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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coming home

As ideas go, the idea of dropping a basketball court into the very middle of a domed football stadium is not a great one. Expect a very poor atmosphere tonight at Ford Field for the Final Four. Pretty sad when you've got to spend good money to essentially watch the game on a big screen because you're so far away you can't see a thing on the court. I'm liking UConn and UNC to emerge victorious and set up the final match-up Monday, though Michigan State is essentially playing at home and could punk the opposite end of atmosphere will be BMO Field today for the home debut for 2009 of the undefeated Toronto FC as they face the expansion - and very good - Seattle Sounders FC. The Sounders have opened at 2-0 but won't have their 21-year old Columbian scoring ace Fredy Montero, who not only has been accused of sexual assault in the last week, but also stalking. I'm counting on TFC to go back to Fortress BMO form and win this one. Montero's might not ever visit Toronto. Word is Juventus is hot on his trail which means there are surely other squads chasing. If you're attending, drop by the beer vendors around Section 114 pre-game and at the half. Mango is thirsty!...the New York Giants have cut Plaxico Burress. Only question is what took them so long? It's been over four months since he took target practice on only took a couple days since he was cut by the Detroit Tigers, but Gary Sheffield is now a New York Met. I haven't read much about CitiField but presumably the outfield is a lot smaller than the mammoth one that was at Shea Stadium. Don't think you'd want that butcher in a large was only an exhibition game, but the New York Yankees and Mets both won their openers last night in their new digs...if you're gonna lose, lose big, and that's what the Cleveland Cavs did in last night's PTP, getting crushed by the Orlando Magic. In other wagers, won my first ever golf wager as I took Anthony Kim (+120) to beat Ernie Els in the first round of the Houston Open, completed yesterday. Today, we're playing Chelsea -.5 -1 +106 to ruin Alan Shearer's debut as manager of Newcastle United. That's solid value for a team that has to win to stay in the race against a team that, well, isn't good...that's all I've got today, time to bust open a beer shortly for TFC prep. So freaking jacked!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cutting bait

So if Matt Cassel costs a second round draft picks, how is Jay Cutler and a fifth round draft pick worth Kyle Orton and a pair of first rounders, plus a third from the Chicago Bears? And here I thought Denver was in a tough spot with the trade demands and need to trade so obvious...Michael Kay of the Yankee Network on Derek Jeter batting leading off: "That's 162 at bats that Jeter won't hit into a double play." Ouch. The bloom is falling off the rose more everyday when guys like Kay are cracking like that...Peter Gammons lists the three best teams in baseball as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. The AL East is going to be scary if that holds true...that eerie silence you hear in the Toronto area is the calm before the storm that is going to hit BMO Field tomorrow when Toronto FC make their 2009 home debut. Cannot. Freaking. Wait. Coverage is on CBC at 4pm for those not able to get in or further away...North Carolina guard Ty Lawson is already a winner at the Final Four, winning $250 at a Detroit casino last night. The rest of his teammates were down about the same in Windsor area peeler joints. I'm only guessing on the latter. Also in that article is the lame revelation that Caesar's in Windsor is suspending wagering on the Final Four this weekend at the request of the NCAA...the normally mild mannered Cito Gaston went off over revelations that Roger Clemens had a hand in having him fired, calling him an asshole among other things. Sure he may have had a hand in Gaston's dismissal, but Clemens performance in Toronto is the only thing that made keeping him a Germany's World Cup qualifier Wednesday, striker Lukas Podolski got into it with captain and all-round douche-bag and perennial second place man Michael Ballack. There's video below of how that went. Of course, the German camp says all is fine...the New York Yankees will open their new palace tonight against the Chicago Cubs. You can watch here at 7:05 tonight, and check out pics of this incredible new building here, and video here, and finally, panorama shots here...what do the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards have in common? They're the only teams to beat the Cleveland Cavs twice this season...some curious jersey's here. Including the obligatory clowns with #69, you get a Carolina Hurricanes jersey with a Hartford Whalers logo. Hid. E. Ous...the English Premier League is back in action tomorrow after the international break. Will Manchester United take the defibrilators to their title chances and down Aston Villa Sunday? Should be a great one...back with your PTP later.

