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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19th, 2008 - Turning the Clock Back

With the MLS standings being as tight as they are, today's game at BMO Field where TFC face San Jose qualifies as a "must win" game, especially when San Jose's first round pick next year is held by TFC and right now, is the first pick overall. I expect three points for TFC, or a bloodbath in the stands if not. Kickoff is 3pm (Eastern) on CBC...couple big MMA cards on the go tonight. For my money, I'll take watching Anderson Silva and the UFC free on Spike/SportsNet over any fight with that bore Tim Sylvia in the Donald Trump backed Affliction promotion...if Greg Norman and David Duval are near the top of the British Open leaderboard, what year is it?...Richie Sexson has joined the Yankees to give them some badly needed help against lefties. Look at his numbers pre and post drug testing. Just sayin'...proof there are two fools born a minute: the St. Louis Blues signed former Leaf stiff Andy Wozniewski...Adam Dunn of the Cincinnati Reds has 6 homers in 9 games. Imagine what he'd do if he cared about playing. And yes, that is sarcasm...not one call has been made by other teams inquiring about A.J. Burnett, if you believe J.P. Ritardi. Memo to J.P.: those looking to sell are occasionally proactive to make it happen...Leo Rautins job as Canada's hoops boss is under review. Be sure to thank a Croatian today for that with a cold brew. Or just click some ad banners throughout the day...harsh words about the BMO Field turf, and practicing on it in particular, from former TFCer Ronnie O'Brien, and almost TFCer Darren Huckerby...have a great Saturday.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 18th, 2008 - The Mets Are Back

One month after replacing manager Willie Randolph, the Mets picked up a slice of first place in the NL East after rolling off their 10th straight win...maybe it was the non-existent crowd, or overly amped mics, but the squeaking on the floor in the Canada/Croatia hoops qualifier probably annoyed mice...speaking of the crowds at this tourney, remind me of this the next time some meat puppet tries to say basketball is "arguably" the most popular sport in the world...running back Jesse Lumsden must be one incredible player because after three competitive games, his Hamilton Tiger Cats got shredded with him sitting, 43-16, at the hands of the Calgary an article Bukkake threw my way, it says Ricky Williams "could be the best player on the 'Fins roster." This is a scathing indictment of the Dolphins, when he wasn't even that in his year with the must be baseball's second half, because Manny Ramirez discontent is coming out. He blasted Red Sox management for being less than honest with him. Sox management begs to're a once-prized young pitcher who gets hurt. You struggle to return to the majors and get lit regularly when you do make it back. The team sends you to the minors. You turn it around. But they don't call you up. So you file a grievance to make it happen because it impacts your service time and therefore, when you're arbitration eligible? Way to be look out for number one, Francisco Liriano. Maybe it is because the Minnesota Twins are more than in the race without you? this is just sad. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is being detained for mental observation after going off the rails on the L.A. Freeway a couple days back. Rampage is one of the UFC's best guys insofar as I can tell...think David Beckham has worked out for the MLS? Their ratings on ESPN are up 150%, and attendance increases 11,000 per game when he's in the house. There were also more Beck's jersey's sold than some guys named Derek Jeter, Reggie Bush, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James in the last year...I love that Gary Bettman thinks he can scare the New York Rangers into giving up their internet rights like every other team has to league control, and has threatened to kick the Rangers out of the league. Fortunately, the Rangers aren't scared...Croatia are a benevolent land and people. Their soccer team saved England's soccer program by costing them Steve McClaren's coaching job after a couple beatdowns, and now will aid Canada's hoops program by pushing Leo Rautins off the gang plank. What a beating this morning...closing off yesterdays MLS vs CFL debate, in which Bukkake called Ontarians idiots. We pay less for gas than Alberta, who produce it. Who are the idiots now?...have a great Friday.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday, July 17th, 2008 - Keep On Roko In The Free World

