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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big 2 and Ru

Baseball's free agency period is just about to launch (midnight tonight).  Here's a peak at the Top 50 talents available, and where they might land.  If this proves accurate, looks like more than a few new players are heading to Boston.  This piece says the Washington Nationals are lurking as a potential landing spot for Cliff Lee.  I won't pretend to know, but he'd have been lying on his "contender" requirement in that case.

The Miami Heat may have their "Big 3" (quotes very much needed), but I'm trademarking a new name for them: "Big 2 and Ru".  Not exactly a stellar start for CBdOne.

Part of the waffling over whether Randy Moss was being released earlier this week - he was, then wasn't, then was - is supposedly because Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was considering keeping Moss and booting coach Brad Childress for, among other things, not consulting him or the GM on the move.  Here's a thought: he should have considered punting both.  Why, other than to save the money on Childress and the cost of hiring a new coach, does he keep the job for what has to be a fireable offence?

Guess which former Philadelphia Phillies wideout has weighed in on whether Donovan McNabb deserved to be benched and is a top QB?  Terrell Owens?  Yep.  But he's not alone, nor the worst offender.  Freddie Mitchell - remember him? - piled on too.

Check out the 100 hottest NBA cheerleaders.  The Toronto Raptors placed one in the top 100, at a lowly #88.

Rogers Communications says it has no plans to expand the Bills in Toronto series.  Yeah, there's a shocker.  A batch of games they wildly overpriced and have yet to see a physical sellout isn't something they want to perpetuate?  Don't exactly have to have a degree from the Wharton School of Business to figure that one out.

The Vancouver Whitecaps have launched ticket packages for their first MLS season next year, and they're intent on outdoing Toronto FC for the highest priced soccer ticket in the land.  File under "what are you thinking?"

We may be well into fall and steamrolling towards winter, but never a bad time for a little Summer.  Glau, that is. is gonna hurt.  Yours, Alabama

Back to some EPL action, have a great day.

Check out this Boston Celtics fan getting loose the other night.  Incredible.  Thanks to BH for that one.

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