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Monday, November 1, 2010

Giants on the brink...

After another shutout last night, 4-0, the San Francisco Giants are up 3-1 and ready to pop champagne in Dallas tonight.  They'll have to best Cliff Lee to do it.  However it ends, hopefully it is the last World Series that runs into November.  At least for next year, it would be.  Going into last night, the Rangers had faced left-handed starters 6 times in this post-season: Johnathan Sanchez, CC Sabathia twice, David Price twice and Andy Pettitte. Only Sabathia beat them with  an 11-hitter until Madison Bumgarner threw a gem last night.

2. That's the number of articles in yesterday's Toronto Sun forcing Blue Jays references into World Series headlines.  The Jays belong in a World Series conversation like a pedophile at a school crossing.

The hits just keep on coming for Brett Favre.  Last week, his ankle, yesterday, his chin got busted open for 8-10 stitches - depending who you believe - and he was "woozy".  Before the Vikings 28-18 loss in New England, Jimmy Johnson said Favre is washed up and mentioned how he regreted not benching Dan Marino near the end of his stay in Miami.  Good to see at least somebody calling Favre what he is: finished.  That said, the world really needs Favre to keep on playing.  We already know what happens when he's got some spare time on his hands.  Great pic here, and at right.

Pretty sure yesterday's Washington Redskins visit to Detroit, won 37-25 by the Lions, answered the question "why was Philadelphia so comfortable trading their quarterback to a division rival?"  Donovan McNabb was benched in this one after a series of 3-and-out's.

Trivia time: what NFL team has outscored opponents 92-17 the last two weeks and rolled up 500+ yards of offence?  Believe it or not, the Oakland Raiders.

Toronto FC's season is over, but they're looking like they're about to have their best off-season ever.  They're expected to announce Jurgen Klinsmann as their top man in the organization in the next few days, and have some world class names that have been in discussions about the head coaching job, most notably Roberto Donadoni (former Italian national team coach) and Carlos Quieroz (former #2 at Manchester United, head man at Real Madrid, and Portugal's head coach until last month).  Those are shocking names, frankly.  John Molinaro at the CBC says that TFC's new GM is right under their nose: Earl Cochrane, the interim GM.

Dave Perkins at the Toronto Star is a joke, or cheerleader for the Blue Jays, or both, depending on your perspective.  Smart, he is not.  DP wrote an article yesterday of how the Yankees are aging and have no reliable pitching aside from CC Sabathia.  Didn't Phil Hughes win 18?  He's 24, last I looked.  Oh, and the guy who is a coin-flip in the AL MVP race happens to be Robinson Cano, who just turned 28 last week.

Sign at a San Francisco bar.  At right.

NBA Commissioner David Stern entertained the idea of contracting a team or few to help bring NBA expenses down.  Magic Johnson thinks the idea would only improve the quality of basketball.  I can solve the NBA's expense concerns in one shot: eliminate the WNBA.  Done.  Nobody will even notice.

If you think you're having a bad day, just take a read of this interview with NFL draft bust JaMarcus Russell You'll feel a whole lot better once you're done.

Looks like Brett Favre with his pecker hanging out wasn't the only football costume popular this year.

KD may not send me video games promised, but he sent this awesome video. Words can't do it justice.

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.


bukkake said...

no link for the Jamarcus Russell article..

TB said...

Fixed. Having a rough day, Bukkake?

Joe said...

I've seen that video before. Those people have some serious balls.