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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hear about the ESPN reporter that managed to follow LeBron James in Vegas for a night last week?  If you managed to see it on ESPN, consider yourself lucky as the article was pulled almost as quick as it went up yesterday, though the only reason I can surmise is it makes 'Bron look like a loser and his people objected and like the pandering poodle they've become to him, they yanked it.  But thanks to the fine folks at Deadspin, you can read it here below.  Get the feeling 'Bron is, for lack of a better word, a bit of a tool?  If you haven't with "The Decision", you will when you get a load of this act.

With the New York Yankees in Cleveland this week, there's a great piece here on how former Cleveland Indian isn't treated with near the disdain that 'Bron is and will continue to be.  Must be something to do with being respectful.

Stephen Strasburg was yanked from a start on Tuesday night and has some shoulder inflammation. If he's shut down for the year, that hurts him even more going forward as he was already looking at an innings cap next year, made only bigger if he doesn't get a tonne of work in this year.

Manchester United faced the MLS All-Stars last night at a packed Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas - yes, home of the NFL Texans - and had a pair from Frederico Macheda in the first 12 minutes, including the first 22 seconds in to lead Man U to a 5-2 beating of the All-Stars Good news for Toronto FC's Dwayne DeRosario: he scored a beauty after megging Wes Brown.

Great piece on the 25 Most Hated Teams of all (the) Time(s).

Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo confirmed the rumblings that came post-All Star Game that Chris Bosh had mentally checked out are something he subscribes to.  He added a little fact to it as well in announcing that Bosh was medically cleared to play six games before agreeing to do so.  Way to show up in the crunch, Bosh.  Am sure that that kind of intestinal fortitude will show for the Miami Heat.  He's not exactly smashing that "RuPaul of big men" tag that Shaquille O'Neal dropped on him a couple years back.

The word "boycott" comes from Charles C. Boycott, an Irish landlord whose high rents led the entire region to stop selling him basic goods.  Love Mental Floss.

Some impressive work in the comments section in taking apart basketball and football the last two days.  Going to keep this going for a while I suspect as there is some great stuff here.  Today: baseball.  Go nuts!


gary said...

the paul rudd / steve carell mockery of "the decision" on the espys was pretty funny.

as far as journalistic integrity, tho, ESPN threw that away a long time ago. and i thought LeBron was a cool customer a few years ago...but wow, not now. turd city.

Kristian A said...

Love to hear about Big Baby's reaction. Cry baby or not, guy got his head screwed on right.

Things I hate about baseball:

- A guy like Prince Fielder can become an All-star.

- Commercials. Goes for most american sports, but I got this years all-star game freshest in mind: Commercial break, national anthem, commercial break, first pitch, commercial break, game starts. Which ties in with next bullet point:

- First pitch. WTF is the point?

- Watching it live (as mentioned yesterday). Too far away to see the strikezone as well which takes away most of the game and too slow to offer it my full attention. Only barable as an excuse to spend some time out in the sun.

- Phillies fans.

- Barry Bonds, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez

- Designated hitter rule. Supposed to make it more entertaining to watch, but quite frankly I find it opposite. Takes away the tactical dimentions of double switches and pinch hitting at the later innings. I'll bare seeing a pitcher strike out a few times before that.

- Too many games (in MLB)

Johnson said...

Time of Games - At some point it just gets boring to watch

Owners who pocket revenue sharing

Home run derby

How MLB seems to be stuck in 1344

hi said...

A little late here, but TFC won. Excite!

There's absolutely nothing bad about baseball when you don't have to watch it. Blue Jays games are just something I have on when I'm doing work in my sofa.

gbvh said...

-- that pitchers can walk to the mound to chat while we sit and wait
-- that managers can walk to the mound to chat while we sit and wait
-- that the batter can step outside the batter's box while we sit and wait
-- that the pitcher can step off the rubber while we sit and wait
-- that the pitcher can throw to first base all he wants while we sit and wait
-- that managers are allowed to go on the field to yell at the umpires while we sit and wait
-- like european soccer, it's pretty much the same handful of teams in the running for top spot ever year.
-- that games go to extra innings. playing overtime in any regular season game in any sport is ridiculous, but to play a 16-inning game, one out of 160-something, in meaningless May is just ridiculous
-- that a game which is so painfully anal about every little detail allows an out to be called at second base if a player merely "sweeps over" (or around) the bag on a double-play move
-- that two leagues in the same league play by a different rule (DH). Duhhhhhh.