Germany's Lukas Podolski does what everyone in the world wants to do to Michael Ballack...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why, SI, why?

Damn you, Sports Illustrated, for cursing the hopes of my beloved New York Yankees with your almost bullet proof cover jinx...not sure how it took so long, but finally word has come that Cleveland Browns wideout - soon to be "former" wideout - Donte Stallworth was indeed impaired when he hit and killed a man in Florida. He blew a mere .126...Michael Vick hopes to earn $10 million when he gets out of prison and returns to the NFL. The return part remains a question. There is no chance he's pulling $10 million a year...wonder if pulling hair is against the NHL code of fighters? How very sporting!....Miss Universe - from Venezuela - toured Guantanamo Bay and called the facility housing some of the worlds biggest alleged terrorists "calm and beautiful" and "fun". The comments were shortly thereafter removed from a website but it begs the question: if she thinks so highly of Gitmo, what does that say of Venezuela?...the hockey Hall of Fame will now enshrine women in its hallowed halls. Upset by this ruling was Hayley Wickenheiser, who felt the men should retain their own place and the women should leave them bad a guy and player must you be when a team is willing to pay you $14 million for you to go away? Answer? Pretty bad, and your name is Gary Sheffield...perhaps the rudest move you're every going to see in a hockey shootout, courtesy of RM reader TS. Incredible...I was listening to yesterday's Drive This on podcast this morning and guest Mike Florio of mentioned that the Denver Broncos may be trading Jay Cutler to the NY Jets for the rights to Brett Favre which prompted laughter that the Broncos would take a step from a guy who likes throwing interceptions, to a guy who is the king of interceptions. On and on the discussion went before it was finally revealed it was an April Fool's joke. Bastards. Yet for some reason, doesn't seem that ridiculous, does it?...back later with your PTP, have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March PTP

  • Mar. 31 - Penn State +4.5 (14-14-2, -$72) (42-43-2, -$224)
  • Mar. 30 - UTEP +1 -110 (13-14-2, -$172) (41-43-2, -$324)
  • Mar. 29 - UNC -7 -103 (13-13-2, -$62) (41-42-2, -$214)
  • Mar. 28 - France -1 -103 (12-13-2, -$162) (40-42-2, -$314) - PUSH
  • Mar. 27 - Michigan St, Pick -103 (12-13-1, -$162) (40-42-1, -$314) - W
  • Mar. 26 - Miami/Chicago U 203 -105 (11-13-1, -$262) (39-42-1, -$414) - W
  • Mar. 25 - Boston/Orlando U 189.5 -105 (10-13-1, -$362) (38-42-1, -$514) - W
  • Mar. 24 - Duke (Women) -6 -105 (9-13-1, -462) (37-42-1, -$614) - L
  • Mar. 22 - Missouri -4 -105 (9-12-1, -$357) (37-41-1, -$509) - PUSH
  • Mar. 21 - Washington -1 -105 (9-12, -$357) (37-41-1, -$509) - L
  • Mar. 20 - Florida -5, Utah -1.5, San Diego St. -4.5 (9-11, -$252) (37-40-1, -$404) - L/W/W
  • Mar. 19 - Butler +1.5 -101, Michigan +5.5 -101 (7-10, -$351) (35-39-1, -$503) - L/W
  • Mar. 18 - Baylor -3 -104 (6-9, -$350) (34-38-1, -$502) - L
  • Mar. 17 - Oakland -4 -104 (6-8, -$246) (34-37-1, -$398) - W
  • Mar. 16 - New Jersey/Denver U 204.5 -105 (5-8, -$346) (33-37-1, -$498) - L
  • Mar. 12 - Pittsburgh -4 -104 (5-7, -$242) (33-36-1, -$394) - L
  • Mar. 11 - Detroit U 206 -105 (5-6 -$138) (33-35-1, -$290) - L
  • Mar. 10 - Indiana +3.5 -110 (5-5, -$32) (33-34-1, -$186) - L
  • Mar. 9 - Niagara +3.5 -104 (5-4, +$78) (33-33-1, -$ 76) - L
  • Mar. 8 - Montreal/Dallas O 5.5 -104 (5-3, +$182) (33-32-1, +$28) - L
  • Mar. 7 - Auburn -2 -105 (5-2, +$286) (33-31-1, +$132) - W
  • Mar. 6 - Denver Nuggets +9 -105 (4-2, +$186) (32-31-1, +$32) - W
  • Mar. 5 - Dallas Mavs/New Orleans U 195.5 -105 (3-2, +$86) (31-32-1, -$68) - W
  • Mar. 4 - NC State -2 -105 (2-2, -$14), (30-32-1, -$168) - W
  • Mar. 3 - Oklahoma St. -5 -104 (1-2, -$114) (29-32-1, -$268) - W
  • Mar 2 - Colorado Avs -114 (0-2, -$214) (28-32-1, -368) - L
  • March 1 - Manchester United -1 +100 (0-1, -$100) (28-31-1, -$254) - L
  • OPEN - 28-30-1 -$154

