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Saturday, August 1, 2009

  • The MLB trade deadline has come and gone and there were some significant moves. The Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies made the boldest moves. SI's Ted Keith rates the winners and losers among the active, as does ESPN's Jayson Stark here. Among the relatively inactive, hard to figure what the Blue Jays were doing ditching one of their few plus bats and gloves in Scott Rolen while not moving free agent to be Marco Scutaro and of course, not moving Roy Halladay. In the Stark piece, one scout says of the Jays: "on the day after the season, they won't get 70 percent of what they've been offered right now." Well played, JP. Also surprised the New York Yankees didn't pick up some pitching help with Joba Chamberlain on an innings cap that could see him shut down entirely later in the year despite stellar outings his last three starts. That, and it was clear last night that Sergio Mitre as your fifth starter won't get it done.
  • Cliff Lee went the distance in his first start as a Philadelphia Philly, whiffing six in a 5-1 win over San Francisco. The Phillies are essentially going to cruise to the playoffs.
  • Former Boston Red Sock and now Cincinnati Red Bronson Arroyo says he wouldn't be surprised if he was on the 2003 list of 104 that failed drug tests because he heard he took a supplement that had steroids in it. More likely, he took a steroid that had supplements in it. Bonus points to Arroyo for creativity at least.
  • RM reader AF passes on an unofficial-official view of the aforementioned list of 104 failed drug tests can be read here. If true, then Carlos Delgado has quite the sack bitching earlier this year about a lost MVP award to Alex Rodriguez when he was revealed as being on the list. If you're a fan of a team, odds are at least a couple guys on your team appear here. Not on: Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter. So there is that.
  • Toronto FC is visiting the New England Revolution tonight (7:30pm, GolTV) badly needing a result to stay afloat in the tight Eastern Conference race. Have a feeling Ali Gerba finds the net twice tonight and the Reds take the points. Bold prediction? Maybe, given TFC is 0-3 for the franchise on visits to Foxboro.
  • Why radio sucks, part 496: some DJ this morning joked that this Civic Holiday weekend had something to do with Honda Civic's.
  • If you don't have VH1 and have been unable to cach The T.O. Show, it begins airing tomorrow night at 7pm on CityTV in Canadaland. Check it out.
  • 2 weeks away from the start of the English Premier League season. Cannot wait. In related news, Jose Mourinho is again lobbying to take over at Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson packs it in. Meantime, Xabi Alonso is looking to bolt from Liverpool in what would be a huge loss as he looks to be the latest to join Real Madrid.
  • coincidence? The Yankees are 23 games over .500 with A-Rod, 2 under without. No question he makes a huge impact to that team.
  • strangest thing: I kept using yesterday's Douchebag Name Generator and no matter what I did, it came up "Curt Schilling". Schilling did indeed weigh in on David Ortiz drug usage.
  • finally today, here are the punchlines to 100 offensive jokes. Enjoy.
Have a great Saturday.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Boston Roid Sox

  • David Ortiz is on the not-so-secret 2003 failed drug test list. Well knock me over with a feather. You mean to tell me a guy who hit 58 homers in 6 years prior to 2003 can't suddenly put on a pile of muscle and jack 245 in the next 7 years? (End sarcasm). Rob Neyer at ESPN figures Ortiz proclamations earlier this year were his "I didn't knowingly..." preemptive shot. And how's this Papi quote: "based on the way I lived my life I'm surprised to learn I tested positive." And people who drive drunk are shocked when arrested for same. This revelation is Christmas in July for anyone long tired of Red Sox "Nation" and ther holier than thou talk to all, particularly Yankee fans. And mere moments after it was revealed he failed in 2003 along with Manny Ramirez, along comes this website. Love it. If you're wondering, that svelte fellow to the left is Papi in 2002 while with Minnesota.
  • Julian de Guzman has turned down the Toronto FC offer that would've made him their highest paid player at $2.75 million for two years, as he prefers to stay playing in Europe. Shame, he'd have been a good get for TFC on the run in this year.
  • Ichiro's walk off hit on Wednesday night was surprisingly the first of his 1953 hits in his career.
  • My gift to you today to share with all your friends is here.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays Roy Halladay sweepstakes are said to be "dead" at the moment. I'll believe that when I see it. The Texas Rangers are said to be in the mix but find that hard to believe, especially when owner Tom Hicks is in a cash crunch, and Halladay is said to be hardly a fan of pitching at The Ballpark in Arlington. That, and when you think "contender", you don't generally throw Texas in the mix annually.
  • 50 female celebs, mostly hot in my books, rocking wife beaters.
  • the Edmonton Eskimos dished out a nice bit of payback on the Montreal Alouettes last night after taking a fisting a few weeks back in Montreal. The Eskies won 33-19 at Commonwealth.
  • the Chicago Black Hawks deal with Marian Hossa is under investigation by the NHL for trying to circumvent the salary cap structure. Word is there was talk of Hossa retiring before the end of the front loaded deal which would see Hossa collect most of his money, but the cap hit is averaged out for the duration, and upon retirement, written off. Surprised this idea has only come to light now. Wonder if the former GM Dale Tallon had anything to do with pointing the NHL in that direction?
  • Bukkake passed me the vid below and it isn't your standard Rickroll. Check out what they've done to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" . Strangely hypnotizing. Have a great Friday.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

