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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Full disclosure...

Alright folks, a bit dicey this week between getting things cleaned up at work after a week off, and a shorter weekend than most as I'm off for a long weekend with the fellas this weekend, so gonna call it a week and save you the headache of repeated visits.  Back Monday to the grind.  Thanks for following.  Come back Monday, ya hear?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LeBron throws gas on the fire

Very classy of LeBron James to take out an ad in an Akron paper - his hometown - to thank the fans for their support over the years.  Would've been a touch classier had he referenced the Cleveland Cavs or their fans, however.  Who does this guy pay for such terrible advice?

Better still is this ad on a billboard in Cleveland asking LeBron how it feels to be a sidekick.

FFF set to retire? Yeah, sure he's not.

Stop me if you've heard this one before: OHB says he's going to retire.  Uh-huh.

TFC in Honduras...

After the Kansas City Wizards downed Toronto FC on Saturday, Wizard Kei Kamara called TFC's Nick Garcia the worst player in MLS. Not sure if he's the worst, but he's in the conversation.

TFC is in Honduras tonight for the return leg of their CONCACAF Champions League match-up with Motagua.  Kickoff is 8pm on GOLTV and TFC need a tie or win to advance most simply, though if they lose by one but score, they'll advance too.  A 1-0 loss to match last week's win by the same scoreline sends it to extra time.  Confused yet?

Camden Yards security leaves much to be desired...

Continuing the flurry of posts today - scroll below for others - here's a great vid from Camden Yards in Baltimore a couple weeks back of a fan on the field going for a run.  You'll wonder why the video is a couple minutes long when these things are usually seconds.  Well, this isn't your ordinary run.   My fav is when he breaks up the run with an abbreviated escape into the stands before back tracking onto the field again.  Also, check out the swan dive this guy takes at Citi Field in New York.

Also, check out this guy running onto a roller derby...course?  track?  Anyways, inevitable, and funny, conclusion.

Hawks thinning out

The Chicago Blackhawlks played the 2009-10 season to packed houses in the leagues biggest arena and went on to win the Stanley Cup. And, they lost money.And for this, Gary Bettman continues to make millions to stear the Titanic.  It'll be an interesting year next season, as of the team that was on the ice when they won the Stanley Cup, only 11 remain with nine gone, including goalie Antti Niemi, who the Hawks walked away from after an arbitration ruling didn't go their way.  But at least those 11 include names like Toews, Kane, Keith, Sharp, and Bolland.

The Hawks Cup tour included a stop at Soldier Field over the weekend where they brought it on stage with Kid Rock.  Didn't figure Rock - who possesses a Stanley Cup ring given to him by Chris Chelios and is a noted fan of all things Detroit - would give the Hawks the rub.

Keep scrolling...tonnes more and more to come throughout the day.

Mike Tyson, who kills anybody for honesty, says he did The Hangover for drug money.  Did he do this past episode of Entourage for tequila then?  And how great was that episode?  The final scene with Sloan and E was hilarious, but Ari again stole the show.  Best season of Entourage in at least a few I'd say.

Again, today's entry is broken out in chunks, so keep scrolling.
If you haven't noticed yet, doing things in chunks today so be sure to keep on scrolling.  Lots of good stuff today and coming throughout the day.

Kim Kardashian made it out to Dallas Cowboys training camp to watch Miles Austin work.  Has to be a good sign for the Cowboys Super Bowl hopes this year, what with her one game Super Bowl winning streak after dating Reggie Bush through last year's game.  That, and as you'll surely hear ad nauseum, the next Super Bowl is being played in Dallas.

The Days of Our Lives: Toronto Raptors edition

So after Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo took Chris Bosh to task for being soft and not taking a medical clearance to play and wanting 6-8 more games to rest, while his team was life and death for a playoff birth that they ultimately finished a game short of, former Raptor Hedo Turkoglu decided to weigh in on the franchise and crack on Colangelo for his comments as being unclassy.  Yeah, the very same guy who had a handshake deal with the Portland Trail Blazers and backed out to come to Toronto instead is railing about somebody else lacking class for talking behind a guy's back in the paper while he is delivering the a paper.  Mental midget, that Hedo.  Oh yeah, almost forgot that Hedo was once too sick to play but went out in Yorkville that same night.  Glass houses, Hedo'nt.

Me, I love that Colangelo is lighting Bosh up.  Oh, and Bosh was booed in New York.  Get used to it.  Bosh offered up a lame response invoking his family name and breaking the cardinal sin of referencing the name on the back of his jersey.

BANG! bangs on OHB/FFF

The always great BANG! Cartoons have a fantastic take on the OHB, aka "FFF" (F%&# Face Favre) and a great package that his remaining fans can pick up in celebration of his imminent return.  Definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

Reeling it in...

It is hard to ever say anything definitively when it doesn't involve something you can quantify, but I have a hard time believing there has ever been or ever will be a better goal scoring celebration in any sport than this.  This comes from an Icelandic soccer game in the last couple weeks.  Fantastic.  Kudos to the "fish".

Could VW be on his way out of TO?

Jon Heyman at looks at Major Leaguers who could move this month.  Rejoice, Blue Jays fans,  He's got Vernon Wells on the list.  The downside?  He doesn't figure anybody will want a guy slated to make $44 million over the next two years.

JP Ricciardi...the gift that keeps on giving.

0.241 BAC?

Driving down a highway will generally get the attention of the John Q. Law's out there - a Pulp Fiction reference, for you who weren't aware - but you probably don't want to be driving towards a John Q. Law when you're doing it, then you're a lock for attention.  Also a bad idea?  Being drunk.  Like, really drunk.  Three times the legal limit at 0.241% BAC.  The only thing missing was the high school teacher having an underage girl with him while on drugs and packing a gun, but that would've been excessive though that was covered off by another teacher.

The fine folks at Bad Jocks place that 0.241 only 18th on the all-time list for drunkest drivers.  You've gotta see this list.
RandoMango returns this morning in a slightly different format.  Going to keep things entirely topical, just while I'm playing catch-up.  Get ready...lots to hammer out.