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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big 2 and Ru

Baseball's free agency period is just about to launch (midnight tonight).  Here's a peak at the Top 50 talents available, and where they might land.  If this proves accurate, looks like more than a few new players are heading to Boston.  This piece says the Washington Nationals are lurking as a potential landing spot for Cliff Lee.  I won't pretend to know, but he'd have been lying on his "contender" requirement in that case.

The Miami Heat may have their "Big 3" (quotes very much needed), but I'm trademarking a new name for them: "Big 2 and Ru".  Not exactly a stellar start for CBdOne.

Part of the waffling over whether Randy Moss was being released earlier this week - he was, then wasn't, then was - is supposedly because Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was considering keeping Moss and booting coach Brad Childress for, among other things, not consulting him or the GM on the move.  Here's a thought: he should have considered punting both.  Why, other than to save the money on Childress and the cost of hiring a new coach, does he keep the job for what has to be a fireable offence?

Guess which former Philadelphia Phillies wideout has weighed in on whether Donovan McNabb deserved to be benched and is a top QB?  Terrell Owens?  Yep.  But he's not alone, nor the worst offender.  Freddie Mitchell - remember him? - piled on too.

Check out the 100 hottest NBA cheerleaders.  The Toronto Raptors placed one in the top 100, at a lowly #88.

Rogers Communications says it has no plans to expand the Bills in Toronto series.  Yeah, there's a shocker.  A batch of games they wildly overpriced and have yet to see a physical sellout isn't something they want to perpetuate?  Don't exactly have to have a degree from the Wharton School of Business to figure that one out.

The Vancouver Whitecaps have launched ticket packages for their first MLS season next year, and they're intent on outdoing Toronto FC for the highest priced soccer ticket in the land.  File under "what are you thinking?"

We may be well into fall and steamrolling towards winter, but never a bad time for a little Summer.  Glau, that is. is gonna hurt.  Yours, Alabama

Back to some EPL action, have a great day.

Check out this Boston Celtics fan getting loose the other night.  Incredible.  Thanks to BH for that one.

Friday, November 5, 2010

"What should I do?"

Troy Polamalu got all up in Roger Goodell's hair over the crackdown on hits in the NFL, saying that part of the problem may be that Goodell wields too much power and influence with no checks and balances like a proper government.  Silly Troy, thinking this is a democratic business he's in.

A quick peak at the NHL Albatross players.  Not surprisingly, other than he's just a dozen or so games into his contract, Ilya Kovalchuk leads the way.

Here's a peak at the ten issues facing the New York Yankees this off-season.  #2 is already taken care of.  Speaking of #2, Derek Jeter's people say his value to the team can't be overestimated.  Oh, but it can...and has.  One ring as the vaunted Captain, last I checked.  The always hilarious SportsPickle has a great article saying Jeter is demanding to be paid $1 million per intangible.

Fox Sports Soccer looks at the ultra convoluted playoff system employed by the MLS.  Memo to Don Garber: simple is good.  People get simple, especially if they're just new to your league.

Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams has had himself a nice year.  He's been one of the better Cowboys, for what that is worth.  But saying he thinks the Cowboys can win nine straight is comical.

Rogers announced yesterday that the Buffalo Bills hosting Chicago Bears game this Sunday in Toronto is sold out, even though you can easily get four tickets in the lower and upper bowls.  Word is the fine print of the announcement read "well, compared to a Toronto Blue Jays game the place sure will be packed."

For a few of you I know all too well, top 10 things you didn't know about J├Ągermeister.

A whole lot of Arianny Celeste pics, not including her Playboy pics from this month, which Hugh Hefner's legal team seems to be working overtime to keep off the 'net and pull off when they do hit.

Didn't take South Park long to lampoon LeBron James "What should I do?" Nike ads, mixing BP into the mix.

Here are the 25 least manly things in sports.  Pretty freaking comprehensive, it must be said.

Weird video from a soccer league in Brazil.  A player - and I can't imagine he's in the top flight given his physique - is getting ready to take a corner kick when a fan jumps out of the stands and, well, see for yourself.
RM returns later this morning/early afternoon.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Capt. Hyman Shocker?

