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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Was going to use a picture of Greg Oden that leaked out yesterday, but with a flurry of lawyer's letters flying out to those that had it out, figured it best I pull out on that one.

This piece at says that like the Oakland Raiders - and who wants that as a similarity? - the rot with the Buffalo Bills starts at the top and works its way down. Thanks to SS for that one.

If you're the Philadelphia Phillies and you've got a choice of Cliff Lee under control for this year at $8 million, or having Joe Blanton signed for multiple years at about the same cost, if not a little more, don't you take Lee and go for the World Series jugular with the Lee, Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels as your big three? Seems a no-brainer to me. Instead, the Phillies worried about their farm system's depth after dealing for Lee last summer, and moved him to try to shore that up. Odd. Seems Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel is on the same line of thinking too.

Sports Illustrated has just raised the bar in media coverage by somehow narrowing the worst career moments of OHB to a mere 10. Check them out here.

Alyssa Milano, then Eliza Dushku, and now Karina Smirnoff? St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Brad Penny is growing a fine resume of ladies he's dated. Derek've been warned!

Check out this fan's reaction to the OHB's interception late in the Minnesota Vikings loss at New Orleans, as the pick happened. Hysterical stuff.

In news that should excite nobody because it is a waste of your time and money, and a sign of ignorance, Pro Line is said to be ready to offer NBA action in the coming months in Ontario. Do yourselves a favor folks, if you want to gamble on the NBA, or anything, hit the link above for Pinnacle Sports. Better odds, better options, and none of this needing to pick three games nonsense.

The T.O. Show will shoot season 2 shortly. Now, it is no shock to any regulars here that I've always been a bit of a T.O. fan, but after that year in Buffalo - not his fault, by the by, that he didn't have a QB - is he at all relevant anymore? Worry about your next contract, 81.

Andre Dawson will go into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Montreal Expo. Good call, baseball.

So the Oakland A's signed Ben Sheets for $10 million. Add in their earlier signing of Justin Duchsherer and they have two starters in their rotation who didn't make a single start last season. That said, good signings both I think. Love Sheets.

Tried a little something different last night, as you can see in the entry below. Let me know what you think of that idea.

Have a great Wednesday.


bigheadedjerk (TJ Quik) said...

Another OHB reference? Romo is a poor mans OHB without the ring. ;)

TB said...

Right, because he has repeatedly talked of retiring and then unretiring, holding a team hostage and turning a camp into a total circus, having a vicodin addiction and making everything about himself and demanding a trade to said team's hated rival. Oh, and Romo doesn't end SEASON'S with interceptions three straight times. Only one man has that record!

And if he's a poor man's OHB, what do you call those losers that the Bucs trot out regularly?

bigheadedjerk (TJ Quik) said...

Favres only fault is he loves the game so much.

Yea he jerked GB around, but that was because he knew the right thing was to give ARog his chance, but Favre realized he could still play. He certainly proved this year that he is still a good option as a starting QB.

As for the Bucs, I'd rather have freeman who has a chance to be special, compared to Romo, who is already proven to be a loser...

MTS said...

I think you'd be crazy to take Freeman ahead of Romo. Romo's proven he can play at a high level, and he did kinda get the playoff curse off him this year. The loss to Minny was certainly not his fault, not nearly as much as it was the o-line.

ts said...

You are correct about one thing....Romo and Favre are similar on the field. Both make alot of plays out of nothing, gun slinger whatever you wanna call it kinda stuff etc etc.
As for the rest of your frivolous rant.....if you don't know that Favre is the arguably the most selfish athlete of his time and TB loves pointing it out. Especially to those that still have no idea because they only read mainstream media who suck on the Favre teat.
And the Romo vs Freeman topic is not even worth answering.

TB said...

For those wondering, we're talking about Josh Freeman, not Antonio, though they have similar success at QB to date which is to say very little.

Now, TJQ, given your Blue Jays and Bucs loyalties, I'll concede you've got far more expertise when it comes to losers.

But, pretty sure there isn't more than a couple QB's today - or less - not named Tom Brady or Ben Roethlesberger with a career win percentages better than the 69.1% (38-17) that Tony Romo has as a starter (including two easy wins over the Bucs, granted). He even tops Peyton Manning's 66.5%.

I'm sure you bet on Dallas to win the Super Bowl because he's a loser, too.

But thanks for the traffic spike here. People love a car wreck.

MTS...welcome to the posting section, and stick around with quality like that.