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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday, June 7th, 2008 - Yer Up!

BJ Ryan has blown 6 of 10 save opportunities against the Yankees...nevermind the horrible line, word is that even with a Big Brown win today, Vegas will still make money because people are going to keep their smaller plays as souveniers of a Triple Crown much as I can see why the 2-3-2 format makes sense, I don't understand why the NBA waits 'til the finals to go that route. A Lakers win tomorrow and this series could be done in 5...going to use the lines from Pinnacle and start with a hypothetical $500 and wager each game on the Money Line. Today, I've got the Czech's to win (+190) though something tells me the draw could well come in, and Portugal (-140), though I worry about their lack of punch up front...Floyd "Money" Mayweather is taking his perfect 39-0 record and going home. Personally, I find this real hard to believe, especially when Oscar de la Hoya is still out there for one last go-round. Negotiating ploy? Could be...would you believe the JP Ricciardi made a trade with the Oakland A's? Settle, Jays Fan, it isn't significant...after some financial and legal issues, Nashville Preds owner Boots Del Biaggio's stake may be up for sale. Jim Balsillie, pick up the BlackBerry Bold and start calling and save this end of the country by dropping a team in to replace the Leafs as the local side. Please. K-Dub preferred. Balsillie's lawyer told Prime Time Sports there "isn't a scintilla of chance" that the NHL board would approve a move to Canada. Wonder how the NHLPA feels about that, given how much Canadian clubs are driving revenues?...Matt Hughes vs. Thiago Alves headline a pretty bland looking UFC card tonight...have a great day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday, June 6th, 2008 - Gonna be a hot one!

A banner day for RM yesterday as we went well north of 200 hits for the day. Been a steady climb since the first days where I passed word to a few close friends and long time readers...Hockey Night in Canada might be losing its trademark theme song? To replace it, I nominate Danko Jones "Soul On Ice"...Bill Parcells now says he wants Jason Taylor back and that the whole thing was a Three's Company plot - a misunderstanding...maybe all isn't lost for the Yankees? A year ago Wednesday, they were 24-31 and 12.5 out games out on June 4 last season. They’re only 6.5 out at the moment. In other news, the mustache brigade has grown, with Johnny Damon on board (see picture). I haven't seen that many 'stache's crop up since a trip to a Bills game last November...well this is going to get real interesting. The convicted steroids dealer who gave the NFL names of steroid users was found dead in his home. Shot dead. Conspiracy theorists, make of this what you may be old, but it was the first time I saw the best wrestling video of all time, featuring Mike Awesome...Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly told a Brazilian paper that he wants to go to Real Madrid. He may want to, but I don't buy he'd give the exclusive to a Brazilian more legit news of the moment, Emmanuel Adeybayor is ready to move to AC Milan if they and Arsenal can agree to transfer terms...Evander Holyfield is broke? Tough week for guys with 9 kids with multiple mothers...Jelena Jankovic clearly had enough of Ana Ivanovic pumping her fist after every point in their French Open semi, as she openly mocked Ivanovic for it. I like it. Ivanovic is now the new world #1...sounds like Toronto FC is going to deal their rights to Brian McBride. Shame, would've loved to see that beast tearing it up up front. McBride would've made TFC a championship contender this year. That said, he should bring quite a windfall...have a great Friday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday, June 5th - Red Knocks 'Em Dead...Again

