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Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 of 4 will have to do

Does a luger luge his life or lose? Of all the articles I read on the death of the Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili yesterday, none were better than this one from which points the blame squarely at Canadian officials for creating such a ridiculously fast course, and then not allowing other teams extensive access to it so they'd have some experience on it. Worse, somebody didn't bother to think that maybe covering exposed steel beams at a corner might be a good idea, even football figured that one out and their guys aren't going 135km/h with no pads on. Nice home advantage, Canada, get the other athletes killed. Chilling pictures that there's no need to pass on here as all have seen them. And now I see the show will indeed go on.

How much Red Bull do you figure those dancing for the entire Olympic Opening Ceremony march downed before the event? And is it me, or was Rey Mysterio in the dignitaries box? How did anyone from B.C. with a music career of any success get used except for 54:40 and Loverboy? No respect. KD Lang is looking more like PeeWee Herman by the day. And how about the one moment you want right, the torch being lit, being botched when one of the hydraulics didn't come up? Well done, VANOC. Great idea having Wayne Gretzky ride in the back of a truck in the pouring rain trying to wave and not fall out the back at the same time to get to the waterfront to light the outdoor cauldron too. Moses parting the Red Sea had an easier time getting to a point than they did getting him through the crowd that was run alongside of and in front of the vehicle.

It is NBA All-Star weekend and I won't go into my usual rant of how All-Star games suck in most sports because they don't resemble the regular game more often than not, baseball excepted, or how lame the dunk contest is. What should be impressive and actually of interest is how many NBAers and their entourage's get in trouble in Dallas' myriad of strip joints. The game itself goes tomorrow at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and is expected to draw 100,000, or a point per attendee.

Check out this loser going on at length how the New Orleans Saints onside kicking to start the second half was dirty pool and there should be a rule against that because the coin toss says you chose to receive to start or defer to the second half. They received alright, right in Hank Baskett's facemask. Gonna go out on a very thick branch here and suggest this guy is either an Indianapolis Colts fan, or lost something over a dollar on them.

It seems the St. Louis Rams definitely won't be coming north to Toronto, unless it is to visit the Buffalo Bills in the coming years. The Rams were sold to a buyer who wants to keep them in St. Louis.

It'll take you 35 clicks, but well worth seeing the 35 Funniest TV Captions of All The Times.

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini says that if asked, defender Wayne Bridge would not decline an England invite despite the shit show that has gone down the last month over the John Terry affair. Wonder if that dressing room would be at all awkward with those two in it and playing side by side?

No English Premier League action this weekend, no NBA, and no NFL. That leaves the last few games of the NHL season before the Olympic break as the focal point of the sports weekend, Olympics aside.

Speaking of John Terry, who do you suppose talked up how his affair with a former teammates (now ex) girlfriend and mother of his child would be applauded in some countries? Very progressive thinking, FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Why not just excuse racism because it is "acceptable" in some countries?

I've got a hell of a story for you to open tomorrow. That's all I'll say for now.


gbvh said...

We were at some first-year-university bar last night (not sure how that happened, but . . .) and the jocks broke into a rendition of "O Canada" when Steve Nash was on with the torch.

------ pee break -------

bukkake said...

did anyone else happen to notice that the truck Gretzky was riding in had a burnt out passenger side headlight?

Like the three out of four hydraulic systems working wasn't enough. So bushleague.

Only watched because it was on where I was at, and I will never claim to be the most cultured fucker walking this earth... but that is pure garbage. Fucking faggoty artsy fartsy shit. Who enjoys that crap?