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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Championship Sunday

Had the majority of today's RM drafted up on the Blackberry, until my boy got a hold of it and figured out how to delete messages both in my inbox and drafted. Awesome. Memo to self: use the locking feature.

The Super Bowl contestants will be determined today, if you were unawares. Up first is an AFC battle that will see the New York Jets visit the Indianapolis Colts. You may have heard a time or million this week that these two played in late December and the Colts famously yanked their starters with an undefeated season and a lead on the go. High stakes to say the least, with the Jets out to prove it was no fluke and the Colts out to prove their motivation - getting to the Super Bowl - was valid. The Jets defence has been incredible for most of the year, and Mark "Dirty" Sanchez has done just enough on offence to keep defences honest and not try to only stuff a strong running game. But we are talking Peyton Manning and Manning at home here, and that will be too much to overcome, especially if the referee's are hell bent on easing the path for the Colts, like they seemed to be last week when they hosted Baltimore. If the Colts get out to a lead here, can't imagine Sanchez passing their way back into it. I've got Colts winning 34-13 here.

For the NFC Championship, you'd think that the Minnesota Vikings were the only team playing the way the media has been slurping OHB and the Vikes. Yet, it is the New Orleans Saints who enter the game as 3.5 point favs, are at home with what will be a rocking crowd, own the best record in the 2009 season, and have who I think was this year's MVP at QB in Drew Brees. The one concern I have is the Saints pass protection, and we saw how the Saints can struggle when pressed by a pass rush when they lost to Dallas in Week 15, and even more saw what the Vikes can bring in their destruction of Dallas last week. But we've also seen that the Vikes aren't nearly as potent on the road this year, and for that, I'm thinking the Saints are 30-21 winners, with OHB throwing at least one brains-blowing-out pick. Warning: prepare for a fawning broadcast crew. Avoid eating before or during this one as it may be vomit inducing.

Hands up, who had Henrik Sedin leading the NHL in scoring ever, much less in late January?

Only one English Premier League game yesterday as a result of some FA Cup action, but Wayne Rooney went off for four goals as United moved temporarily into first place with a 4-0 pounding of Hull City.

Jessica Biel stripping. Just because.

Not sure what took so long, but the media finally got around to determining who the MLB Playoff MVP was for 2009 and it was one Alex Rodriguez.

Guessing Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks is pretty desperate for cash. Why else would you sell the Texas Rangers, their stadium lease and 153 acres of property for a mere $570 million? What will he sell the Dallas Stars for if they come up then? $50? Maybe he'll give Jim Balsillie a shout and coax $200 million out of him? I'm sure the North American sporting elite has to love that he and George Gillette are selling big name properties here - Gillette of course unloaded the Montreal Canadiens in their 100th year - in favor of a soccer team.

One thing that Moneyball can't account for: a player deciding that he wants to enter the priesthood. One of the Oakland A's top prospects Grant Desme has decided he's not for a career in sports, and is devoting himself to the priesthood. Kind of extreme, no?

Here are the Top 10 Hottest MILF's in sports. Didn't know Amanda Beard had a kid, but she's a great choice at #1.

Richard Griffin at the Toronto Star interviewed legendary baseball eccentric Bill "Spaceman" Lee about the subject of steroid use and Lee hits the syringe on the head in saying players weren't cheating if there was no rule against it. Great read, as is Lee's bio if you ever get a chance to pick it up.

For more thoughts on today's games, check out Cleveland Frowns picks. This guy is perfect for the playoffs so far. Why did I only hear of this now, oh Gambling Gods?

Have a great day, Geaux Saints!!

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