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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who are you? Who, who?

I'm sure guitarist Pete Townsend of The Who, slated to play the Super Bowl halftime show next weekend, is thrilled to have a postcard (see right) being sent to parents in the Miami area to alert them of his presence. While he was never convicted, he did spend time as a registered sex offender in England for his "internet research".

Scarlett Johannson is hot for Mango? Nice.

With all the overtime rule change possibilities I've heard this week for the NFL, the only ones I like are (1) each team is guaranteed a possession and sudden death and (2) play 10 minutes of straight up football, leader at end wins. Repeat as necessary. Not at all a fan of the college system or anything that doesn't resemble normal play, nor am I a fan of the current system where the coin toss winner wins 60% of the time.

With the NFL season winding down and only one game that matters left, the sporting calendar is going into arguably the worst month or so of the year, at least until March Madness cranks up and then passes the batton to baseball. Can't wait!

Frequent reader Bukakke passed on this great Tiger Woods game. Hours of fun.

Another piece of OHB schadenfreude. This is the same station that brought this awesome call to the close of the game, in case you didn't hear it.

Bill Simmons - The Sports Guy - has a great column up this week where he ranks the most tortured franchises in sports. Congratulations, Maple Leafs fans, you rank #7! Well worth your time.

I've got a nice EPL parlay this morning of Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool that pays about 3.5 to 1. Get on over to Pinnacle Sports at the link above and get in and get your own action down.

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Classy of the NFL to send their legal team after New Orleans business people who are selling "who dat?" gear. All year it was fine but now that they're in the Super Bowl, the league wants its cut.

Won't it be a bit weird if the Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl the year after Tony Dungy left as head coach, same as the Tampa Bay Bucs did the year after he left them?

Michael Farber at looks at the Montreal Canadiens goaltending situation and decides that given Carey Price youth, it might not be too wise to give up on him just yet, provided of course he and Jaroslav Halak don't divide the locker room. Can't disagree with that logic.

One of Tiger Woods playtoys, a former Playboy model named Loredana Jolie, says that his sex fantasies were "not normal". Jolie also said that Eldrick was into gay sex as well. Woods also sent a text message to Rachel Uchitel saying he envisioned her having sex with Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz at the same time. Well at least this isn't getting weird.

The LA Kings are a prime contender to acquire high-scoring left wing Ilya Kovalchuk from Atlanta, but they're competing with Vancouver, Boston and another Eastern team for the two-time 50-goal scorer. Rest easy Maple Leafs fans, it won't be Toronto.

Roger Federer has advanced to the finals of the Aussie Open where he'll face Andy Murray. That's 23 straight semi-final appearances for Federer in a Grand Slam, and he's been in the final of 18 of the last 19 majors. Murray has played only one set above the minimum en route to the final, and has beaten Federer 6 of 10 times. On the women's side, Serena Williams will face Justine Henin in the final.

Minnesota Vikings QB legend Fran Tarkenton, who railed against OHB moving to the purple and gold in the summer, spared no feelings when he piled on after Sunday's meltdown, calling the play "stupid" and saying that quarterbacks of lesser stature wouldn't have made such a play. He finished with this gem: "We all get hit but he is flapping around and jumping around and he is getting hit and he talks in the soft voice. I would rather it be about the team and not [OHB]. I get the idea that it is more about [OHB] than the team. A quarterback is to make his teammates better but he is not about that." For the kids of the 80's that read here: That's Incredible!

Hedo Turkoglu likely had his best game as a Toronto Raptors in last night's come from behind win in New York, but he's got a long way to go before he'll be seen as a likeable guy by this fan when he handles a post-game interview with Jack Armstrong like this. I don't think Kobe Bryant or LeBron James would act like that. Asshat.

Kurt Warner is expected to announce his retirement from the NFL today. Somehow, I suspect he'll actually mean it, even though he's still more than capable of playing despite having a #1 pick waiting behind him. Next stop, Canton.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Eric Green forcibly sodomized a transgendered woman. I only mention this because you don't hear that very often.

Have a great Friday, back in the morn.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Derek addict?

After the New Orleans Saints punched their ticket to the Super Bowl, there are four teams who have yet to appear in the Super Bowl? Any guesses? Answer at bottom.

SportsByBrooks asks how is it that Tiger Woods can be called a sex addict because of his 15 partners, but Derek Jeter isn't. Now, I'm not here to pass judgment. Rather, I'm here to express awe at Jeter's list of 15 here. Amazing.

There have been loads of reasons why the Buffalo Bills lost four straight Super Bowls discussed over the years, but former Dallas Cowboy and three time Super Bowl Champion Darren Woodson offers up a new one: nobody partied harder than the Bills in the week leading up to the game. Way to go, Buffalo!

Does the Toronto Raptors being in fifth in the Eastern Conference say something about how they've turned around, or how weak the East is? Both? The Raps beat the Miami Heat last night 111-103 on big nights from Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani, a recurring theme of late. They've got to try something they struggle with tonight: doing it on back to back nights, with a trip to Madison Square Garden to face the New York Knicks.

This will end badly: the NFL is going to offer the Red Zone Channel on cell phones next year. As if you needed another distraction while driving.

