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Sunday, February 14, 2010

2 NHL teams to Canada?

Here's a juicy one to open the day, on a day where readership is generally the lowest. Word came to a good friend of mine from a recent employee of the MTS Centre in Winnipeg that they've got an NHL team coming back to the 'peg (details on who on!). He starts looking into it and talks to a mutual friend who is well connected in NHL circles who asks one contact if it is true, and the contact doesn't deny he's heard the same story. Who is potentially moving, you wonder? Not one team, but two. The Phoenix Coyotes are going to ultimately head back to Winnipeg, and the Atlanta Thrashers to Quebec City. The source wouldn't deny he had heard that possibility, and said things will remain quiet during the Olympics. Juicy, juicy stuff if that pans out. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Joel Sherman at the NY Post has a great piece on why the New York Mets might want to look at Alex Rodriguez as their patron saint because a turnaround need not be so far off. The Mets have a lot of redemption work to do, they've got a public profile in New York only slightly cleaner than Al-Qaeda.

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole is the latest to participate in the alarming early 2010 athlete trend of having their junk displayed for all the world to see. I think it'd only be fair if his wife got naked for us all. Come on Cheryl, you can do it.

Is the Slam Dunk contest over yet?

When you see a Canadian short tracker labeled favorite and he finishes fourth, and Jenn Heil takes silver in the moguls instead of the gold she had last time out, you start getting the feeling that this whole "own the podium" thing might not happen, no? But hey, at least our women's hockey team throttled Slovakia 18-0. That has to leave us feeling good about ourselves.

It is one of my favorite phrases: "pitchers and catchers report this week". Love me some baseball!

In a sure sign of the Cleveland Cavaliers intentions for this season, they're close to dealing for Amare Stoudemire. I get why they'd want him, but they do know him and Shaq didn't exactly play well together in Shaq's time in Phoenix, right?

Miami Heat ( Dwayne Wade is dealing with some nasty accusations from his ex-wife, who is talking of his philandering ways that led to STD's, talking of how his kids don't even recognize him for all the time he's spent with them, and how he held "drug parties" at a business associate's condo. Your move, D-Wade.

Speaking of Wade, here's an interesting piece from ESPN Insider, where Wade talks about recruiting other players over the All-Star Weekend: "We all are pretty cordial as it is, but at All-Star Weekend we do talk more. We communicate. We're not stupid, we know what's going on around the league. There's a lot of secret recruiting going on." Though Wade didn't get too specific here, according to [Insider] there's one guy in particular he's trying to woo this weekend: Toronto's big man Chris Bosh.

Steve Nash is The Most Ridiculous Man In The World. Side note: Vitamin Water kicks ass, love that stuff, XXX and Recover most significantly.

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