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Saturday, August 15, 2009

  • Toronto FC host DC United at BMO Field, nicely rested after a week off since they hosted Real Madrid. TFC badly need to win, and they'll get the points. Get a wager down at Pinnacle.
  • Judging by yesterday's press conference, Michael Vick is a new man. His speech was impressive, and by all appearances, without the aid of notes. If he's that smooth on the field, he'll be more than a smart pickup for the Eagles. And hey, living in Philly, he isn't even the most dangerous football player: that'd be Marvin Harrison.
  • Chelsea and Hull City play the opening match of the English Premier League season this morning at 7:30 on Setanta Sports. Many eyes will be on Manchester City when they travel to Blackburn with a 10am kickoff. Only Real Madrid splashed more cash around than City this off season, and it should pay off with a top four finish. I've got Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Arsenal as the top five, in that order. That said, it wouldn't shock me if Chelsea edged out United in what should be a tight race.
  • comic Jay Mohr's Twitter feed: NFL logic. Dead dog, two years in jail. Dead human, 24 days in jail. (He then edited to say that was U.S. logic, but the point remains)
  • never have I seen a game of human hot potato before, but Quentin Richardson of the NBA - and there's no clearer way to say it than to just say "NBA" - is it. This summer, Q has gone from the New York Knicks to the Memphis Grizzlies to the Minnesota T-Wolves and now to the Miami Heat. Where is the United Nations to investigate human trafficking at a time like this?
  • going back a few days to the story of AJ Burnett and the children's charity, here's ESPN's Rick Reilly on that charity, called Camp Sundown. Didn't know there was a condition that had people incredibly allergic to the sun to the point it would kill you. Crazy. Pretty cool story to say the least.
  • El Tigre Woods is flattening the field at the PGA Championship, now with a four stroke lead which may as well be a million the way he closes. Surprised the "golf is not a sport" blast yesterday didn't draw a response.
  • Chicago Cub Derek Lee (aka "Cakes") had a mere 7 RBI last night. And what was with the huge blowouts last night? Four teams won by 9 or more, including the Cubs who beat Pittsburgh 17-2.
  • apologies for the late entry today, was icing my neck after running into Todd Bertuzzi last night
Have a great Saturday, GO TFC!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ron Mexico to Philly

  • Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagle? Well, it isn't like Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid can't prepare him for any verbal abuse he'll take from the notoriously tough Philly fans. Hell of an insurance policy, and a guy who can add some nice wrinkles to the Eagles attack for a team that is already one of the NFC favs. In related news, comic Chris Rock noted how he finds it funny the NFL is getting all sensitive about dog fighting when its games are played with pig skin.
  • Golf is in the Olympics. Why? Isn't the Olympics for sports, not games? Why not let in darts and bowling, too? Really looking forward to seeing caddies try to crowd the podium. Also in are rugby and women's boxing.
  • Joe Posnanski at says that when it comes to ill advised contracts, Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi is tough to beat. He also notes Ricciardi's spectacular ability to say stupid things.
  • Speaking of golf, Tiger Woods is the leader after round one at the PGA Championship, a shot ahead of Paddy Harrington. You get the feeling he's going to blow the field away like I do? Tiger has won 22 of his last 40 tournaments. Not bad.
  • The Toronto Argos host the BC Lions tonight and will attempt to score. It has been over a game since they were last able to find a mammoth endzone, or kick a punt through it or have a team kneel the ball in the endzone to give them a proverbial crooked number. In other words, the Argos suck.
  • Formula 1 will return to Montreal next year, says Montreal's mayor. Pretty huge deal for Montreal for what has always been a cash cow for that city.
  • Toronto FC finally released the excuse for a defender Marco Velez. That alone ought to aid their playoff chances.
  • Seattle Mariners third bagger Adrian Beltre is one tough dude who is now on the disabled list thanks to - wait for it - a bleeding testicle. He managed to play five innings after suffering the injury. Adrian Beltre = Man.
  • the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers will tangle in Arlington this weekend, separated only by half a game in the Wild Card standings.
  • the English Premier League is back tomorrow. Needless to say, totally jacked for tomorrow morning.
Have a great Saturday.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does it feel like summer or what?

