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Monday, July 26, 2010

The Toronto Blue Jays have an ad lauding their "hustle and heart"?  Hilarious. They know Adam Lind, Juan Encarnacion and Yunel Escobar are on the team, right? Not exactly the greatest hustle guys you'll ever see.  It is 80's night at the Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles game and broadcast tonight on SportsNet. Interesting, since getting into the 80's remains the Jays annual goal.

That sound of something circling the drain is the sound of the Boston Red Sox season imploding, now nine back of the New York Yankees in the loss column.

Dallas Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant doesn't believe he's been drafted to carry pads or be subject to other hazing rituals, or so he says after he refused to carry Roy Williams shoulder pads.  Carry the stuff, Dez.  If it was good enough for all the guys before you, it is good enough for you.

The early days of Chelsea's season aren't looking so great.  Didier Drogba is expected to miss the start of the season with an injury, Ricardo Carvalho wants to move to Real Madrid, and Ashley Cole is expected to.

English side Portsmouth was pounded 4-0 by DC United in a friendly, New York Red Bulls beat Manchester City 2-1 and in the biggest shock, the Kansas City Wizards beat Manchester United 2-1.  Seems visiting the U.S. isn't just about getting a good paycheque for the club while pounding a defenseless opponent anymore.

Going to start a little something tomorrow that looks for some participation, and that is a daily crack at a particular sport and what you think is lame or needing improvement.  So, get ready for that.  Something to keep you coming back on days where I may or may not be entering full updates.


Kristian A said...

Henry with a goal again I noticed? Him and Angel is going to be formidable on top. Looks like Solér and Backe will put to shame the history of no non-american GM's or coaches having success in MLS.

hi said...

I've been trying to catch Toronto FC football again the last few months. The MLS is no longer what I thought was a joke two years ago. I know it's just the preseason for the English clubs, but I still think it means a lot that they are getting beaten by mostly rotational sides MLS clubs are fielding because of the season that is in play. As a whole, the exhisting clubs are improving in management and the league seems to be inviting smart owners for their expansion clubs. Doing a nice job so far, let's hope they continue.

Chelsea's reserves won the reserve league the last two seasons. They have a lot of up and coming players in their reserves and youth squads. They certaintly can take on a few losses. Now if Ancelotti would get rid of the senior-fetish he got from coaching AC Milan.

Speaking of Dez Bryant, I read that no NFL first round picks from this year has yet to sign a contract. What's up with that?

TB said...

It is one thing to win reserves, but if you lose Carvalho and Cole - their two best defenders - that isn't easily replaced. Mix in the increasingly fragile Cech, not to mention his drop in play the last year or two, and you've got a Champion with some big issues off the hop. That, and the ticking time bomb that is Anelka remains.

Close to accurate on the first rounders, hi. Dez Bryant signed over the weekend to become the first. Not sure why the delay this year - guessing the agents are trying to squeeze every penny they can with a rookie slotting system more than likely coming with the next CBA.