Nothing to do with sports, but what better way to lead off today than with this great pic sent my way by  Bukkake?  Awesome.

Randy Moss is now a Tennessee Titan, his third team in 5 weeks.  They were the only team to put in a waiver claim on him. Good luck this off-season, RM!  Good thing the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn't do the team affiliation like baseball. Not sure he'd be happy as a Minnesota Viking, and can't imagine any other possibility. What a nutjob.

Speaking of waivers, the Buffalo Bills claimed Shawne Merriman, former San Diego Charger standout. So, now they've got Maybin and Hasbin for linebackers.  What's really surprising about Merriman is he's only 26. 

Jon Heyman at takes a peak at the MLB off-season, now upon us. Good news for New York Yankee fans if Heyman is right, Cliff Lee will be in pinstripes.

There's some things that you really shouldn't venture into when it comes to trash talk purposes, if only because karma has a ridiculous reach. So when Kevin Garnett cracks on Charlie Villenueva as a cancer patient, that's probably one of those areas. Besides, why go there when CV has so many other areas you can crack him on?  George Karl, Denver Nuggets coach and cancer survivor, wasn't impressed.  An NBA player poll had Garnett as the runaway winner for biggest trash talker at 62% of the vote.

If you're Donovan McNabb, pulled at crunch time on Sunday for the Washington Redskins, and your coach expresses concern that not only you aren't that familiar with the playbook for the two minute drill, but that you're also out of shape, and then he brings in the State of JaMarcus Russell for a workout, bet you're not shopping for real estate.

Interesting piece on Monday from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun on the top two centres for each team in the NHL this year. The Leafs duo of Tyler Bozak and Mikhael Grabovski have all of 8 points so far...combined. That's dead last in the league, and an area Brian Burke needs to shore up badly. 

There are rumblings that Derek Jeter is after six years from the Yankees. Yeah, that'd be a great idea for a guy who already moves like his knees have been dipped in cement before he takes the field.  If I'm Brian Cashman and at the negotiating table, I ask DJ this: "who loses more by you leaving, us...or you?"  No brainer, Jeter does.  He won't get half the money elsewhere, and even less of the adulation.  I'd finish with "here's video of your 2010, and the last decade of plays to your left.  Sign here, here's what you're making for two years." 

While Bobby Clarke was trying to spit out a single thought between periods on TSN, this blog entry was completed entirely. Only slightly exaggerating.

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports thinks that the majority of people asked would not be in favor of an expanded playoffs in baseball and says three rounds is already too long for the playoffs.  I completely disagree on the latter, the problem is the ridiculous breaks between rounds.  Lose that and you could easily add another round of playoffs.

Toronto FC finalized and confirmed their deal with Jurgen Klinsmann, who has free reign to do as he pleases with the hiring of GM, coach, implementing style of play and so on.  I like it.

I've yet to see a Toronto Raptors game beyond stumbling across it - and even the one a few friends put on at my place was met with indifference and only passing glances - and have to say, my life is better for it.  Word is they got smoked last night. 

This website - Overstream - allows you to take random YouTube video's and throws subtitles on the screen that have nothing to do with what is actually being said, with hilarious effect.  The subject in this one?  Wayne Rooney's almost-departure from Manchester United.

Check out this awesome rant by Florida Atlantic colour guy Dave Lamont.  Wow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wall Street Journal did a study of the FOX NFL pre-game show and determined that 10% of the show is spent with the panel laughingThe Big Lead has a great vid that shows it isn't just a FOX thing.

The New York Mets hired former Toronto Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi yesterday.  His task?  To rebuild the Mets scouting department.  Wasn't he the guy that took a blow torch to the Jays scouting department as soon as he took the job?  Only the Mets.

Was it a lack of effort on the field?  Infighting with the coaching staff?  Nope.  What did Randy Moss in with the Minnesota Vikings was his teeing off on a catered meal as being not fit to feed his dog.  As an aside, what will the media have to cover if Moss is done next year, with T.O. and Brett Favre also possibilities?  Sorry, shouldn't have had T.O. in there, he's having a better year than those two, and who would have figured that?