  • Tom Verducci at handicaps the AL Wild Card race, and seems to have already conceded the divisions to the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers and LA Angels of A. Not included in his rankings? The Chicago White Sox or even the Minnesota Twins. Odd.
  • We're a couple weeks into NFL camps. I'm figuring the annual season ending injury to a star player can't be more than a couple days away. Why haven't we heard more about shortening the pre-season of late?
  • You may recall that the Yankees have been giving out a replica WWE Championship Belt this season to each game's MVP. Now, after getting a real one sent from Jerry "The King" Lawler, AJ Burnett had the replica autographed by the entire team and given to a children's charity to be auctioned off. Seems AJ is making a lot of friends in The Bronx.
  • The PGA Championship gets under way today and the Tiger Woods coverage is in overdrive. In case you didn't know.
  • Brian May and Roger Taylor are contemplating working under the banner of Queen with some American Idol contestant? Pathetic and insulting to the music business.
  • Boston Red Sock Kevin Youkilis gets hit by Detroit Tigers pitcher Rick Porcello, charges the mound and is on the wrong end of a belly-to-belly suplex (which you can see here, if you haven't already), and then gets suspended for five games for his trouble. Love it. He Youk, you wanna prove you're tough? How about charging Joba Chamberlain after one of the handful of times he dotted you, and not the rake that is Porcello?
  • ESPN's Buster Olney figures if Alex Rios was a free agent today, the best he could expect to sign for is half of what he is owed today
  • Jim Balsillie's camp is now publicly voicing what we all knew when it comes to the Coyote Ugliness, that the Toronto Maple Leafs are opposing his bid.
  • Stat you wouldn't figure, especially earlier this year: the New York Yankees bullpen leads the AL with 26 wins and 37 saves. Of course, with the Yanks winning piles of games late, that tends to aid both those numbers.
A couple weeks back, your faithful blogger had video of UFC lightweight Champion BJ Penn jumping out of the shallow end of a pool and sticking the landing. Now comes vid of Washington Redskin receiver Keith Eloi performing the same feat. Backwards.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Can Work It Out

  • The lawyer for the cab driver in Sunday morning's Patrick Kane incident thinks things were blown out of proportion and figures that the two sides can work it out. Anybody smelling a payoff in the offing?
  • Dwayne Wade bought a house in Chicago. Make of this what you will as he heads into the final year of his contract with the Miami Heat.
  • Before the Toronto Blue Jays season started, you'd have likely said Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells, Alex Rios, BJ Ryan and Scott Rolen were their most promoted stars. 3 are gone, a fourth is about to leave, and the fifth - Wells - likely can't even be given away. Jeff Blair at The Globe & Mail likens it to the days when Interbrew owned the Jays and let them fall into a lesser concern for the owners.
  • Here's a great piece from on 25 things they miss from baseball. What, no emery boards or sandpaper in the glove?
  • remember the insane hype when Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen's new flick, was coming out? Man did that thing disappear quick.
  • I'm not sure if these are the 100 Funniest Sports Photos of all time, but some surely are
  • some might argue The T.O. Show hasn't given the world much, but it did introduce us all to Kari Klinkenborg, his sometimes girlfriend. Wow. Check her out here.
  • Over the last 42 games, there has been an 11 game swing between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

  • Crazy Stat Dept.: 78% of NFL players are bankrupt, jobless or divorced two years after retirement. In related news, He Who Shall Not Be Named is now looking for a lifetime contract to play.


A quick BlackBerry edition today, peeps:

In news that ought to surprise nobody, Major League Baseball is investigating Ozzie Guillen's comments a couple days back about hitting teams to retaliate for ChiSox dotted. Not sure what there is to investigate as there isn't a whole lot of gray area to his comments.

Pedro Martinez will make his first start for the Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow when they face the Chicago Cubs. His call-up sends Jamie Moyer to the bullpen. Seems most likely that Moyer will be long relieving for Pedro as he seems unlikely to be much more than a five inning guy.

Alex Rios is now a Chicago White Sock, dealt for power hitter Salary Relief. To think the Jays almost dealt him for Tim Lincecum once. If you're thinking the freed room means Roy Halladay stays, Jays Fan, you're dreaming. I wonder if in response to Rios leaving, Jays fans are going to YouTube and saying "who gives a fuck?" to random kids on the street?

