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Monday, February 15, 2010

Gold at last!

Alexandre Bilodeau will forever be the man that won Canada's first gold medal on home soil after two Olympics where gold never came to the red and white. Bilodeau won in men's moguls, and if you didn't get swept up in the win and the story of his brother, you don't have a heart beating.

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star asks a pretty valid question via Twitter: "Imagine if Toronto had screwed up the Olympic cauldron lightning? Criticism from the rest of Canada would be withering." Yes, it would indeed. And frankly, more hilarious.

Good to see that NBC - partner of the NHL, allegedly - values hockey so much that this Sunday's Canada vs. U.S. men's game will be relegated to MSNBC in favor of who knows what else. I can see why NHL Commish Gary Bettman isn't the biggest fan of the Olympic involvement for that reason. That said, he's a fool if he thinks he can extricate his players now. One, they want to play. Two, they will play if guys like Alex Ovechkin are saying they're going regardless of the consequences.

Speaking of Ovechkin, he and Sidney Crosby go into Olympic break tied at 42 goals each, setting up what should be a wild Rocket Richard Trophy race.

One thing I'm absolutely certain of is I'll never have much of an interest in NASCAR. But, hearing of what a disaster their most important race was yesterday as the Daytona 500 had to be stopped twice for pot holes on the track is pure entertainment and worthy of a mention. The only way this all could've ended better is if a foreign driver in a Toyota would've won it.

Ryan Getzlaf ought to have put any questions as to his health to bed with a two goal, two assist showing last night in the Anaheim Ducks 7-3 win. Then again, it was only the Edmonton Oilers. I hate that I can say that.

I cannot believe 108,713 caught the NBA All-Star Game at all, nevermind that they were in attendance live at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The East were 141-139 winners thanks to a huge Deron Williams brain cramp down the stretch where he fouled with the game tied, thinking the West was losing.

Why is it Cristiano Ronaldo has to always talk of moves to other teams down the road? Stay where you are, play your rear off, stop talking. Ronaldo's latest talk is of going back to Manchester United because they're his "family". Right.

Have a great Family Day.

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