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Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 of 4 will have to do

Does a luger luge his life or lose? Of all the articles I read on the death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili yesterday, none were better than this one from which points the blame squarely at Canadian officials for creating such a ridiculously fast course, and then not allowing other teams extensive access to it so they'd have some experience on it. Worse, somebody didn't bother to think that maybe covering exposed steel beams at a corner might be a good idea, even football figured that one out and their guys aren't going 135km/h with no pads on. Nice home advantage, Canada, get the other athletes killed. Chilling pictures that there's no need to pass on here as all have seen them. And now I see the show will indeed go on.

How much Red Bull do you figure those dancing for the entire Olympic Opening Ceremony march downed before the event? And is it me, or was Rey Mysterio in the dignitaries box? How did anyone from B.C. with a music career of any success get used except for 54:40 and Loverboy? No respect. KD Lang is looking more like PeeWee Herman by the day. And how about the one moment you want right, the torch being lit, being botched when one of the hydraulics didn't come up? Well done, VANOC. Great idea having Wayne Gretzky ride in the back of a truck in the pouring rain trying to wave and not fall out the back at the same time to get to the waterfront to light the outdoor cauldron too. Moses parting the Red Sea had an easier time getting to a point than they did getting him through the crowd that was run alongside of and in front of the vehicle.

It is NBA All-Star weekend and I won't go into my usual rant of how All-Star games suck in most sports because they don't resemble the regular game more often than not, baseball excepted, or how lame the dunk contest is. What should be impressive and actually of interest is how many NBAers and their entourage's get in trouble in Dallas' myriad of strip joints. The game itself goes tomorrow at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and is expected to draw 100,000, or a point per attendee.

Check out this loser going on at length how the New Orleans Saints onside kicking to start the second half was dirty pool and there should be a rule against that because the coin toss says you chose to receive to start or defer to the second half. They received alright, right in Hank Baskett's facemask. Gonna go out on a very thick branch here and suggest this guy is either an Indianapolis Colts fan, or lost something over a dollar on them.

It seems the St. Louis Rams definitely won't be coming north to Toronto, unless it is to visit the Buffalo Bills in the coming years. The Rams were sold to a buyer who wants to keep them in St. Louis.

It'll take you 35 clicks, but well worth seeing the 35 Funniest TV Captions of All The Times.

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says that if asked, defender Wayne Bridge would not decline an England invite despite the shit show that has gone down the last month over the John Terry affair. Wonder if that dressing room would be at all awkward with those two in it and playing side by side?

No English Premier League action this weekend, no NBA, and no NFL. That leaves the last few games of the NHL season before the Olympic break as the focal point of the sports weekend, Olympics aside.

Speaking of John Terry, who do you suppose talked up how his affair with a former teammates (now ex) girlfriend and mother of his child would be applauded in some countries? Very progressive thinking, FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Why not just excuse racism because it is "acceptable" in some countries?

I've got a hell of a story for you to open tomorrow. That's all I'll say for now.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Light that torch, Gretz!

The Olympic opening ceremonies go tonight and I'd be shocked if it is anyone but Wayne Gretzky who lights the torch. While not a decorated Olympian, few athletes are more well known globally than The Great One.

Loved the Toronto Star headline a few days back in the print edition on the new owner of the Toronto Argos, David Braley, also being the owner of the B.C. Lions: "Major embarrassment for a minor league." Check out Damien Cox skewering of the Argos and CFL

Indianapolis Colts owner Bill Polian has taken to the media to blame Sunday's Super Bowl loss on the offensive line and special teams. Guess he missed the terribly conservative game plan coach Jim Caldwell was working, and that for three quarters, the Colts defence couldn't make any plays? Oh, and that ill-advised pass by Peyton Manning that landed square in Tracy Porter's chest. Maybe the fact he forgot Herm Edwards "you play to win the game" speech down the stretch when they yanked starters had something to do with it?

Speaking of people who should never speak, MLSE head honcho Richard Peddie says that Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is not, as has been rumored, moving to the New Jersey Nets or New York Knicks and he'll stick around to the end of his contract which ends after the 2010-11 season. Peddie would be wise to start working on an extension for Colangelo, though I suspect Colangelo will decide if he stays based on if stud player Chris Bosh stays.

Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole broke his ankle and is out three months, leaving his fitness for the World Cup in doubt. Guessing Wayne Bridge is pretty torn whether to step in and play next to John Terry who, of course, tapped his baby mama. And how about the break coming during a collision with Landon Donovan, of Everton and the U.S.? The U.S. and England of course will face each other in group play.

Who but the Cincinnati Bengals would look to work out Pacman Jones and Matt Jones, two guys charged with crimes?

And hey, whatever happened to Bigheadedjerk?

Turns out that when you're going onto the ice to play hockey, your skate guards being on do more harm than good.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Plenty of good seats available!

That picture is not some trick photography. That's what 1,016 fans looks like at an NBA game in New Jersey last night.

