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Friday, July 30, 2010

Puckheads, it is your turn...

Basketball, football and football have taken some abuse the last three days. Up today: hockey. Go wild in the comments section.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hear about the ESPN reporter that managed to follow LeBron James in Vegas for a night last week?  If you managed to see it on ESPN, consider yourself lucky as the article was pulled almost as quick as it went up yesterday, though the only reason I can surmise is it makes 'Bron look like a loser and his people objected and like the pandering poodle they've become to him, they yanked it.  But thanks to the fine folks at Deadspin, you can read it here below.  Get the feeling 'Bron is, for lack of a better word, a bit of a tool?  If you haven't with "The Decision", you will when you get a load of this act.

With the New York Yankees in Cleveland this week, there's a great piece here on how former Cleveland Indian isn't treated with near the disdain that 'Bron is and will continue to be.  Must be something to do with being respectful.

Stephen Strasburg was yanked from a start on Tuesday night and has some shoulder inflammation. If he's shut down for the year, that hurts him even more going forward as he was already looking at an innings cap next year, made only bigger if he doesn't get a tonne of work in this year.

Manchester United faced the MLS All-Stars last night at a packed Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas - yes, home of the NFL Texans - and had a pair from Frederico Macheda in the first 12 minutes, including the first 22 seconds in to lead Man U to a 5-2 beating of the All-Stars Good news for Toronto FC's Dwayne DeRosario: he scored a beauty after megging Wes Brown.

Great piece on the 25 Most Hated Teams of all (the) Time(s).

Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo confirmed the rumblings that came post-All Star Game that Chris Bosh had mentally checked out are something he subscribes to.  He added a little fact to it as well in announcing that Bosh was medically cleared to play six games before agreeing to do so.  Way to show up in the crunch, Bosh.  Am sure that that kind of intestinal fortitude will show for the Miami Heat.  He's not exactly smashing that "RuPaul of big men" tag that Shaquille O'Neal dropped on him a couple years back.

The word "boycott" comes from Charles C. Boycott, an Irish landlord whose high rents led the entire region to stop selling him basic goods.  Love Mental Floss.

Some impressive work in the comments section in taking apart basketball and football the last two days.  Going to keep this going for a while I suspect as there is some great stuff here.  Today: baseball.  Go nuts!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Football gets curbstomped today...

Only the one entry today, but back tomorrow with the full shebang.

Up today in the sports splattering forum - aka the comment section - golf. Oops, not a sport. We're taking on football, of the gridiron variety. Have at it, you know the spot. I'll chime in later today.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tampa Bay Ray Matt Garza tossed the fifth no-hitter of this baseball season. That's the good news for Garza. The bad? Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay and Edwin Jackson are a combined 5-13 since their no-hitters this season.

If you've not been watching ESPN's 30 For 30 shows, be sure to start now on TSN. They're almost always fantastic.
The Chicago Bulls aren't convinced that Tracy McGrady is a good fit.  Why?  Because he's an injury prone guy who has never made it out of the first round of the playoffs?  Tough crowd.

The Toronto Blue Jays are now 10-0 against the Baltimore Orioles this season after last night's win.  Well, at least they've got one team in the AL East they can beat up.

In CONCACAF Champions League play tonight, Toronto FC host Honduran side CD Montagua.  The game marks the home coming of former Red Amado Guevara, who will no doubt be motivated to stick it to TFC's coach Preki, a pair with a lot of mutual dislike, to put it mildly.

Go to the comments section today and have your digs at what is lame about basketball.  Open subject in that you can talk pros, amateurs, rules, coverage...anything.  Have at it.  Coming up tomorrow: football (the North American variety).

Perhaps the best taken penalty kick I've ever seen comes in this Spain vs. Italy under 19 game last week.  Still can't figure out how he managed this...

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Toronto Blue Jays have an ad lauding their "hustle and heart"?  Hilarious. They know Adam Lind, Juan Encarnacion and Yunel Escobar are on the team, right? Not exactly the greatest hustle guys you'll ever see.  It is 80's night at the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles game and broadcast tonight on SportsNet. Interesting, since getting into the 80's remains the Jays annual goal.

That sound of something circling the drain is the sound of the Boston Red Sox season imploding, now nine back of the New York Yankees in the loss column.

Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant doesn't believe he's been drafted to carry pads or be subject to other hazing rituals, or so he says after he refused to carry Roy Williams shoulder pads.  Carry the stuff, Dez.  If it was good enough for all the guys before you, it is good enough for you.

The early days of Chelsea's season aren't looking so great.  Didier Drogba is expected to miss the start of the season with an injury, Ricardo Carvalho wants to move to Real Madrid, and Ashley Cole is expected to.

English side Portsmouth was pounded 4-0 by DC United in a friendly, New York Red Bulls beat Manchester City 2-1 and in the biggest shock, the Kansas City Wizards beat Manchester United 2-1.  Seems visiting the U.S. isn't just about getting a good paycheque for the club while pounding a defenseless opponent anymore.

Going to start a little something tomorrow that looks for some participation, and that is a daily crack at a particular sport and what you think is lame or needing improvement.  So, get ready for that.  Something to keep you coming back on days where I may or may not be entering full updates.