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Friday, February 19, 2010

Narrow escape

Tiger Woods will deliver his speech to the chosen sycophants this morning. There's a leaked version of the speech allegedly making the rounds in which he admits his marriage is done like one of John Daly's half dozen or so. Ernie Els isn't happy with the timing of the "presser" as it will take away from the Accenture - a company who dropped Tiger, not coincidentally - Match Play Championship. Els is taking himself far too seriously, it would take away regardless of timing and he ought to be thanking Eldrick for increasing the prize monies for the entire PGA. Not like golf has much of an off season, too. The always thought provoking Jason Whitlock thinks Tiger should retire.

Back to sports now.

Canada was life and death to beat Switzerland last night and needed a shootout to do it in a 3-2 final win. Martin Brodeur clutched up with four saves in the shootout and that ought to keep him between the pipes going forward. Sidney Crosby really wasn't a factor until the shootout where he scored the winner, though the constant line changes can't be helping. Damn impressive were Joe Thornton and Shea Weber. Not sure what Mike Babcock is doing changing lines so often. I know it is "early" and he's trying to find the right combinations, but in a tight game, that kind of thing breeds panic, and there's a reason the Sharks line looks the most organized shift in and out. Canada will have to really step up next game to beat the U.S. if they are to get an easier draw in the knockout rounds. In the upset of the tourney so far, the Russians lost 2-1 in the shootout to Slovakia.

Strange baseball fact: the Milwaukee Brewers spent as much this off-season as the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox did combined on free agents. More crazy: the Kansas City Royals spent as much as the Yankees did.

While on the subject of money and baseball, Alex Rodriguez will have earned $470,404,010 for his career when his contract expires in 10 years time. That doesn't include any bonuses to come, which could total $30 million in his home run record chase alone, or any endorsements.

While you've been reading this entry, Canadian coach Mike Babcock changed line combinations three more times.

Seems the story we had here Sunday on an NHL team moving to Winnipeg has reached the mainstream media, as the Winnipeg Free Press acknowledges rumors of the Atlanta Thrashers moving north.

That stripper who once accused a few Duke lacrosse players of raping her - they were declared innocent - is back in the news. This time, for attempted murder. Nice work.

Edmonton Oilers goalie Nikolai Khabibulin was busted on a DUI in Arizona, which of course has brought about the name "Hasbeenboozin". Fantastic stuff, Bukakke.

Put down the pen, Mike Babcock.

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Can't believe this Tiger thing has preempted The Price Is Right.

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