Don't Be A Fool

Another installment today of People I Hate and this one is an easy one, especially today. Yes, it could only be The Fools Who Dig April Fools. Yes, you may think it hilarious pulling your little stunts today and punctuating them by screaming "April Fools!" but the joke isn't only on you, the joke is you - not today, every day...not surprisingly, the Denver Broncos will indeed move Jay Cutler as this off-season drama continues. If it gets much worse, it may one day be as big a circus as the Brett Favre fiasco last year. Peter King at Sports Illustrated says it'll happen before the draft - the trade, not the topping of the Favre fiasco, of this is the kind of action that speaks to fans in a tough economic climate: the New York Mets are lowering beer prices at CitiField...good ideas: the NFL moving to an 18 game schedule and killing a couple exhibition games, and holding the Super Bowl on a set weekend. Bad idea: moving the conference championship games to neutral sites. I'm always for anything that gives value and emphasis to the regular season, and home field advantage should apply to somebody, and not merely in choice of uniforms...the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Notre Dame centre Christian Hanson - son of one of the Hanson brothers of "Slap Shot!" fame. Prepare for an onslaught of references to tin foil on knuckles among others that will tie him to that feels like it has been a long time between UFC events, but that ends tonight with UFC Fight Night Live on Spike TV - free - tonight...the Boston Celtics will sit out Kevin Garnett for their next four games. Wise move, that. Get your horse ready for the important games coming...a whole heap of World Cup qualifying games are on the schedule today, and that's where we're going for your PTP to start April. Turkey may be a tough place to play, but playing Spain on the money line at +130 today. Only a tie can do us in, because a loss just won't happen with the red hot Spanish team. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Piazza hit the juice?

ESPN Insider says that if Wade Phillips gets axed by the Dallas Cowboys, former Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan is ready to step in. If that is the case, do it now, Jerry Jones. A lame-duck Phillips is not going to get that team turned around to the extent that talent needs...on the cover of today's Toronto Sun is pictures of a Toronto FC fan in Columbus getting tasered post-game on Saturday when a few fights broke out. Check out the quotes by somebody named "Chris" in this article. Not to go conspiracy theory, but I have a hard time believing any fan goes to a game and can claim to be shocked by some of the smack talk and these quotes seem is a mad, mad world if David Beckham remains the highest paid soccer player. Really, there isn't one guy in this top 10 I wouldn't prefer to have over him...Michigan State has made the Final Four in 5 of the last 11 years. Yet somehow, Duke gets all the love from the media and seeding committee...I know TSN Sportscentre is to be a slightly modified (translation: hockey loaded) version of the ESPN one, but it has a long way to go before it even becomes half that good. After 10 days with the latter, can't say I miss Bob McKenzie in the least, not when I can see all sports covered, documentary type stories, fantasy updates and views and far better reporters and an overall lack of stuffiness...Jeff Pearlman - who wrote the fantastic book that looked at the 1990's Dallas Cowboys "Boys Will Be Boys" - has another called "The Rocket That Fell To Earth" covering Roger Clemens. Among the revelations, he quotes Reggie Jefferson as saying everybody knows Mike Piazza was taking steroids. Wonder if Piazza will have a presser to announce he's never used, and reiterate he's not gay? Clemens started using his second year in Toronto - after a fantastic first year - and had a part to play in Cito Gaston's firing, among other things...there is going to be one hell of a press conference coming in the next day or two as the Detroit Tigers have released the live wire that is Gary Sheffield...have a great Tuesday, back later.

