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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fight Saturday

Some are calling it the fight of the year, and it goes tonight liiiiiiive, only on pay per vieeeeeew as Manny Pacquiao shoots for his seventh title in a seventh different weight class as he faces Miguel Cotto. Should be a great one, and I'm going with the Pac Man here, even at -250.

The first leg of the UEFA knockout games to determine the final four European entries into the World Cup go today, and Setanta is covering three of the games live including Russia vs. Slovenia at 11am (Eastern), Greece vs. Ukraine at 1pm, and Portugal hosting Bosnia-Hercegovina at 3:30. Shame the best of the bunch - Ireland vs. France - won't be airing live. Or you could just watch Holland at Italy on GolTV at 2:45 in a friendly.

UFC 105 goes tonight from Manchester, England and as is often the case when UFC goes across the pond, this one will be shown free on SpikeTV at 8pm on tape delay, or if you're Canadian, live on SportsNet at 3pm, in HD if you've got it. Randy Couture faces Brandon Vera in the main event. The rest of the card can be seen here.

So Lebron James suddenly sees the light and figures that #23 shouldn't be worn by anybody in tribute to Michael Jordan so he's switching to #6, and urging everyone else to do same. Very magnanimous of you, Bron. I'm sure you're going to pay all the kids wearing your #23 to buy the new jersey too. Will that be Cleveland or New York?

Elisha Cuthbert is going to act as parade marshall for the Grey Cup in Calgary in a few weeks. There goes the Grey Cup again, bringing in the sloppy seconds.

In front of a rocking stadium in L.A., David Beckham's L.A. Galaxy advanced to the MLS Cup with a 2-0 extra time win. They'll play Chicago or Real Salt Lake in the final after those two play tonight at 8pm.

USC vs. Stanford, Utah at TCU, and Ohio State hosting Iowa State are about as good as it gets on the NCAA schedule today. Well, that and watching Notre Lame lose at Pitt today. Memo to Charlie Weis: Get the resume dusted off. Memo #2 to Charlie Weis: Mix in a salad.

Full entry today and not one reference to anything Toronto. Don't you all feel better now?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cutler Colour Blind?

In 12 quarters on Prime Time TV this year, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler has thrown 11 pics. Of course, the five that he through last night in San Francisco aided that number greatly. Despite that, the game was still a tight one, and a 10-6 49ers win, and a Prime Time Pick loss by a dreaded point (8-9, -$149). Boo.

The New Jersey Devils are 9-0 on the road this season including a pair of 4-1 wins at defending champion Pittsburgh, including last night's decision. Also in the NHL, is it me or does it seem there is a 1-0 game nightly now?

Having watched the Mike Danton interview with Nick Kypreos on SportsNet, mixed in with the Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons continued dogged work on the subject and Danton's (former?) agent David Frost, it is hard to believe much of what Danton says. I'm not a body language expert but the bullshit alarms were going off listening to Danton talk about his upbringing, his parents and his murder for hire plot. How he says he was trying to have his dad killed but he provided a picture of his agent to the hitman just doesn't add up to anyone thinking clearly.

Andre Agassi will be appearing on Prime Time Sports tonight, for those interested.

Continuing the string of play-it-safe old timers ever since Justin Timberlake showed us Janet Jackson's nipple shield, the NFL has apparently tipped The Who to play this years Super Bowl. Don't get me wrong, I dig The Who, but you'd think the NFL might consider a younger audience. Then again, it's not like real fans watch the half-time show.

Chris Bosh...New York Knick? It could happen if the Knicks hopes to land Lebron James and/or Dwayne Wade fall shy.

Larry Johnson is in Dallas and there is some speculation the Cowboys could be interested. Right, because LJ would have no issues splitting carries with three other more capable, younger backs.
RM returns this afternoon...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Toronto team that can defend? Can't be.

The NFL Thursday night schedule starts this week with the NCAA having vacated that night. Tonight, it is the Chicago Bears visiting the San Francisco 49ers. Your Prime Time Pick is the Chicago Bears +3 (Prime Time Picks 8-8, -44).

Somehow, the Chicago Bulls have yet to hit 100 points in this early NBA season, and despite pouring in 60 in the first half in Toronto last night, they finished with 89 after a paltry 29 in the second half. The Raptors won 99-89.

The Detroit Red Wings beat Columbus 9-1 last night. 10 goals in a hockey game. I had to check that I wasn't dialed in to ESPN Classic.

Turns out that the New York Yankees are indeed going to look at adding Roy Halladay to the mix says Jon Heyman at, and sounds like Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopolous isn't opposed to going in division if it is the best deal. Not sure what the Yankees would do - maybe outfielder and speed demon Austin Jackson and one of Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, and catching prospect and stud hitter Jesus Montero?

After an embarrassing dive on Monday that earned a penalty kick, looks like the venom against diving is heating up again in soccer circles. Good thing.