8 shut-out periods before the Toronto Maple Leafs finally found the net last night in a 3-2 loss to Ottawa.  That sound you hear is the sound of reality grinding expectation to a halt after a 4-0 open to the season in Toronto.

NBA Commish David Stern can't be a very busy man these days, what with getting around to banning players from wearing headbands upside down.  What's next, inside out?

Dwayne DeRosario may want to get a new deal out of Toronto FC, but there's nothing happening on that front. 

Yankee Stadium is getting dressed up to host Notre Dame vs. Army on November 20th.  Pictures here.

50 hottest new WAG's for 2010.

Yankees boss Hal Steinbrenner says the team hopes to agree to a new deal with Derek Jeter, but it has to make sense for both sides.  Memo to Hal: your side's definition of making sense does not exceed three years.  Money is irrelevant, do not give him more than three.  Two preferably.

David Beckham is a good dude, have to say, and a decent actor.  Hilarious hidden camera routine he was in on with Ellen DeGeneres.

A beauty of a goal in the OHL a few nights back from Ryan Strome of the Niagara Ice Dogs, courtesy of my boy KD.  One day I hope to try to replicate this effort in a certain PS3 game. Gets better with every replay.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants take the World Series

Well that was easy enough, and surprising at that.  The San Francisco Giants rode another strong start - or was it horrible Texas Rangers sticks? - to a 3-1 win last night to take the World Series 4-1.  Hell of a run for the Giants, it must be said.  Ought to be a very interesting off-season, as it always is in MLB, starting with the "award season" and then into free agency, winter meetings...makes the winter go by just a little bit quicker, thankfully.

The Indianapolis Colts exacted some revenge for their Week 1 beating at the hands of the Houston Texans last night with a 30-17 home win.  The Texans look like they can't defend the pass against anybody.

And then, there are the Minnesota Vikings.  Yesterday, the news went from Randy Moss was being put on waivers, to reports it not being true a couple hours later, to finally the official word coming down that he was in fact history.  Four weeks and done for #84 with his first team.  Not exactly the way he or his agent probably hoped a contract year would pan out.  The Vikings are in the running with the Dallas Cowboys for the biggest circus this year, and that is saying something. Not sure which is a bigger disappointment.

Wonder who players think was the best pitcher in the AL this year?  They voted David Price, with CC Sabathia second and King Felix Hernandez third.  I'd bet confidently the Cy Young voting ends in the same order.

If you're a fan of the Toronto Raptors, you may have heard about Chris Bosh treating his time in Toronto as though it didn't really happen, because it wasn't on U.S. television.  Classy.  Love Stan Van Gundy calling Bosh "Dwayne Wade's lap dog".

Weird stat that I've yet to confirm: the winning team of the NFL's game in London the last two games has gone on to win the Super Bowl within two years.  Really.  In 2007, the New York Giants won in London and won the Super Bowl in 2009, 2008 it was New Orleans who of course won this year's Super BowlNew England won the game in 2009 and is every bit a possibility for this year.  San Francisco won this year's game, so you've got that, 49er fans.  Overall, including exhibition games, the London winner is 6-1.  Crazy.

One thing the Buffalo Bills may be able to claim coming to Toronto this weekend: they've earned the worst record in the NFL, given that they may claim the worst player in the game in former 2009 first-rounder Aaron Maybin (11th overall).

Four, count 'em...FOUR...vids to close out the day.  

After hearing "penetration" and "inches", what else could ESPN's Chris McKendry do but drop a "Ben Roethlescock"?

In case you missed Tennessee safety Donnie Nickey going WWE and inadvertently punching a ref, here it is again:

Real Sociedad, of Spain's La Liga, are trying to take a run at those whacky Icelanders for best goal celebrating team.  They've got work to do.

Far more entertaining is anything to do with slingshots, particularly when they fail.  While launching a can of beer.  As the old joke goes: how do you know you're about to go to a red neck funeral?  Answer: when you hear "hey y'all, watch this."

Monday, November 1, 2010

Giants on the brink...