So who delivers the annual American League fire and brimstone, profanity laced speech to get the players amped up to win the All-Star Game? Ichiro. No kidding. He's been doing it since 2001 and the AL has never lost when he's dropped his diatribe...the Yankees are out on the AJ Burnett bidding, but they once said that about Bobby Abreu a couple years back before getting him on the cheap...Donald Trump told Max Kellerman that he's pretty sure that A-Rod has a pre-nup. Slick defence, A-Rod...tomorrow morning on The Score, Canada faces Croatia in an Olympic qualifier. For Raptors fans, it is a chance to see new back-up Point Guard, and soon to be starter when Jose Calderon proves he can't endure the NBA grind for the third year running, Roko Ukic, who was signed yesterday to a three year deal. Game time is 6AM...there's a giant three way NHL trade in the works that would see LA get Martin Gerber and Andrej Meszaros, Chicago get Anze Kopitar, and Ottawa get Nikolai Khabibulin. Those are just the main players in the deal. Chicago is getting good fast...the NFL is employing people to ensure there are no gang signs flashed in on-field celebrations. Good thing they're not being overly anal...Bill Parcells had a problem with Jason Taylor going on Dancing With The Stars, laying his hands on the smoking hot Edyta Sliwinska. Wonder how he feels with QB hopeful Josh McCown getting his hands carved as a result of a "miscommunication" while working a chainsaw with his brother? Kudos to RM reader TS for that head's up...wonder how Canadian NBAers will feel about playing for Canada now that Samuel Dalembert was deemed expendable by that hack TV commentator Leo Rautins moonlighting as a coach?...the British Open is off today. Have a sneaking suspicion that Sergio Garcia continues the great month for Spain and wins has been a long time since I thought the world needed help, so today, "make the world a better place, punch Brett Favre in the face." There, I feel better. Now somebody get that done...Maxim's Hot 100 list just saw #42 - Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly - conquered by Derek Jeter, netting him 7 ladies off the list. Jeter was seen having a good time at a party he hosted during the break...thankfully, the All-Star Break is over and we're back to daily baseball action...finally, Toronto Maple Leafs tickets for their true value: nothing. The Leafs are giving away tickets to a pre-season game. Free. All of them...Steven Paige of the Barenaked Ladies, busted for possession of the Devil's Dandruff? Nicely done...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 15th, 2008 - All-Star All Timer

The bar is set real low as All-Star Games go across sports, but last night's (this morning's?) was the best I've ever seen. Great article from Jayson Stark summarizing it here. The Mets stud third bagger David Wright almost came in as a pitcher. Imagine if his arm went Canseco? Imagine if the game ended tied? Bud Selig looked like he aged a dozen years last night, leaving him looking not a day over a thousand as that possibility grew. Oh yeah, the AL won again...which do you think are smarter and better fans? On one hand, you have the last All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium and the fans do the traditional role call, including for the hated Red Sox, or you've got the looming MLS All-Star Game at BMO Field in Toronto with the supporters groups vowing to sit silently in protest over the possibility that the Toronto Argos might play at BMO in the future? Yankee fans win this decision by a mile, mostly for recognizing time and place, and not being drama NBA GM told ESPN The Magazine that the dearth of first round foreigners in the draft isn't on Darko Milicic alone, and that Andrea Bargnani hasn't helped either. The impact of their failures doesn't match what Kwame Brown did for high schoolers draft stock, but it is close, he said. Ouch...the Buffalo Bills first five opponents were 36-44 in 2007 before they hit the bye week...the NFL must be getting closer to starting its season, as already star players are going down with injuries. Peyton Manning is out 6 weeks with an infected Bursa Sac...Chase Hilgenbrinck, a defender for the New England Revolution in the MLS, is leaving the game to join the priesthood. That has to be a first in pro sports...the Tampa Bay Rays have 17 of their last 24 games on the road this season. No chance they win the AL East...Chase Utley apologized for his F-bomb in the Home Run Derby a couple nights back...Frank Lampard is said to be ready to demand a move to Inter Milan from Chelsea. Is there a player whose stock has fallen faster the last three years than Lamp's? He was an utter beast a few years back, and is now a disposable piece...the Milwaukee Brewers play 23 games in the second half against teams over .500 today. They may not win the NL Central, but you've got to think they're a lock for a Wild Card...longtime RM reader B. Kennedy tipped us off that it is good to see that Suck Chwirsky isn't letting a move to a better basketball market in Chicago get in the way of him waxing knowledgeable. The latest is his suggesting that the Minnesota T-Wolves should've drafted Brooks Lopez instead of Kevin Love. Loved hearing new Raptors play-by-play man Mike Devlin described on Fan 590 as a "professional basketball play-by-play man" with the inference clear that he wasn't about sideshows, catch phrases or self promotion like Suck was...UFCer Quinton "Rampage" Jackson comes by his nickname honestly, leading police on a chase while he sped through traffic with a flat tire...have a great Wednesday.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 - All-Star Tuesday