PhiLEE makes a left turn

  •'s Buster Olney told The Jim Rome Show that he figures that the moment the trade deadline passes tomorrow, Roy Halladay's value in a trade will drop 40-50% into the range of what the Minnesota Twins pulled for Johan Santana which is to say, not much. No pressure, J.P. Ricciardi.
  • the once favored-to-get-Halladay Philadelphia Phillies looked in another direction ultimately and dealt for Cleveland Indians ace Cliff Lee. Lee is an attractive pickup, especially when he didn't cost anything off the Phillies major league roster. He's got great numbers this year outside of his won-lost record for a brutal team, is a career 12-2 vs. the National League, and at $9 million coming off a Cy Young last year, is a hell of a bargain. Did J.P. Ricciardi overplay his hand?
  • in news that ought to surprise nobody, the NHL Board of Governor's unanimously - unanimously! - rejected Jim Balsillie's bid to become and NHL owner, while approving Jerry Reinsdorf's bid despite it being ultimately for tens of millions less for the Phoenix Coyotes. Is there a worse leader of a league in sports than Gary Bettman?
  • I've always had the opinion that creating or even signing a petition qualifies you as a loser, so who else but Toronto Maple Leafs fans would be putting together a petition to get the Buds to go to their 1967-style logo. Sure it is better, but do you really believe that it is something the Leafs brass hasn't already considered?
  • Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has had ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson banned from his property after he dumped her a few weeks back? Weird.
  • Toronto FC dropped the opener in their CONCACAF Champions League, 1-0, despite dominating play. TFC will need to win the second leg and score 2 or more to advance.
  • sounds like tomorrow is the day that Fedor Emelianenko will officially be introduced as a UFC fighter. Cannot wait to see him in the octagon, particularly against Brock Lesnar.
  • the MLS All-Stars vs. Everton FC was a fantastic game to watch, loads of chances from both sides. The MLS crew looked incredibly cohesive for a bunch that had just come together days prior. The winner? Everton, by a 2-1 score in penalties. Unlike other all-star games, this one had hard competition, contact and guys who were looking to win. Man of the Match? As great as Conor Casey was for the MLS All-Stars, have to give the nod to Everton keeper, the U.S. born Tim Howard. Fantastic game from him to keep it close. Soccer is a game that lends itself well to an interesting all-star game.
  • since opening the year 22-9, the Toronto Blue Jays are 27-42. Hard to believe it is the same team, isn't it?
Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No Halladay deal on the Jays deadline: the sun still comes up