From 1999 through 2002, the Atlanta Thrashers had four picks in top two of the NHL draft - Patrik Stefan, Dany Heatley, Ilya Kovalchuk and Kari Lehtonen. Not one of them remains with the team.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, not exactly the poster boy for health, was given a Carolina Hurricane's jersey to replace a Philadelphia Flyers one he was wearing at a game a couple nights ago. Unfortunately, when he yanked off the Flyers jersey, the shirt he was wearing underneath it also came off. Photograph evidence not for the weak stomached, of the weak stomached, here. ESPN's Josh Elliott on Ryan's wardrobe change: "HD is a punishing technology."

Interesting to hear that the Champions League final will be broadcast live on Fox in the U.S.

Over the course of their 14 game winning streak, which ended with a 6-5 overtime loss to the Montreal Canadiens last night, the Washington Capitals outscored opponents 30-6 in the third period of games.

Wild afternoon of English Premier League action yesterday, as Arsenal downed Liverpool, which, with Chelsea losing to Everton 2-1 and Manchester United drawing at Aston Villa, leaves the top of the table slightly more compact. Tottenham appears to be fading some, they lost to Wolves. In other Arsenal news, Gunners captain and one of the world's top players Cesc Fabregas is denying there is a deal in place to have him move to Barcelona this summer. Barcelona is issuing similar denials. Translation? Expect Fabregas move to Barcelona to be confirmed this summer. Bet on it.'s Buster Olney ranks the top five pitching staffs as the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Anaheim Angels, and St. Louis Cardinals. Interestingly, the Philadelphia Phillies didn't make the cut, though Olney says had they kept Cliff Lee, they'd be tops.

Check out the Top 10 most ridiculously over the top calls by commentators:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No fewer than six NHL teams will start next season with games in Europe. The NHL announced on Tuesday that the Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Phoenix Coyotes and San Jose Sharks will play a total of six games combined at the outset of the 2010-11 season. Now, I think the idea is lame in general, but how does the PA agree to send teams that already pull high revenue at home - think San Jose, Boston, Columbus, Minny - and send them to Europe where they'll play in smaller buildings and therefore pull less revenue? Presumably each team is playing one "home" and one "away" game, no? Surprised they're not sending Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Florida and those kinds of squads.
The Washington Redskins are interviewing Bill Romanowski for the strength coach job. What, Ben Johnson wasn't available? Hiring a guy to work in an area when he was previously suspended for steroid usage seems so very Redskin. It is times like this I miss Michael Jackson, as I always loved referencing him. For example: interviewing Romo to be your team's strength coach would be like hiring Michael Jackson to coach your kids T-ball team.

Listening to Eli Manning and others talk on The Michael Kay Show of how Peyton's Indianapolis Colts would be 6-10 if not for Peyton is absolutely laughable. He's fantastic, the best even, but that's an insult to logic to say he carried the team to 14-2 or 8 wins better on his own.

Next stop on the A-Rod Man Whore tour is Cameron Diaz. Bring a paper bag, A-Rod, she's not what she once was when she debuted in Mask.

Check out the 20 hottest female athlete photo shoots here, with plenty of jumping off points to more pics. Great stuff, especially Gina Carano, Maria Kirlineko and a couple of the usual suspects.

A bunch of Minnesota Vikings fans have pulled together some coin to buy a billboard to woo OHB to return. Pretty clever, except he would probably need someone to read it for him.

Worried about the spread of H1N1 - remember when that was big? - the Cleveland Cavaliers removed water fountains at their arena and replaced them with signs that fans could line up for a courtesy cup of water or pay for a $4 bottle. Love the Cavs spokesman claiming that the idea of increased sales never crossed the organization's minds.

In case you missed Kansas' Brady Morningstar's free throw attempt of a couple nights back, here it is in all its glory. Awesome work, BM.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


For those keeping score at home, Peyton Manning is 9-9 in his career for the playoffs, and also went Lebron James in not shaking hands with the champions. Stay classy, Peyton. I'm sure he'll get a pass though, being who he is. But when Bill Belichick didn't stick around when his New England Patriots lost, he was killed for weeks over it.

Bob Gainey has resigned as GM of the Montreal Canadiens. Must not have wanted to trade another goalie. Michael Farber at takes a look at Gainey's struggles over his 5+ years as GM in Montreal. Chris Stevenson at the Toronto Sun looks at new Habs GM Pierre Gauthier.

Nigel Reed of CBC makes a 5-point argument for why Toronto FC will make the playoffs this year. I've still got one point why they may not: Nick Garcia is still with the club.

In other MLS news, the Thierry Henry to New York Red Bull talk is firing up again, aided no doubt by NYRB's being in Europe for pre-season training and games. That'd be a hell of a get for the Red Bulls.

Brooklyn Decker, aka "Mrs. Andy Roddick", is the 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue cover girl. Damn you, A-Rodd.

Another week of EPL action starts today with all the teams in action over the next couple days. Arsenal host Liverpool tomorrow in the featured match of the week, alongside Manchester United at Aston Villa. For Arsenal, they'll have played United, Chelsea and Liverpool in a ten day span. Did they piss off the schedule maker in the past?

