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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Derek addict?

After the New Orleans Saints punched their ticket to the Super Bowl, there are four teams who have yet to appear in the Super Bowl? Any guesses? Answer at bottom.

SportsByBrooks asks how is it that Tiger Woods can be called a sex addict because of his 15 partners, but Derek Jeter isn't. Now, I'm not here to pass judgment. Rather, I'm here to express awe at Jeter's list of 15 here. Amazing.

There have been loads of reasons why the Buffalo Bills lost four straight Super Bowls discussed over the years, but former Dallas Cowboy and three time Super Bowl Champion Darren Woodson offers up a new one: nobody partied harder than the Bills in the week leading up to the game. Way to go, Buffalo!

Does the Toronto Raptors being in fifth in the Eastern Conference say something about how they've turned around, or how weak the East is? Both? The Raps beat the Miami Heat last night 111-103 on big nights from Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani, a recurring theme of late. They've got to try something they struggle with tonight: doing it on back to back nights, with a trip to Madison Square Garden to face the New York Knicks.

This will end badly: the NFL is going to offer the Red Zone Channel on cell phones next year. As if you needed another distraction while driving.

New England Patriot Vince Wilfork is objecting to talks he may be hit with the "franchise" tag as he enters free agency, saying it is a slap in the face. Yeah, real kick in the teeth knowing you'll be paid the average of the top five players at your position or 120% of your previous year's deal, whichever is greater.

According to Baseball Reference, Randy Winn leads active players with 1,601 games and no post-season appearance. He's 162 games from ending that run now that he's signed with the New York Yankees, officially ending Johnny Damon's days in The Bronx.

Washington Wizards Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton both saw their season's come to an end thanks to NBA Commissioner David Stern's ruling on their gun play being a suspension for the rest of the year.

The Edmonton Oilers have won one game in the last 19, that of course by beating the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A freaking figure skater with fur is on the cover of the Toronto Star sports section two days running. The Olympics can't end fast enough.

The Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars are the only teams who have yet to make a Super Bowl appearance.

Have a great day.

1 comment:

B. Kennedy said...

I don't think the Eastern Conference is weak at all this year. Everybody expected that three teams would dominate (Orlando, Boston and Cleveland), Atlanta would be a bit behind and a bunch of losers would struggle into the postseason. Well, Atlanta's been just as good as the other three front-runners and Toronto, Miami, Charlotte and Chicago have been better than anybody expected. I think the Raptors are legitimately a good team right now and have beaten some damned good teams (Cleveland, Orlando, San Antonio, Lakers, Dallas) which you don't generally do just by accident.

The Raptors have improved a lot, probably in less meteoric fashion than Charlotte right now (Larry Brown deserves himself the biggest, shiniest Coach of the Year trophy in history) but it's not due to weak competition that they're in 5th spot.

They're not going out of the first round unless they vastly improve their defense, though. Last night they were terrible in that regard and they need to pull that together in a hurry.