Guitar Hero Metallica. As if you needed more evidence Lars Ulrich is only about money.

Monday, March 30, 2009

One Tiger Roars, Another Whimpers

Detroit Tiger Dontrelle Willis has been placed on the DL for anxiety. I guess when you've lost velocity, can't hit the plate, and have the pressure of a huge contract, you tend to get anxious...good of the Toronto Raptors to roll off four straight wins which will only serve to worsen their draft position. Of course, Jose Calderon is pumping up these four wins as being what this team is about and in typical Jose fashion, ignoring they're not exactly beating playoff bound teams because, well, they don't. They'll never win anything under that guy at the point, and yes, I say that after his 22 point 19 dime game - against Chicago...wonder if NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is working on his list of excuses he'll be using come playoff time when there are scores of empty seats in arenas league wide?...Tiger Woods did what Tiger Woods does in coming back from five shots back to win the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and set up the global media heading to Augusta for the Masters with the requisite "Second Coming" stories...Jason Taylor could be the next signing by the New England Patriots. Why is it that you can see one team sign older players - thinking Washington Redskins here - and you know it won't work out, but the Pats sign a guy and in this case, the same guy the Redskins signed a year prior, and you figure it will end well? is WrestleMania week, and you know your faithful blogger will do his best to work in some past and present wrestling stuff. Today, the Top 10 Old School Promos...the long-running joke about Playboy is that one reads it for the articles. That may not be entirely true, but their articles are absolutely top notch regardless of field. The latest issue has a great piece on Barry Bonds and the treatment he has received. It's a long one, but well worth the read...less than a week until the MLB season starts, man I'm jacked for that...have a great Monday, back later with your PTP.

Check out this creepy laugh...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wonder how TV ratings were hit by Earth Hour? Suggestion for improvement: in future years, always hold it on a night when American Idol is on. Multiple benefits result...Toronto FC battled hard and after being on the wrong end of a questionable penalty kick call, saw justice served with Columbus scoring on their own goal late to give the Reds a much deserved draw. 4 points of 6 on the road to start bodes well. Next Saturday, 20,000 rock BMO Field to take on the Seattle Sounders in the home opener for 2009...not sure I've ever seen a better close to a basketball game than the finish in the Villanova win over Pitt last night. Do yourself a solid and catch the hilites below. As also predicted yesterday, 'Nova and UConn advanced. Today, Michigan State faces Louisville and North Carolina takes on Oklahoma State to sort out the last two births in the Final Four. Me likes Louisville (but Michigan State to cover the 7)and UNC...Terrell Owens says he was blindsided by his Dallas Cowboys release. I could see where he felt betrayed after being told by owner Jerry Jones he wasn't going anywhere, but blindsided? Not so much. Speaking of the Cowboys, Jones says they're looking to add an athletic, versatile third string QB to run some different packages, believed to be the Wildcat. Hey, isn't Michael Vick coming free soon? Don't be surprised if...Derek Jeter, meet your replacement at Short Stop for 2010 and get ready to play Centre Field...two projected NFL first round draft picks have allegedly failed drug tests. In other news, the Cincinnati Bengals are said to be working on acquiring a second first round pick...Florida Marlins star Hanley Ramirez is not too happy the team instituted a policy that forbade braids, so he had to cut his lettuce. In response, he Sharpied a message across his chest that said "I'm sick of this shit" and said he wants a trade. Brian Cashman, nevermind the previous guy, get H.R.! Damn, the Yankees have a policy about hair, hearing that a prostitute broke down an apartment door and demaned - demanded! - that three men have sex with her for $10. Bonus points to the author of this article for noting she had been "banging" on the case you haven't seen the shot LeBron James hit for 60 Minutes tonight, here it is...your PTP for today is North Carolina -7 -103. Get on it!