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Thursday, February 18, 2010

That's what she said!

In case you missed one of the best reasons for a student to be hit with a detention, check out the picture at right.

Word is that Tiger Woods is going to come out of hiding Friday to make a statement at PGA headquarters. If it is anything like the previous Tiger Woods, I'm sure it'll be real electric stuff by which, of course, I mean dull as hell. That said, expect beyond ridiculous coverage, even though it appears Tiger is keeping the invitees to his trusted lackey's, err, media members.

Canada has a little payback in mind tonight in men's hockey when they'll face Switzerland, who embarrassingly bounced Canada out of the Turin Olympics four years ago. There's a lot of pressure on Martin Brodeur in goal after Roberto Luongo pitched a shutout to open two nights back, to go alongside a shutout in his last NHL start. Anything looking shaky and it will be hard to go back to Brodeur Sunday, though my guess is he does just fine and takes the ball here on out. Yours truly is having a wonderful run betting Canada - male and female - in Olympic hockey, among others, so do yourself a favor and click on the Pinnacle link above and get down tonight.

It was amateur hour for Arsenal and their goalie Lukasz Fabianski, who was soft on one goal, and brain dead on another, as the Gunners lost 2-1 at FC Porto. The highlights of the second goal have to be seen to be believed. Hit this site and scroll down to the appropriate game. In other Champions League action, Bayern Munich downed Fiorentina 2-1 at home. Also of note in the round of 16: if Real Madrid fail to come back and defeat Lyon in their round of 16 matchup, that will be five straight years that Real has gone out in that very round. No pressure, CR9 et al.

Chris Bosh is having an unbelievable year for the Toronto Raptors, his best ever no doubt. But the fans that are cheering "MVP" at the Air Canada Centre need to drop a foot or two into reality. They're a barely over .500 team and while he's important, he's not what LeBron James or Kobe Bryant are to their teams.

It is the NBA trade deadline and unlike the NHL version, the sporting world in Canada is moving along just fine. Would love to see the Toronto Raptors deal Jose Calderon and his terrible contract, but I'll settle for just dealing Jose Calderon. The Cleveland Cavaliers dealt for Antawn Jamison in what could (should?) be the final piece of the puzzle for them to take the Eastern Conference.

Mark McGwire took the first day of camp for the St. Louis Cardinals, his first day as the Cards hitting coach, to apologize for steroid use. He commented that he thinks "people understand how truly sorry I [am]" to which people responded, nodding: "not very".

Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco wants Terrell Owens to join the Bengals so badly he'll take a paycut to do so, or at least that is what he says here. He also reveals he and QB Carson Palmer aren't exactly best of friends in the off-season.

Tom Verducci at presents his annual look at "at risk" pitchers, those that had a considerable increase in innings from last season to the season prior by age 25 or younger pitchers.

As if the world needed more reasons to mock Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, he gave it one. When Wade Phillips goes on the road, he thinks it is fun to stay at the "Y-M-C-A"...

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