig Hartsburg's out as the Ottawa Senators coach and surprisingly, Pat Quinn isn't coming in, at least not yet. How a team with Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley and Daniel Alfreddson can't score is beyond me...word is Matt Cassel could be moved to Kansas City, where former New England Patriots personnel whiz Scott Pioli is now the general manager. Could he net the Pats a #1 pick? You'd think so, when Cassel is proven unlike everyone else in the top of the draft class the Chiefs might be looking at...Jamie Langenbrunner scored three game winners in multiple goal games last week. Impressive...New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs says Plaxico Burress cost the Giants a trip to the Super Bowl. That ought to do wonders for team chemistry if, as believed, Burress comes back...back with the PTP later. Have a great Monday.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday!

Seldom have I seen a more dominant performance than the one Georges St. Pierre put in en route to a fourth round stoppage "on the doctor's advice" of BJ Penn. Absolutely incredible against a guy who is renowned for his defence in particular yet couldn't stop the onslaught...if you're still awake in a couple hours, the Australian Open men's final is kicking off what should be a fantastic day of sports on the 2009 calendar. Roger Federer is my pick to knock off Rafael Nadal with the world's #1 ranking also at stake. Have to figure Nadal's semi-final has to have emptied his tank to a large 11am Eastern, Liverpool hosts Chelsea in a huge Premier League fixture (coverage on The Score) that could see a draw cripple both teams chances after Manchester United downed Everton yesterday, and of course, the big NFL final goes today - the Super Bowl, as you may have heard it referred to as - in what should be a pretty compelling game if the analysts are accurate. Few are predicting anything but a close game but not this guy, I think the Pittsburgh Steelers - who I've praised up and down all season - are simply too good to not get it done in impressive fashion. They've beaten the best along the way, and tonight, after playing one of the toughest schedules in NFL history, they'll hoist the stirling silver trophy to cap off an impressive season. It would be practically cheating to call anything else the PTP to open February, so we're taking the Steelers -6.5..the ads are always a big part of Super Bowl Sunday, check out the 10 sexiest of yesteryear are the 30 most ridiculous prop bets being offered on the game today. Plenty of options can be yours at Pinnacle, of course...and while we're linking away, how about this mosaic? Warning: don't be opening this around your mom or co-workers, if you know what I mean...the NFL Hall of Fame inductees were named yesterday. How is it even possible that Cris Carter - #2 all-time in receptions to Jerry Rice - was denied? Shannon Sharpe is the #2 across most tight-end categories and won three rings, but he's denied? Tough Super Bowl tonight, The Office is running an hour long episode with special guests Jack Black and Jessica Alba. If you're looking for a different kind of Office special, here's a preview of "The Office - XXX"...have a great Sunday.

UPDATE: Now packing a barf bag for my Super Bowl party for the disgusting patriotic pap we'll be forced to see when Bruce Springsteen plays "Born In The USA". Word to the wise: do the same.