New England Patriot Vince Wilfork is objecting to talks he may be hit with the "franchise" tag as he enters free agency, saying it is a slap in the face. Yeah, real kick in the teeth knowing you'll be paid the average of the top five players at your position or 120% of your previous year's deal, whichever is greater.

According to Baseball Reference, Randy Winn leads active players with 1,601 games and no post-season appearance. He's 162 games from ending that run now that he's signed with the New York Yankees, officially ending Johnny Damon's days in The Bronx.

Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton both saw their season's come to an end thanks to NBA Commissioner David Stern's ruling on their gun play being a suspension for the rest of the year.

The Edmonton Oilers have won one game in the last 19, that of course by beating the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A freaking figure skater with fur is on the cover of the Toronto Star sports section two days running. The Olympics can't end fast enough.

The Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars are the only teams who have yet to make a Super Bowl appearance.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Was going to use a picture of Greg Oden that leaked out yesterday, but with a flurry of lawyer's letters flying out to those that had it out, figured it best I pull out on that one.

This piece at says that like the Oakland Raiders - and who wants that as a similarity? - the rot with the Buffalo Bills starts at the top and works its way down. Thanks to SS for that one.

If you're the Philadelphia Phillies and you've got a choice of Cliff Lee under control for this year at $8 million, or having Joe Blanton signed for multiple years at about the same cost, if not a little more, don't you take Lee and go for the World Series jugular with the Lee, Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels as your big three? Seems a no-brainer to me. Instead, the Phillies worried about their farm system's depth after dealing for Lee last summer, and moved him to try to shore that up. Odd. Seems Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel is on the same line of thinking too.

Sports Illustrated has just raised the bar in media coverage by somehow narrowing the worst career moments of OHB to a mere 10. Check them out here.

Alyssa Milano, then Eliza Dushku, and now Karina Smirnoff? St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Brad Penny is growing a fine resume of ladies he's dated. Derek've been warned!

Check out this fan's reaction to the OHB's interception late in the Minnesota Vikings loss at New Orleans, as the pick happened. Hysterical stuff.

In news that should excite nobody because it is a waste of your time and money, and a sign of ignorance, Pro Line is said to be ready to offer NBA action in the coming months in Ontario. Do yourselves a favor folks, if you want to gamble on the NBA, or anything, hit the link above for Pinnacle Sports. Better odds, better options, and none of this needing to pick three games nonsense.

The T.O. Show will shoot season 2 shortly. Now, it is no shock to any regulars here that I've always been a bit of a T.O. fan, but after that year in Buffalo - not his fault, by the by, that he didn't have a QB - is he at all relevant anymore? Worry about your next contract, 81.

Andre Dawson will go into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Montreal Expo. Good call, baseball.

So the Oakland A's signed Ben Sheets for $10 million. Add in their earlier signing of Justin Duchsherer and they have two starters in their rotation who didn't make a single start last season. That said, good signings both I think. Love Sheets.

Tried a little something different last night, as you can see in the entry below. Let me know what you think of that idea.

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How the NFL could change significatly in the next five weeks

More discussion of how the NFL landscape could change in the next month and change unless a new labor deal is struck. Hard as it may seem to believe in light of what other league's have done to hurt themselves over the year's while the NFL has enjoyed labor peace and unprecedented growth, but they may go the road of the rest.

More here from the Dallas Morning News

May look to add some more time sensitive stuff as it comes available, and giving it a test run this way. Let me know what you think. Good idea, bad idea? Keep it one update daily?

The King Steals One

Finally we're getting a clearer picture of how Tiger Woods fateful day unwound months back. Seems while asleep, his wife Elin got a hold of his cell and texted Rachel Uchitel and got all the responses she needed. Memo to Tiger: never a good idea to save messages you've sent another woman telling her you love her if she isn't your wife. Just sayin'.

Speaking of details, Washingon Bullet Javaris Crittenton's plea deal over his gun incident with teammate Gilbert Arenas has to certainly end Arenas time with the Wizards, if not his NBA career. Don't imagine Commissioner David Stern has a lot of time for guys who threaten to shoot teammates in the face or blow up their car.

Late in a game. Your team is winning. You throw an ill advised pass. It is intercepted and goes back for points, costing your team the game. OHB's playoff life for the better part of a decade in a nutshell? Nope, Dwayne Wade's behind the back pass getting picked by LeBron James last night. Sure seems familiar though, don't it? Story and hilites here.

No word if the NFL is contacting CFL players to fill roster spots for the Pro Bowl.

Pete Townsend of The Who revealed the band will be doing a medley of Baba O'Riley, Pinball Wizard, Tommy, Who Are You, and Won't Get Fooled Again at the Super Bowl's halftime show. What? No new stuff? Stunner.

LA Dodger Matt Kemp's ex-girlfriend took out a restraining order against Kemp because he was violent and abusive towards her. He's now dating Rihanna who of course, was badly beaten by her ex Chris Brown. Well at least that isn't weird.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, recent Stanley Cup winners if you forgot, had to take an advance on their revenue sharing money and from its local TV deal to help it meet last season's final payroll. And to think Gary Bettman approved that ownership group easily. Sun Belt hockey was such a great idea.