Two years and out for Ted Nolan as coach of the New York Islanders with the dreaded "philosophical differences" cited. Is that Nolan's last gig in the bigs? You'd think so...Maxim brings us the 8 hottest tennis players. Sorry, Bukkake, they're the female version. Speaking of female tennis players, Ashley Harkleroad showed up on my doorstep yesterday, or at least she did on the cover of the August issue of Playboy...battling for the starting QB job on their high school football team: Wayne Gretzky and Joe Montana's sons, Trevor Gretzky and Nick Montana. Also on the squad is wideout Trey Smith, son of Will "Fresh Prince" Smith...Detroit Red Wings Kris Draper's baby girl used the Stanley Cup as the Stanley Toilet Bowl, dropping a deuce in the mug. And Draper still had a drink out of it that night...true story: this week is National Sports Cliche week. What would sports be without cliches?...the Detroit Pistons are said to be looking to work a trade for Tracy McGrady. But, when the source is Toronto's Metro, you have to doubt it...of course after I suggested Roy Halladay or Mariano Rivera had my starting nods, it ends up being Cleveland Indian Cliff Lee for the American League. Starting for the Senior Circuit is Ben Sheets of the Milwaukee Brewers. Since streaks only end once, I'm going with the AL to win for the seventh straight year...Greg Norman's last divorce cost him a mere $103 million. A-Rod, be very afraid...during the Home Run Derby intros, my fav moment had to be where Chase Utley could be overheard saying "boo? Fuuuuck you" to a fan who gave him the Bronx Cheer. Classic...I'm not normally one for any of the skills competitions, but that show Josh Hamilton put on was something else. Wow...Milton Bradley brought out a towel and a drink to the guy throwing to Hamilton. Does that make him a better team player than Jose Calderon?...good to see "Jason" Morneau win it...Blue Jays Fan may not want to acknowledge that they knew this day would come, but yours truly was sure of it: Roy Halladay is getting tired of the losing in Toronto year after year...have a great Tuesday.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, July 14th, 2008 - Brett Favre Sucks

11 years and $85 million for Vincent Lecavalier to stay with the Tampa Bay Lightening. Again, I totally fail to see the logic for player or team in making these deals...while the Yankees took batting practice on Friday at the Rogers Centre, Lenny Kravitz blared out of the speakers. Might have been to make Cynthia Rodriguez comfortable on her visit to Toronto to have her kids visit with pops Alex...the Tampa Bay Rays swoon continues as they dropped their seventh straight to limp into the break...the Brett Favre Fiasco continues to get more ridiculous, as fans rallied to demand his reinstatement. Word is the text message Favre sent to GM Ted Thompson said "give me my helmet or give me my release." Is there anyone that thinks Favre is still a "good guy"?..tough call for the AL starting pitcher assignment in tomorrow's All-Star Game. Do you go with Cliff Lee, who has had an incredible year on a last place squad? Roy Halladay, who has thrown four more complete games than anyone else? Or Mariano Rivera, with a 1.06 ERA in the last All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium? My heart says Rivera, my head says month until the English Premier League starts its new season. I cannot wait...have a great Monday.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday, July 13th, 2008 - Fire engulfs TFC

The sale of Yankee Stadium's parts when it closes are expected to net $50 million. And to think all I want is a seat. That'll likely cost a fortune...them crazy kickers. Former NFLer Tony Zendejas took a page out of Sebastian Janikowski's playbook and hit a ladies drink with some roofies. He followed it up with a little rape action...the Green Bay Packers have denied Brett Favre's request to be released. If there is karma in this world, their next move will be to have him ride the bench for the year...Jose Canseco got knocked out in the first round of his fight last night. bad has the Philadelphia Phillies Brett Myers been? If "Opposing Hitters Facing Brett Myers" were one person, that guy would be third in the NL in homers, second in doubles, 10th in slugging and 12th in OPS...Michael Jordan only made $94 million from playing basketball. How backward does that seem?...the Tampa Bay Rays lost their sixth straight, and suddenly the entire AL East is within 10 games. The Rays are the worst team in the division on the road at 19-24, and they've got more road games than home left on the schedule. I predict a second half fade...good day at the Rogmajhal for Yankee fans. A-Rod passed Mickey Mantle on the all-time homer list at 537, and Derek Jeter hit his 200th in a 9-4 Yankee beatdown of the Jays...Toronto FC dropped the game to Chicago in the dying minutes 2-1. Abdus Ibrahim looks like a keeper though. The kid is dangerous...have a tremendous Sunday.

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