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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Football gets curbstomped today...

Only the one entry today, but back tomorrow with the full shebang.

Up today in the sports splattering forum - aka the comment section - golf. Oops, not a sport. We're taking on football, of the gridiron variety. Have at it, you know the spot. I'll chime in later today.


Joe said...

Brett Favre.

MTS said...

Gotta be OHB
Also the fact that the league is gonna go into lockout arguing over who gets what percentage of a gazillion dollars.

gbvh said...

-- too many team timeouts
-- too many commercial timeouts
-- too many replay timeouts
-- too much time between plays
-- the fact that a player is considered a genius if he, like, improvises or thinks on his own. quelle concept.
-- the fact that points for/against isn't the first or second tiebreaker. this makes the last 10 minutes of many games painful (kill the clock! up the gut!). atop that, it makes wagering on a point spread in football about as stupid a thing any sports gambler could ever do.
-- that a ref has to spend a minute explaining to the scorekeepers and the crowd what the penalty call was (after discussing it with his cronies). then they get to do the play all over again.
-- that if a player somehow manages to ever play on both offense and defense, he's pretty much superman.
-- nfl: that the current game is nary five minutes old and the commentators are already pimping next week's tv game. the next biggest game of all the times.
-- in cfl: the hideous advertisements on the field.
-- the fact that a 350-pound wind-sucker is actually considered an athlete by some
-- the fact they insult their audiences by avoiding talk of gambling, or make the occasional oh-so-clever-and-oh-so-subtle-but-not-really reference. in euro soccer, they have books as sponsors. spade. spade.
-- that it's merely a game played between all those commercials.

TB said...

-worst thing: that the game is far better on TV than it is live, where TV timeouts are a life sucking experience. There's no other sport - save UFC I'd imagine but for different reasons - where that is the case
-that 99% of QB's are incapable or not allowed to call plays, rendering it barely above a video game for creativity of the allegedly most elite and intelligent guy on the field
-that the fittest guys break off a run and immediately head to the sidelines for the oxygen mask. Come the fuck on.
-everything that happens before kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday
-that the game is altered on SB Sunday to accomodate for some washed out has been's to cater to who knows exactly
-Fuck Face Favre, who appeals to red neck pieces of trash mainly, while people ignore for years he was a pill popping alcoholic
-that steroid addled players are given a pass (Shawne Merriman, for example) while baseball players who used when there were no rules against it get killed for life
-that 60 minutes of play takes 3.5 hours. Ridiculous.
-the play clock. Drop that bitch to 30 ticks at most and the game becomes far more interesting. Just add oxygen.
-that failure is rewarded in the CFL with the single point on missed kicks
-touchbacks. Run it out, pussy.

gbvh said...

^ agree.
i think baseball is shittier at the stadium than on tv too.
pretty much no matter where you sit, you can't tell the difference between a ball and a strike.
and at least when you're at home watching it on tv you get some tidbits and anecdotes from the commentators during all that dead time.