  • Y2Halladay went by kinda like Y2K, all is fine and the world is still spinning on its axis. The ace pitcher is still a Blue Jay and despite GM JP Ricciardi's pronouncements that the deadline was yesterday, is there anyone that doubts that he won't get moved in the next couple days if the right deal falls into place? Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports says the Boston Red Sox need Halladay badly. Joel Sherman at the NY Post says the New York Yankees have too many question marks for 2010 to not chase someone at the deadline or in free agency.
  • The Yankees are two games into a stretch where they'll play 19 of 26 on the road. Make or break? Maybe "make" but not likely "break" given their position at the moment. Quite the turnaround in the AL East the last few weeks, no? Real heartbreaker seeing the Boston Red Sox choke away a big lead in the 9th with Johnathan Papelbon snorting away three runs himself, only to lose 9-8 in extras while the Yankees were bobbling the ball about in Tampa en route to a 6-2 loss.
  • The MLS All-Stars will face Everton of the English Premier League tonight in Utah. Kickoff is 9:30 on ESPN2 if you've got it. Not represented in the All-Star game are any Toronto FC players. They've got a CONCACAF Champions League game on the go at BMO Field against the Puerto Rico Islanders. Coverage on GolTV at 8pm.
  • Before he was shot and killed in a robbery on Saturday, boxer Vernon Forrest Twitter page was updated the previous Sunday to read: "Man I had a nightmare last nite I dreamt I come home and found 4 guys were breaking into my house. I pull my heater and it was empty they chased me and was about to shot me then I woke up. The first thing I did was get my heater and made sure it was loaded. That dream will not come true." Creepy.
  • Are you like me and figure those increasingly popular bumper stickers that read "Out of a job yet, keep buying foreign" are likely made in China? I'm sure their TV's are made here too, and at least some of their clothes.
  • Pumped to hear Danko Jones "Papa" and "Your Tears My Smile" played on The T.O. Show's first episode.
  • Crazy stat: Bobby Abreu is driving in the highest percentage of baserunners (22.6%) since Larry Walker in 2002.
  • I'm having a hard time understanding what all the fuss is over Toronto Argo Arland Bruce III losing his playbook, leading to his suspension. Everybody knows the Argos playbook is run-incomplete-punt.
  • And who is the knucklehead that came up with the "Family Day" idea for Saturday's Argos vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers game at Rogers Centre and made it an alcohol free event? Quick, how many of you had a family event sans booze?
  • How about ChiSox pitcher Mark Buehrle? Not only was his last start a perfect game, but he took another perfect game into the 6th last night with two out. Buehrle retired 45 straight before the run came to an end with a walk and then a hit. Amazing. Story of the baseball season so far.
  • The Detroit Tigers have scored 2 or fewer runs in 22 games this year. That kind of thing won't take you far.
  • ESPN Baseball Today Podcast asks if Josh Hamilton is Brady Anderson v2.0. Ouch.
  • Boston Red Sock Jason Bay went into the tank about the time he became a U.S. citizen on July 4th. Coincidence?
  • going to keep this format for the next week or so and ask again what you like. Personally, I think it makes it easier to read and latch onto a point or two. We shall see.
Have a great Wedenesday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Halladay move day?

Trying a slightly different format today and breaking things up some. Let me know what you think, prefer or no?

  • six games for Mike Vick is Roger Goodell's verdict, though he can start practicing immediately. I seriously hope T.O. adds to his talk from Sunday and weighs in on the six gamer.
  • well this is an improvement for A-Rod. He's no longer kissing himself in the mirror, but is openly out with Kate Hudson.
  • some interesting stats in the NFL that compare wide receiver production on Super Bowl winning teams last decade to this. This decade, your top wideout averages about 10 yards fewer receptions for a season, 250 yards fewer on the season, 2.3 TD's less and on average, appears in 3 fewer Pro Bowls.
  • an ominous sign of things to come? This week's Buick Open - and remember, they have had Tiger Woods endorsing their product - is likely the last time under that banner on the PGA Tour. So auto sponsorships are dwindling, tobacco is banned, doesn't leave a lot of big spenders out there, does it? Organizations dependant on title's attached to their events have to be real concerned. See "NASCAR".
  • as if the New York Mets weren't a big enough circus, they went and fired an exec who tore his shirt off and challenged minor leaguers to a fight and argued with closer Francisco Rodriguez, and in the process of so doing, GM Omar Minaya accused a beat writer of lobbying for a job and that being the cause of him exposing the issues. Very, very weird.
  • two hits and run over seven innings was all Yankees starter AJ Burnett gave up to pick up win #10 on the year as the Yankees dropped Tampa Bay 11-4 to put Tampa 7.5 games out. Burnett is on an absolute roll right now, winner of his last five decisions, as are the Yanks, winners of 22 of 28
Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kicking a dead horse