The always hilarious Sports Pickle reveals the deleted chapter from Andre Agassi's book in which Agassi is revealed to have had his merkin slip. For those that don't know what a merkin is, this may be even more entertaining for you. As an aside, there was a soccer team in a lower division of my soccer league called Merkins. True story.

And in more Sports Pickle content, they've got an interview with former NBAer Jalen Rose. Sorry folks, this one is legit. Check it here.

Here are 10 predictions from the fine folks at for the second half of the NFL season. Dallas Cowboys fans will not be happy with this one.

Have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We go to replay...

See the finish to the Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets game last night? Check it out here.

Isn't the thought of the Toronto Maple Leafs staging an outdoor game at 20,000 seat BMO Field rather small time of the Leafs, especially when the rest are going to baseball and football stadiums? Bonus points, however, to Leafs GM Brian Burke calling Toronto the "centre of the hockey universe" which is laughable when you consider the only team that's ever been supported in decades is the Leafs. It is a wonder I give a lick about that team when you hear garbage like that.

This entry is brought to you by "The Office": guess you can't be that high on Germany's chances at the World Cup next year, not when their would-be starting keeper is jumping in front of trains to end it all.

Who else but the Washington Redskins would you pick to be looking at Larry Johnson as a running back option? The Oakland Raiders? That'd be about it, no?

Speaking of the Raiders, word is owner Al Davis is looking to fire coach Tom Cable with cause. Of course, it was Davis who asked at the presser introducing Cable as the team's coach who opened the media guide and turned to one of his yes-men and said "tell me about this guy", so he can't exactly claim they looked into his background much, that's the story coming from Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports on The Jim Rome Show yesterday.

The Anaheim Angels are showing so little interest in re-signing John Lackey that one rival GM wonders if they know something about him - health, attitude - that the rest don't. A "red flag" he called it. If I'm given the choice to trade for Roy Halladay or sign John Lackey, I sign John Lackey.

If there is talk of Peter Forsberg making a comeback to the NHL, it must be mid-November. If it ended badly the last few times, I haven't a clue why teams think he'll suddenly find durability at 36.

Best soccer blog by far, methinks, is The Footy Blog brought to you by the fine folks at TV network The Score. If you're a fan, bookmark that.

Have a great Wednesday.

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney does not get tired...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steelers buck off Broncos

Is the bloom off the rose of the Denver Broncos? Or did they just run into an increasingly hot Pittsburgh Steelers squad? A bit of both really. The Broncos lost 28-10 at home to the defending champions, and suddenly have the San Diego Chargers breathing down their necks just a game back.

Despite moving some key prospects - and saying stud pitching prospect Kyle Drabek remains off the table - the Philadelphia Phillies are said to be interested in acquiring Toronto Blue Jay Roy Halladay. Can you imagine a rotation of Cliff Lee, Halladay and if he finds himself, Cole Hamels? Mix in JA Happ and that is one strong foursome. checks in with a look at the top 50 free agents and speculates where each could land. They've got Anaheim Angel John Lackey moving to the New York Yankees, which would be fantastic if you're a Yankee fan. Not good news for the Jays: MLBTR figures Marco Scutaro is off to Boston, possibly replaced with Orlando Cabrera.

A Toronto Star article says that the Maple Leafs would not oppose a second team in Toronto. I'll believe that right around the time Cash Warren gives me a shout and says I'm all good to tap his wife.

Pretty good night for Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash: 21 points, 20 assists. Love me some Steve Nash. His Suns beat the Philadelphia 76ers 119-115.

The Toronto Raptors of old resurfaced again last night. You know...the ones allergic to rebounding? With the San Antonio Spurs minus Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, the Spurs still had enough to beat the Raps 131-124. Is there anyone that thinks the Raps could beat anybody of substance minus two top players like that? Me neither.

If you didn't catch up on YF's reference in these parts about some Chelsea supporter brushing his Chiclets on Sunday while the Blues hosted Manchester United, more here.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Who are these Cowboys?

The New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts remain undefeated after Week 8, but just. The Saints had another second half where they poured on the points after a slow start in a 30-20 win over the Carolina Panthers. The Colts also moved to 8-0 after the Houston Texans missed a last second field goal attempt that would've sent the game to overtime. The Colts prevailed 20-17. The Colts have also won 17 straight regular season games now.

They're first place in their division at 6-2, winners of four straight and last night, against a team that has had their number for what seems like forever, they played smart, disciplined and patient - and won. Am I allowed to start believing in this Dallas Cowboys squad yet? Can't believe this is the same team I watched the first month of the season. The Cowboys beat Philly 20-16 on the road.

Speaking of the Saints, they now have 7 defensive touchdowns this year. To put that into perspective, the Cleveland Browns have 5 offensive touchdowns on the year. Ouch.

