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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


For those keeping score at home, Peyton Manning is 9-9 in his career for the playoffs, and also went Lebron James in not shaking hands with the champions. Stay classy, Peyton. I'm sure he'll get a pass though, being who he is. But when Bill Belichick didn't stick around when his New England Patriots lost, he was killed for weeks over it.

Bob Gainey has resigned as GM of the Montreal Canadiens. Must not have wanted to trade another goalie. Michael Farber at takes a look at Gainey's struggles over his 5+ years as GM in Montreal. Chris Stevenson at the Toronto Sun looks at new Habs GM Pierre Gauthier.

Nigel Reed of CBC makes a 5-point argument for why Toronto FC will make the playoffs this year. I've still got one point why they may not: Nick Garcia is still with the club.

In other MLS news, the Thierry Henry to New York Red Bull talk is firing up again, aided no doubt by NYRB's being in Europe for pre-season training and games. That'd be a hell of a get for the Red Bulls.

Brooklyn Decker, aka "Mrs. Andy Roddick", is the 2010 SI Swimsuit Issue cover girl. Damn you, A-Rodd.

Another week of EPL action starts today with all the teams in action over the next couple days. Arsenal host Liverpool tomorrow in the featured match of the week, alongside Manchester United at Aston Villa. For Arsenal, they'll have played United, Chelsea and Liverpool in a ten day span. Did they piss off the schedule maker in the past?

Good of that stiff Vesa Toskala to talk of how he couldn't wait to get the blue and white off his goalie mask now that he's no longer a Toronto Maple Leaf. Am quite sure that the Leafs would love to have that colour off his gear too, that's why they traded the clown. That, and because his gear didn't have nearly enough black markings on it. He's also the same guy who thinks he is #1 goalie material in Anaheim but a week after arriving. He must not have noticed that Jonas Hiller is not only there, but light year's ahead of that plank.

After cracking on Wince Carter's 28% shooting January, he's now finding his stroke. Carturd drained 48 points last night in the Orlando Magic's come from behind 123-117 win over the New Orleans Saints.

If you're wondering who your fav NFL team has on the schedule next season, check it out here. Not happy to hear the Dallas Cowboys, who will try to be the first team to host the Super Bowl and participate in it, have the league's toughest schedule.

Check out this New Orleans Saints playoff run: beat Arizona, retired Kurt Warner. Beat Minnesota, (possibly/hopefully) retired OHB, and beat the allegedly invincible Indianapolis Colts and brought back "The Manning Face". Tracy Porter not only had the pick six on Manning on Sunday, but it was also him who picked off OHB's ill advised throw as the fourth quarter ended in the Conference finals. Not bad.

Have a great Tuesday.

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