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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adios, Doc?

Toronto FC travel to Columbus for a key Eastern Conference battle tonight (7:30pm, SportsNet). They'll be minus their usual fan support in the thousands in Columbus this time around as TFC fans are boycotting after some shoddy treatment earlier this year which included one fan being tasered...Matt Holliday is the first big name player to be moved as baseball's trade deadline approaches, off to the St. Louis Cardinals for a trio of prospects heading the way of the Oakland A's. Are you like me and thought you heard "Halladay" at first and were on edge to hear where he went?...David Beckham says he's got nothing to apologize for when it comes to his baiting of fans in L.A. last Sunday? Whatever works for you, Beck's. I'm sure MLS fined you for no reason too, right?..after a couple days off and one message in particular from Bukkake, it would only be fitting that I return with an ode to Bukkake in this SpriteGermany commercial from ...Dana White tweeted "welcome back Tito" for one time great Tito Ortiz, and Affliction is back as a UFC sponsor after canceling its MMA event, and presumably, involvement in others? What year is this? Wonder if this all but hands Fedor Emelianenko to UFC which would set up maybe the biggest PPV event ever in him facing Brock Lesnar?...Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov says that he can improve on last year's performance. No word if he also stated that water is wet...Roy Halladay went 9 innings in what could be his last start as a Toronto Blue Jay, fanning 10 and getting a no decision as the Jays lost 4-2 in 10 innings to Tampa Bay, let down again by the Jays wet noodle sticks they've been swinging since May. There were only 24,000 in attendance which is an absolute embarrassment. Bob Elliot of the Toronto Sun tweeted there were only scouts from two teams in attendance: Philadelphia and the Yankees. The Yankees are also looking at Scott had to happen, a leak of the LeBron James video of him being dunked on at his camp a couple weeks back that Nike lamely had confiscated at his request. Blurry, but here it is. Here's collection of videos of what a variety of athletes think of LBJ having the video confiscated. Does he have some compromising video of these people? Finally, Phil Taylor at SI says the confiscation attempt says a lot about LeBron, and the reaction to a dunk hurts his reputation more than the dunk itself. True...that's all for today, back tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Toronto Blue Jays pitched a four player request of Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jonathon Niese and Ruben Tejada from the New York Mets that would've seen the Mets take Roy Halladay. The Mets declined. After all, they did get Johan Santana for a lot less. That said, how awesome would a Santana/Halladay combo look in a great pitchers park? The Halladay saga continues. Joel Sherman at the NY Post says the Yankees and Mets are not interested. Peter Gammons says the Philadelphia Phillies have to make the deal, and could roll off a couple more World Series wins if they do...the Baltimore Orioles are 9-37 since the start of 2008 against the AL East on the road and 35-70 overall...hard not to be thrilled with SportsNet's advertising for the coming English Premier League season when the term "with the majority of games in HD" was thrown in...Quinton Richardson is on the move for the third time in this off-season, this time to Minnesota. He keeps buying properties each time and he'll turn the U.S. housing market around on his own...the Saskatchewan Roughriders are looking to have a domed stadium built to replace the aging Mosaic Stadium. I get that the weather gets a little nasty in Regina at times, but aren't straight domed stadiums a thing of the 80's now and at minimum, you go retractable roof now? You're not getting that for $350 million...if you haven't heard, ESPN hot ass Erin Andrews was photographed naked through her hotel peep hole and in their infinite lack of boundaries - this was the paper that printed the infamous picture of A-Rod and a stripper in Toronto, after all - they printed them. More and clearer pics of a dressed Erin Andrews is talking about leaving the Thursday after the all-star game as a day off too. Dear God, please, no!...interesting that the LA Galaxy are apologizing for David Beckham's half-time act against AC Milan a couple nights ago, but Beckham has yet to. The Galaxies largest supporters group, the unfortunately named Riot Squad, are not being shy about what they witnessed, and good for them, in saying Beck's escalated the confrontation rather than acting like a pro...if you're a pro athlete of any consequence, I don't understand how you can ever put yourself in a situation where someone could even make a false accusation of sexual assault. Stay away from people you don't know. Be paranoid. I'm talking to you, Ben Roethlesberger...that'll likely be it for RM until Saturday, on holidays and going to do my damndest to stay away. But if a Halladay move happens, that could lead to a BlackBerry post. See you Saturday.

Monday, July 20, 2009

That's Abigail Clancy, smoking hot English model. She's now engaged to footballer Peter Crouch from Portsmouth in the English Premier League. Crouch is punching well above his weight class in this one, as you can tell here...that Arturo Gatti may have committed suicide seems incredible given what was apparently an open and shut case of murder at the hands of his wife. Still doesn't explain how she was in the apartment 10 hours and didn't know Gatti had expired...the Roy Halladay trade sweepstakes is overwhelming baseball news. One story from the Chicago Tribune says the Yankees will land Halladay if they take on Vernon Wells contract as well, presumably for fewer players going to Toronto for taking on Wells. Another story from Jon Heyman at says the Jays have pushed the Yankees and Boston Red Sox well down the list to avoid going in division. Which is true? Perhaps both, depending on what is being offered. Pretty crazy time leading to the trade deadline at month end. Halladay put on a vintage display yesterday, going the distance against Boston for the win...David Beckham had quite the night in L.A. last night as his Galaxy played his AC Milan. Set up a couple goals, and as you can see in this video, got into it with some fans. And who was the knucklehead that thought the Galaxies fans wouldn't get wound up by lining up AC Milan as an opponent so soon after he returns from that very squad amid much controversy?...Toronto FC is getting aggressive in its pursuit of Julian De Guzman, perhaps even trying to sign him for just the balance of the year...check out these 10 Great Moment's in 1980's Heel History, including a great video of Don Muraco getting racial with it...the always great Sports Pickle offers this sendup of Brock Lesnar's post-fight act at UFC 100 last week...have a great Monday.