It was chippy, chirpy and entertaining as hell, and Chelsea scored a late second half goal off the head of John Terry to earn a 1-0 win over a very patchwork Manchester United defence. Truth told, it was United who took the game to the Blues for large stretches and despite being five points back of Chelsea, they can feel good having faced the best lineup Chelsea has to offer, on the road, and still barely lost. Long way to go yet.

Carson Palmer is now 8-3 in his career against the Baltimore Ravens after yesterday's 17-7 win. The Ravens, now 4-4, have a schedule that includes two dates with Pittsburgh, Indy, Green Bay and Chicago. They're going to be in tough to make the playoffs with that on the go. The upside is they do also have Cleveland, Oakland and Detroit.

I've heard of some side effects from steroid usage, but have never heard it to cause a black man to go Jacko and suddenly turn, well, white. But that's what is happening with Sammy Sosa. Check out this picture. Hard to believe it is the same guy.

The Monday Nighter tonight ought to be a great one, with the rejuvenated Pittsburgh Steelers visiting the Denver Broncos. Finally in positive territory at 8-7 (+61) after last night's pick, your Prime Time Pick is Denver +3. Hard not to take a strong home team getting points.

Tony Dungy calls the Buffalo Bills "a dark horse" landing spot for Michael Vick. After canning any reference to Vick that includes animals, can anybody explain why even the quarterback bankrupt Bills would look to add Vick? It isn't like he's done anything to date to show he's able to lead anybody. Maybe the Bills figure he can allow them to put off fixing their woeful offensive line for the dozenth plus year running?

Tim Kirkjian at speculates that the New York Yankees may turf both Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui and chase Jason Bay or Matt Holliday. I could see them ditching both Damon and Matsui before chasing either of those two. Most likely, they just ditch Matsui.

Now this is the very definition of dirty. Having a virus dump child porn on your PC, and then losing your job, reputation and friends as a result. Brutal. You should rot in hell if you do that to someone.

Have a great Monday.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Knocked silly

At 11am this morning on The Score, the top two sides in the English Premier League, Manchester United and Chelsea, will lock horns in a very big matchup. For United, a tie is as good as a win with how they've played of late. In other words, Chelsea is certainly the favorite on form alone, but the Blues seem to struggle when they face Man U. Oh, and as mentioned yesterday: Arsenal and Tottenham, easy money.

Tony Romo is a career 12-1 in November for his career. Of course, that record is practically reversed in December for him so until that changes, there won't be complete faith among Cowboys fans in Romo. The Cowboys visit Philadelphia tonight, scene of their embarrassing beatdown in Week 17 last year in a game they had to have. For your PTP tonight, am playing the Cowboys, against the numbers, at +4 -105.

The Carolina Panthers rushed for 170 yards last week in Arizona, yet are 13 point underdogs today in New Orleans? Seems a bit much, as great as the Saints have been.

The NBA season is barely started and already it appears a disgruntled Allen Iverson has skipped out on the Memphis Grizzlies. Not sure what the Grizz were thinking signing a guy who wants to score 20+ a game and dominate the ball. They've got plenty of young players that can score as is. My betting is A.I. finishes the year in Cleveland.

Fedor Emelianenko scored a second round knockout win over Brett Rogers with a thundering right. If you missed it, video here. Fedor is now 31-1 which begs the question, how did he get the 1? Pretty solid card overall from Strikeforce, and the price was sure right.

Who would've guessed that the H1N1 shot was performance enhancing? Undefeated and untied since getting the shot: the Toronto Maple Leafs. And yes, I say this in jest. The Leafs hammered the Detroit Red Wings last night 5-1.

Remember when it was stated here that Eric Hinske all but guaranteed a World Series trip for the Yankees, after he went the previous two with Tampa Bay and Boston? Doesn't seem so crazy now until you say: Eric Hinske, two time World Series Champion. Have faith, Blue Jays and Orioles fans, he may well be available for you as your personal good luck charm for year four.

The football gods smiled upon us all today with Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis and sadly for many readers here, Buffalo, all on bye weeks. Shame that Washington, Tennessee and Detroit are playing.

Not sure what it is, but something about Alex Anthopolous, new Blue Jays GM, seems far more grounded and convincing than his predecessor in sharing his plan for the future. I'm not sure he can get the Jays to a regular 95 win team in the brutal AL East, not with New York and Boston likely to be typically 90+ teams and Baltimore and Tampa Bay loaded with young talent, but he sure seems more believable than the last clown. A good starting point is news that he's going to deal Lyle Overpay, and if he moves Roy Halladay this off-season, he'll still get great return, though not what it would've been in July.

#3 Alabama and #1 Florida will contest the SEC title in a game that usually means the winner will end up national champion, though I'm sure Texas will have something to say about that. Best result of the day? Notre Lame losing to Navy.

Have a great Sunday!