The Detroit Red Wings sealed the deal and picked up their fourth Stanley Cup in 11 seasons, and first led by a European Captain, alongside a Euro Conn Smythe winner. Take THAT, Don Cherry. Pittsburgh may have been beat, but you can be sure they'll be back. And hey, who was that Malkin guy with a couple points? Ain't seen him all series - he looks like he might be good!...I've never liked Inter Milan, preferring AC Milan as far as Serie Z is concerned, and them hiring the kill-the-game Jose Morinho only makes me hate them more...okay, so I've cracked on the Pens and Inter Milan, I'm one Pittsburgh Steelers or Liverpool crack from a certain Pittsburgh reader here getting real sour with me...somebody alert Andrew Dice Clay. Ford has a vehicle named the "Fairlane"...Flip Saunders had a mere 176-70 record, and two conference final losses, on his resume with the Detroit Pistons. That is what having championship aspirations brings: a firing if you're not good enough to go over the top...New England Patriot Nick Kaczur was involved in a drug sting where he was purchasing 100 OxyContin pills for $3,900? Man, I've really gotta hit the streets with the 80 I've got...the Boston Celtics are 8-2 head to head with the LA Lakers in NBA Championships. I've got the Lakers to make it 8-3 in the final, which starts tonight...I may have to write it twice to believe it: Mike Mussina, 9-4 on June 5th...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 - T.O.'s Got His Popcorn Ready

Former Leafs coach Paul Maurice is in the running for the head coaching job in Florida...ESPN The Magazine on Spain's Euro 2008 chances: they have a "tradition of choking". No word on if they watched their performances in previous big tournies to draw this conclusion, or if they just watched Jose Calderon in a big game..the Atlanta Braves have lost 21 straight one run games on the road...David Ortiz could be out for the year, or 2-3 weeks depending who you believe. The AL East has rarely been more open in recent memory...unless Dwayne Wade is dying, the Miami Heat would be insane to trade him and the #2 pick to the Chicago Bulls for the #1 pick. No matter who they'd get at #1, they're not going to be better than D-Wade and the #2...seems like a whole lot of good teams that went a distance in the NBA playoffs are axing coaches. The latest is the Pistons bouncing Flip Saunders. Meanwhile, Sam Mitchell continues to hold employment despite back to back first round flame outs...Joba Chamberlain will be a lot better than what he showed last night, in the first inning particularly. That said, he did leave with a lead until the mostly unhittable to that point Edwar Ramirez couldn't get anyone out...since 1996, the Detroit Red Wings are 12-0 in Game 6's where they hold a 3-2 lead. Here's hoping tonight they make it French Open semi will see Rafael Nadal face Novak Djokovic. I hope Novak drops his Nadal impression on Nadal and pounds him to a pulp. Oh, that sound you just heard was a pile of Croatian readers jaws hitting the floor, wondering who has taken over my keyboard...the Leafs have offered Ron Wilson their head coaching job. Why do I pray that he turns it down? It really is time that I sell my hockey allegiance on eBay. The Leafs are such a joke...TSN has a Euro 2008 Power Ranking up. Italy ranks top, followed by Germany and France...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 - How's Henry Gonna Feed His Kids Now?

Sure, the Pens may have got a stay of execution with a triple overtime win, but the way they were dominated, they're still heading one place and one place only. Hint: it won't include names being engraved anywhere...I've read a lot of great quotes from Sir Charles Barkley but hands down stumbled across my fav last night: "I once read that heavy drinking is bad for your health. I decided I better stop reading"...Roy Halladay is on pace for 16 complete games. Nobody has had more than 15 since 1987 when Roger Clemens did it...big loss for Italy just days ahead of Euro 2008 as all-world defender Fabio Cannavaro is out with an ankle injury...I don't care how well David Beckham plays, England considering giving him back the captaincy full time is a terrible idea. He's the biggest symbol of their past, and counting on him at age 33 is a sure sign England hasn't moved from the star system that has cost them dearly in recent years...good of all the Canadian sports networks to give Toronto FC plenty of exposure, but maybe giving scores and hilites of other games would be a good idea, and only increase ratings for games as people learn about some of the other teams and players out there. It is hardly rocket need to worry about T.O.'s contract with the Cowboys being an issue. He's just signed a huge extension...speaking of the Cowboys, Pacman Jones has been given partial clearance to resume playing - meaning he's good to go for practices and pre-season games. Keep your nose clean, dare the Denver Broncos question the commitment of Travis Henry and release him. Any man that has that many kids (9) in that many states (7) with that many women (9) is clearly committed, and potent....the Spelling Bee sure was funny for one moment...somebody stole Kurt Cobain's ashes? A seat in a private box in hell right next to Adolf Hitler for you...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, June 2nd, 2008 - Lady Looks Like A Dude