After another shutout last night, 4-0, the San Francisco Giants are up 3-1 and ready to pop champagne in Dallas tonight.  They'll have to best Cliff Lee to do it.  However it ends, hopefully it is the last World Series that runs into November.  At least for next year, it would be.  Going into last night, the Rangers had faced left-handed starters 6 times in this post-season: Johnathan Sanchez, CC Sabathia twice, David Price twice and Andy Pettitte. Only Sabathia beat them with  an 11-hitter until Madison Bumgarner threw a gem last night.

2. That's the number of articles in yesterday's Toronto Sun forcing Blue Jays references into World Series headlines.  The Jays belong in a World Series conversation like a pedophile at a school crossing.

The hits just keep on coming for Brett Favre.  Last week, his ankle, yesterday, his chin got busted open for 8-10 stitches - depending who you believe - and he was "woozy".  Before the Vikings 28-18 loss in New England, Jimmy Johnson said Favre is washed up and mentioned how he regreted not benching Dan Marino near the end of his stay in Miami.  Good to see at least somebody calling Favre what he is: finished.  That said, the world really needs Favre to keep on playing.  We already know what happens when he's got some spare time on his hands.  Great pic here, and at right.

Pretty sure yesterday's Washington Redskins visit to Detroit, won 37-25 by the Lions, answered the question "why was Philadelphia so comfortable trading their quarterback to a division rival?"  Donovan McNabb was benched in this one after a series of 3-and-out's.

Trivia time: what NFL team has outscored opponents 92-17 the last two weeks and rolled up 500+ yards of offence?  Believe it or not, the Oakland Raiders.

Toronto FC's season is over, but they're looking like they're about to have their best off-season ever.  They're expected to announce Jurgen Klinsmann as their top man in the organization in the next few days, and have some world class names that have been in discussions about the head coaching job, most notably Roberto Donadoni (former Italian national team coach) and Carlos Quieroz (former #2 at Manchester United, head man at Real Madrid, and Portugal's head coach until last month).  Those are shocking names, frankly.  John Molinaro at the CBC says that TFC's new GM is right under their nose: Earl Cochrane, the interim GM.

Dave Perkins at the Toronto Star is a joke, or cheerleader for the Blue Jays, or both, depending on your perspective.  Smart, he is not.  DP wrote an article yesterday of how the Yankees are aging and have no reliable pitching aside from CC Sabathia.  Didn't Phil Hughes win 18?  He's 24, last I looked.  Oh, and the guy who is a coin-flip in the AL MVP race happens to be Robinson Cano, who just turned 28 last week.

Sign at a San Francisco bar.  At right.

NBA Commissioner David Stern entertained the idea of contracting a team or few to help bring NBA expenses down.  Magic Johnson thinks the idea would only improve the quality of basketball.  I can solve the NBA's expense concerns in one shot: eliminate the WNBA.  Done.  Nobody will even notice.

If you think you're having a bad day, just take a read of this interview with NFL draft bust JaMarcus Russell You'll feel a whole lot better once you're done.

Looks like Brett Favre with his pecker hanging out wasn't the only football costume popular this year.

KD may not send me video games promised, but he sent this awesome video. Words can't do it justice.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Looks like the World Series may have some life in it after all, thanks to a 4-2 win for the Texas Rangers.  Not sure about you, but everything Vladi Guerrero does outside of swing a bat comes off as dangerous to his own health, no?

NFL blackouts are up 63% year over year.

That's two straight games without a goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs after being shut out 2-love to the New York Rangers last night.  Safe to say that the expectations some had early in the year have come crashing back to earth.  Fans were booing newly minted captain Dion Phaneuf last night.  Why exactly remains unclear.

26 sexy Hallowe'en costumes that someone argues shouldn't exist for some reason.  Well, I guess it does get pretty creepy as you get closer to the top of the list.

Esquire says Minka Kelly - soon to be Mrs. Derek Jeter - is the 2010 sexiest woman on the planet.  Hot, yes.  Hottest?  Sorry.   Still, at least Jeter's off-season will be better than this past season.

Check out the 25 dumbest World Series moments.  Good stuff.

Back later with your Prime Time Pick, and there's one bit left.  Gonna be unloading a pile of material this coming week.  You've been warned.

Long overdue, but thanks to getting around to watching Hard Knocks, Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets tries to remember his kids names.  Yes, I said "tries".