Buffalo Bill Terrell Owens has spoken out on the Michael Vick issue and taken NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to task for contemplating suspending Vick further. Have to say, I totally agree with T.O. on this one, his "kicking a dead horse" comment aside, though I especially loved T.O. telling the Commish he should go sit in a jail for 23 months. What's the point in suspending him further? He's done his time, and there are guys who have done arguably worse still playing the game...Monday Night Raw's use of celebrity "hosts" each week is a pretty clever idea. Get a celeb with something to shill, and have them on the show to draw their own fans and give the WWE a rub. Up tonight? Some guy who goes by the name of "Shaq" and next week, Jeremy Piven (aka "Ari Gold" from Entourage)...who was the imposter at the baseball Hall of Fame inductions that looked like inductee Rickey Henderson? No third person references, no massive ego pumping - where is Rickey? Whoever that guy was, it was awesome hearing him thank the "commission" of baseball, with no "er" at the end. Here's a piece from ESPN's Jerry Crasnick on Rickey as a great teammate...I don't know what it is about Toronto FC captain Jimmy Brennan that annoys me so much but I just find him annoying and a total self promoter whose ego far outstrips his abilities and contributions. Check out the guys website - ego much?'s a nice collection of things that can happen at a police station. And speaking of places with bars, come to find out OJ Simpson isn't exactly enjoying himself as he finds himself in a cell with a guy who is in for murder and furious the Juice got away with same. Talk about proof that karma exists...for you Twitter fans, here's a list of pro athletes who partake. Of course, you can also catch me here...going back to August 2007, Mariano Rivera has no converted 41 straight save opportunities at is this for odd: both of Mark Buehrle's no hitters took two hours and three two finals - Confederations Cup and Gold Cup - the U.S. has been outscored 8-0 in the second half, aided greatly by yesterday's 5-0 demolition by Mexico...John Smoltz has an ERA of 7.04. Look it up, it's true. Do the Red Sox look like they've hit the wall the last two weeks or what? Losing 2 of 3 to Baltimore at home? Word is that GM Theo Epstein is working overtime to work a deal for Roy Halladay or Victor Martinez...strange but true: if Halladay gets moved to Philadelphia while the Toronto Blue Jays are in Oakland, he'll only have to change hotel rooms as the Phillies are in the same hotel for a visit to San Francisco. Wonder if crossing paths in the lobby will be at all weird this weekend?...not about to discuss He Who Shall Not Be Named but Norman Chad has a hilarious piece at covering the drama (queen)'s a far better version of the Lebron James being dunked on video...Bud Selig is said to be contemplating a pardon for Pete Rose that would allow him - finally - to get in the Hall of Fame. That's why they pay you the big bucks, Bud...the Pittsburgh Pirates ran a promotion this past weekend where for every run they scored, they'd knock a $1 off a $24 ticket to the upcoming Nats series at PNC Park this weekend. Of course, they went out and got shut out twice in a row...Jeff Blair looks at the Toronto Blue Jays for 2010. Adam Lind at first? Makes a lot of sense with his stick, if he can get the leather working. Be sure to read the bottom of the article for some awesome smack on Dany Heatley...if you missed Brock Lesnar's interview on the Jim Rome Show Thursday, sucks to be you. Incredibly interesting stuff, and he's not nearly the villain he's being portrayed as. Sure he let's his mouth go a little too easy after a fight when the adrenalin is pumping, but he's a smart guy, and an athletic freak...have a great Monday.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

If Roy Halladay is going to be dealt before the trade deadline, it sounds like it won't be Philadelphia, who contend the Toronto Blue Jays are asking for too much of them in J.A. Happ, Kyle Drabek and Dominic Brown. Who jumps into the void? The Yankees have received a call, says Peter Gammons at ESPN, and the Jays are asking for Phil Hughes, Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero. Only the three top prospects, JP?...the Gold Cup final goes today and for the second straight tournament they're in, the U.S. is in the mix to win it, this time on home soil and against Mexico. I'll be shocked if they don't do it as they're a better side than Mexico, and have owned them on home soil for years...Serbia is imposing limits on foreign born players looking to ply their trade in their top soccer league. Two things on that. One, Michel Platini, FIFA President, no doubt hopes that trend continues though it seems as though the EU would strike such a move down if it came to the broader continent. Two, are you like me and don't figure there are too many people looking to get into Serbia to play?...Rick Reilly at ESPN gives us his 10 sporting events to see before you die. Warning: highly Americacentric. The World Cup doesn't make the list, but the Home Run Derby does? Weird...speaking of homers, the pace has fallen off at Yankee Stadium considerably, and unless there is a serious spike, will fall well short of the 303 home run record at Coor's Field in Colorado. Funny that it isn't front page news like it was the first couple weeks...all kinds of rock lookalikes here. Definitely some good stuff...Real Salt Lake is looking to ink Ruud van Nistelrooy some day soon. That would be awesome, though I guess his knees wouldn't love some of the surfaces in the MLS at the moment...Toronto FC continued a strange tradition of blowing games late, as they gave up an injury time goal to lose 3-2 to Columbus. TFC was even up 2-1 at one point. The Crew set an MLS record by going undefeated at home in 19...Terrell Owens on his first day in Buffalo Bills camp: "I know that the Buffalo fans are very, very fanatical." You don't say?...check out UFC fighter BJ Penn jump out of the shallow end of a pool with no hands. Exactly as awesome as it sounds...have a great Sunday.