Looking at Serena Williams, I can only think of one song: "Dude Looks Like A Lady". Or, vice-versa...hard to believe that even though Vernon Wells has been out since May 9th, he continues to lead the Jays in RBIs...the Mets have given up more runs than scored the last 162 games...sounds like Manchester United owners, the Glazers, have other ideas for Real Madrid if they intend to chase Cristiano Ronaldo, and if he intends to want to leave. They'll let him sit in the stands and collect his contract before caving. God bless those trailer park developers! unnamed AL GM told Sport Illustrated a few weeks back, "besides A-Rod, (Jorge) Posada is the most valuable Yankee." Said second most valuable Yankee returns this week...fight of the weekend: Urijah Faber downing Jens Pulver in a WEC event. Five rounds of great action...looking forward to Niklas Lidstrom putting this "a European captain will never win the Stanley Cup" thing to rest, another weak Cherryism gone by the wayside. The Wings will also be the first team with half their roster to be European to win the out for Cincinnati Red Jay Bruce. He's gonna be a star...Chipper Jones is hitting .405...Rafael Nadal is 25-0 at Roland Garros...June 1st, 2008 is the first time the Cubs have had the top record in MLB on June 1st since 1908, also the last year they won the World Series...a vehicle belonging to Bills running back Marshawn Lynch was involved in a hit and run in downtown Buffalo. Not good...could the Leafs actually be close to making a move in hiring Ron Wilson to coach? Other stories have Cliff Fletcher holding the GM role through the 2008/9 season...have a great Monday.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday, June 1st, 2008 - TFC!

"Heard ya missed us, we're back!"...good to see the fantastic E:60, an ESPN production, finally getting a regular slot on TSN. The Miguel Tejada and Mike Tyson stories were fantastic...if you caught Soccer Day in Canada, you'd have caught yours truly mugging behind Scott Russell. That lead into a thorough clinic on the LA Galaxy, as predicted here yesterday morning, and another TFC win. 2-0 for the good guys...guess this Stanley Cup final answers the "Crosby vs. Malkin" debate. The Pens must be wondering where Ev-goni went. Hey, TFC has as many goals in two games as the Pens do in four. Hope the Detoilet police are on alert, there's gonna be a whole lot of riotting going on tomorrow around 11pm...Jason Taylor has set a presser for 11:30 on Sunday AM. It's assumed he's announcing his days in Dolphins colours are done...Usian Bolt is the new 100 metre World Record holder after ripping off a 9.72. You can expect a Ben Johnson announcement any moment now that he can beat that time, along with declaring that Bolt is a "Cheetah" did Angels manager Mike Scioscia manage to argue with the ump for at least four minutes last night, and not calmly at that, and not get tossed?...former WWE stud Bobby Lashley is following Brock Lesnar's footsteps into mixed marshal arts...Canada managed to put two past the Brazilian national side in a 3-2 loss. Not a bad result, and before the would-be soccer experts pretend Brazil sent nobody to play, be sure to note they fielded seven players who played for them in the last World Cup...Canada's men's national team also managed to score twice as many as the Pens did last night...Manny Ramirez finally hit homer #500 last night. Knowing Manny, he'll likely hit about seven this week with the pressure off. Next up on the milestone map is Ken Griffey Jr., ready to launch #600...Kimbo Slice laid the beats down on James Thompson - look at his ear in that picture! - on CBS last night. Anybody else think that UFC's hasty Chuck Lidell special that airing opposite the card on SpikeTV was a sign that Dana White isn't exactly unconcerned?...have a great Sunday.