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Friday, July 30, 2010

Puckheads, it is your turn...

Basketball, football and football have taken some abuse the last three days. Up today: hockey. Go wild in the comments section.


Joe said...

I know fighting is a part of the game, but instances where the goalies get into it with each other is embarrassing. It's like real-life Rock'em Sock'em Robots. Also, fights where one guy punches the other guy in the helmet. Either I'm missing something, or that's very counter-productive.

gbvh said...


-- that 90 per cent of goals are flukes
-- that pierre macguire believes every single hockey goal can be explained by physics. these explanations come 1.5 seconds after the puck went in.
-- that the goalies are bigger than the nets
-- the silly scrums after almost every whistle
-- that a team with a guy in the penalty box is allowed (i mean encouraged) to "ice" the puck without consequence
-- fighting
-- the kick-it-around-in-the-corner moves. fun times.
-- tv timeouts
-- the ridiculous length of the schedule
-- hockey in june
-- hockey in may
-- that players, for the most part, have no respect for each other
-- overtime in regular season games
-- penalty shots
-- ticket prices
-- too many teams
-- the brute jock factor
-- that an NHL calibre-goalie, apparently, isn't supposed to let in a shot while standing up and in position.. unless he is screened
-- two intermissions
-- the meatheads
-- the kipper
-- grapes
-- pierre
-- that canada gets so wound up about winning gold when gold in hockey is pretty much being the best of five or six team. the world's tallest midget. party on.
-- officials constantly waving out guys from the face-off circle. get on with it already.
-- the whole "play the body" mentality that kills the potential finesse of the game.