Good of that stiff Vesa Toskala to talk of how he couldn't wait to get the blue and white off his goalie mask now that he's no longer a Toronto Maple Leaf. Am quite sure that the Leafs would love to have that colour off his gear too, that's why they traded the clown. That, and because his gear didn't have nearly enough black markings on it. He's also the same guy who thinks he is #1 goalie material in Anaheim but a week after arriving. He must not have noticed that Jonas Hiller is not only there, but light year's ahead of that plank.

After cracking on Wince Carter's 28% shooting January, he's now finding his stroke. Carturd drained 48 points last night in the Orlando Magic's come from behind 123-117 win over the New Orleans Saints.

If you're wondering who your fav NFL team has on the schedule next season, check it out here. Not happy to hear the Dallas Cowboys, who will try to be the first team to host the Super Bowl and participate in it, have the league's toughest schedule.

Check out this New Orleans Saints playoff run: beat Arizona, retired Kurt Warner. Beat Minnesota, (possibly/hopefully) retired OHB, and beat the allegedly invincible Indianapolis Colts and brought back "The Manning Face". Tracy Porter not only had the pick six on Manning on Sunday, but it was also him who picked off OHB's ill advised throw as the fourth quarter ended in the Conference finals. Not bad.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints stun Colts

The Super Bowl looked like it would be a blowout early as the Indianapolis Colts raced out to a 10-0 lead and looked like they'd score on every possession, if not for New Orleans eating up almost the entire clock in the second quarter. Momentum turned when the Saints went for a ballsy on side kick, and one they recovered. From there, they rolled to a convincing 31-17 win. What better way for the Colts season to go down the drain then for Peyton Manning to throw an interception that goes back for the game breaking touchdown? Turns out he is indeed human. Was it me, or was that the loudest crowd you've seen in a Super Bowl? Sounded like the Saints were at home.

Best part of the halftime show was not seeing the lame "fans" running onto the field and going wild around the stage as The Who played. Worst part of the halftime show is it is so bloody long.

Rape charges for Michael Irvin, battery for Warren Sapp? Quite the homecoming for "The U" this past week in Miami.

Hell of a hockey game yesterday afternoon in Washington as the Capitals rallied from a 4-1 second period deficit to win 5-4 in overtime over the Pittsburgh Penguins, thanks in large part to an Alexander Ovechkin hat trick. These two have to play in the playoffs. That's 14 straight wins for the Caps.

Chelsea showed why they're in a different class than Arsenal in a 2-0 win, who don't have the finish in the final third right now to compete with the big boys of the English Premier League and in Europe. Didier Drogba scored both Chelsea goals.

A 17-year old Colorado student enlisted the help of several MMA fighters, and worked several YouTube videos and begged UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste to be his prom date and eventually, she agreed. Check her out here. Awesome work.

Terrell Owens says he'll change his name to Ochouno if he ends up on the Cincinnati Bengals.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

No need to get into the Super Bowl any more than I have all week. We've heard enough, time for the game. Me, I'm saying "geaux Saints". I'm going to call the upset here, and say it is a 30-24 Saints win.

Chelsea will face Arsenal
in a huge London derby this morning at 11am on The Score. For Chelsea, they need a bounce back after a surprising 1-1 draw with Hull City, not to mention the John Terry fiasco the last week. Arsenal is in a far more desperate position after getting crushed by Manchester United last weekend, and anything less than a win is the death of their championship aspirations this year. Given their record against the top sides, hard to like Arsenal today.

I can't get the "Who Dat?" song out of my head this week. Here are the Top 10 New Orleans Saints Songs.

Jose Canseco is talking junk and wants a piece of Herschel Walker. I know Strikeforce is attempting to be a serious MMA outfit, but they need to make this happen, so Canseco can be even more exposed as a total joke. I'd love to see Walker dummy him.

Troy Aikman told The Jim Rome Show that Tony Romo is now a legitimate leader in Dallas and has grown leaps and bounds, and the Dallas Cowboys will benefit greatly from it next year. Love me that Troy.

Toronto Raptor Hedo Turkoglu doesn't want to wear a mask to protect his fractured orbital bone when he returns to action today as the Raps host Sacramento because he finds it uncomfortable. Also uncomfortable for Hedo: razors, and braces. In the end, Turkoglu has relented to the team's wishes and will sport the protective gear.

Randy Couture beat Marc Coleman in a battle of old warhorses with a second round stoppage. Seriously though, can we get past Couture as a main eventer? He's not there anymore.

The Euro 2012 draw went this morning and the results can be seen here. This Croatian is very happy with a group that includes Malta, Georgia, Latvia, Israel, and Greece.

Two games, two straight shutouts for new Toronto Maple Leafs goalie J.S. Giguere after last night's 5-0 beating of the Ottawa Senators, the Sens first loss after 11 straight wins.

The Everton/Liverpool game yesterday, a 1-0 win for 'pool, was as chippy a game as you'll see with nasty tackles flying around early and often. Hilites here.