Less than a week until the MLB signing deadline for draftees. Top pick Stephen Strasburg is expected to sign for an incredible $18-$20 million, but he does have the Washington Nationals over a barrel.
For the record, I tipped a London cabbie last night a couple bucks. He said Patrick Kane never did such a thing while he was in town.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Start sweepin' the brooms...

  • Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is awesome for how willing he is to speak his mind. That said, calling your shot and saying you're going to drill opposing batters because yours have been hit of late is never a good idea. One gets away and hurts somebody bad enough and you're in a world of trouble.
  • As if adding Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Karim Benzema weren't enough for Real Madrid, along comes word they've got terms agreed upon with Franck Ribery for 2010.
  • speaking of Ronaldo, his ex-girlfriend Neireda Gallardo tore him up in the press about the size of his pecker. Methinks a reconciliation is unlikely. Some NSFW pics of Gallardo here.
  • if you're an NFL Fantasy nut, here's's Top 200 ranking's.
  • everybody's favorite feelgood story of 2008 Josh Hamilton fell off the wagon earlier this year, and pics of his boozy night out at the blue collar ballet have surfaced
  • the Washington Nationals have won eight straight. Seriously.
  • the Florida Marlins swept the Philadelphia Phillies to move to within four games of the NL East lead. Atlanta is sitting 4.5 out. Could the NL East race end up being a lot more interesting than thought even just a week ago?
  • Alex Rios, claimed on waivers last week, is expected to find out his status no later than tomorrow. If they Toronto Blue Jays are playing hardball on this one to hold out for a big return, they're insane. Getting that bad contract off the books is the best they could hope for.
  • here are the Top 10 ragdoll physics moments in MMA, with videos
  • Michael Vick has yet to land with an NFL team and it isn't looking good for him at this point. Right on cue, Reverend Jesse Jackson is implying his lack of an offer is racially motivated.
  • Alex Rodriguez is putting up some very clutch numbers this year. 12 of his 21 homers have come in the 7th inning or later, and 34 of his 63 RBI have either tied the game or given the Yanks the lead. Impressive. And speaking of the Yankees, they downed the Red Sox 5-2 to sweep the four game set and take a 6.5 game lead in the AL East.
Finally today, an interesting interview with Alexander Ovechkin, and by "interesting", I mean "weird".

Sunday, August 9, 2009

BoSox Shutout...Again

  • Chelsea and Manchester United locked horns at Wembley Stadium in London for the Community Shield, a friendly ahead of the English Premier League curtain raiser next weekend. Chelsea were winners on penalties after a 2-2 draw in regulation time.
  • UFC 101 saw Anderson Silva score an easy win over Forrest Griffin and BJ Penn tap out Kenny Florian in the fourth round of their championship fight.
  • the New York Yankees shut out the Boston Red Sox again yesterday, stretching their AL East lead to 5.5 games, and stretched their shutout innings streak to 24 on Boston.
  • Chicago Black Hawk Patrick Kane was arrested in a dispute over twenty cents change with a cab driver. You can't make this stuff up.
  • Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price was rocking a Washington Nationals hat around Montreal. That guy could really use a publicist to spare him boneheaded moves like that.
  • A survey of 5,500 teens in Canada looked at the popularity of various sports in the six NHL cities. In Toronto, and only in Toronto, did the NHL not rank first. It was actually third choice after the NBA and soccer.
  • MLS Commissioner Don Garber says Montreal is almost certain to be the next expansion site for the league in 2011, giving the league three Canadian franchises including Toronto and Vancouver, the latter joining next year.
  • Here's a very large part of why the New York Yankees are having such a great year. Check out their hitting numbers from inning seven onward. Across the board, incredible
  • Surprise, surprise - David Ortiz maintains he never bought or used steroids. Funny, a certain test seems to indicate otherwise. What a douchebag.
  • Sounds like it may have been the Chicago White Sox that put in a claim for Toronto Blue Jay Alex Rios. After taking on Jake Peavy, seems owner Jerry Reinsdorf has some money to spend. Maybe he decided Rios was a better investment than a hockey team in Arizona?
Have a great Sunday.