Check out Bourbon Street in New Orleans errupt Sunday night when the Saints won in overtime. Amazing.
Saints Video: Bourbon Street

Monday, January 25, 2010

Down goes OHB!

Doesn't the world just seem like a better place today, now that you know you're free of any possibility of a OHB felating for the Super Bowl? OHB did what he does in the playoffs, and for the third straight time to end a season, his last pass in a playoff game was an interception that cost his team dearly. Love it. 31-28 New Orleans Saints. The Vikings fumbled the ball six times, losing three, and OHB threw a pair of INT's in a game the Vikes should have had. Said first and best by frequent poster and daily reader Bukakke: "There were probably Haitian survivors still trapped under rubble that let out muffled cheers when Brett threw against the grain in the waning seconds."

The Indianapolis Colts rallied back from a 17-6 deficit to beat the New York Jets 30-17 and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl. The Jets were looking great until Shonn Green went out with an injury. They're going to be a load in the coming years.

If you're wondering, the Super Bowl line is Indy as high as 5.5 in some books, with an over/under of 56. Should be a great game.

Word is that TV ratings for the Toronto Maple Leafs are significantly up, leading some TV types to wonder about their accuracy given the team's performance. Don't they get it? Some people hate the Leafs so much they love watching them get embarrassed.

Add a 42-year-old British mother of two named Emma Rotherham to the list of Tiger Woods side dishes.

Leg-endary Nuts girls. NSFW, you've been warned.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Championship Sunday

Had the majority of today's RM drafted up on the Blackberry, until my boy got a hold of it and figured out how to delete messages both in my inbox and drafted. Awesome. Memo to self: use the locking feature.

The Super Bowl contestants will be determined today, if you were unawares. Up first is an AFC battle that will see the New York Jets visit the Indianapolis Colts. You may have heard a time or million this week that these two played in late December and the Colts famously yanked their starters with an undefeated season and a lead on the go. High stakes to say the least, with the Jets out to prove it was no fluke and the Colts out to prove their motivation - getting to the Super Bowl - was valid. The Jets defence has been incredible for most of the year, and Mark "Dirty" Sanchez has done just enough on offence to keep defences honest and not try to only stuff a strong running game. But we are talking Peyton Manning and Manning at home here, and that will be too much to overcome, especially if the referee's are hell bent on easing the path for the Colts, like they seemed to be last week when they hosted Baltimore. If the Colts get out to a lead here, can't imagine Sanchez passing their way back into it. I've got Colts winning 34-13 here.

For the NFC Championship, you'd think that the Minnesota Vikings were the only team playing the way the media has been slurping OHB and the Vikes. Yet, it is the New Orleans Saints who enter the game as 3.5 point favs, are at home with what will be a rocking crowd, own the best record in the 2009 season, and have who I think was this year's MVP at QB in Drew Brees. The one concern I have is the Saints pass protection, and we saw how the Saints can struggle when pressed by a pass rush when they lost to Dallas in Week 15, and even more saw what the Vikes can bring in their destruction of Dallas last week. But we've also seen that the Vikes aren't nearly as potent on the road this year, and for that, I'm thinking the Saints are 30-21 winners, with OHB throwing at least one brains-blowing-out pick. Warning: prepare for a fawning broadcast crew. Avoid eating before or during this one as it may be vomit inducing.

Hands up, who had Henrik Sedin leading the NHL in scoring ever, much less in late January?

Only one English Premier League game yesterday as a result of some FA Cup action, but Wayne Rooney went off for four goals as United moved temporarily into first place with a 4-0 pounding of Hull City.

Jessica Biel stripping. Just because.

Not sure what took so long, but the media finally got around to determining who the MLB Playoff MVP was for 2009 and it was one Alex Rodriguez.

Guessing Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks is pretty desperate for cash. Why else would you sell the Texas Rangers, their stadium lease and 153 acres of property for a mere $570 million? What will he sell the Dallas Stars for if they come up then? $50? Maybe he'll give Jim Balsillie a shout and coax $200 million out of him? I'm sure the North American sporting elite has to love that he and George Gillette are selling big name properties here - Gillette of course unloaded the Montreal Canadiens in their 100th year - in favor of a soccer team.

One thing that Moneyball can't account for: a player deciding that he wants to enter the priesthood. One of the Oakland A's top prospects Grant Desme has decided he's not for a career in sports, and is devoting himself to the priesthood. Kind of extreme, no?

Here are the Top 10 Hottest MILF's in sports. Didn't know Amanda Beard had a kid, but she's a great choice at #1.

Richard Griffin at the Toronto Star interviewed legendary baseball eccentric Bill "Spaceman" Lee about the subject of steroid use and Lee hits the syringe on the head in saying players weren't cheating if there was no rule against it. Great read, as is Lee's bio if you ever get a chance to pick it up.

For more thoughts on today's games, check out Cleveland Frowns picks. This guy is perfect for the playoffs so far. Why did I only hear of this now, oh Gambling Gods?

Have a great day, Geaux Saints!!