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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Wall Street Journal did a study of the FOX NFL pre-game show and determined that 10% of the show is spent with the panel laughingThe Big Lead has a great vid that shows it isn't just a FOX thing.

The New York Mets hired former Toronto Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi yesterday.  His task?  To rebuild the Mets scouting department.  Wasn't he the guy that took a blow torch to the Jays scouting department as soon as he took the job?  Only the Mets.

Was it a lack of effort on the field?  Infighting with the coaching staff?  Nope.  What did Randy Moss in with the Minnesota Vikings was his teeing off on a catered meal as being not fit to feed his dog.  As an aside, what will the media have to cover if Moss is done next year, with T.O. and Brett Favre also possibilities?  Sorry, shouldn't have had T.O. in there, he's having a better year than those two, and who would have figured that?

8 shut-out periods before the Toronto Maple Leafs finally found the net last night in a 3-2 loss to Ottawa.  That sound you hear is the sound of reality grinding expectation to a halt after a 4-0 open to the season in Toronto.

NBA Commish David Stern can't be a very busy man these days, what with getting around to banning players from wearing headbands upside down.  What's next, inside out?

Dwayne DeRosario may want to get a new deal out of Toronto FC, but there's nothing happening on that front. 

Yankee Stadium is getting dressed up to host Notre Dame vs. Army on November 20th.  Pictures here.

50 hottest new WAG's for 2010.

Yankees boss Hal Steinbrenner says the team hopes to agree to a new deal with Derek Jeter, but it has to make sense for both sides.  Memo to Hal: your side's definition of making sense does not exceed three years.  Money is irrelevant, do not give him more than three.  Two preferably.

David Beckham is a good dude, have to say, and a decent actor.  Hilarious hidden camera routine he was in on with Ellen DeGeneres.

A beauty of a goal in the OHL a few nights back from Ryan Strome of the Niagara Ice Dogs, courtesy of my boy KD.  One day I hope to try to replicate this effort in a certain PS3 game. Gets better with every replay.

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